IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-07-10

AVN`hey, I've run into a problem with cando00:01
Lumierehi jinty00:01
AVN`if the test fails00:01
AVN`should I comment it out and continue writing the tests?00:02
AVN`that assumes the test fails because of an error in cando00:02
Lumierewhat is the error00:02
AVN`students can edit global compentencies00:02
Lumierejust keep writing tests00:03
Lumiere1 error shouldn't stop tests from running00:03
Lumiere(unless the -1 flag is thrown in commandline)00:03
AVN`I can't tell if the code is good though, because it stops when it gets an error00:03
AVN`so, I should take out that flag00:03
AVN`does that work for other numbers?00:04
AVN`like if i want it to stop after the 5th error?00:04
Lumiereno idea00:06
AVN`it looks like it doesn't00:06
AVN`still seems to stop after 1 error, and i took out the -1 flag00:08
Lumiereask el00:11
Lumiereerr pcardune00:11
AVN`is there a problem with this line, eldar? PYTHONPATH='src:eggs' python2.4 ./ -fvp -s cando test security00:11
Lumiereeldar isn't here00:12
Lumiereask aelkner or pcardune00:12
AVN`ok, aelkner, are you there? ping00:12
pcarduneAVN`: maybe use -m instead of -s00:12
AVN`i'll try it00:13
AVN`it seems to stop testing after 1 error, but then not finish, just hang on tearing down a layer00:15
AVN`yeah, it hung00:17
AVN`i'm going to comment it out00:19
th1apcardune is sitting next to me.00:19
* pcardune sits next to th1a00:20
AVN`has anyone seen tdoggett00:21
th1aI saw tdoggett heading toward the casino with some Russian chicks.00:21
AVN`Oh, then he probally won't be back for a few days then00:21
* Lumiere goes to get a 1000 mile long mallet to beat jelkner with00:23
jintyhey Lumiere00:24
AVN`hmmm, I suspect that I'm missing out on the talking there, making these comments near-incomprehensible00:24
* jinty notes his buildbot magic is in need of another tweak00:24
Lumierejinty: hehe00:25
Lumierejinty: buildbot black magic00:25
Lumierejinty: your black magic doesn't work on triggering cando00:41
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dwelshpcardune:  still there03:14
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Lumierejelkner: paul hadn't actually approved your mockup...,04:00
Lumierehe only approved looking at making em04:00
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olegbi cannot seem to install schooltool on edubuntu feisty - something about python2.4-schooltool couldnt be installed15:21
olegbanything i am doing wrong ?15:22
th1aolegb: Um... unfortunately no.15:22
th1aThe feisty package is somewhat broken.15:23
olegbah - ok :)15:23
th1aWe are, however, working hard on the Gutsy packages.15:23
olegbso - using gutsy would give me an oppertunity to try out schooltool ?15:24
th1aNot yet...15:24
th1aChecking out the development version from Subversion.15:24
olegbthanks - i'll try that15:25
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* AVN` is clocking17:39
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AVN`Hey, its throwing an error instead of giving me the "not allowed' page, can anyone (eldar, Lumiere. ) suggest a way to either make it direct to the "not allowed" page, or help me test for the error?17:44
eldarwhat is the error it is throwing?17:44
AVN`the end of the traceback says    Unauthorized: title17:45
AVN`I was expecting it to redirect to the page that says "Please log in as someone who is allowed to access this page"17:47
AVN`any Idea?18:00
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AVN`eldar, what should I do?18:07
AVN`I found out how to look for errors18:11
eldarAVN`, oops sorry way afk18:13
eldardid you figure it out?18:13
AVN`well, i found a way to check for errors18:13
AVN`but I don't know why its throwing them18:13
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eldarwhat do you mean? it is throwing unauthorized errors in places you are supposed to have access to?18:14
AVN`no, its throwing the error instead of redirecting me to the page18:15
AVN`like, if its unauthirized, it redirects you to a page that says so, and asks you to log in as a better user18:15
AVN`but its just throwing the error18:15
fsufitchok, i'm done with i18n, what can i do for the UI?18:15
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fsufitchuh, hello?18:17
fsufitchjelkner, eldar, anybody?18:17
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Lumiereis whaddon around?18:17
fsufitchwhat can i do for the UI?18:17
AVN`sorry, my computer rebooted itself18:17
* Lumiere would like to remind people to run tests on commits18:18
AVN`eldar, where were we18:18
eldarLumiere, yes whaddon is around18:18
eldardid tests break?18:18
LumiereI am testing locally18:18
Lumierebut buildbot failed ftests18:19
fsufitchi still don't have a part of the UI to work on18:20
eldarbuildbot ran the tests pretty fast18:21
eldarbut yeah, it happened because of some svn issues, the commit was split into two parts18:21
eldarthe tests pass again18:21
fsufitchhellooooo, i need something to work on!18:23
fsufitchi dont like idling18:23
fsufitchespecially after a good night's sleep when i'm rested and ready to work18:23
AVN`fsufitch, dance till you get a job18:24
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fsufitchAVN`, nty18:24
fsufitchi'm still sleepy from oversleeping18:25
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cpcareymlinnell: we're supposed to be on gobby port 6116 right?18:56
mlinnellcpcarey, can you start it up again?18:57
cpcareyoh right18:57
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cpcareymlinnell: ok its up, but our documents will have to be re-loaded18:59
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Lumierejinty: when you call the cando buildbot19:31
Lumiereyou should just call our make update19:31
Lumiererather then trying to force a revision on us19:32
Lumierecause forcing the revision breaks our buildbot19:32
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AVN`does anyone have a running cando instance right now?19:46
AVN`I need to test something, will take like a minute19:47
eldari have one locally19:51
AVN`yeah, when you go to global compentancies, then click information,19:55
AVN`can you tell me some words on that page that will identify it19:55
AVN`I got disconnected, did you tell me any words?19:55
AVN`nevermind, I no longer need it19:56
Lumierewhere do people usually download ubuntu from19:57
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AVN`I hear its one of those legitimate uses20:14
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cpcareymlinnell the port just closed20:35
mlinnellcpcarey, did gobby just crash?20:35
mlinnellit almost seems like maddog went down?20:35
AVN`I can confirm20:36
AVN`i get no response from maddog20:36
cpcareysame here20:37
mlinnelllol okay20:37
mlinnellseems like it's back up20:39
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mlinnellcpcarey, can you start up gobby again?20:43
cpcareymlinnell, i set it up but i can't get it20:45
cpcareyi tried ports 6115-611820:45
mlinnellI got onto 6117 for a few secs20:45
mlinnellthen it said connection lost20:46
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Lumieredo you guys need me to setup a gobby for you somewhere20:46
AVN`did you start it?20:46
mattva01just so everyone knows there are power issues in our area atm20:46
cpcareymlinnell try port 6117 again20:46
AVN`which area?20:46
mattva01maddog went down, came back up though20:47
mlinnellcpcarey, got 611720:47
LumiereI have other servers20:47
LumiereI can put obby on20:47
cpcareymlinnell, but i cannot connect to 611720:47
cpcareyor any port20:47
mattva01just informing everyone20:47
AVN`whats sobby?20:48
Lumiereserver for gobby20:48
mlinnellcpcarey, weird20:49
mlinnellI'm connected to it20:49
mattva01anyone need anything done?20:49
AVN`like what?20:50
cpcareymattva01, can you open a new sobby port for us plz?20:50
mattva01give me a sec20:51
Lumieremattva01: do we have any external feisty servers that are around20:55
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mattva01not really20:58
mattva01what do you mean by external, as in outside APS?20:58
mattva01cpcarey, which port do you want open?20:59
cpcareymlinnell, does it matter what port we open?20:59
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Lumieremattva01: yes21:00
Lumierein an external data center21:00
mattva01no we dont21:01
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cpcareymattva01, i don't think it matter which port is open, we'd just like a running gobby session21:02
mlinnellI don't think it matters21:02
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mattva01heh i'm lucky im on my laptop21:12
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cpcareymattva01, let me know when you get a port up, and do you know where aelkner is?21:18
mattva01no, i do not21:18
mattva01sorry, the reason its taking so long is because i keep losing internet access21:19
mattva01and power :)21:19
mattva01strangely enough my irc session stays normal  even when the network has no power21:21
AVN`yeah, thats because it waits like 3 minutes to kick you off IRC21:26
*** spec has joined #schooltool21:26
mattva01ah ok21:26
AVN`after your ping time is a certin leangth21:26
AVN`you can have problems if you reboot and your old nick is still on IRC21:26
AVN`thats why there is the ghost command21:26
specnickserv release/recover $name21:27
mattva01yep i know that one21:29
AVN`yeah, that21:31
mattva01hmm one sec on the sobby server (I am SO sorry this is taking forever)21:33
mattva01why can't you use the one assigned to you?21:33
mlinnellit crashed when maddog went down21:33
mlinnellcpcarey couldn't get it back up21:33
mattva01ok one sec21:35
AVN`you could use mine21:37
AVN`i'm not currently using21:37
AVN`port 612121:37
mattva01ccarey it appaers to be running21:37
AVN`don't mind the files opened21:37
* Lumiere starts up a jet engine21:38
mattva01I think thats a sign to quiet down :)21:38
LumiereI got a new server here in herndon21:39
mlinnellokay thanks mattva0121:39
Lumiereand it's louder then a jet engine21:39
mlinnellwhere did cpcarey go21:39
cpcareyi can't get on any of them21:39
cpcareyi'm going to reboot21:39
*** cpcarey has quit IRC21:39
*** cpcarey has joined #schooltool21:42
cpcareysry, but i still can't connect on any ports21:43
AVN`are you entering maddog correctly?21:44
AVN`as the server?21:44
AVN`and what ports are you trying?21:44
cpcarey6115, 6116, 6117 and 612121:44
cpcareyand yes i'm doing it the same way i've done it before21:44
mlinnellcan you log into maddog using -X and run gobby that way?21:44
cpcareylet me try that21:45
cpcareywhich port are you on?21:45
mlinnell6117 also works I think21:46
mlinnellnope 6117 doesn't21:47
mlinnellI went back to 612121:47
cpcareytry 6117 now21:48
mlinnellI'm there21:49
mlinnelldoes anyone know where aelkner is?21:54
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Preetamyou back from New Hampshire yet?22:50
jhancock_still slaving away22:50
jelknerPreetam: did you see my private chat?22:50
PreetamI don't think so22:51
Preetamoh yea22:51
PreetamI see it now22:51
jelknercan you type into it?22:51
jelknerPreetam: i don't think so22:51
jelkneryou need to be authenticated22:52
jelkneror freenode will not permit you to private chat22:52
jelknerso, we could chat on google talk22:52
jelkneror we could chat here22:52
Preetamhere is fine i guess22:52
jelknerquestion - how is your css skill?22:53
Preetamnot very good22:53
*** Preetam has quit IRC22:53
*** Preetam has joined #schooltool22:54
Preetamsorry about that22:54
jelkneryou're back22:54
Preetamthe client crashed for some reason22:54
lhuynhit sensed elkner's question22:54
jelknerok, question 2: any interest in learning css22:54
jelkneri mean learning it *well*!22:55
Preetamnot really...why?22:55
jelknerbecause we despartely need someone with serious css skills for our new ui design22:55
Preetamum, I don't know anything about css at all22:56
jelknerhow would you evaluate your artistic skills?22:56
jelknerdo you know beauty when you see it?22:56
jelknerdo you have a sense of layout and design?22:57
PreetamI doubt it22:57
Preetamim not a very good artist at all22:57
Preetami like graphics, but in the mathematical sense22:58
PreetamI prefer working on projects like gasp23:00
AVN`Preetam, CSS is pretty cool and easy to learn23:05
* Lumiere has css-fu but no artistic talent23:05
mattva01it would be very useful23:08
* mattva01 needs to learn more css23:08
jelknerPreetam: can I call you?23:12
jelkneryou here?23:13
jelknerwell, can i call?23:13
jelkneri need a number23:14
Preetamsure, you want my cell phone23:14
jelknerwhat ever works best for you23:14
Preetam703 477 467723:14
eldarhi hi23:18
eldargo over paul's class again23:18
eldarand then23:19
eldarget cando installed, instructions link here:
Preetamok, thanks23:20
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