IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2007-07-09

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fsufitchwhoa pcardune isnt there01:10
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dwelshLumiere:  back01:15
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Lumierepcardune is probably jet-lagged01:23
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Lumierethis was my day:
lhuynhcongrats! this is the first time I've heard of you going.  I hope you had a lot of fun. :)01:35
LumiereI was quiet about it01:35
fsufitchLumiere: so ppl are thinking about putting me on internationalization01:36
LumiereIt needs to be done...01:38
* lhuynh grins01:38
fsufitchwhat, internationalization?01:39
fsufitchi think it needs to be spelled too...01:39
fsufitch-.- h8 u01:39
dwelshStephen giving preso in internationalization...02:00
dwelsherrr... ON internationalization02:00
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SpecLumiere: ping02:11
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Specpcardune: what's up02:12
Specso...compiled cando, did a make testall, and i get a no module named pytz02:17
Specis that python-tz?02:17
Specand if so, what is the Olson timezone db?02:17
th1aI don't imagine pcardune is awake.02:18
th1aSpec: There is an ubuntu package.02:19
Specaww, but he just signed on :p02:19
Specand he's on gmail02:19
th1aYes.  I guess pcardune just woke up.02:20
th1aWe're all a bit out of whack here.02:20
fsufitchthe launchpad section on schooltool bugs is scary02:39
fsufitchonly 15% with fixes committed?02:39
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fsufitchbnguyen, i apparently can't reply to you in PM via IRC02:47
fsufitchhow about AIM/Yahoo/MSN/Google Talk?02:48
bnguyenfsufitch: gmail works02:49
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Specyou need to be authenticated with nickserv in order to send PMs02:56
Lumierehi Spec03:08
* Fujitsu notes this channel has been oddly active of late.03:13
LumiereFujitsu: sprint started today03:15
FujitsuAh, that would do it03:15
Lumiereso CanDo is sprinting now03:15
Lumiereand th1a and pcardune are at EuroPython03:15
Lumiereand jetlagged to all hell XD03:15
Lumiereand me... I just have no life03:15
* Fujitsu also has no life, but works on Ubuntu instead.03:16
Lumierewell, I did see Phantom of the Opera today...03:17
Lumierethat's as close as I get to a life03:17
Spechave you seen transformers?03:17
Specit rocks :)03:17
* Fujitsu hasn't seen a movie for a couple of years.03:17
Lumierenot the movie03:18
Lumierethe musical03:18
Lumierelive and in person03:18
Lumierethey're at the Kennedy Center this month03:18
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IncognitoLumiere:'re responsible for cando eggs?03:33
Lumierewe have no eggs03:33
Incognitowell, schooltool eggs?03:34
LumiereIncognito: schooltool eggs are jinty03:34
Incognitorunning 'make testall' from svn fails03:34
Lumierebut what's up03:34
Incognitobecause of 'optionstorage'03:34
Lumiereoptionstorage is brand new03:34
Incognitochanging it in the file from optionstorage to z3c.optionstorage fixes it03:34
Incognitobut i'm sure that's the backwards way :)03:34
Lumierethat's what it should be03:34
Incognitowell, then the file is wrong03:35
Lumiereit should be z3c.optionstorage03:35
Incognitosomeone should fix that ^.^03:35
Lumierethe cando
Incognitoalso your cando.init file is crap :p03:37
Incognitonot necessarily your* but the one in svn03:37
LumiereIncognito: spec?03:37
Incognitoi'm hiding :)03:37
Lumierethat one needs to be fixed by pcardune03:37
Incognito'k, well, he's sleepy as far as i know :p03:38
eldarsvn co svn://
LumiereI am committing the optionstorage thing03:40
Incognitoit is my belief the cando.init file should be taken out of svn03:40
Incognitoinit files should be handled by the OS's distro management03:41
Incognitoerr, package manager03:41
Incognitoyou can't have one cando.init file that'll "just work" for everyone, unless everyone's cando instance is put in the same place03:41
Incognitosince it's svn, we're gonna assume they'll be in different places...therefore cando.init shouldn't be there03:41
Incognitobut that's not my decision :)03:41
Lumierenor is it mine03:41
Incognitounless there's a "make install"03:42
Incognitowhich there isn't03:42
LumiereI agree, but I leave it to eldar and pcardune to decide on that03:43
Lumiereeldar: can you make it so my posts to cando-commits show03:43
eldarjstraw  Jason Straw <>03:45
eldaris that your info?03:45
Lumierethat's the address that's on cando-commits03:45
Lumiereis it jstraw<tab>Jason03:57
Lumierecause I assume it's tab delim03:57
fsufitcheldar, could you ping stephan for me?04:00
eldarhe is busy04:00
fsufitchi can't compile his Zope Tutorial thing04:00
fsufitchTraceback (most recent call last):04:00
fsufitch  File "/home/fsufitch/Zope3Training/", line 20, in <module>04:00
fsufitch    import codeblock04:00
fsufitch  File "/home/fsufitch/Zope3Training/", line 3, in <module>04:00
fsufitch    import SilverCity04:00
fsufitchImportError: No module named SilverCity04:00
eldarfsufitch, you shouldn't need to04:00
eldarjust open index.html04:00
eldarLumiere, try again04:01
Lumieredon't have anything to commit atm XD04:02
Lumiereunless you want me to delete cando.int04:02
Lumiereerr init04:02
eldari already did04:03
eldaryou have commit access, right?04:03
LumiereI don't have anything I need to commit04:04
Incognitoi win!04:08
Incognitostart-stop-daemon needs a --chdir04:08
Incognitootherwise cando errs on the log file (as it's relative and not absolute)04:08
LumiereIncognito: not worrying about it04:09
Lumierethe .init is gone04:09
IncognitoLumiere: i'm setting up elkner's cando instance04:09
Incognitothat's why i was bitchin' bout the init :p04:09
LumiereIncognito: it should use cando-semistable branch04:09
Incognitoit is04:09
Incognitojust checked it out04:09
LumiereI have commit access because of that branch04:10
Lumiereeldar: can jelkner log in here04:13
Lumierecan we get like everyone here?04:13
lhuynhjelkner says he's gone asleep.04:14
eldarLumiere, why? jeff is going to bed04:14
lhuynhI got here first.04:14
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Lumiereis dwelsh awake04:16
Lumiereask him to hop on for a minut04:16
Incognitohe's busy apparantly04:17
Lumierejust let him know he should get the camera I know he has out04:17
Lumiereand take some pictures04:18
Lumiereof those docs people are mocking up04:18
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bvuonglhuynh: I have a question about the documentations, where should I start?04:19
Incognitoreading it04:20
Incognito(sorry :p)04:22
bvuongno prob04:22
dwelshgood point04:23
LumiereIncognito: I am talking to fn to make sure that there aren't any connections/IP problems ;)04:23
Lumieredwelsh: pcardune wants em too04:23
Incognitodoes cando fork when it starts?04:24
Lumieredoes zope3 fork when it starts?04:24
Incognitolooks like it does04:24
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Incognitojudging by the pid how do i kill cando?04:25
Incognitowhat if there are multiple instances of cando running under the same user?04:25
Incognitoi guess this is a limited init file, so i'll just make it kill04:25
Incognitowhat's the nice way to kill cando?04:25
Incognitosu - cando -c 'kill -9 `pidof python2.4`'04:26
Lumierejust a kill works04:27
Lumiereno need for -904:27
Incognitoso no -9? >:)04:27
Lumiereyea... damned bofhs04:27
Incognitoyou meant to say, 'damned programs not spitting out their own .pid files, yet running as a daemon'04:32
Lumierethere is usually one in the var dir04:40
eldari checked04:44
eldarschooltool just happens not to post its pid04:44
Lumiereor it is a zope.conf setting04:44
eldarin the var/logs file04:45
Lumierethere is a setting in for it04:45
Incognitotoo bad, kill works :p04:53
Incognitohey, Lumiere, do you have a CA by any chance?04:55
Incognitoor should i make a new one in jeff's name04:55
Lumierecando may have one04:56
Lumiereerr schooltool04:56
Lumiereif not04:56
Lumiereyou should work with jinty to get one globally for us04:56
Incognitoi'm making one for *.yhspatriot.net04:57
Incognitoi'll just make my own ca04:57
LumiereI guess that works :)04:57
bvuong_lhuynh: I looked around the schooltool site, should I look through the documentations?05:26
Incognitoheeeelp me Lumiere05:29
IncognitoLumiere: i want to do the equivalent of zope2.x siteroots/VHMonsta05:29
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Incognitoi'm doing proxypassing with apache05:29
Incognitoand cando is putting out the internal IP address instead of the domain i want it to05:29
Incognitoi know it's a ++somethingweirdandeasy++05:29
Incognitoor something along those you recall? eldar said you'd be able to help05:29
Lumiereno idea <_<05:30
Incognitogot it05:46
Incognitopcardune: ping05:48
Incognitopcardune: got a question about: cando.versoimport-0.1.0-py2.4.egg05:49
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Lumierewb th1a06:39
Lumierelooks like the cando team has gone to bed06:39
LumiereI am hoping that someone from pov has talked to fn about using that IP06:40
th1aLumiere: ?06:40
th1afn?  IP?06:40
Lumierefn -> freenode06:41
Lumiereand IP -> the place you're connecting from06:41
Lumierepcardune and you have the same Internet Protocol address06:41
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LumiereAiste too XD06:44
Lumiereyou're all on the same IP06:50
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Aisteoh, yeah, well, we're in the same big network, so...07:25
LumiereAiste: has anyone let freenode know that all of europython might come from one IP?07:27
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AisteLumiere:  we are doing that exactly this moment07:31
* pcardune sits in EP foyer07:34
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LumiereAiste: I just did it for FOSSED-NH07:52
Lumierecause noone up there is smart enough to think about that07:52
Aistepcardune:  you could come up and register if you want us to have less work when all people will start comming in07:53
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LumiereAiste: lol08:02
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dwelshpcardune:  you there?16:07
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th1adwelsh: Hi.16:11
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eldarLumiere, did you checking the zc3.optionstorage stuff?16:16
eldarcheck in*16:16
Lumiereeldar: yea it was 1 place16:16
Lumierein cando.curriculum.browser.tests.py16:17
eldarwell, it borked the tests16:17
Lumiereit looks more like buildbot isn't updating16:17
Lumieremy tests are running fine16:18
LumiereI ran tests before committing16:18
Lumiereand after it errored16:18
pcardune_hi eldar, Lumiere16:18
Lumierepython2.4 ./ -m cando -u16:18
LumiereRunning unit tests: Ran 52 tests with 0 failures and 0 errors in 0.094 seconds.16:18
eldarpcardune_, hey paul16:18
eldar    import z3c.optionstorage16:18
eldarImportError: No module named optionstorage16:18
Lumierethat's what I fixed16:18
Lumieresooooo something's not updating on the buildbot16:18
LumiereI'll stop through today I guess16:19
LumiereI'll be missing the schooltool/cando dev meetings16:20
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Lumierepcardune_ knows why16:20
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th1aLumiere: Frankly I forgot all about having a meeting today, since just about everyone is here.16:21
Lumiereth1a: yea16:21
Lumiereth1a: the meeting you need to have16:21
Lumiereis the navi stuff16:21
Lumiereeldar: I just rechecked tests16:22
Lumierethey pass16:22
Lumiereth1a: is jinty there?16:22
th1aLumiere: Yes.  Finally met jinty.16:22
LumiereI need him to add make update to the cando buildbots16:23
th1aI don't know precisely where he is right now.16:23
Lumiereso update -> make update -> compile16:23
Lumiere(make update should be 'update schooltool')16:23
Lumiereth1a: that's ok16:24
Lumierejust when you see him16:24
LumiereI gotta take my car to the shop16:24
th1aLumiere: I shall try to remember.  My brain is feeling a little leaky right now.16:28
fsufitchbnguyen, i'm done with the .pt files in virginia.16:37
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jelknerwhose here?16:43
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jelkneris there anybody out there?16:51
bnguyeni'm out there/here16:53
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jelknerbnguyen: thanks, Brittney!17:04
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pcardune_jelkner: ayt?17:19
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fsufitcheldar, do you know i18n?18:01
eldarfsufitch, no ...18:01
fsufitchi.e. could u help with some stupid input error?18:01
fsufitchfine, be that way18:01
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fsufitcheldar, know when paul comes back18:11
fsufitchi have big qtn for him18:11
fsufitchschooltool is broke18:12
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fsufitchfien, i'm not ask ing u anymore18:14
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Lumiereanyone around?19:02
*** pcardune_ is now known as pcardune19:02
Lumiereat acc19:02
Lumieregonna try and fix buildbot19:03
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Lumierepcardune: looks like eldar was looking for you too19:05
pcardunewe just got out of the keynote19:05
pcarduneand now google is buying everyone beer :)19:05
Lumiereso... work's stopped for nwo?19:06
Lumierepcardune: I hate to break it to you19:07
Lumierebut someone broke eggs19:07
pcarduneThey probably went to lunch19:07
pcarduneLumiere: jinty says "that's not surprising"19:07
LumiereSearching for zope.minmax19:07
LumiereBest match: zope.minmax 1.0b219:07
Lumiereerror: Can't download 403 Forbidden19:07
pcarduneLumiere: send an email to zope3-dev19:08
Lumierenot on the list19:08
Lumiereshould I join #zope3-dev here19:08
Lumiereand let them know there?19:08
pcarduneyou could do that too19:08
jintyLumiere, btw, I think I did what you wanted19:11
Lumierejinty: the 2 compile steps are backward19:18
Lumiereneed to update schooltool before compiling19:18
Lumiereand the update step should be like update schooltool rather then compile ;)19:19
Lumierepcardune: eldar thinks you and th1a should integrate the UI stuff from that branch into trunk at europython19:20
Lumiererather then doing schooltool UI stuff at a cando sprint :)19:20
Lumiereand now that stuff seems to be working19:21
LumiereI am going home19:21
Lumiereto finish my day off19:21
Lumiereon IRC from there in 3019:21
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kohr_ /nick AVN`19:48
*** kohr_ is now known as AVN`19:48
AVN`yeah, that19:48
*** jfroche has joined #schooltool19:48
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AVN`hmmhmmmm, I'm getting the weirdest error20:07
AVN`  Unauthorized: (Competencies('SchoolTool'), 'values', 'schooltool.view')20:08
AVN`1. students should be allowed to do that, and 2, why is this throwing an error instead of just going to the unauthorized page?20:08
jfrocheAVN`: schooltool trunk ?20:12
AVN`cando, but yes20:13
AVN`I have a student20:19
AVN`this is automated testing, btw20:19
AVN`anyway, logged in as a student20:19
AVN`and tries to click global compentices, and gets the error20:19
AVN`I may have found the problem20:23
AVN`found the problem, the people weren't being added to groups20:36
*** eldar has joined #schooltool20:39
*** fsufitch has joined #schooltool20:46
AVN`well, that didn't seem to be the problem then20:46
AVN`anyone have any idea why i would get an unauthorized error in the autotesting, instead of it redirecting to the unauthorized page>20:47
Lumierehi all20:48
LumiereAVN`: cando trunk uses schooltool trunk :)20:49
LumiereAVN`: also, unauthorized error is what redirects you to the unauthorized page20:49
Lumiereso it IS redirecting you, just giving the error instead of the page20:49
AVN`but i want it to give me the page20:51
LumiereAVN`: why?20:51
Lumiereor do you want it to give you the correct page not unauth20:51
AVN`I want it to tell me that it can't go there20:51
AVN`the unauthorized page20:51
*** aelkner has joined #schooltool20:51
AVN`well, I suppose that i have actually 2 problems20:52
AVN`1 is that it is throwing the error instead of the page, and I want the page because its easier to test for,20:52
AVN`and 2 is that it shouldn't be giving me the error here, this person should be allowed to view this page20:53
LumiereAVN`: maybe aelkner or eldar can help you with testing the error not the page20:54
Lumiereand 2... can't help with20:54
aelknerI could help, could you give me the branch you're working on?20:55
AVN`uh, head?20:56
AVN`what do you mean20:57
*** jelkner has joined #schooltool20:59
Lumiere... *kills buildbot*20:59
AVN`aelkner, what do you mean?20:59
aelknerAVN`: i'll need to reproduce the problem on my machine, so what's the code branch?21:00
aelknerthe url for me to checkout, whether it's bzr or svn, etc.21:00
aelkneralso, are you working on gobby?21:00
AVN`yes, gobby port 6121 maddog21:01
AVN`and I don't know the code branch, I don't think we have pushed it recently21:01
*** lhuynh has joined #schooltool21:01
LumiereAVN`: where are you pushing to21:01
Lumierejelkner: you guys should be ok with your connections from there21:02
Lumierejelkner: I let freenode know that you had a bunch of people connecting on the wireless there21:02
AVN`Lumiere, I don't know where we are pushing too, I just started on thursday21:02
LumiereAVN`: you had to get your code from somewhere21:03
AVN`aelkner, all the files are on maddog, in tdoggett's home directory21:03
AVN`I'm editing it on maddog21:03
aelknerare you using gobby?21:03
Lumiereaelkner: 6121 on maddog21:03
Lumierebzr info == win21:04
*** lhuynh has quit IRC21:05
jelknerLumiere: why is that important? (that we are connecting to the wireless)21:17
*** AVN` has quit IRC21:17
*** AVN` has joined #schooltool21:23
aelkneryou're back!21:23
AVN`yeah, I accidenta;;y pressed ctrl alt backspace21:23
AVN`i guess21:23
aelknersobby 6121 is down, so please set up a new one and open the documents21:24
AVN`i did21:24
Lumierejelkner: all the wireless people21:27
Lumiereshow up on the same IP21:27
Lumiereit isn't a problem anymore21:27
Lumierebut I did let fn know that there might be enough people on it21:27
Lumiereto trigger their connections/IP stuff21:27
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*** Spec is now known as ubnutu22:00
*** ubnutu is now known as Spec22:19
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dwelshlumiere:  you still there?22:25
jelknerLumiere: u here?22:29
*** bnguyen has joined #schooltool22:30
Lumiereone of my major considerations has to be SchoolTool integration22:36
lhuynh"things you can add to a competency" >> Ce que vous pouvez ajouter a un competence22:37
jelknerLumiere: both dave and i share your concerns22:37
jelknerwe have to serve our users now22:37
lhuynhfsufitch: above line directed to you22:37
Lumierejelkner: that's fine22:38
fsufitchsay what?22:38
Lumiereadd the bits you need in the framework22:38
Lumiereuse the dashboard!22:38
fsufitchlhuynh, yes, that sounds good22:38
Lumierethere are clicks you can get rid of by dashboard use22:38
jelkneryou can think about what we are doing now as replacing the dashboard22:38
jelknerwith our own skin22:38
jelknerwe will worry about integration later22:38
Lumiereworrying about integration later is a VERY bad idea22:39
Lumiereintegration is always the hardest thing22:39
Lumiereif you do it as you write it22:39
Lumiereit isn't horrible and messy22:39
Lumierewaiting till both projects are release ready22:39
Lumiereand then integrating22:39
Lumiereis a 500 pound bag of whipped cream with a bomb in it22:40
Lumierewaiting to go off22:40
jelknerwe hear you jason22:40
jelknerbut we are going ahead with this22:40
jelknerthere is no real alternative22:40
Lumierehas paul oked it?22:40
Lumiereok then22:40
jelknerand eldar22:40
LumiereI put my money22:41
Lumiereon having to rip it apart by the end of the summer22:41
Lumiereto make a release happen with schooltool22:41
*** whaddon has joined #schooltool22:41
Lumierejelkner: you MUST have all of schooltools stuff available22:42
Lumiereyour current skin22:42
Lumierehas no way to add a user22:42
jelknerteachers don't add users22:42
Lumierejelkner: then before you finish this22:42
Lumiereyou might want to mock up everything22:42
Lumiereinstead of implementing half ideas22:42
jelknerwe aren't doing the admin skin22:43
jelknerjust using schooltool for that22:43
jelkneronly teachers and students change22:43
Lumiereah... that works22:43
LumiereI actually LIKE that22:43
*** whaddon has quit IRC22:43
* eldar gasps22:43
eldarOh! The great Jason approves!22:43
Lumiereeldar: can I put $100 on jelkner having just clapped his hands and rubbed them together22:44
dwelshJason, I made your SAME arguments22:44
dwelshAnd I initially wrote a comprehensive mock-up22:45
eldarLumiere, yes you can22:45
dwelshincluding cleaning-up SchoolTool22:45
Lumieredwelsh: I am happy to hear there is a voice of sanity22:45
Lumieresitting somewhere near jeff 'insane laughter' elkner22:45
dwelshBut Stephan argued back that we can't reasonalbe expect SchoolTool to get to a redesign22:45
* Lumiere notes the sarcasm machine is starting up22:45
dwelshwith all the stuff they have to do to release22:45
LumiereStephan shouldn't be arguing that22:45
dwelshSo he convinced us to JUST focus on the teacher and student views of CanDo22:46
Lumierehe helped write 90% of a Schooltool UI redesign22:46
Lumierethat's sitting in a svn branch22:46
Lumierewaiting for some TLC22:46
dwelshyes, I would like to take a look at that, by the way22:46
dwelshIt might be well on the way to the ideas here22:46
Lumieredwelsh: ask Spec or eldar to check it out22:46
dwelshyes.  certainly will.22:46
LumiereI am at home with no access to ACC22:46
* Lumiere wants his DMZ22:46
LumiereI want that vpn device we have22:47
Lumieresitting somewhere so i have remote access to my serves22:47
eldarwell, I can check it out, and then what do I do? just build it?22:47
LumiereI think so22:47
eldarwill we see it? or will we have to do something to see it?22:47
Lumiereit should be set by default22:48
Lumierebut srichter would know more22:48
Lumieredwelsh/jelkner... please ring phone if you need me22:51
LumiereI am around but I am not working today per say22:51
AVN`here's a security flaw in cando22:52
AVN`students can edit global compentcies22:53
Lumiere... call **home**22:53
AVN`whats up with timeclock?23:01
eldarit is down atm'23:05
*** pcardune has joined #schooltool23:05
eldarit'll be brought back up later and you'll be able to edit your entries23:05
Lumierehi pcardune23:06
*** th1a has joined #schooltool23:09
*** bnguyen_ has joined #schooltool23:37
*** eldar has quit IRC23:49
*** bnguyen has quit IRC23:54
*** dwelsh has quit IRC23:55
*** jinty has joined #schooltool23:59

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