IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-07-03

aelknerpcardune: can you skype me?00:16
aelknerhave the number handy?00:17
pcarduneyeah, just saying a few last words to jason before he leaves00:18
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aelknerpcardune: it's in.  let me know your thoughts.00:55
pcarduneok, i'll check00:55
pcardunein the meantime... functional tests that for packages depending on demographics person are *hell*00:56
pcarduneaelkner: looks good00:57
aelknerpcardune: what did you mean about demos?00:57
pcardunejust that the nice little addPerson method for functional tests doesn't work for demographics00:58
pcarduneand then all the person related forms are different too00:58
aelknerthat should go in the bugs list.00:59
aelknerpcardune: also, we still have the issue that make ftest works even if our ftests don't00:59
aelkneri could look into that when i have time00:59
pcardunewell, it is not exactly a bug00:59
pcardunejust a "technical debt"01:00
pcarduneyes, look into that if you can01:00
aelknerwhich one.  addPerson or ftests?01:00
aelknerthe technical debt i mean01:00
aelkneryeh, i saw that term being used at today's meeting.  i had never heard of it before.01:01
aelknerpcardune: for the delete issue:01:01
aelknerright now each entry has checkbox, title, link >>01:02
aelknerhow would you think it would be best changed to include a delete link01:02
aelknerbut not confuse the user?01:02
pcarduneaelkner: I would put it in the footer and make it float right01:03
aelknerpcardune: how about we have the >> come before the title?01:04
aelknernow that the checkbox is gone01:04
pcardunebut still put the delete in the footer01:05
aelknerpcardune: if i remove an entry from its container, that doesn't remove its reference.  what if someone is keeping a reference to it as an attribute?  is our new notification system going to do that?01:12
pcarduneyeah it will do that01:13
pcarduneso, if someone is keeping a reference to it, then it won't actually be deleted01:13
pcarduneit just won't be locatable from in the normal way01:14
aelknerthat wouldn't be good01:14
pcardunewe will also probably modify the template so that you can't delete an item that is in the queue01:14
pcarduneand you will never be able to delete evidence01:14
pcardune(which comes in the form of a journal entry)01:14
aelknermaybe deletion should not even be an option.01:15
pcarduneno, it should, because deletion in blogs and forums is important01:15
pcarduneand for administrators01:15
pcarduneI mean, eventually, *nothing* will be deleted, it will only be flagged as such01:15
pcarduneand an administrator would be able to access it whenever01:16
pcarduneand even undelete it01:16
pcarduneat least that is what I envision.01:16
aelknerwell we would need a user story before we worry about that.01:16
*** eldar|away is now known as eldar01:19
pcardunehi eldar01:21
eldarpcardune, hey got back just now01:21
aelknerpcardune: to float the delete link to the right, do you prefer i use style="float-right" or some css class?01:31
pcardunedoes style="float-right" even work?01:33
pcarduneshouldn't it be style="float: right;"?01:33
pcarduneaelkner: well since there is already a css file associated with journals, you might as well put it in there01:34
aelkneri'll add a new class01:34
Lumiereeldar: can you check the buildbot for cando-coverage01:37
eldarhmm one of quiz unit tests is failing o.O01:39
eldarLumiere, oh that's because the way doctest tracebacks returned01:40
eldari'll fix it01:40
Lumierenot a problem, I just want to see it all working01:41
Lumiereso I can move that server to it's final home01:41
Lumiereand attach the external web to it01:41
Lumierecause our cando coverage report will be publically accessable01:42
eldarwell, if you really want to put it up soon, you can make a branch for the quiz01:46
eldarand remove the quiz module alltogether from trunk, nothing depends on it, and quiz development has been put off anyways01:47
eldarit's not really at a state where anyone will find it particularly useful01:47
pcarduneeldar: Lumiere doesn't have commit access01:48
eldaroh ... then I'll do it01:48
eldarshouldn't we give Lumiere commit access?01:48
pcardunehe doesn't want it01:49
pcarduneok, well I'm done for the day, I'm going to go work on ajax form framework :)01:50
eldaroh ok01:50
aelknerpcardune: there is the interesting question of where the app should return to if the user confirms delete.01:53
pcardunewherever it came from01:53
aelknerwhat if it came from the view of the entry that just got deleted?01:54
aelkneri could go to the parent01:54
pcardunethen the entrie's parent01:54
aelknerbut would the user understand01:54
pcarduneyeah i think so01:55
aelknerwe'll go with that for now01:55
Lumierepcardune: I have a thought about setting up an environment02:03
LumiereI just have one thing to figure out and I think I can pull it off02:04
pcarduneLumiere: yes?02:04
Lumierethe idea would be "sudo make environment"02:04
Lumiereor a configure script02:05
Lumierethat checks if you're on feisty02:05
Lumierethen tries to apt-get install everything needed02:05
Lumiereok, making coverage02:07
Lumierenot that anyone will be able to check it till tomorrow02:07
pcarduneok, cool02:08
pcardunethat sounds good02:08
eldarLumiere, coverage passes now02:17
pcarduneeldar: why weren't those tests being broken with make test?02:23
aelknerpcardune or eldar: i'm in a view that comes with a query string.  self.request['HTTP_REFERER'] is set to 'url?return_url=where_i want_to_return' so I could parse that.  But do either of you know of a better wat to get the value of return_url from slef.request?02:41
eldaryou mean02:42
eldarthe url that was right before02:42
eldarthe one being acccessed right now?02:43
aelknerthe first url is just an abreviation for the url to the view02:43
aelknerthe query string is what i need to parse02:43
pcarduneumm, there is an easier way02:43
pcardunejust put in your own query string02:43
aelknerthat is my own query string02:44
aelknerthat's how it got there02:44
pcarduneok, self.request.get('return_url')02:44
aelkneri just want to parse it and i hoped that it would come in the dict like form fields do02:44
aelknertried it02:44
aelknerdidn't work02:44
aelknerthat's when i found HTTP_REFERER02:44
aelknerin pdb02:44
pcarduneright, you have to include that on the next page02:45
aelknerjust wondered if either of you ever dealt with query strings02:45
aelkneri could parse it, but i thought ther'd be a more elegant way.02:45
pcarduneas in , <input type="hidden" tal:attributes="value request/return_url" name="return_url">02:45
aelknerno pron02:45
aelknerthe url of the request has a query string in it02:46
pcarduneright, the query string *does* get loaded into the request object like a dict02:46
pcarduneif you get an error it's because the query string isn't there02:47
aelkneri could paste the http request for you to show you it isn't there02:47
pcardunethat is the point, it *isn't* there02:47
pcarduneso you need to put it there by including it in the form02:47
pcarduneusing a hidden input02:48
aelknerit's an ancor, so that wouldn't apply02:48
pcardune<a tal:attributes="href string:delete.html?return_url=${request/url}">delete</a> goes on the journal page02:49
pcarduneon the confirmation page, you put:02:49
pcardune<input type="hidden" tal:attributes="value request/return_url" name="return_url">02:49
aelknerrequest/return_url doesn't work.02:49
aelknerbecuase return_url is not in the request dict when the query string is used02:50
aelkneranyway, it's no problem02:50
aelkneri'll just parse the referer02:50
pcarduneif you are going to parse the traverser then I will do it02:51
pcardunebecause parsing the traverser is not a good way02:51
aelkneri still don't think you understand the problem02:51
aelknerthat's ok02:51
aelkneri'll submit the code when it's ready, and you can review it02:52
aelknerpcardune: could you skype me?02:52
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* pcardune :/02:57
aelknerpcardune: still there?03:48
pcarduneaelkner: yep03:48
aelkneri've been fighting with a weird problem, and maybe there's something wrong with the way i delete the obj03:49
aelknerdel self.context.__parent__[self.context.__name__]03:49
aelknerbecause when i redirect, no matter where, it says Not enough context information to get all parents03:50
aelknereven if i hard code it to go to the journal03:50
eldarwhat are you trying to do?03:51
aelkneri'm deleting a journal entry from its parent03:51
aelknerteh view is for the journal entry03:51
aelknerand i'm deleting that very thing that i was viewing03:52
aelkneri thought that would be ok as long as i redirected to the parent03:52
aelknermaybe you just can't do that in zope03:52
pcarduneis the context security proxied?03:53
pcarduneand you use pdb to find out if the thing still exists?03:53
eldarwhy don't you pass the info to the parent03:54
eldarmake the parent delete the entry03:54
eldaredit the parent's view to take that into account03:54
aelkneri don't understand how you mean pass the info to the parent03:56
aelknerdel self.context.__parent__[self.context.__name__]03:56
aelknerdoes that03:56
eldarno no03:56
eldaryou know when you click on delete03:56
eldarmake it go to the parent03:56
eldaras in, a level higher03:56
aelkneryou mean, make the view for deleting the entry be for the parent?03:57
eldaror rather the action part of it03:57
aelknerright now, the link is path_to_entry/delete.html?return_url=path_to_whereever_i_was03:59
aelknerare you suggesting:03:59
aelkner path_to_parent_of_entry/delete.html?entry=path_to_entry&return_url=path_to_whereever_i_wa04:00
eldaryeah, semantically, except it should be done cleaner04:00
eldarare you using a link or a button04:00
eldarto remove the entry?04:00
aelknerdelete.html has buttons04:00
eldarnot a good idea to pass that kind of variable through url04:01
eldarhide it behind post04:01
Lumierehide it all behind a post04:01
Lumierejust add hidden inputs for what you need in the request04:02
aelknerso using a anchor is out of the question.  i'll have to use delete buttons instead for each entry in the tree?04:02
eldar<form method="post" action="context/__parent__/@@absolute_url"><input type="hidden" name="delete_entry" tal:attributes="value context/__name__" /><input type="submit" value="delete" /></form>04:03
eldaryeah, i forgot to do the tal part in action, but you get the idea, right?04:03
aelknerjust to be sure i know what you mean:04:03
aelknereven if the tree has hundreds of entries showing, i should have hundreds of forms, each having a delete button?04:04
Lumieremake the anchor do script="onClick(form.submit())"04:04
Lumiereor however that works04:04
eldaruhhh, wait04:04
eldarwhat is the goal04:04
eldarremoving one entry at a time?04:04
eldaror removing more than one entry04:04
eldarokay then04:05
eldarso many forms isn't a problem04:05
eldarthe browser won't care04:05
Lumiereaelkner: you can use the id attribute of the form tag04:05
eldarand we're in the digital age, a few extra kilobytes because of extra form tags04:05
Lumiereand a javascript anchor04:05
eldarwon't kill anyone04:05
Lumiereto avoid buttons04:05
eldaraelkner, however you decide to get that part done, please avoid passing the info through url, that can be problematic if an idiot decides to reload the url04:06
aelknereldar: ok, i'll use the buttons04:06
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Lumierehi jinty04:07
Lumierejinty: cando-coverage is working now04:07
Lumierethe html will go public sometime tomorrow04:07
Lumierewhen I move the server from my test space into the production closet04:07
* jinty has had too many drinks to concentrate properly right now04:08
Lumierejinty: it's sleepy time anyways04:08
* jinty still needs to get the schooltool egg builds working somehow04:09
Lumieredoing it drunk won't help you04:10
Lumiereit'll just make it worse :)04:10
eldarnot necessarily, some people do really well with computers when drunk04:11
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aelknereldar: so i think i still want to have the view with the confirm/cancel be for the entry that is to be deleted05:02
aelknerthen if they hit confirm05:02
aelkneri'd redirect to a confirm_delete.html page for the parent with the name of the entry passed from a hidden field05:03
aelknerthat view would not have a page template, but would simply do the deletion and redirect again to the return_url05:03
aelknerhow does that sound?05:03
aelknereldar: ?05:05
aelknereldar: never mind.  i could use the same view as the confirm/cancel. just redirect twice from within the same update routine05:08
aelknerman this case is complicated05:08
eldarwhy do you need a separate page for confirmation05:12
aelknerpaul suggested it05:12
eldarit's just one entry deletion, it'd be bothersome if it had to load a page for confirmation05:12
eldarjust throw a javascript prompt05:12
eldarfor confirmation, don't make an extra page05:12
aelkneri don't believe that schooltool does that anywhere05:13
aelknerdo we want to break from convention05:13
aelknerwe could, but do we want to?05:13
eldari don't know05:13
eldarask ignas, personally i find that "feature" very annoying05:13
aelknersince deleting entries is rare, the user wont mind the confirm page05:13
aelkneryeh, one could ge either way on a thing like that05:14
aelknersometimes it's annoying05:14
eldarnot the confirmation, the extra page load05:14
aelkneryou mean the extra redirect i suggested?05:15
aelknerno.  you mean the new page that is sent for the confirmation instead of the javascript popup window, right?05:16
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aelknereldar: ping06:17
eldaraelkner, what's up06:19
aelknergreat news.  it all works now06:19
aelkneryour suggestion to use the parent as context was perfect06:19
aelkneralso useing buttons instead of query strings will also be better06:19
aelkneri learned a lot from doing this06:20
aelkneri'm going to commit what i got and leave it up to you or paul to do the finishing css touches06:21
aelknerthanks eldar06:21
eldaraelkner, no problem06:24
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* Lumiere notes to eldar that this is the point of ajax07:44
Lumiereanyways night all07:44
eldarsee you tomorrow T_T07:54
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ignasth1a: ayt?15:02
*** eldar has joined #schooltool15:07
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kinderth1a: Hi15:09
kinderth1a: I'm Fabrizio Reale15:09
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jintyLumiere, so I finally got the tarball/egg builds running from buildbot, there'll be a new schooltool release here
jintyafter every checkout15:16
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th1akinder: Hi.18:39
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Lumierejinty_: ayt?18:44
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jinty_Lumiere, yep18:53
Lumierejinty_: we could use a change in the coverage report html generator18:54
jinty_er, like what kind of change?18:54
Lumierewe need to get it so that you can hand what set of coverage reports to generate18:55
Lumiereright now the bin/ generates only schooltool.*.cover reports18:55
Lumiereand we'd like to be able to make it generate cando.*.cover reports18:55
jinty_aah, never looked in that script myself18:56
Lumierewe're also searching for a way to have our coverage generator not generate schooltool's18:56
LumiereI'll write a patch then18:56
jinty_also please update the schooltool makefile so that our stuff doesn't break18:58
LumiereI'm writing it in such a way that it won't matter18:59
Lumiereif you don't give it the extra option18:59
Lumiereit does schooltools18:59
jinty_hmm, not sure if that's needed18:59
jinty_but anyway19:00
LumiereI am just following the design that exists in the file19:00
lisppaste5ignas pasted "Evolution script that updates optionstorage Key id" at
Lumierehi ignas19:01
th1aLumiere: I can never remember where to go for a fresh CanDO checkout.19:01
ignasjinty_: it should kind of work, i guess19:01
pcardunehi ignas19:01
Lumiereth1a: well we helped you out then... http://cando.schooltool.org19:01
Lumierenow has developer directions for setting up a trunk instance19:01
th1aLumiere: Thanks.19:03
jinty_ignas: I really don't know enough about the ZODB to tell if it works or not....19:03
ignasjinty_: i know it should work, but have no way to functionally test it19:04
ignasjinty_: can you give me the repository url for optionstorage?19:04
jinty_yeah, well optionstorage doesn't have any tests either19:04
aelknerLumiere: could you please sudo apt-get install python-zodb on maddog?19:04
ignasnot tests, an actual database that is using srichters gradebook categories19:04
Lumiereonce I get a piece of pizza19:05
jinty_ignas, svn+ssh://
ignaspcardune: is cando using categories with gradebook?19:06
cpcareyaelkner: have you tried running the ftests?19:12
aelknernot lately, why?19:13
ignasjinty_: why is the egg you made depending on "persistent" is there such egg?19:16
ignasjinty_: you probably meant "ZODB"19:17
th1aCheck out this Django app developed by the Seattle Public Schools:
*** kinder has joined #schooltool19:26
kinderhi th1a19:26
kinderwe have never got the possibility to talk about the website19:26
jinty_ignas: probably;)19:27
jinty_of course that means nobody ever downloaded the egg19:28
ignasthen fix the id back to optionstorage19:29
ignasand release a new egg19:29
ignaswith ZODB3 as a dependency19:29
jinty_so we still have a chance to be good programmers the easy way;)19:29
ignasbecause my script even though it would work19:29
ignasis  not being executed19:29
jinty_ok, so then I'll do that this evening19:30
ignasjust for the record19:30
jinty_sorry for giving you a huge run-around...19:30
ignasif there was no Schema manager installed19:30
ignasno evolution scripts will be run19:30
ignasso if you had no evolution scripts19:30
ignasbut want to suddenly start evolving19:30
ignasyour schema manager must be IInstallableSchemaManager19:31
ignasand you should perform the first evolution19:31
ignasin it's install method19:31
jinty_wow, that's contorted19:31
* jinty_ is thinking of trying out generations on a SQL database19:32
ignasand your install script must take into account that it might be a clean database19:32
ignasso it has to leave things in a state that won't need more evolving19:32
ignasevolution scripts can leave things for other evolution scripts to clean up19:33
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Lumiereaelkner: done19:37
pcarduneYES! so there is web tech in seattle!19:37
pcarduneI just have to convert them to zope!19:37
lisppaste5Lumiere pasted "bin/ diff" at
pcarduneignas: cando doesn't use gradebook... it only uses requirement19:38
*** tdoggette has joined #schooltool19:39
Lumiereignas: can you look at my diff19:40
Lumiereand commit it to schooltool :)19:40
ignasLumiere: fix it so it would use optionparse19:41
Lumiereso actually refactor it?19:41
ignaslook at i18nextract.py19:44
ignasfor an example of usage19:44
Lumiereso I am also going to have to change the make files19:48
Lumierebecause it takes arguments?19:48
Lumierelike --coverage --reports --module?19:49
*** AVN` has joined #schooltool19:54
th1aCheck this out:
eldarpcardune, !19:55
th1aIt is Rails, done as a research project, but inexplicably not open source.19:56
th1aThe developer is a former Microsoftie.19:56
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pcarduneth1a: maybe I will have to reconsider my idea of grad school at UW20:00
*** whaddon has joined #schooltool20:00
*** smalekgh has joined #schooltool20:00
Lumierepcardune: yea UW might not be the right choice20:00
Lumieretoo close to MS20:00
*** wjohnsto`ACC has joined #schooltool20:01
th1aI'm writing an email to the developer.20:01
wjohnsto`ACCI'm here, not wjohnsto20:01
*** fsufitch has joined #schooltool20:02
AVN`you should ghost yourself, to kill the other wjohnsto20:02
*** wbrady has joined #schooltool20:07
*** mlinnell has joined #schooltool20:07
tdoggetteAllo bonjour!20:07
jelknerhi all20:07
jelkneryo bro!20:07
aelknerccarey says we're meeting here?20:08
*** dcox has joined #schooltool20:08
jelknerok, i've put up a page which interns can use to check their status/progress:20:08
smalekghooo, pageeeee...20:08
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*** bnguyen has joined #schooltool20:09
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AVN`uh, the security certificate is expired20:10
aelknerjelkner: is that all for the meeting?20:10
tdoggetteShould I sign up for the DC sprint if I've attended the one last weekend?20:11
Lumierehe's talking in the room20:11
Lumiereand sending random links to channel20:11
Lumiereinstead of typing20:11
tdoggetteWell, yeah20:11
tdoggetteBut I don't want to interrupt.20:11
dcoxhey will!20:13
dcoxhows it goin20:13
wjohnsto`ACCdon't say will20:13
dcoxwill h20:13
dcoxnot you... him20:13
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Lumierefigures ignas went away too20:34
bvuongcox left?20:34
bvuongfor some reason, I can't connect to the zope class site20:39
bvuonganyone have the same problem?20:42
AVN`uh, the site that he posted?20:43
AVN` that one?20:43
bvuongno, this one:
bvuongwhoops, I meant:
*** jinty has joined #schooltool20:48
Lumierejinty! :)20:48
bvuonganyone have the same problem as me?20:49
*** pcardune has quit IRC20:49
lisppaste5Lumiere annotated #43859 with "diff 2" at
bvuongIs the zope class site working? I can't go on it.
Lumierebvuong: we'll look at it20:53
bvuongLumiere: ok20:54
bvuongWhat should I do now?20:54
Lumiereyell at jelkner till he fixes it20:55
*** pcardune has joined #schooltool20:56
Lumierewb pcardune21:00
eldarAVN`, what's up?21:04
AVN`I am getting an error21:04
AVN`it says it cannot adapt section into ISectionSkillDriver21:05
AVN`but in the code, it says thats basically the whole point of ISectionSkillDriver21:05
*** wbrady has quit IRC21:16
AVN`Thanks, so much21:31
*** smalekgh has quit IRC21:32
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AVN`wooo, all done23:15
* AVN` jumps for joy inside23:15
*** th1a has quit IRC23:21
*** alga has quit IRC23:29
fsufitchso, AVN`, what are you working on now? ;)23:40
eldarhe's adding more ajaz powah to what he did23:41
fsufitchi need to learn AJAX <_<23:43

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