IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2007-07-16

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Lumierehi all15:42
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Lumierehi jinty16:00
jintyhey Lumiere16:01
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Lumiereso, how are you making packages right now?16:27
ignasjinty: ayt?16:27
ignasoh you are ;)16:28
jintyLumiere: er, dpkg-buildpackage ?16:28
ignasnow - migration to bzr, what do you think of making schooltool svn repo "read only" ?16:28
jintyignas: you mean right now?16:28
ignasor should we have both svn and bzr in parallel?16:28
jintyI think we should only have one canonical one16:29
jintyso if we move to bzr, we should move completely16:29
jinty(but only after this release is done)16:29
jintyin that case, i.e. moving the canonical repository to bzr, we should make the svn read only16:31
ignasi see16:32
ignaswhen will this release be done?16:32
jintyA few weeks after the final version16:36
jintybecause the release management tools are written for svn16:37
jintyI can't make releases yet from bzr16:37
jintyAnd would rather not move everything around just when I've got it stable16:37
ignaswhen are we having "final version"?17:04
ignasafter CanDo sprint?17:04
* Lumiere finishes up the CanDo dev agenda17:06
LumiereI sure hope people show up this week17:06
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Lumierehi aelkner17:06
aelknerhey there17:06
aelkneri saw the meeting was canceled17:06
Lumierethe schooltool one is17:07
aelknerbut is the cando one still on?17:07
aelknerok, ping me when it gets started please?17:07
Lumiereif noone else shows...17:16
aelknerLumiere: what's the latest on maddog?17:21
Lumiereaelkner: that's on the agenda17:24
Lumierefor jeff or dwelsh17:24
aelknerIF they show17:24
Lumierecause I don't know what is going on17:24
Lumiereif they don't show17:24
LumiereI am going to light them up17:24
Lumierealthough jelkner had a doctor appointment17:24
ignasLumiere: what are the plans for CanDo sprint17:27
Lumierethe final one?17:27
LumiereI can't say yet17:27
ignasthe August one17:27
Lumierebut I am guessing that it's going to be our release sprint17:27
ignashmm, any ideas about what's missing for CanDo to get released?17:27
Lumierefinishing the skin, getting import export perfected17:28
Lumierepretty much nothing is done17:29
ignasimport export of all the data? or just gradebooks/requirements ...17:29
Lumierethe competency gradebooks17:29
Lumiereand people17:29
Lumierethe big one right now was making a competency /competency list exporter17:30
Lumiereand importer17:31
ignashmm, what is the approach you are taking for the export functionality? separate scripts or a view that has "export" link and "Browse..." + "Upload" button17:31
Lumiereright now it is looking like separate views similar to some of the csv uploaders17:31
Lumiereexcept xml formatted17:32
ignasLinkSys routers have it in one place iirc, though the configuration is binary, so you don't need a text box17:32
Lumierethe problem is that we export different things17:33
Lumierelinksys routers export a single config17:33
ignasxml export or some kind of complex csv?17:33
ignasand you want them separate?17:33
Lumiereeach of the import/exports serve different reasons17:34
Lumierethe competency(list) i/e scripts17:34
ignasso you have several such "import/Export" views?17:34
Lumiereright now just 117:34
Lumierefor competency and competency lists17:34
ignasdo you require competency lists to be empty when importing?17:35
ignasor do you merge the import with the existing data17:35
Lumieremerge as a top level list17:36
Lumiereright now assuming that the list doesn't match anything else there17:36
ignasnot so nice ;)17:36
* ignas will need nicely merging imports for lyceum17:37
Lumierethat's why this weeks critical blueprint is global-competency-id17:37
Lumierethe global id namespaces will allow us to check if merging stuff matches something17:38
Lumieredwelsh is officially gonna get beat up now17:39
LumiereI guess this meeting is postponed to noon tomorrow at ACC17:42
Lumierewhere I will be trying to figure out why noone can show up to meetings17:42
aelknerignas: i have a view whose registered with a page directive, but the update() method never gets called17:44
aelkneri have to put all my update code in __init__ to get it to work17:44
ignasnot __init__17:45
ignasor in the template17:45
ignas<tal:define foo="view/update" /> or something like that17:45
ignasgrep in schooltool sourcecode17:45
aelknerok, thanks17:45
Lumiereback in a while17:50
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Lumierehi all19:11
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Lumiereignas: what's this Paste stuff19:49
ignasa way of running python web applications/servers19:49
ignaswhat i am trying to do is to make it possible to distribute schooltool egg without schooltool-server.py19:51
ignasand without schooltool.conf19:51
ignasbut rather generate them from templates if you want to run the app19:51
Lumierethat's good19:51
Lumierecando should be using all of this too19:52
ignaswe'll see19:52
Lumierethen again19:52
Lumiereschooltool/cando should also be generating all the zope packages they need19:53
Lumiereto install too19:53
Lumiereso when gutsy comes out19:53
Lumiereit's just a change of repository19:53
*** Lumiere changes topic to "SchoolTool development | IRC logs at | Dev meetings Mon, 13:30 UTC (15:30 EET) - CanDo Dev meetings Mon, 14:30 UTC (10:30 US/Eastern) | Use for pasting | maddog/ - DOWN until further notice"19:54
jintyLumiere: the idea is to have schooltool be a part of gutsy19:56
jintyso no repository change19:56
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ignasjinty: when i will merge my schooltool.paste stuff, you should be able to "easy_install schooltool" run "make-schooltool-instance" somewhere and then "start-schooltool-instance YourInstance" or "bin/paster serve YourInstance/schooltool.ini"20:48
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ignasanyone up?21:11
ignasi need someone to checkout st-buildout21:18
ignasand try running ./buildout.sh21:18
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ignaspcardune: your buildbot is failing21:30
pcarduneignas: that doesn't surprise me21:30
pcarduneI never had a chance to look at the errors caused by my eggification21:30
ignaschanges to sections broke it21:30
pcarduneoh yeah... that, still have to change all our testsw21:31
Lumierepcardune: top priority for the week is global-competency-id :)21:34
pcarduneLumiere: can we get someone on fixing tests so buildbot stops being angry?21:34
Lumierepcardune: I will tomorrow21:34
LumiereI tried my hand at it21:34
Lumierebut uh... copying your fix on the schooltool side (at least i thought i was)21:35
Lumierejust produced more errors21:35
pcarduneI am currently in *using multiple versions of python* hell21:36
pcarduneLumiere: what do you mean copying my fixes?21:36
Lumierepcardune: the changes you made Code->Title and Cancel->OK21:41
LumiereI tried to copy those21:41
Lumiereand other errors popped up21:41
ignaspcardune: got spare CPU cycles?21:41
pcarduneignas: yes21:41
pcarduneLumiere: yeah, we need to change the tests so they stop trying to think they know how to create sections21:41
ignasin ~15 minutes (when buildbot will be done running tests and will package an up to date egg for schooltool)21:42
pcarduneand have them use the setup.createSection function I made for this vary purpose21:42
LumiereI tried that21:42
Lumiereand it wen't *crap*21:42
ignascould you try "svn co svn+ssh://" + ""21:42
ignasand if it works "bin/make-schooltool-instance" + "bin/start-schooltool-instance YourInstanceDir"21:43
ignasif this works, we can replace our up to date schooltool setup instructions with these 4 lines + some apt-get install for libicu and gcc21:44
Lumiereignas: well21:44
Lumierecando has a piece of make magic21:44
Lumierethat does it21:44
ignasand is it deploying a cando egg and using schooltool egg + custom built python21:45
ignasor would it still fail if i had python-tz or docutils or Zope3 installed on my ubuntu box21:45
lisppaste5Lumiere pasted "make <3" at
Lumierewhy are we building our own python?21:46
* ignas does not like "You must be root to create an environment" ...21:46
Lumiereyou need to be root21:46
Lumierebecause it uses apt-get21:46
ignasthat's for  apt-get21:46
ignassorry, misunderstood you21:46
Lumiereso instead of saying apt-get all this stuff21:47
Lumiereyou just say "make feisty-environment" (maybe it should be make ubuntu-environment)21:47
ignaswith buildout  you don't need python-libxml2 python-imaging python-setuptools i think21:47
Lumiereneed lxml for cando21:48
ignasbuildout builds that for you21:48
ignasyou can try out the buildout thing (just change the url to point to the readonly repo)21:49
ignasthe egg was just build21:49
* pcardune checks out st-buildout21:53
LumiereI love the auto egger21:53
pcarduneLumiere: what are the default seach paths again?  /usr/bin/* and what else?21:54
pcarduneignas: if this script destroys python on my system...21:57
ignasit does not21:58
Lumiereecho $PATH22:00
ignasthe buildout will fail ;) i botched up (egg has no basicperson)22:11
ignasyou might want to try fixing school.zcml in your instance22:11
ignascreated by make-schooltool-instance to st200522:11
ignasor wait for a while22:11
ignasand run "bin/buildout -n"22:12
* ignas got to go22:12
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Lumierehi Spec22:34
LumiereSpec: sooo how goes the doom22:34
Speci read the logs22:34
Specthey aren't pretty22:34
Lumiereis it possible22:34
Lumierethat something was compromised22:34
Lumiereand ipcop wasn't yelling and screaming about it?22:35
Specyes indeed22:35
Speci have a solution however22:35
Specwe simply duct tape the outgoing network cable.22:35
Specthat way, the bad packets are caught on the sticky side of the duct tape.22:36
Speclet's pm so as to not interfere with this busy channel22:37
jintyignas: i'm in freeze mode22:41
jintyif you want to merge your branch, we should make a release branch first22:41
Lumiereactually cando'd love a release branch22:42
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