IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-07-05

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bvuongSince I'm kinda new on zope, Anyone know where I can learn the basics? Either in the "Web Component Development with Zope3" Book, or on a site05:02
th1a_bvuong: that book is probably the best place to start.05:02
bvuongthla_: Do you know which chapter to start on? I'm really confused on where to start.05:03
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th1aUm... I guess that's a bad sign.05:04
bvuongwait, so what should I do? Any chapters you recomend to look at first to get a good insight?05:05
th1aI don't have any particular insight.05:06
bvuongoh, ok05:06
th1abvuong: You might have a look at http://grok.zope.org05:07
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bvuongthla: Thanks, I just viewed the site. So, you think I should download the grok module and write apps using it?05:11
th1abvuong: What's you ultimate goal?05:22
bvuongnot sure right now. All I need to do now is learn zope05:22
th1aI think it is a good place to start.05:22
th1aConsidering most other places you try to start will lead you to throw your hands up in frustration.05:23
bvuongyou mean learning grok05:23
th1aStarting with grok is probably a good idea.05:23
bvuongok, thanks05:24
bvuongjust wandering though, I downloaded the grok module, but when I run, I get: error: can't create or remove files in install directory05:24
bvuongThe following error occurred while trying to add or remove files in the05:24
bvuonginstallation directory:05:24
bvuong    [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/test-easy-install-29127.write-test'05:24
bvuongThe installation directory you specified (via --install-dir, --prefix, or05:24
bvuongthe distutils default setting) was:05:24
bvuong    /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/05:24
bvuongPerhaps your account does not have write access to this directory?  If the05:25
bvuonginstallation directory is a system-owned directory, you may need to sign in05:25
bvuongas the administrator or "root" account.  If you do not have administrative05:25
bvuongaccess to this machine, you may wish to choose a different installation05:25
bvuongdirectory, preferably one that is listed in your PYTHONPATH environment05:25
bvuongFor information on other options, you may wish to consult the05:25
bvuongdocumentation at:05:25
bvuongPlease make the appropriate changes for your system and try again.05:25
th1abvuong: Try using 'sudo'05:25
bvuongI'm not on the sudoers list though05:25
th1aAh... then you need to tell distutils to use a directory that you have access to.05:28
th1aAs that message tells you.05:28
bvuongis there a directory that I can access?05:34
bvuongmost packages require sudo05:34
th1ayou just need to do something like easy_install --prefix=~/grok grokproject05:35
th1aI'm guessing.05:36
bvuongI just typed the command, but I got the same error as before05:37
th1aYou need to make the directory you're using for the prefix.05:39
bvuongI made the grok directory, but I still got the same error05:41
th1abvuong: Hm... I don't know.05:49
th1aI've got to log out.05:49
th1aGood luck.05:49
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Lumierethat was 'fun'05:53
AVN_awayMmmm, 4th of july06:02
AVN_awaygood times06:02
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AVN_awayth1a, you should have told bvuong to chmod the directory06:05
AVN_awayI would think that would solve the problem06:05
th1aWhat permission?06:05
AVN_awayi would temporarially do 777 till the program is installed, to make sure it works06:06
AVN_awaythen put it back afterwareds06:07
Lumierehi th1a06:12
th1aHi Lumiere06:13
th1aWhat's up?06:13
Lumieresorry to leave you with bvuong06:18
th1aWho is bvuong?06:33
th1aLumiere: One of yours?06:33
AVN_awayI saw him at the sprint06:35
Lumierehe did the original barcode code06:38
Lumierebut it is just python stuff06:38
th1aLumiere: Ah.  I wasn't sure if he was from here or some other part of the planet.06:59
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eldarpcardune, hi16:36
eldarpcardune, where are you?16:36
pcarduneat Jason's16:36
pcarduneeldar: he just got out of the shower16:37
* pcardune goes to ACC16:44
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Lumierejinty: ayh17:44
Lumierefor those interested, cando's coverage is now available at (damn I hate that URL)17:45
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wjohnstojelkner: I might be a little late today, there are people at my house making a brochure for the Open House on Sunday, and I have to help move things around to take pictures18:14
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AVN`hey! anyone want to do a code review?18:40
LumiereAVN`: eldar does ;)18:41
mgedminAVN`: how big is the code and are we allowed to mock it?18:44
pcarduneclearly mgedmin has had lots of experience in code review18:45
Lumieremgedmin: have you been reading ignas's code again?18:45
pcarduneI think from now on we should paste diffs to alert #schooltool18:45
pcarduneso that picky pov people (P.P.P.) can humble us18:46
Lumierethe PeePeePee is coming to get us?18:46
eldarAVN`, eomuraliev@gmail.com18:49
AVN`ok, sent18:50
Lumierejinty: here?18:51
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ignasjinty: ayt?19:07
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ignasLumiere: are you doing anything related to CanDo translation19:10
ignasor CanDo is US only at the moment19:10
eldarignas, they went out to lunch19:17
ignasmaybe you know anything about i18n in CanDo?19:18
eldarthere isn't much support for translation atm, however, we are thinking of putting some interns on that19:19
ignasi see19:19
ignasbut that's going to happen after the release19:20
ignasso you won't have any translations for CanDo?19:20
eldarwhen's the release?19:20
ignasin a month, maybe less iirc19:21
ignasschooltool is going to get released19:21
ignasor nearly released in EP19:21
eldarignas, hmmm i don't know, no definite decision has been reached for translations, but for now, no promises for translation in cando19:32
eldarignas, how do i apply an svn diff?19:32
ignaspatch -p0 < foo.diff19:32
eldarthanks :)19:33
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Lumiere<_< he left T_T20:04
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AVN`eldar, how are you coming on the code review?20:19
eldarAVN`, in the midst of other things, gimme a few more minutes20:19
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eldarAVN`, Alright, good job. Your code is pretty much clean, except a few minor quirks:20:22
eldarKeep 2 spaces around class declarations, and a space around function declaration blocks20:23
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eldarAnd make sure your xhtml is properly tabulated properly20:24
eldarThat's all :)20:24
Lumiereeldar: pep8 stuff?20:25
AVN`I think i understand20:26
AVN`ok, so what do I do next?20:26
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fsufitchpcardune, what was i working on when we left last time?20:39
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fsufitchi sort of forgot20:39
fsufitchi believe it was something timeclock20:39
pcardunefsufitch: how am I supposed to remember?20:39
fsufitchi don't know <_<20:40
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fsufitchpcardune, how did you say i can get the big SchoolTool instance?21:11
fsufitchlike, what adapter?21:11
pcarduneapp = ISchoolToolApplication(None)21:11
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fsufitchlhuynh, pong21:55
fsufitchin case you didn't get my PM21:55
fsufitchlhuynh, i'm prolly not registered with freenode21:56
fsufitchtalk to me here or on AIM or something21:56
fsufitchlhuynh, fsufitchi21:58
fsufitchyou're not online21:59
Lumierefsufitch: you should register with fn22:14
fsufitchi will... sometime22:15
Lumiereall of cando interns/developers should register a nick with freenode22:15
eldarmake your passwords banana!22:15
fsufitchthat too XD22:16
fsufitchi'll make mine BaNaNa, so nobody can crack it :)22:16
Lumiereeldar: bad22:17
eldarLumiere, I wouldn't tell them to do something I wouldn't do :P22:18
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eldaralright, my password has been changed, to something more amusing22:24
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eldarlearn from my experience, and don't tell others that your password is banana22:24
eldareven if it is banana, as long as no one knows, no harm done22:25
smalekghUh, paul/jason, when you have time, please give us something to do... preferably: (no preference)22:27
fsufitchsmalekgh, how about losing the game?22:27
smalekghthat works22:27
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jelknerlhuynh: meet bvoung22:32
jelknerbvoung: meet lhuynh22:32
lhuynhbvuong: hello. ^^22:32
bvuonghow you do the red colored thing?22:33
bvuongnever mind22:33
lhuynhso what were we needed for before I go outside to clean the garage?22:34
bvuongI'm gonna help with the documentations22:34
eldarjelkner, got distracted again ...22:34
bvuonglhuynh: What should I do for the documentations? Like, where should I start?22:36
lhuynhbvuong: well... isn't... Welsh or Elkner supposed to say something about that. if you want, you could start with help files for schooltool/cando22:37
bvuongok, you know the url to it?22:37
smalekghuhh, innocent question: does lhuynh === linda?22:38
lhuynhsmalekgh: yesh22:38
lhuynhbvuong: well, you actually add them as .pt files in the /help directory in the src itself.22:38
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smalekghit is t3h david22:39
dwelshlhuynh:  can we talk a little contextual help?22:39
th1abvuong: When we were chatting last night I didn't know you were a CanDo-er.22:39
dwelshbvuong is indeed a CanDoer22:40
wjohnsto`ACCI use watermelon22:40
bvuongI am?22:40
dwelshas in working on CanDo22:40
th1aHi dwelsh.  I cc-ed you on an email a little while ago.22:40
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dwelshhey... looking22:40
th1aBasically the Seattle Public Schools wrote some cool Python code and they need some help explaining open sourcing it to the suits.22:41
t3h_soodpcardune: ping
th1adwelsh: Thought you might have some insight.22:42
bvuonglhuynh: wait, so I need to know some zope to make help files?22:42
lhuynhmmm.... not really.22:43
lhuynhjust follow the directions, change a few words here and there... and that's what I did.22:43
bvuongthanks linda22:43
lhuynhif you have any questions, have eldar yell at me on gmail.22:43
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lhuynhdwelsh: you said to talk about help?22:44
dwelshhmmm.  are you reachable by cell...22:46
dwelshI have to drive for 45-mins.22:46
dwelshor by other phone?22:46
dwelshI'm at 703.587.166522:47
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bvuonglhuynh: so where should I start?22:48
Lumiereth1a: here?22:53
th1aLumiere: Hi.22:53
Lumierewe have 'presents' for you and ignas....................22:54
t3h_soodLumiere: By the way, who's bright idea was it to pack up sol competencies in a 9 level tree structure anyways...?22:54
Lumieret3h_sood: not ours22:55
th1aLumiere: ?22:55
Lumierewe think your evolve scripts may be broken :)22:55
t3h_soodI mean, like, who on VA's board of education >_<22:55
th1aIt is my birthday on Tuesday.22:55
Lumierehappy birthday22:55
t3h_soodhappy b-day on the early-note :-)22:56
LumiereI am testing a second time22:56
Lumiereto make sure22:56
Lumierebut you may be getting a paste of doom22:56
th1aLumiere: Our 'presents' are broken evolve scripts?22:56
th1aI'm confused.22:56
Lumierethe present is the traceback22:56
lhuynhth1a: happy belated early birthday.22:56
lhuynhjelkner: time for pickup on sun. for NH?22:57
Lumierelhuynh: 5 am at ACC22:57
LumiereI'm also writing a feisty-environment make script to automate the apt-get22:57
fsufitchpcardune, what is the python command for exiting out of a method?22:58
pcardunefsufitch: return :)22:58
fsufitchoh right22:58
fsufitchd'oh >_<22:58
Lumierefsufitch: ...22:58
fsufitchi'm stupdi...22:58
lhuynhfsufitch: me, too. can't even spell it.22:59
th1aLumiere: That there are bugs in evolve scripts is not surprising.22:59
th1aIn fact, I'd assume they were buggy until someone tries them and tells us what breaks.22:59
th1aWe've discussed a testing framework for evolution, but it just seemed too crazy.23:00
Lumiereyou should test them23:00
Lumierebut I will send you tracebacks23:00
lhuynhjelkner: call me mum's cell, please. she wants to talk to you.23:00
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Lumiereooh you're safe th1a23:03
Lumiereit's aelkner that I get to roast23:03
LumiereI think23:03
lisppaste5Lumiere pasted "evolution crapout" at
Lumiereth1a and pcardune :)23:04
th1adwelsh: I've got a phone handy now (I didn't hear it before).23:06
Lumieredwelsh: is not here23:06
mgedminfun traceback, Lumiere23:20
mgedmindid someone convert JournalEntry from a non-container into a container?23:21
mgedminI'd say the fix is to find the JournalEntry class definition and add '_SampleContainer__data = {} # BBB: ZODB backwards compatibility' there23:22
eldarmgedmin, yeah we are fixing our evolve script23:22
mgedminor, better, instead of {} use something that is immutable and has a values() that returns an empty list23:23
mgedminI doubt you can fix this in the evolution script, unless you stop using findObjectsProviding and do the loops manually23:23
eldarmgedmin, we can just subclass and use our own findObjectsProviding, right?23:25
eldarjust for the evolve23:25
mgedminsubclass what?23:25
mgedminfindObjectsProviding is a global function23:25
eldaroh it's not in a class? poo23:25
eldarwe'll just have to step through ourselves then23:26
Lumiereth1a: what's your problem with the dashboard popup really?23:27
Lumiereth1a: the popup avoids a full page load23:27
Lumierewhich is a major plus23:27
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bvuonglhuynh: What's your email? I need to know when you're not on and I need help23:37
eldarbvuong, "Linda Huynh" <>, she is away atm23:39
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th1aLumiere: Having a popup tab at the bottom of a web page is just totally non-standard.23:57
th1aNo other web application works that way.23:58
Lumierethen make it appear when you click on your name?23:58
LumiereI mean... we need to stop loading a full page when we don't need to23:58
th1aThere's no good reason not to just have it be another page.23:58
Lumiereth1a: other then loading another page23:58
eldarth1a, if it is going to be used often, it'll be really bothersome to have to click on your name and wait for a load to just access it23:59
eldari think it adds utility23:59

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