IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-07-13

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mgedminyou sound like an Igor00:00
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srichterjelkner: here00:06
pcardunesrichter: I was wondering what the problem was that you discovered?00:07
srichterpcardune: the devmode layer was always loaded00:07
srichterthe overrides.zcml was not conditioned00:07
pcardunesrichter: oh00:08
t3h_soodTo my past three messages... BE IGNORED!00:16
jelknerok, we are leaving for today...00:18
jelknerhave fun at the sprint!00:18
srichterjelkner: dud you have a quiestion?00:18
jelknersrichter: paul did00:18
jelknerlooks like you got to it00:18
jelkneroh, did you get a fix?00:19
srichtera fux?00:19
srichtera fix?00:19
jelkneryou mentioned that you would look at it more, figure out a way to fix it00:19
srichterjelkner: do you read checkin messages? :-)00:19
pcardunetelling me that no functional tests have been written is like putting salt on a slug00:19
jelkneri take that to mean it is finished ;-)00:20
srichterjelkner: I did some more on the menu altogether00:20
srichterpcardune: there is really not much content; the ftests for this can be written in 30 minutes00:21
jelknersrichter: btw - thanks for all your help with the sprint!00:21
pcarduneall the more reason to wonder why they were not written?00:21
jelknereveryone involved had a great time and learned *a lot* from you00:22
srichterbecause when you try to fiogure whether a concept works, you do not want to get distracted00:22
srichterjelkner: great! :-)00:22
jelknermy ride leaves...00:22
pcardunewell I hope someone starts writing ftests asap, because I won't know what to test if I have to do it myself00:22
* jelkner shuts down his computer00:22
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srichterpcardune: aehm, all the clicks?00:23
pcardunesrichter: yes, except some clicks are conditional?  and it will be a pain to determine all the different conditions that yield different sets of links...00:24
srichterI would finish writing the menu first before investing into ftests00:24
srichterpcardune: no, no conditions00:25
srichterits a menu00:25
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Lumierehi all16:28
th1aHi Lumiere.16:33
Lumierehaving net issues here in Arlington16:34
Lumierebut, having eggs issues in cando on buildbot16:36
* Lumiere pokes pcardune 16:36
Lumiereth1a: can you poke pcardune for me16:47
LumiereI need him to make a bootstrap16:47
Lumierefor the cando repository16:47
th1aI'm not sure where he is this moment.16:50
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aelknermlinnell: it looks like maddog is down22:50
mlinnellaelkner: yeahhhhhhh I noticed22:50
aelkneri'll try to get a hold of my brother and hopefully Matt22:50
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aelknermlinnell: do you have access to any other linux systems besides maddog?22:55
mlinnellthere's wdickers's machine22:55
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aelkneryou have access to it?22:57
aelknercpcarey: maddog is down22:57
cpcareyam i late?22:57
cpcareyok good22:57
mlinnellaelkner: I have an account22:57
aelknerdo either of you have access to wdicker's machine22:57
mlinnellI can log in there22:58
aelknerok, do that, and tell us if there's sobby there22:58
aelknerLumiere: are you there?22:59
mlinnellaelkner: I set up the session but I can't connect to gobby23:01
mlinnellI think the port that I'm using must be blocked on his comp23:02
aelknercould be23:02
cpcareywhich port?23:02
aelknerwe may have to work on our machines separately with no commit potential.23:02
mlinnellI tried 611123:02
aelknercpcarey: do you have an account on will's machine, too?23:03
cpcareyyes i do23:03
aelknerdo a ps aef | grep obby to see if there's a sobby session running23:03
mlinnellaelkner: do you have an account?23:04
aelknerbut all we need is sobby running23:04
aelknerone of you do a ps aef | grep obby23:04
aelknerif there's no sobby running, we could try to use sobby's default port23:05
mlinnellwhat's the default one?23:05
aelknerwhich i don't remember23:05
aelknerbut maybe i can google it23:05
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t3h_sood*poke* Anyone here>23:06
t3h_soodArt thou ableth to maketh maddog worketh?23:06
mlinnellthat's what we're discussing23:07
aelknerableth bethe weth noteth23:07
t3h_soodThateth sucketh...23:07
t3h_soodJama and I are relatively low on hours and are screwed now >_<23:07
t3h_soodWell, not really...23:07
aelknercan we find a machine that one of us has admin rights to?23:07
aelknersobby's default port is 6522 btw.23:08
* t3h_sood pokes the screen23:08
mlinnellhmmmm I don't have one23:08
aelknermlinnell, did you check on will'l machione for the ps aef i gave you23:08
aelknerno sobby is runniong?23:09
mlinnell  777 pts/1    S+     0:03  \_ sobby -p 611223:09
mlinnell  750 pts/0    S      0:03  \_ sobby -p 611123:09
mlinnellI think those are both mine? even tho I only ran the command once23:09
t3h_soodSoooo, there is absolutely no access to maddog atm?23:09
aelknerwhat's the ip for will's machine?23:09
mlinnellit is...23:10
cpcareyi'm in port 6522 on will's machine, but its because i'm running gobby off of his machine23:11
mlinnellright, which isn't too useful23:11
aelknerso gobby blocks us from connecting.  could you try starting a sobby on 6522?23:11
cpcareyi did start sobby on 6522 and i'm on gobby on 6522 as well23:12
mlinnelldoesn't work from the outside, tho23:12
aelknerok, i'll try23:12
aelkneri don't have an account on his machine23:12
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aelknert3h_sood: is that Massod?23:12
mlinnellyeahhhh I think23:12
aelknert3h_sood: could we use Jama's machine?23:13
mlinnellhe just quit irc23:13
aelknerthis is great23:13
aelknerwithout gobby and checkin access, we'll have to work creatively23:14
aelknerwe're still working on fixing the problem we're having registering, so...23:15
cpcareydo we want to go into a private irc room?23:15
cpcareylike #stagent?23:15
Lumierehi all23:25
Lumiereall YHS services are down until further notice23:26
mlinnellgreaaaaaaaaat... :(23:26
Lumierewe're working on secondary plans23:26
Lumierebut there was a compromise detected from that netblock23:26
Lumiereand all computers on it are now frozen23:26
aelknerLumiere: bummer23:27
Lumierenote this includes timeclock23:27
Lumierewhich we're currently working hard to bring up in another manner23:27
LumiereI left in the middle of it23:27
Lumierebut pflint, spec, mattva01 and jelkner are going to work on it at dc-loco tonight23:28
*** Lumiere changes topic to "SchoolTool development | IRC logs at | Dev meetings Mon, 13:30 UTC (15:30 EET) - CanDo Dev meetings Mon, 14:30 UTC (10:30 US/Eastern) | Use for pasting || Sprints: Sunday-Thursday - CanDo FOSSED-NH | All This Week - SchoolTool EuroPython | maddog/ - DOWN until further notice"23:28
aelknerLumiere: you';re new topic is ambiguous.  which time is the Cando dev meeting, 15:30 or 10:20?23:30
Lumierethere are 2 dev meetings23:32
aelknerDev meetings Mon, 13:30 UTC (15:30 EET) - CanDo Dev meetings Mon, 14:30 UTC (10:30 US/Eastern???23:32
Lumierethe first one is 9:30 am23:32
Lumierethat's SchoolTool23:32
LumiereCanDo is at 10:30 am23:33
aelknerEET is Vilnius time?23:33
aelknerand what the hell is UTC?23:33
LumiereUTC -> Universal Time23:36
LumiereGMT is similar23:36
aelknerLumiere: the long and short of it is that the meetings start at 9:30, Monday and are back-to-back, right?23:40
Lumiereit's not pretty at all23:40
Lumiereand overlap23:40
Lumiereour meeting starts officailly at 10:3023:40
aelknerok, i'll make sure to check in at 9:3023:40
Lumierebut we try and be around about 10:15 or so23:40
Lumiereso we can do joint stuff as needed23:40
aelkneryou donj't bother going to the 9:30 one?23:41
LumiereI am the CanDo point of contact for the schooltool meetings23:41
Lumiereso I am at the 9:3023:41
LumiereI want jeff and dave at 10:1523:41

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