IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2007-07-15

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eldaris there an equivalent to saying "context/@@master" that i can use in the view class?02:30
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Lumierehi nitromaster05:16
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Lumiereisn't it like... 5 am there?05:17
nitromasteryes it is05:17
pcardunehi nitromaster05:17
pcarduneI'm at the airport :)05:17
nitromasterpcardune and I just stayed up since pcardune had to leave early05:17
pcardunefree internet05:17
nitromasterhaha, very nice05:17
Lumierepcardune: did you get a chance to look at cando ftests?05:18
pcarduneLumiere: nope05:18
LumiereI tried fixing them05:18
Lumiereand pulled a bunch more issues05:19
FujitsuWhat will the final version number of SchoolTool 2007 be? 2007.0.alpha[12] > 2007.0....05:19
LumiereFujitsu: 2007.0 probably05:19
Lumiereor 2007.105:19
LumiereI know the first version of CanDo 2007 is expected to be 2007.805:19
Fujitsu.0 is impossible, as .alphaX > nothing05:20
Lumierethe second is 2007.1205:20
Lumiere(and 2007.8.1->?05:20
FujitsuAh, I didn't think anybody other than Ubuntu could comprehend using that versioning scheme.05:20
Lumierewe comprehend it because of the schoolyear05:20
Lumierewe do however wish that gutsy release was 07.0805:21
Lumiereand not 07.1005:21
Lumierecause then we'd target cando at gutsy05:21
FujitsuAh, to have a distro with ST2007 for the start of the year?05:21
FujitsuThat would be nice, but there should be little trouble building Feisty packages.05:21
Lumierewhich is what we'll do to start05:22
FujitsuThere have been no massive Zope or Python policy changes, unlike Dapper->Edgy.05:22
Lumiereand for Feisty05:22
Lumierewe may have to go monolithic05:22
Lumiereor do we make our own packages05:22
Lumierefor all the eggs we need?05:22
FujitsuThere's no reason you can't backport them to Feisty by just building them in a Feisty chroot.05:23
FujitsuAnd then running a separate repository.05:23
FujitsuYou might even be able to convince the -backports people that you want them in official feisty repositories.05:24
pcarduneLumiere, if you point your sources.list to the right place on, you can apt-get install schooltool now05:32
pcardunethe new version that is05:32
pcarduneand if you want to enable cando, just put cando and it's eggs on the system path and change one configure line from <include package="schooltool.st2007" /> to <include package="cando.cando2007" />05:32
pcardunedelete the Data.fs, and you now have CanDo!05:33
pcardunethat package is made for feisty FYI05:33
pcarduneok, time to get on the plane05:33
pcardunebye bye05:33
FujitsuBye pcardune.05:33
Lumierecya in 20 hours05:33
pcarduneLumiere: I hope not05:33
pcarduneI think it is unreasonable to expect me at work on the monday after I've spent my entire weekend (and all previous weekends) either working or flying halfway around the world)05:34
LumiereI need to get jinty's build environment05:34
pcardunebut that is just me.05:34
pcarduneok, bye05:34
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Lumierepcardune: cya05:34
LumiereI don't expect him to work05:34
Lumieretill tuesday afternoon XD05:34
Lumierebut I do need to find someone05:39
Lumiereto fix my damned ftests XD05:39
* Fujitsu doesn't see any that failed after the last upload.05:43
Lumierehas failing ftests05:51
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bvuonghey guys, just wandering if people noticed that the maddog server is downed.19:13
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Lumierewhen will people figure out that there is a /topic here <_<19:29
*** Lumiere changes topic to "SchoolTool development | IRC logs at | Dev meetings Mon, 13:30 UTC (15:30 EET) - CanDo Dev meetings Mon, 14:30 UTC (10:30 US/Eastern) | Use for pasting | maddog/ - DOWN until further notice"19:29
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cpcareymlinnell, what time does the session start?20:49
mlinnellI've been on since 10:24 tho20:50
cpcareyand maddog is still down?20:50
mlinnellreally annoying20:50
cpcareywe can't look at our previous work over the past 2 revisions...20:51
cpcareyor at least i can't20:51
mlinnellwe need another gobby session too20:54
cpcareyhow could we get that set up?20:54
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aelknerhi mlinnell20:55
mlinnellcpcarey is here too20:55
aelknerlet's switch to #stagent20:55
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