IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-07-12

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jintydeb unstable main10:39
jintydeb-src unstable main10:39
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pcarduneignas: http://localhost:8000/sections/swimming--frog/timetables/2005-fall.default12:45
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lisppaste5Sutherland pasted "auto build makefile for th1a" at
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* Lumiere wonders if jinty's deb lines above are debian unstable nightly packages of schooltool16:42
jintyLumiere: well, they're really unstable, but more of the staging area for preparing schooltool packaged16:43
jintyth1a's busy trying to re-build them to feisty16:44
jintyall's done except python-zope.ucol (which is quite buggily pedantic)16:44
Lumierejinty: it's just cool to see it working for debian unstable as well as gutsy16:45
jintyyeah, it's really just a re-build of the same code16:46
jintynothing special16:46
Lumiereyes, but it is still a surpassing of the goal for the sprint ;)16:46
jintyAlso, would be nice if you guys could make a python-cando package in the feisty repository16:47
jinty(the schooltool infrastructure can be trivially re-used)16:47
LumiereI need to get matt and I on that16:47
Lumieresrichter was also bugging us to move to zc.buildout16:48
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Lumierebnguyen: did you even sleep last night?16:55
bnguyenLumiere: yes, the entire ride home16:55
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jintyLumiere: probably you need something buildoutish17:26
LumiereI am starting to read up on it17:28
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LumiereI'll probably make a branch to set it up17:28
Lumiereand the merge it in17:28
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filip101hey everybody19:55
filip101i'm going to be late by about 1 hr for the meeting at the ACC today19:55
filip101just wanted to tell u19:55
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Lumiere'noon everyone20:05
pcarduneFYI, I'm moving cando to an eggs based distro tomorrow20:06
pcarduneso you will have to do fresh checkouts after tomorrow20:06
Lumierepcardune: making it use schooltool egg?20:06
Lumierepcardune: as per srichter's comment we're also looking at moving cando to zc.buildout20:07
pcarduneyes, it will do that too20:10
pcardunebut maybe not tomorrow20:10
LumiereI have matt looking at it20:11
eldarso ummm20:11
eldarpcardune, is cando trunk checkout broken atm?20:12
Lumierenot yet20:12
LumiereI just updated20:12
Lumieremaybe nout20:12
pcardunewell that is up to you guys, I haven't touched it20:13
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pcarduneeldar: how did the sprint finish up?20:14
eldarpcardune, pretty well, with some bumps20:14
wjohnstoeldar: if you see jelkner, tell him I still have a fever and I'm not going to make it in today20:15
wjohnsto...been sick for a week now :\20:15
eldarwjohnsto, that sucks. i'll relay the message to him.20:16
wjohnstothank you20:16
eldarwjohnsto, no problem, just get well.20:16
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srichtereldar: what bumps?20:18
eldarsrichter, irresponsible commits to trunk20:19
srichtereldar: that's okay, see it as a spike :-)20:20
eldara fresh trunk checkout breaks :(20:21
Lumierepcardune: looks like schooltool trunk is broken20:22
Lumiereor you moved stuff around20:22
Lumiereand broke cando trun20:22
Lumierecp src/cando/cando-configure.zcml SchoolTool/schooltool-skel/etc/package-includes/20:22
Lumierecp: target `SchoolTool/schooltool-skel/etc/package-includes/' is not a directory: No such file or directory20:22
eldarif you get over that part, you get20:24
eldarzope.configuration.xmlconfig.ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/eldar/work/cando/trunk/SchoolTool/schooltool-skel/etc/site.zcml", line 4.2-4.4320:24
eldar    ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'package', 'ImportError: Module schooltool has no global standard')20:24
Lumiereblamelist is **jinty**20:24
pcarduneyes... standard is a new schooltool module, it should be there with a fresh checkout20:25
pcarduneand as for package-includes, it has been moved to "plugins"20:25
Lumiereit isn't20:25
eldaryeah, i figure out the plugins part20:25
eldarbut the trunk is still borked20:25
Lumierepcardune: look at
Lumiereer zzz20:25
pcarduneworks for me?20:26
Lumierepcardune: ok20:30
Lumierenot for buildbot20:30
Lumierepcardune: have jinty make clean on pov-schooltool?20:30
pcardunejinty says he broke the trunk so i guess you are right20:32
Lumierecan we get it fixed?20:32
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Lumierehow long is it going to take to fix trunk?20:33
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pcarduneLumiere: apparently it has been fixed by ignas or something20:40
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Lumiereeldar: are you updating cando for plugins20:43
eldaris it gonna work with plugins?20:44
Lumiereno idea20:45
eldari changed my makefile to do the plugins20:45
eldarit still fails miserably20:45
Lumierewell then paul needs to do something ;)20:45
eldaroh hey20:45
eldarit started20:45
Lumierewith it in plugins?20:45
Lumierecommit that please20:46
Lumierepcardune: send a thank you to ignas please ;)20:50
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fsufitchsooo, anybody got any work for me?21:46
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t3h_sood <-- Repasted for convenience of he who just joined.22:56
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jhancock <-- Repasted for convenience of he who just joined.23:01
fsufitchwhat does zope.event.notify() do?23:04
fsufitchi.e. does anybody have a zope book i could check out stuff on?23:04
t3h_soodnotifies the listener? >_<23:07
t3h_soodOkay, I'm wrong, just felt like saying something...23:07
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pcardunehello again23:11
pcardunehow are things going?23:13
eldarI made a branch for the skin23:13
eldarso that people can commit to that23:13
LumiereI keep getting pulled away23:15
t3h_soodEldar, when you said 'space out your xml', did you mean to make there be little spaces in the unit-test's test xml text?23:19
eldarnope, means tabulate your stuff properly23:19
eldarit was pretty well tabulated, except for some minor parts23:20
t3h_soodOOOO! Tabulate as in 'tab's!23:20
eldarbut that's generally not your fault, just the whatever crappy editor you  guys use23:20
t3h_soodWoah I sounded retarded right there...23:20
t3h_soodAnd my editor isn't crappy! It's just... er, yeah, crappy...23:21
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Lumiere!! if anynoe needs me I am in dwelsh's office23:32
Lumieretrying to take care of some annoying stuff23:32
t3h_soodDo doc-strings count as commented out code? No...23:33
mgedminno they don't23:34
eldarmgedmin, how can I pack schooltool's Data.fs ?23:38
mgedmineldar: by writing Python code23:38
mgedmincurrently there's no way to do it23:38
fsufitchwho originally wrote timeclock?23:39
mgedminbecause the ++etc++process/ZODBControl.html view requires a global user defined outside the schooltool site23:39
mgedminand there aren't any23:39
t3h_soodMADDOG IS EVIL! It isn't letting me access my runing schooltool server instance <_<23:39
eldarmgedmin, that sucks ...23:39
fsufitchthe permission for deleting something is __del__ , not __delitem__!!!!23:39
mgedminyou could define a principal in zcml then pack the db23:39
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mgedmineldar: it's certainly a bug (or perhaps a "missing feature") that needs fixing23:40
pcardunefsufitch: I fixed timeclock23:42
jelknersrichter: are you here?23:42
pcardunefsufitch: Woo wrote much of it though23:42
jelkneri'm skyping with paul and he is asking me for a summary23:42
fsufitchi see23:43
fsufitchwatever, i just know that people were doing canAccess(self.context,"__delitem__")23:44
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t3h_soodeldar: Checketh your e-mail boxeth plzeth... Ieth loveth thiseth usageth ofeth etheths.23:55

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