IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-07-17

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ignaspcardune: how did st-buildout go? did you manage to run it?00:38
pcarduneignas: have had any issues with docutils lately?00:38
pcarduneignas: yeah, it wants basicperson :)00:39
ignasjust run bin/buildout -n00:39
ignasit should stop wanting basicperson00:39
ignasas for docutils - i think i have uninstalled them from my system00:39
ignasso - no issues00:39
pcardunebecause something is depending on docutils, and I believe the egg is broken00:40
ignasnot the egg00:41
ignasif you have docutils installed in your system00:41
ignasyou might get conflicts00:41
ignasthough - what problems00:41
ignasand with which way of installing eggs00:41
ignasare you having?00:41
pcarduneso I've got this zcontact application that uses eggs and buildout.  it manages to install all the dependencies except for docutils00:43
ignassudo apt-get remove <docutils-package>00:43
ignaswhatever it's called00:43
ignasfind out the way to set docutils version in buildout.cfg00:43
pcardunehmm, now here is the problem, the machine I'm setting this up on - i don't have sudo access00:43
ignasand set it to 0.4.000:43
ignasor was it 0.4.100:44
pcarduneit was 0.4.100:44
ignasproblem is this00:44
ignason ubuntu the version of docutils00:44
ignasis higher than the egg available on pypi00:44
ignasso buildout finds the version in your site-packages00:44
ignasand tries to install it00:45
ignaswhich it can't as it's not an egg00:45
ignasso either you set the version to be the one available on pypi00:45
ignasor add a docutils part to buildout.cfg00:45
ignasor use the script in st-buildout00:45
ignasto set up your own python00:45
ignaswith buildout + eggs00:45
pcardunethe last option sounds quite nice00:46
ignasand - write an email to distutils mailing list or zope3-dev and complain00:46
ignasbecause it seems like 90% of buildout users00:46
ignaswant to use system python00:46
ignasso maybe if everyone will start ranting about it ;) jim will fix it00:47
ignas(he does not want to do that though)00:47
pcarduneI don't want to run system python, but people like Jeff Elkner do want to00:47
ignasbut maybe someone can convince him to at least add code to buildout that would ignore site-packages00:47
ignasof the system python00:47
ignaspcardune: that's why i spent whole day of the sprint making buildout build python00:48
ignasand then use that python to buildout schooltool00:48
ignasso that Jeff Elkner, or more or less anyone else could build schooltool00:48
pcarduneyeah, that looks like a good solution00:48
ignaswithout asking me what to do with docutils ;)00:48
ignasif my script will work for you, feel free to post it on the net ;) others might find it useful too00:50
pcarduneok, i'll look into that00:50
ignashmm, it's GPL00:51
ignasnow that i think about it00:51
ignasat least should be, but i forgot to add the licence to the st-buildout project00:53
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ignaswill have to ask th1a, or jinty  about that00:53
pcardunewhether it has been GPLed already?00:54
ignasdo i have to, and who can use that code00:54
ignasand what are the rules00:54
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pcarduneignas: per your st-buildout stuff, I did the update and now it is asking for schooltool.note01:01
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pcarduneignas: so how do you install libxml2 for non-system python?01:26
ignaspcardune: buildout.cfg01:41
pcardunei guess this means I have to move cando to use buildout now01:41
ignaspcardune: there is a part that builds libxml201:41
ignaspcardune: you can copy schooltool buildout01:41
pcarduneignas: I saw that01:41
ignasbut replace schooltool with cando01:41
* pcardune in process of copying01:41
* ignas will commit the schooltool.note01:42
ignaspcardune: if you want to you can look at schooltool.paste some time later and do something simmilar for cando01:45
pcarduneignas: Now, I'll want to actually use develop = cando, rather than parts = cando right?01:45
ignasjust with a zcml that is more suitable for cando01:45
pcarduneignas: yes, i do want to do that01:45
ignasyou can use both01:45
ignasfirst you do parts cando01:45
ignasso that everyone could use it01:45
ignasthen you add a line01:45
ignasdevelop = cando01:45
ignasand checkout cando into ./cando01:46
ignasif you will want to have both cando and schooltool01:46
ignasjust add schooltool to the develop list01:46
ignasand make a schooltool checkout01:46
ignasdevelopment eggs take precedence over eggs installed in eggs folder01:46
pcarduneah, interesting01:47
pcardunethat is very handy01:47
pcardunenow, I can just include this buildout process in cando root checkout directory01:47
ignasyep, you can work on both projects now without much hassle01:47
pcarduneand say develop .01:47
ignasyou can try that01:47
* ignas still would prefer to use system python, but without site-packages01:49
ignaswould make it a lot cleaner01:49
ignasand allow us to use eggs cache01:49
ignasgood night01:50
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ignasjinty: ping15:06
jintyignas: pong15:06
ignasmy idea is this15:06
ignasremove schooltool.paste from setup.py15:06
ignasso it would not be packaged15:06
ignasand remove it's dependencies15:07
ignasand wait until release to enable them15:07
jintybut the dependencies of schooltool.paste are already in ubuntu15:07
ignashmm, PasteScript and PasteDeploy are there?15:07
jintyso someone has already paid the technical debt15:07
ignasoh :)15:07
jintyapt-get install python-pastedeploy15:07
ignasthen i'll just look if we depend on zope.paste and remove WSGIUtils15:08
jintyapt-get install python-pastescript15:08
jintydidn't look for WSGIUtils, might be packaged as well15:08
jintypretty sure zope.paste isn't, but I might be wrong15:09
jintywas it in the last zope3 tarball15:09
ignasbut we don't need it i think15:09
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jintyignas: could you also make sure your stuff works with the versions in feisty?15:10
ignascould you give me a link to versions in feisty?15:11
ignasi'd be more than glad to freeze all eggs in buildout.cfg15:11
ignaswould make updating way faster15:11
ignasnow i must wait until buildout checks all 137 dependencies15:11
jintyignas: buildout is the right place to freeze dependencies, this might make it easy:
jintyalso for feisty versions, see packages.ubuntu.com15:32
ignassaw that, but i want to know which versions should i use15:32
ignasouch, and go through all of them? don't we have a list of deps in some format in schooltool.deb?15:32
ignashmm, i can see schoolbell in there15:33
jintyyeah, probably the old package15:34
jintynever got removed15:34
ignasUnused options for buildout: 'create-repeatable'. :/15:41
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eldarhi all16:12
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mgedmin"Implementation:   Not started"16:25
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ignasjinty: seems like packages in feisty are quite outdated16:39
ignasor the list is old16:39
jintyit's normal that the feisty packages are old16:40
jintyit was released a while back.16:40
jintythat's what stability means16:40
ignasi see16:40
jintycando would _really_ like us to carry on being compatible with feisty16:40
ignaswhich Zope3 version can i expect in there?16:40
jintywe re-package zope in our repository16:41
jinty(you can think of it as a feisty extension)16:41
ignasschooltool will include it's own zope?16:41
jintyso there's zope 3.4 there16:41
jintyit uses jinty's special updated zope masala16:42
* ignas is confused about what to do with
ignasand similar eggs16:42
jintyshoot it in the head?16:42
* pcardune wonders why svn checkouts hang like the dickens16:42
jintyyeah, well, that's zope 3.4's current release process for you16:42
jintyactually, the zope3 package is made from the released zope tarball16:43
ignasPasteDeploy has no feisty eggs available16:43
ignasPyPi has only PasteDeploy 1.3.116:43
ignasfeisty - python-pastedeploy 1.116:44
jintyah, yeah16:44
jintythen try building one from this:
ignasand put it where ?16:45
* jinty really wants his apt-repository --> egg repository script right now!!!!16:45 ?16:46
ignasand repeat that for all feisty eggs that are unavailable in pypi?16:46
ignasexcept for Zope3 eggs16:47
ignaswhich are kind of tricky16:47
jintywell, the script I was talking about would do all of that for uw16:48
ignasi know16:49
jintyhmm, I just want it to kinda work with the stuff in feisty16:50
jintyI can run the tests on an installed schooltool if needs be16:50
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jintybut I think you need lots of infrastructure before you can do it properly16:51
ignaswhat should i do about z3c and zc eggs that were not released for feisty16:51
jintyBut I just won't have the time to do anything until the end of august16:51
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jintythose are packaged in our repository16:52
jintyas zope3 is16:52
ignascan you give me the link to that repository16:52
ignasso i would know which egg versions to hardcode for buildout16:52
jintyadd deb feisty main to your sources.list16:53
jintythen you can use apt-cache to search through the packages16:54
jintylike "apt-cache search python-zc16:54
jintyas for the packages in the zope tarball, I think the latest 3.4 package should be good16:55
jintyas that's what will be in the final tarball16:55
jintyI thought it was 3.816:57
jintywe're targeting zope3.416:58
jintyso I think that's ZODB3.816:58
* jinty re-packaged zope3.4 in his repository16:59
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jintyignas: if there's anything that's a big problem for you, we can re-package it and override the feisty version17:04
jintyso don't worry too much about getting it absolutely correct if it costs you a lot of effort17:05
ignashmm hurry query is only available as hurry.query 0.9.217:05
ignasbut your package is 0.9.317:06
ignasand there is no such egg17:06
jintyyes, the only difference is I made 0.9.317:06
jintyand the only difference is that 0.9.3 contains better lisence headers17:06
ignasyou should upload it somewhere17:07
jintyI'll put it on schooltool.org17:07
jintyafter lunch17:07
ignasavailable resourcelibrary egg is older than the one in schooltool debian source17:35
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ignasand zope.html17:43
jelknerpcardune: r u here?17:45
eldarSo about the changes to the new interface ...17:45
eldarLemme just quote: "My hoteli kak lutsche, no poluchilos' kak vsegda."17:46
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ignasjinty: and zope.wfmc has a 3.4.0 egg available it seems17:49
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jintyignas: yep, those ones I made one I made17:50
jintyI made the wfmc eggs a while back17:52
jintyignas: hurry.query egg uploaded17:55
jintyor tarball17:55
jintywant me to upload the other eggs I've got?17:56
ignaspytz only 2007f is available feisty uses 2007c17:56
ignasi guess i'll package it17:56
jintythat's compatible enough for me17:56
jintydo you need one of these:17:57
ignasfile is there it seems, i need html one and mimetype,17:58
ignaswidget is there too17:58
ignasi need resourcelibrary as well17:58
ignasi am using 1.0.2 ucol though17:59
jintyyes, my tarball just includes the ZPL as an extra18:00
jintyok, just uploaded quite a few things18:00
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lisppaste5ignas pasted "Packages we have not packaged yet" at
ignasdon't shoot me, i am just a messenger18:11
eldardamn, that's a lot18:11
ignasmost of them are in Zope3.4 release18:11
ignasbut not all :(18:11
ignasremoved zope.paste18:13
Lumieredid zope corp release zope 3.4?18:33
ignasi think not18:33
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mattva01im working on setting timeclock up18:45
mattva01but it seems iv forgotten a  few steps18:46
jelknerwell, nick is on #mooo18:56
jelknerwhy don't you ask him for help18:56
ignasjinty: DEBUG: copying src/schooltool/locales/vi/LC_MESSAGES/.svn/README.txt -> build/lib/schooltool/locales/vi/LC_MESSAGES/.svn19:03
jintyignas: which are not in zope3.4 release and have not been packaged?19:04
ignasegg packaging test19:05
ignasegg packing i mean19:05
jintyhmm, should be ignoring all directories starting with .19:05
ignasjinty: hmm, i'd guess all of the non zope.* ones19:05
jintyer, but all tests pass without those then...19:06
jintycould they be cando dependencies19:06
jintyand not ours19:06
jintylook at the log of for patches to revert19:07
ignasjinty: hmm19:07
ignaserror: Setup script exited with error in zope.html setup command: Distribution contains no modules or packages for namespace package 'zope'19:07
jintyhrmpf, can you just use the one from svn.zope.org19:12
jintyI don't have time to track that down19:12
jintyignas: also those .svn files seem to be a bug in setuptools making eggs19:16
jintythe version on the server is a little old19:16
jintythey aren't in the tarbll19:16
jintyshould we stop compiling the eggs and just make tarballs?19:16
ignaszope.html - has something broken with namespace packages19:17
ignasdon't know really19:17
jintylooks more or less fine to me...19:17
jintyzope.html that is19:17
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ignaserror: Setup script exited with error in zope.html setup command: Distribution contains no modules or packages for namespace package 'zope'19:23
* jinty checks the tarball19:24
mattva01is paul here?19:25
Lumierewell pcardune is online but19:25
LumiereI haven't heard anything19:26
mattva01ah nevermind19:26
mattva01i see what to do19:26
jintyignas: svn log -r 7010:7012 setup.py19:27
ignasjinty: saw that, fixed it, running tests before commiting19:27
* jinty sucessfully untars zope.html-0.1dev-r77906.tar.gz and runs python bdist_egg19:31
jintycant replicate it it seems19:31
* jinty goes to swim19:33
mattva01does anyone know how to make zopeskel for timeclock19:35
ignasjinty: it's not packing, it's unpacking that's broken19:41
eldarmattva01, you run make in your timeclock folder19:44
mattva01oh yeah19:45
lisppaste5jinty pasted "unpacking zope.html for ignas, works for me" at
ignasjinty: can you try removing the freeze on zope.html in schooltool setup.py19:50
ignasand running "make run"19:50
ignasto update the thing19:50
ignasyou might have to delete the old egg19:50
jintyInstalled distribution ZODB3 3.8.0b2 conflicts with requirement ZODB3>=3.9.0-dev-r7701119:51
ignasrm -rf ./eggs19:52
ignasby the way - maybe just maybe it would be possible to build the egg before running tests just make it available through some other url19:53
ignasand symlink/copy it to the usual place19:53
ignasif tests pass19:53
ignasso i would not have to wait until test pass on muskatas to test my fixes19:54
ignasthough that's for later i guess19:54
mattva01anyone know what this is ? " AttributeError: 'wrapper_descriptor' object has no attribute 'im_func'19:54
jelknermattva01: sorry to you too ;-)19:56
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lhuynhping bao20:19
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bvuonglhuynh: since the maddog server is down, I can't really do documentations, anything else I can do?21:05
Lumierewhy can't you do documentation21:05
bvuongthe environment for the schooltool documentations was on maddog21:08
mattva01oh ok21:09
mattva01one sec21:09
Lumieremattva01: he's all yours21:09
mattva01bao ,give me 5 minutes21:09
mattva01it is going to be on alan.elkner.net21:11
bvuongwait, how am I going to get on it?21:12
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mattva01i'll put it up on apache21:21
mattva01one sec,this hard drive is having trouble mounting21:22
bvuongok, will I be able to login to it?21:22
mattva01oh wait what is your documentation called?21:23
mattva01where was it located on maddog?21:23
bvuongyou mean the directory?21:23
bvuongwhy, what happened?21:24
mattva01i didnt copy home directories21:24
mattva01just bzr branches21:24
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Lumiereeldar: *poke*21:45
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Lumierehi jinty21:56
jintyLumiere: ?21:57
Lumierejust hi21:57
jintyah, hi!!21:58
bvuongmattva01: ever fixed my problem? just wandering22:04
mattva01i can't until I get to school,22:05
mattva01remember maddog has no connection to the internet22:05
mattva01long story22:05
bvuongI know, maddog is down22:06
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eldaruse it to get cando!22:22
Lumiereeldar: ++skin++NewCanDoSkin isn't working22:23
eldarit's ++skin++NewCanDo22:24
Preetamalright, done installing cando22:30
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eldarjelkner, when are you getting back?23:28
jelknerwe are at yorktown23:38
jelknermatt almost is finished23:38
jelkner5 more minutes i can leave23:38
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