IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2007-07-07

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AVN_clockoutlooks like tdoggett has disappeared03:06
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pcarduneif anyone is awake and wants to try out this like demo ajax chat thing:
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bvuonganyone know jelkner's email, or any of the staff's email? I'm not gonna be coming to ACC on Thursday17:27
AVN_clockoutisn't it jeff@elkner.com17:27
bvuonglol, thanks guys17:28
wjohnstoit's bvuong17:28
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eldarpcardune, what time is your plane?20:10
pcarduneeldar: but I'm leaving for the airport at 3:3020:11
pcarduneeldar: ok, I now have scrolling and enter button working.20:29
eldarpcardune, did you put it up?20:30
pcarduneoh woops20:31
pcarduneeldar: forgot to svn up one thing20:31
pcardune*now* it should work20:31
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eldarpcardune, lol20:39
eldari borked your chatroom20:39
pcardunewell, it is only a demo afterall20:40
pcarduneyou sob!20:40
eldarpcardune, you might want to disable some tags, or html alltogether20:41
eldaror only allow certain tags20:41
pcardunemeh, it's more fun this way :)20:42
Lumierei was wondering20:47
Lumierewhy it was broken20:47
* Lumiere slaps eldar's wris20:47
eldarpcardune, asked if you could do bad stuff, i just showed him20:47
Lumierewhich is why I wasn't slicing your wrists ;)20:48
pcarduneLumiere, eldar,
pcarduneLumiere: blargh, my virtual hosting is borked21:10
Lumierethat sucks?21:26
pcarduneLumiere: is my camera really not there?22:02
* pcardune kicks himself22:03
* pcardune kicks himself22:04
LumiereI don't see it22:09
* th1a is leaving for Vilnius.22:35
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aelknereldar, could you please kill process 21758 on maddog?  it's the sobby from thursday that you set up for us.22:57
eldaraelkner, why don't you guys start your own processes?23:06
aelkneri just did23:06
aelknerplease kill that one so that the interns don't find it23:07
aelknerthis way they'll have to look for me here where i can tell them the new port number23:07
eldari killed it23:07
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cpcareyaelkner: is gobby up and running, maddog port 6114?23:23
aelknerccarey port 611523:26
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mlinnellcpcarey, aelkner: hi23:32
cpcareymlinnell, we've moved to port 611523:33
mlinnellohhhh ok23:33

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