IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2007-07-08

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mlinnellaelkner, cpcarey_, did you guys also lose connection?00:26
mlinnellI'm still logged into maddog00:27
mlinnellbut I think gobby just went down00:27
aelkneryeh, it's tiresome00:27
aelknerccarey, mlinnell i restarted sorry port 611500:29
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eldarLumiere, ayt?06:31
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LumiereI was07:13
Lumiereor am now XD07:13
*** Lumiere changes topic to "SchoolTool development | IRC logs at | Dev meetings Mon, 13:30 UTC (15:30 EET) - CanDo Dev meetings Mon, 14:30 UTC (10:30 US/Eastern) | Use for pasting || Sprints: Sunday-Thursday - CanDo FOSSED-NH | All This Week - SchoolTool EuroPython | If we're not responding... it's cause we're working!"07:15
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LumiereIrssi 0.8.10 (20051211) -
Lumierebrb again07:34
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cpcareymlinnell, it looks like port 6115 is down21:04
cpcareymlinell: i opened up gobby port 611621:06
cpcareymlinnell: i opened up gobby port 611621:07
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mlinnellcpcarey, okay thanks21:27
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dwelshth1a:  you there?23:39
dwelshLumiere:  hello?23:39
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LumiereI just got back from Phantom of the Opera23:42
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Lumieredwelsh: eh23:50
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Lumierejelkner, fsufitch, dwelsh: you need me?23:50
fsufitchehhh no23:51
Lumierelet dwelsh know I am around on and off23:52
fsufitchsrry to reject u ;)23:52
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Lumiereno problem23:52
Lumiererejecting me just means I ignore you later :)23:53
dwelshnot rejecting at all... and good evening23:53
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dwelshStephen, Elkner, Eldar and me in hot discussion23:53
dwelshWe're going to dinner now.23:53
dwelshBack in 2 hrs.23:53
dwelshWorking on UserStories... esp who is doing what23:54
dwelshI'll ck back in later tonight23:54
Lumieredwelsh: cell if you need me23:54
dwelshSafe trip, though, thankfully23:54
dwelshWill do23:54
dwelshCells work here.23:54
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