IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2007-07-04

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AVN`eldar, so apparantly, if you want to have javascript functions, you have to put it in metal:block tags00:35
fsufitchAVN`, most def, since otherwise zope tries to parse them :)00:38
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Lumierejinty: ayt?00:44
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aelknerpcardune: you still there?01:18
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jintyLumiere, now,yes07:31
jintythe diff looks good07:32
jintyI like the use of optparse07:33
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jintymorning ignas10:06
jintyjust made the z3c.optionstorage egg10:06
ignaslet me try it out10:07
* jinty even wrote a test for optionstorage...10:07
jintyit's very lonely10:07
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ignasjinty: you missed zcml files10:25
ignasnot usre how10:25
ignasbut no meta.zcml nor  configure.zcml in there10:25
jintyinclude src/z3c.optionstorage/*.zcml10:26
jintyisn't going to work10:26
ignasmaybe you need src/z3c/optionstorage/*.zcml ?10:28
jintymoment, releasing it again10:28
jintyignas: ok, so there should be a new release for you to try10:31
ignasnope, still not good10:32
jintybut the zcml files are there now?10:32
ignascan't see them10:33
ignas1.2 egg10:33
ignas(they are in sdist i'd guess)10:33
ignasbut not in bdist10:33
jintyhmm, it looked like I copied both the egg and tarball there10:34
jintyperhaps there's some caching involved10:34
ignasi mean - zcml files are not in the "egg"10:34
jintywow, setuptoools sucz10:35
ignas        include_package_data = True ?10:36
ignasi can't see it in setup.py10:36
jintyyeah, it's probably that10:36
jintyI'll have a look in a moment10:37
jintywhy couldn't python just have chosen dpkg and apt for packaging...10:38
ignashmm, well - apt is not available on windows iirc10:41
jintyyeah, but....10:44
* jinty mumbles about terminally insane operating systems10:44
jintyignas, so now we have a 0.1.3 to try out10:44
ignasseems like it works10:47
ignasi am updating schooltool10:47
jintyhorah, and now there's a debian package of it as well.10:55
ignascommited to trunk11:12
ignasjinty: a problem, i would like to separate translations into separate locations11:14
ignaslike have lyceum.pot in src/lyceum11:14
ignasand have schooltool.commendations.pot in src/schooltool/commendations/locales11:14
jintyyeah, it makes sense when you distribute the software separately11:14
ignasmodifying the i18n script to do that is easy11:15
ignasbut what about other scripts11:15
ignaslike tarball extraction for example11:15
ignassome way to assign locales paths to domains would seem to make sense11:15
ignasboth for i18n extract parameters11:15
ignasand for tarball extraction/ mo packaging11:16
jintyAt the moment we don't even include compiled translations in our eggs11:16
jintyso it's pretty broken anyway11:16
ignashmm, can setuptools even do that11:16
jintyOnce I looked for a pure python .po to .mo compiler11:16
ignasi mean generate mo files every time you run bdist11:16
jintydidn't find onw11:17
jintyit should be realtively easy to extend setuptools to do that11:17
jintyas long as you have something that will actually compile the files11:17
jintycurrently our make dist command should compile the .mo files11:18
jintybut it needs a .pot file to start with11:18
jintyand generating that generates a bunch of junk you don't want in the tarball11:19
jinty(I shouldn't need to compile and run the whole of schooltool just to build a tarball)11:20
jintyLumiere, I finally managed to get a schooltool tests-> schooltool tarball/egg -> cando tests buildbot scheduler working, I think11:25
ignasjinty: how would one do domain - path mapping in a shell script?11:47
ignasin a makefile that is11:48
ignasnow we have TRANSLATION_DOMAINS=schoolbell schooltool11:48
ignasbut i'd like to have 2 more domains, with different path11:48
jintyfor domain in $(TRANSLATION_DOMAINS); do11:52
jintypath = src/`echo ${domain} | sed s/./\//g`/locales11:53
jintyis that kind of what you want?11:53
jintyignas: ^11:54
ignashmm, then i'd move schoolbell locales to schoolbell too11:55
ignasthough i guess that makes sense11:55
jinty(actually it makes more sense to group the translations according to language)11:56
jintybecause normally you only want one or 2 languages, and the translations can get pretty big11:56
jintyubuntu does that with it's language packs11:57
* ignas wants to reuse the infrastructure12:00
ignasfor lyceum12:00
jintysure, I'm not suggesting we should even try...12:04
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ignasjinty: hmm, ok paths can be generated, what about attaching zcml files to domains? (if you are not too busy)12:14
jintyignas: well in theory the configure.zcml of each product should include the zcml files of what it depends on12:16
jintyso I would use the paths to find a configure.zcml12:16
jintybut why not move this searching to python? rather than trying it in shell12:17
ignashmm, depends on is a strong word12:17
ignasit's actually reverse12:17
ignasschooltool does not depend on "attendance"12:17
ignasbut attendance depends on "schooltool" translations12:17
jintybut attendance does depend on schooltool12:18
ignasyes, more or less everything depends on schooltool12:18
jintyso attendance/configure.zcml should include schooltool/configure.zcml12:19
jintyotherwise you could just look for an ftesting.zcml12:19
ignasbut i want to extract translations for schooltool12:19
ignasand there are no places12:19
ignasthat register all possible plugins12:20
ignasthat use schooltool domain12:20
jintyI see12:20
jintybut I thought we were going to change that to be plugin specific eventually12:20
jintybut right now, yeah, it'll be a problem12:20
ignasyes, eventually12:20
ignasnot sure if such refactoring would make sense now, as we'd have to pluginize all schooltool packages12:21
ignaswell - most of them12:21
jintyIt might just be easier to write a .zcml file specifically for the translation extraction12:22
jintyuntil we can move the translations into individual packages12:22
jintyI think that eventualy schooltool will be a namespace egg...12:23
ignashmm, i will just add "translations.zcml" to all the domain packages12:23
jintyyeah perhaps with a big note: "This is really just a workaround."12:24
jintyshell script could look for translations.zcml12:24
jintythen ftesting.zcml12:24
jintythen configure.zcml12:24
jintythen give up12:24
ignastranslations.zcml will do ;)12:25
ignaswill fix it if people will complain12:25
jintyalso, I'm trying to get the buildbot to build the translations into the tar.gz and the egg12:25
ignasor if we'll start packaging everything12:25
jintyor builddot should, but it seems to timeout on cheeseshop12:26
jintygotta go, ciao12:26
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AVN`Hey, anyone here?21:33
AVN`I need a code review21:33
AVN`Where is everybody?21:34
LumiereI'll look for paul :)21:47
AVN`eh, I'll try again later22:08
LumiereAVN`: he may be looking at it22:09
AVN`I don't think he is22:12
AVN`I have it22:12
AVN`there is no way he could have a copy of it22:12
Lumieredid you put it in the branch?22:18
Lumiere(although he may not be working today on cando stuff)22:18
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AVN`No, I'm waiting for a code review22:51
AVN`I'm not sure exactly how to do it, and I want to make sure I do it right22:51
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