IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2007-07-14

aelknerLumiere, do you know how to use screen to have two or more people edit files together, like gobby?00:21
Lumiereboth need to be on the same user00:29
Lumierethen screen for first00:29
Lumierescreen -x for everyone else00:29
aelknerLumiere: thanks01:16
aelknerwe've been using it01:16
aelknerbut it's SLOW!01:16
aelknernot really an alternative for gobby01:16
aelknerwhat's our ETA on maddog?01:16
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FujitsuSchoolBell is entirely dead and shouldn't be kept around in Ubuntu, right? (it has been uninstallable for many months)04:47
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LumiereFujitsu: yes05:11
LumiereFujitsu: RIP SchoolBell05:11
Lumiereit's no longer in trunk at all05:11
FujitsuSo I saw.05:11
FujitsuI loved that commit message.05:12
Lumiereit'll be replaced by a SchoolTool-minimal it looks like05:12
Lumiereme too05:12
LumiereI am waiting for the post-sprint weekly-dev05:12
Lumiereon monday05:12
* Fujitsu will likely be rolling out a SchoolBellish SchoolTool instance at school for resource stuff soon.05:12
Lumierewe need someone to really beat on that stuff05:12
Lumierea lot of it is brand new05:13
Lumierealso, a part of the CanDo is working on barcode support05:13
Lumierefor checking in and out resources05:13
Lumierenot sure if that is anywhere but a bzr branch05:14
LumiereI know pieces of the new skin for teachers/students for CanDo is in cando's trunk05:14
FujitsuI'll have to merge this all into my branch soon. I'd knocked out most of the unnecessary stuff out (like demographics), and most of it is now in trunk. It'll make maintenance much easier.05:14
FujitsuIs SchoolTool likely to be migrating to bzr soon?05:14
Lumiereno idea05:14
Lumiereimo svn is working just fine05:15
FujitsuExcept when others want to create branches.05:15
Lumierethat's what svn diff is for imo05:15
FujitsuMerging with SVN is painful to say the least.05:15
Lumieremy experiences with bzr05:16
FujitsuSo I'm working off the Launchpad bzr import, which works OK.05:16
Lumierehave been woefully slow05:16
FujitsuIt is getting much faster with the last few versions.05:16
Lumiereto the point where if I had to push05:16
LumiereI'd go eat dinner05:16
FujitsuIt used to be almost impossible to work with.05:16
Lumierewhile it was working05:16
Lumierethe revision db seems large too05:17
Fujitsumplayer still takes a couple of hours to push a new branch of, but my upstream is slow, mplayer is huge, and the bzr smart-server should improve speed.05:17
FujitsuIt is definitely getting better.05:17
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Fujitsujinty: You're handling the packaging?12:30
jintyFujitsu: yeah, more or less12:30
FujitsuHm, that's quite a few new eggs as packages.12:30
mgedminthe buildbot is somewhat unhappy recently12:44
mgedminis that all due to missing dependencies?12:44
* mgedmin prods ignas12:48
ignasnah, it's due to pcardune12:53
pcardunejinty told me to let buildbot run the tests...12:53
* Fujitsu normally makes tests pass before committing.12:53
* jinty cannot even run the tests12:54
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mgedminnothing bad about letting buildbot catch errors, as long as you DROP EVERYTHING AND GO FIX THEM RIGHT AS SOON AS YOU SEE BREAKAGE12:56
mgedminthis came out louder than I intended12:57
Fujitsumgedmin: I think you need a semi-caps button for that.13:03
mgedminI was actually looking for a small caps option in open office two days ago, and couldn't find it13:04
* Fujitsu hasn't used OOo in a while.13:06
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t3h_soodAnyone in here know when maddog'll be back up?17:11
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eldart3h_sood, should be back on monday17:19
t3h_sood*sigh* That basically means that our shortage of work hours is going to be, eh, crappy...17:20
t3h_sood>_< Ah wellz >_< Have a good one peoples.17:20
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Lumiereeldar: I am hoping it is back on monday17:58
eldaryeah ...17:59
Lumiereit's bad17:59
LumiereSpec, Flint and I were all over there17:59
LumiereI was there within 20 minutes of the email arriving17:59
Lumiere(I sped... a lot from ACC to YHS)17:59
eldarwait what happened to it?18:00
eldarLumiere, why did all of you have to go there?18:04
Lumierethe servers are all online18:07
Lumierethere was a reported compromise of the YHS student dmz18:08
Lumiereand jelker threw up a red flag18:08
Lumiereour investigation doesn't show any log messages that are suspicious18:09
Lumierefrom any of our devices18:09
Lumiereand especially not from our router18:09
eldarLumiere, what do you mean a compromise? and red flag?18:14
Lumierethe ACPS network admins found what they described as abnormal traffic coming from our router18:15
Lumiereand assumed it's that some piece of our network was broken into18:15
eldarabnormal traffic o.O?18:15
Lumiereit's a mess18:16
eldarinterns probably download at least a 2 gigs every day18:16
eldarbecause they build checkouts over and over18:16
Lumierethey described a DoS and requests that shouldn't have been happening18:16
LumiereI don't know what was really happening on their end18:16
Lumierewe don't get logs from them18:16
Lumiereand the red flag thing is18:16
Lumierejeff called us all up18:17
eldarso the dmz was taken down?18:17
Lumiereand told us "HELP"18:17
Lumierethe network connection was disabled18:17
Lumierefrom their end18:17
Lumierethe dmz is online at yhs18:17
eldardo the acps admins actually know what they're doing?18:18
Lumierethere are moments18:18
Lumierewhere I don't think so18:18
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jelknerth1a: morning, tom!18:46
th1aHi jelkner.18:46
jelknerhow are things going?18:48
jelknerwe have a big problem on our end18:48
jelknerour network has been shut down18:49
* Lumiere notes to /topic18:49
jelknerth1a: where is pcardune?18:50
pcarduneright here18:50
pcardunejelkner: where are you?18:50
jelknerat home18:50
jelknerin my office18:50
pcardunejelkner: so what is this big problem?18:51
jelknerour network admin reported "suspicious activity" coming from our router18:51
jelknerand shut down our network18:51
pcardunedid we get hacked or something?18:52
jelknerLumiere, dragoncow2, and mattva01 all looked at it18:52
jelknerit may be hardware related18:52
jelknerbut until we figure this all out, we are shut out18:52
jelknerso we need a plan b18:52
pcarduneso, what is "our network"?18:53
jelknermaddog, bonnieb, ghopper18:53
jelknerall the CS lab machines18:53
Lumiereas well as the yhs website18:54
jelknerpcardune: do you see my message to you?18:54
pcardunejelkner: are you registered?18:55
jelkneri thought i was18:55
Lumierehe's registered maybe not identified18:55
jelkneroh wait, i remember, my registration got changed18:56
eldaryeah, your password isn't our favorite fruit anymore18:56
jelknereldar: and now i don't remember what it is!18:56
eldarayu ...18:57
jelknerlet me try18:57
pcarduneha ha18:57
jelknerpcardune: there is nothing funny about getting old! :-(18:58
pcardunejelkner: I was laughing at the banana part18:58
eldarjelkner, did it work?18:58
pcardunei mean, the favorite fruit part18:58
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jelkneri am going to send out an email to the cando lists19:08
jelknerwe need to figure out who if anyone was depending on maddog19:08
jelknerand to see how we can move them to another location19:08
jelknerand also how to migrate our cando and timeclock instances to another platform19:09
jelknerLumiere: did you talk with dwelsh about this?19:09
Lumierebeen unable to reach him19:11
jelknerok, monday then19:11
jelkneri mean tuesday19:11
jelknersince you are away monday19:11
jelkneri'll call him on monday19:11
LumiereI can make calls monday19:11
LumiereI still expect all of you here for dev meeting19:11
jelknerand ask him to think about a solution19:11
Lumiereat 10:1519:11
jelkneri have a doctors appointment at 8:2019:12
jelkneri'm not sure i'll be back19:12
LumiereI can confirm that t3h_sood needed maddog19:12
jelknerbut i'll try19:12
Lumierehe was on whimpering earlier19:12
Lumierejelkner: Date: 2007-07-14 11:34:52 -0400 (Sat, 14 Jul 2007)19:12
LumiereNew Revision: 708119:12
LumiereAdded: tags/schooltool-2007.0.alpha1/19:12
Lumiere(and now alpha2)19:13
th1aHi jelkner.19:13
jelknerth1a: does my private message still not work?19:13
jelkneri changed the password19:13
jelknerand i think it recognized me19:14
th1ajelkner: I saw yours.19:14
th1aDid you see my reply?19:14
jelknerno, i still can't see the reply19:14
* jelkner regrets the loss of his favorite fruit19:15
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* Lumiere otoh does not19:15
th1aI guess I'm not registered either.19:15
Lumierehi andrew19:15
jelknerth1a: i am registered19:17
jelknerit is you that isn't19:17
jelknerth1a: did you see my email to mark?19:17
Lumiereth1a: it'd be nice if tests were fixed soon :)19:20
Lumiereit's your change from section code to section title19:21
Lumiereborked cando ftests19:21
th1aWell... what do you suggest we do?19:23
th1aChange your ftests.19:25
Lumiere*runs tests*19:30
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th1aLumiere: I don't have any sense of how extensive the failures are.19:37
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Lumiereth1a: it's the Code -> Title interface change19:38
LumiereI am just taking the oppurtunity to change all those to use setup.addSection19:38
th1aYes, but is it horribly breaking all kinds of tests or just a minor inconvenience.19:39
Lumierejust a few for CanDo19:39
LumiereI bet it broke more for you19:39
LumiereI just also try not to commit if there are actual developers around19:41
th1aIf it broke any for us we fixed them.19:52
th1aI mean, it wasn't an accident.19:52
LumiereI know19:58
LumiereI just fail at fixing them for whatever reason19:58
Lumiereth1a: I really can't stand your clicky drop down menus <_<20:00
Lumierethey drive me nuts20:00
th1aLumiere: Go to the menus at the top of every window you've ever used.20:06
th1aDo you have to click them?20:07
ignaspcardune: http://localhost:7080/++etc++site/default/RootErrorReportingUtility/20:08
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specschooltool/cando...python2.4 or python2.5?22:55
eldarall zope3 stuff is 3.422:59
eldari mean 2.4*22:59
specwhy's there a dependency for libc6-dev?23:00
specand libicu-dev? intensive care unit-dev?23:00
eldariono, but schooltool needs them23:05
specso it won't work with python2.5?23:18
spechmm, i'm gonna have to do a lot of work to get python2.4 working it seems23:19
eldarit should be easy, what distro are you using?23:19
specmistral ^.^23:19
eldaroh, yeah ... Well, good luck :)23:19
specmaemo/mistral -> arm processor23:19
speci think i'll work on this monday23:20
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