IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2007-07-11

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bvuongsup all, how's new hampshire?00:00
jelknerbvoung: it is great00:04
jelknerand *very* noisy right now00:04
jelknereveryone has come into our sprint space to talk to us00:05
bvuonglhuynh: I'm gonna start on the documentation about schootool in general. that ok?00:09
lhuynhfind something of which there is no contextual help.  follow the steps of the link I gave you. any other questions, please _email_00:27
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AVN`Section teachers00:36
AVN`can add comp... Oh!00:36
AVN`Does the new UI affect the security testing?00:40
Lumiereit shouldn't00:59
AVN`ah, Tdoggett said it could01:01
AVN`btw, his computer died, thats where he has been01:01
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Baoeldar: did you get my email about setting up the cando folder?05:11
eldarBao, did you install all the packages?05:12
eldarthat are listed at the top of the instructions?05:12
eldarthis shit's on maddog05:12
eldarsvn co
eldarthat'll do it05:12
Baoyeah, I followed the steps that I got from linda, but when I ran ./, it gave me an error05:13
eldardo not run schooltool-server.py05:14
eldarif you want to run that05:14
eldarpython2.4 schooltool-server.py05:14
eldarI would use05:14
eldarmake run05:14
eldarif i were you05:14
Baoah, thanks05:14
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pcardune_fsufitch: do you know if anyone is working on the CSS for the skin?16:19
fsufitchi'm sort of working on it16:20
fsufitchand so is brittney16:20
fsufitchand linda (i think)16:20
fsufitchno, nvm she's not working on it16:20
Lumiere'morning pcardune_16:22
pcardune_fsufitch: can I work on it? :)16:22
fsufitchyes, but do not alter the breadcrumbs16:23
fsufitchthat's what i'm working on16:23
fsufitchconflicts would be... unfortunate16:24
bnguyenpcardune: have you seen the new color scheme?16:27
fsufitchthe color schemes are changing as fast as the weather is changing here in NH16:28
fsufitchwhich btw is pretty fast16:28
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pcardune_I'll do the color scheme16:29
pcardune_bnguyen: how new?16:29
bnguyenno, you can't, i'll cry16:29
bnguyennew as in this morning at 3 AM16:30
pcardune_ah yes, i've seen that one16:30
bnguyenpcardune_: this is stephan; you cannot change the color scheme16:31
pcardune_bnguyen: that is the one that sports this color: #9AA68416:31
bnguyenthere was a lot of discussion about that16:31
pcardune_what kind of discussion?16:32
bnguyenmore like arguments over what looks good16:32
bnguyenbut we all finally decided that we liked the current one16:33
pcardune_the one with this color: #9AA684?16:33
bnguyenthe color is #9BA986 which is basically the same as #9aa68416:33
bnguyenwait, no you're correct16:34
bnguyenthe color is #9AA68416:34
bnguyenyou don't like it?16:35
bnguyentoo bad16:35
fsufitchmy idea is just to keep whatever color it is for now16:35
fsufitchthen, after everything is stable, we can do some magicks and make themability for users16:36
pcardune_fsufitch: that can be your volunteer project for the + part of 20+ hours a week :)16:36
pcardune_well, i don't care about the colors16:38
bnguyenwhat do you care about then?16:39
fsufitchcss _is_ about the colors ;)16:39
Lumierethat it doesnt look bad?16:39
pcardune_I care about some of the layout16:39
Lumierefsufitch: css is layout... all layout16:40
fsufitchoh yeah, layout too <_<16:40
pcardune_but I can't fix the layout when I get so distracted by this color that I feel I must change :)16:40
fsufitchwell, change the color, but don't commit the change16:40
fsufitchcomment it and restore it before committing16:41
pcardune_fsufitch: why did you guys want to change the color scheme in the first place?16:41
fsufitchi didn't...16:42
Lumierepcardune_: this is dwelsh and jelkner we're talking about16:42
th1aI think that one thing to keep in mind here is that if you guys successfully change to a new layout, SchoolTool will almost certainly follow sooner or later.16:42
th1aSo I'm not in favor of changing the color scheme.16:42
Lumiereth1a: we can change it back later16:42
fsufitchthe color scheme doesnt matter!!16:42
fsufitchthe layout is the important thing16:42
th1aLumiere: Depends on what you mean by later.16:42
Lumierefsufitch: it does, much more then you think16:42
Lumiereth1a: like thursday16:42
Lumiereonce they're all dead tired16:43
pcardune_fsufitch: exactly, so why did you guys change it in the first place?16:43
Lumiereand back in dc16:43
fsufitchlayout first, then color16:43
th1aAh.  Good.16:43
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th1aColor is important to branding.16:43
Lumierelook who we pulled outta the woodwork16:43
* pcardune_ points out that you should see the look on Tom's face16:43
Lumierepcardune_: a little panic?16:43
fsufitchhehehe, conflict escalated, srichter has joined16:43
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th1aI slept from 2:30 to 5:30 last night.16:43
pcardune_ha ha ha16:44
Lumierezomg join flooood!16:44
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Lumierethey're calling in reinforcements.... someone get ignas XD16:44
srichterlook, we agreed on these colors after lengthy discussions16:44
lhuynhis ignas near, then?16:44
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lhuynhand a poll.16:44
srichternever all people will agree16:44
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pcardune_srichter: right, so you hire a designer and they tell the programmers what to do :)16:46
Lumiereand for cando16:47
Lumierepcardune_ is the designer XD16:47
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Lumierejinty: sooooo16:56
Lumierethere's another buildbot problem for you to solve16:57
pcardune_so, we are moving to bzr in the coming week(s)17:01
Lumierepcardune_: schooltool is?17:01
Lumiereis it just me, or does bzr seem to add a layer more of complexity then is really needed by a rcs...17:02
pcardune_yeah, well you could say that an rcs adds a layer more of complexity over emailing tarballs...17:03
Lumierenot really17:03
Lumieremerging tarballs is a headache17:03
Lumierepush pull merge wierdness is too17:04
pcardune_and having centralized repositories is a headache17:04
Lumiereoh well... I gotta go17:04
LumiereI have a jet engine with 1.2 TB of storage attached to get working17:04
Lumiereback in 9017:04
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pcardune_Lumiere: plus, they are having a bazaar sprint here, and a lot of good developments are being made in bzr17:07
fsufitchpcardune_, Lumiere , srichter , whoever else,  i committed a new cando theme to trunk17:08
fsufitchit's what linda and i have been working on over the past hour >_>17:09
pcardune_ok, i'll check it out17:10
fsufitch*brittney and i17:10
fsufitchplz excuse my stupidity17:11
fsufitchor, as i would say it, stupdidity17:11
pcardune_I'm just going to change some margins and paddings around a bit17:16
fsufitchmargins and padding changes are fine17:18
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jelknerth1a: are you here?18:19
jelknerwe have an important issue we need to address18:19
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LumiereI am back18:19
jelknerLumiere: welcome back18:20
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jinty_Lumiere, think I fixed that18:43
jinty_am testing it now18:43
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AVN`wow, channels not doing too good20:05
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LumiereAVN`: please make a comment on that private bug you created20:46
Lumierewith ALL information regarding it20:46
Lumiereonly I can see that bug atm20:46
AVN`ok, i was filling bug reports for the security vulnrabilities we came accross20:48
AVN`uh, which bug is that?20:48
Lumierewhen you mark a bug private20:48
Lumierestudents can edit globals20:48
Lumierewhich... is the only private bug I saw come in20:49
AVN`ok, i filled a bunch20:49
Lumiereic it20:50
Lumiereplease go through those all20:50
Lumiereand add as much info as you can20:50
Lumiereright now only you and I can see those bugs20:51
Lumierebecause they're marked security20:51
AVN`should we disclose them?20:53
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AVN`allright, i added more info to the first one20:56
Lumieredon't disclose yet20:57
LumiereI will add pcardune and eldar as you add info20:57
Lumiereyou just worry about getting the info they need to reproduce it in the bug20:57
LumiereI worry about triaging and notifying20:57
Lumiereback in a bit20:58
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cpcareymlinnell: TinyZIS didn't throw any errors23:00
cpcareyi'm on here because gobby is slow once again23:00
cpcareybut add line 355 into NOTES.txt plz23:01
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