IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2007-07-02

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jfroche_ignas: hello, schooltool namechooser doesn't take into account the normalization of unicode (utf8) characters , i changed this for latin characters (things like é è ï ...) should i put this back to trunk ?13:53
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ignasfirst put it somewhere where i could review it13:54
jfroche_i ll commit all13:54
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jfroche_ignas: can we overrides the security:allow directive in zcml ?14:20
ignasyou want to disallow something?14:21
ignasyou can't at the moment14:22
ignaswhat precisely you want to disallow?14:22
jfroche_pretty much all for everybody14:23
jfroche_policy is you need to be authenticated at least to see something14:23
ignaswell - i think the default is like this14:23
ignaswhat can you see without being authenticated?14:23
ignaswith all the checkboxes turned off14:23
ignasschool calendar14:24
ignasnot calendars14:24
ignasand level container i think if you are using it14:25
jfroche_uhm right not calendar (forgot that i overrides this security setting)14:25
ignaswell - you will have to disable it in zcml by deleting everybody from schooltool14:26
ignasor you might override Everybody Crowd14:26
ignasnot sure if that will work though14:26
ignasnever tried doing it14:26
jfroche_ok i am trying this14:27
ignasif you will define EverybodyCrowd that is empty14:27
ignasthough in that case you might have some problems with images for example14:27
jfroche_in fact what makes the security:allow not overridable ?14:29
ignasit's cummulative14:30
ignasyou can have more than 1 declaration14:30
ignasand they add up14:30
jfroche_ok i c14:31
jfroche_ignas: right with an empty the everybody crowd i get an assertionError: ('no crowd found for', None, 'zope.View')14:34
mgedminignas: want to use Review Board for reviewing changes?
ignasmgedmin: i can't run tests on review board14:35
ignasmgedmin: your style review system is more convenient even ;)14:37
ignasjfroche_: that assertion error is fixed in lyceum14:50
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jfroche_ignas: thanks it works now14:58
jfroche_nothing accessible14:59
jfroche_but login form working perfectly14:59
ignasi see15:04
ignasthough instead of making Everybody empty15:04
ignasyou should make it inherit from Authenticated15:04
jfroche_is it different than always returning False ?15:05
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pcardunehi all15:27
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jfroche_hello pcardune15:38
pcardunehi jfroche_15:38
jfroche_ignas: who fires ICatalogSetUpEvent ?15:38
ignasjfroche_: bootstrap something15:47
jfroche_ignas:  what whould be the best place ?15:49
ignasbootstrap is the best place15:49
jfroche_ok got it thanks15:53
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th1aHi ignas, jfroche_, jinty, aelkner, Lumiere, pcardune.16:30
th1aWant to start us off, pcardune?16:31
pcarduneyesterday we finished with our sprint, I thought it was pretty successful in the end16:32
pcarduneWe have a lot of interns this year which are picking up zope3 very quickly and making real contributions already16:32
pcardunewe almost have xml import/export of cando competencies16:32
pcardunewe have bar code generation for resources and persons16:33
pcardunewe worked through planning for the upcoming sprint in new hampshire16:33
pcarduneand aelkner + friends made progress on SIF implementation, which he should probably say more about16:33
pcarduneI also started working on plugin support for cando add on packages16:34
aelkneryes, that's right.16:34
th1aI mean, tell us about it, aelkner.16:34
aelknerwe got almost all of the schooltool views done.16:34
th1aNot "aelkner!?"16:34
* pcardune chuckles16:34
aelknerso, we're just about ready to start talking to tinyzis16:34
aelknerwe checked out tinyzis and ran its tests16:35
aelknerthere seems to be some work needed to get them to pass16:35
aelkneralso, we saw your note on the wiki about using apache16:35
aelkneri'd like to get tinyzis to work first16:35
aelknerand use it to get an end-to-end test working16:35
aelknerthat being:16:36
Lumierehi all16:36
aelknertwo schooltool instances sharing person data16:36
th1ahi Lumiere.16:36
aelknertheand maybe course info16:36
aelknerand when we have that working, we could look into apach and mod_python16:36
aelknerso that's where we are16:37
th1aDo you mean there is work to be done on tinyzis or your agent?16:37
aelknertinyzis has exception on testing16:37
pcarduneaelkner: you know that the sifagent package does the tinyzis checkout already right/16:37
aelkneroh, didn't look there.16:38
th1aaelkner:  Send me the exception in an email.16:38
aelknerok after the meeting, right?16:38
pcarduneaelkner: you can run it using make run-zis or something to that effect, look in the Makefile16:38
th1aaelkner: Sure.16:39
aelknerpcardune: ok16:39
th1apcardune: So someone's writing code to generate barcodes?16:39
th1aIs there a library for that or something?16:39
Lumierethe code to generate barcodes is done16:40
pcarduneth1a: there is a library for that, from reportlab16:40
pcardunebut an intern already spent tons of time looking at barcode specifications and wrote his own16:40
th1aSo you can print them on a laser printer?16:40
pcarduneand it was integrated into schooltool at the sprint16:40
th1aIs he going to write something to read them from the serial port?16:41
pcardunethat is already handled by barcode scanners16:41
pcardunewhich act like keyboards16:41
pcardunethey pretend to type what the barcode says, and hit "enter"16:41
th1aOh yeah.16:42
pcardunewhich is quite fortunate for us16:42
th1aSo that just goes into a form.16:42
pcarduneso the barcode generation is currently in cando, but is should be moved out to be it's own little schooltool plugin package and eggified16:43
pcarduneI want to get that working the right way in vilnius16:43
th1aSounds great.16:43
Lumierejust need to make sure that we make the form16:43
Lumierestart up to get the data16:44
th1aAnything else to report, Lumiere?16:44
Lumierethe cando buildbot slave is still down, hopefully I'll have it up by the end of this meeting16:45
LumiereI am working up an xml schema for importing and exporting just about everything in schooltool at least at some level16:45
LumiereI started with competencies16:46
Lumierebut at some point I am going to have people and courses as well16:46
LumiereI am hoping to run the more schooltoolish parts by people in schooltool-dev16:46
pcarduneFor those who don't have SIF zones setup in their area16:46
th1aLumiere: Yes, perhaps we should have accepted the inevitability of that a long time ago.16:46
Lumiereand for archival purposes16:46
Lumiereignas's school year stuff is going to be great16:47
ignasi wouldn't be so sure about it ;)16:47
Lumierebut I am constantly kicked by not having an out-of-zodb backup of stuff16:47
* Lumiere curses quietly at this server16:48
th1aIs that it from CanDo-land?16:49
pcarduneI think that covers it16:49
pcarduneth1a: were you expecting more? ;)16:49
th1aI expect great things from the brilliant CanDo developers.16:50
th1ajfroche_:  What have you been up to?16:50
jfroche_This week I worked on translations, demographics edit/views and I begin to work on attendance16:50
jfroche_got phone contact with the school but no meeting yet16:51
jfroche_we have16:51
jfroche_a meeting on the 1616:51
th1aWell, that's progress.16:52
jfroche_pretty much all. Would like to know where i could help the most at the sprint16:52
th1aWe'll discuss that in part 2.16:53
pcarduneas ignas says, "shiny"16:53
ignasnew from last week - data storage for term grades, and some more work attendance views16:54
th1aOK... jinty?16:56
* jinty reads backlog16:56
th1aWhat's the state of packaging?16:56
jintystill waiting on pcardune for the javascript stuff16:57
jintyand ignas to integrate z3c.optionstorage (or tell me he's not going to do it)16:57
jintyso, basically blocked16:57
pcarduneI'll do the javascript stuff right now16:58
th1aOK, so that leads into the EP discussion.16:58
ignasi'll do z3c stuff this week16:58
th1aSo right now, the priorities are:16:58
th1a1) packaging (spec'd by jinty);16:58
th1a2) some random fit 'n' finish (spec'd by me this week);16:58
th1a3)  random technical debt payment (spec'd by ignas).16:59
th1aDoes this sound good to everyone?16:59
pcardunewhat does technical debt payment mean?16:59
* Lumiere wonders what 3 might be16:59
ignaspcardune: i have a looooong list of things that we could and should do before releasing16:59
Lumiereooook :)16:59
ignasmissing subscribers, functionality unreachable from the UI17:00
ignasusecases lost, functional tests missing17:00
th1aTechnical debt is stuff that isn't a bug per se, but shortcuts, hacks, etc. that need to be cleaned up.17:00
ignasth1a: and bugs too17:00
pcardunethank you ignas17:00
* Lumiere bows at ignas's feet for tihs17:00
Lumierexp on the i17:00
pcarduneC-x t on the i17:01
th1aShould we put these things in Malone with an 'EP' tag?17:01
Lumiereth1a: mark their milestone as EP17:01
pcarduneThat would be good17:01
Lumiere(EuroPython2007 would be a good milestone tag :) )17:01
LumiereI do this in cando for bugs that are targeted to the next release17:02
th1aignas: Is there any general area that jfroche_ and pcardune might turn their attention to in preparation for the sprint?17:03
ignasth1a: hmm, with limmited time in sprint we will not be able to do that much17:03
ignasmy plan is to clean up and test timetabling17:04
LumiereI have something for that weekend as well17:04
ignasand to fix most of the i18n stuff17:04
Lumierealthough it will be just th1a's time17:04
Lumiereignas: you get to help pcardune with i18n for cando too ;)17:04
ignasanother thing that keeps bugging me is Section - Student relationship17:06
th1aI would really like to clean up sections.17:06
ignasone more good thing to do is to move away from ids of groups to marker interfaces17:06
ignasso i have more things that should be fixed than we will have time ;)17:06
Lumiereignas: if we put them in launchpad (or wherever)17:07
Lumiereand prioritize17:07
Lumierewe can just get through whatever we have time to do17:07
ignasLumiere: i am the bottleneck, as these tasks are not estimated17:07
th1aWhat do you mean about marker interfaces?17:08
ignasand mostly internal fixes17:08
ignasth1a: if i am to add school year switch, i will have to add some archival code of old manager group for example17:08
ignaswe don't want old manager groups interfering, and at the same time - preserving "manager" as the id of the group is not very feasible17:09
ignasso we need a way to make "2007-managers" the manager group17:09
ignasand make "2006-managers" not managers group17:09
th1aSo how does a marker interface work in this case?17:11
ignasyou have IManagerGroup and you directly provide it on "managers" group on creation17:11
ignasinstead of checking the name of the group to determine if someone is an administrator, you check the interface17:12
ignasso you can have lithuanian teacher group names "mokytojai"17:12
ignasand permissions will work17:12
ignasnow teacher group must have an id "teachers"17:12
th1aI see.17:12
ignasi'd be happy enough if we would fix timetables during the sprint though17:14
ignasat least timetables17:14
th1ajinty: How much other packaging-related stuff do we have at the sprint, if pcardune and ignas do their homework?17:14
th1aWell, I don't think it is much.17:18
th1aignas: So shall we enter and tag some things in Malone this week?17:18
pcarduneas an aside: schooltool.person.person imports, which imports schooltool.person.person... how do you get around this circular import?17:19
ignaspcardune: grep for word "appease" in the source17:19
pcarduneto those who are interested: import # sacrifice to appease circular import gods17:20
th1aThat's an example of technical debt.17:21
pcarduneyeah, i was going to say...17:21
ignasth1a: not really, it's more or less impossible to fix, because of BBB17:21
ignasbackwards compatibility17:21
ignasyou can't move classes around in Zope3 applications whenever you want :/17:22
pcarduneignas: what about this part: # XXX: Bad, it depends on the person package.17:22
mgedminignas: have you seen zope.deferredimport?17:22
ignasmgedmin: no, i haven't seen that17:22
mgedminI noticed it accidentally17:23
mgedmina cool little thing17:23
th1aOK... any last words?17:25
Lumiereth1a: we're putting someone on rewriting the schooltool website :)17:25
* Lumiere puts up a small plate as a shield17:26
Lumierefor example...17:26
th1aI've no problem with that.17:26
Lumiereif you go to cando.schooltool.org17:26
Lumierevs schooltool.org17:26
Lumiereand click on cando17:26
Lumiereyou get 2 completely and totally different things17:27
ignasoooh, cando part looks eeek17:27
th1aHm... that's not right.17:27
ignashaving Outdated documentation as the first item in a list17:27
Lumierehence why I want to put 1 person17:28
Lumiereon cleaning up not just cando's parts17:28
Lumierebut the entire site17:28
th1aThat's fine with me.17:28
Lumierewe're also planning to change it from fixed width17:29
Lumiereto 100% width17:29
Lumiereit's not hard17:29
Lumiereand all of us wide-screen-laptop users will be much happier17:29
Lumiere*is about to fire up buildbot*17:29
th1aLumiere:  Let me know how you want to move forward.  Perhaps jfroche_ can set you up with a development instance.17:31
Lumierethat might be best17:32
Lumierethat way robbie's work doesn't blow up the entire site17:32
Lumiere*takes the matches away from him*17:33
th1aOK... let us know if you want that done.17:33
th1aTime's up...17:33
pcarduneit should be beta.schooltool.org17:33
th1ajfroche_: Can you set that up?17:33
pcardunebecause we are so web2.0 cultured17:33
Lumierewelcome to the cando weekly dev meeting <_<17:33
jfroche_no problem17:34
Lumiereunfortunately noone seems to be here17:34
Lumiereexcept paul and I17:34
jfroche_trunk ?17:34
Lumiereso this may not last too long17:34
th1aNext week in Vilnius!17:34
* pcardune calls eldar17:34
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:34
pcarduneth1a: hotel room? registration?17:34
* Lumiere picks it up17:34
ignasth1a: when are you leaving home?17:34
th1aI'll send you the info, pcardune.17:34
th1aignas: My flight is at 7:10 Saturday.17:35
jfroche_th1a: same for me17:35
pcarduneth1a: thanks17:35
th1aOh... I guess I need to add a day to our hotel reservation then.17:35
jintyth1a: sorry (One point for me at EP is to figure out IRC on mac)17:36
jintyI think there's a fair bit17:36
Lumierejinty: pcardune can help17:36
Lumierehe's using it atm17:36
pcarduneparallels + ubuntu + xchat :)17:36
jintybut I think the rest of the packaging can be done in 1-2 programming sessions doable in17:37
Lumiereadium should work for it17:37
jintyeew, but I really need good alerts17:37
jintyI need bouncy icons17:37
Lumiereadium should have all of pidgin's alerts17:37
Lumierewhich should do sound even17:37
jintylike the stuff skype has17:37
pcarduneColloquy has good alerts17:37
jintygot sound, never hear it17:38
* jinty investigate Colloquy17:38
th1aI haven't heard an alert since I got the bright idea to upgrade my sound card.17:38
* th1a recommends Colloquy.17:38
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pcardunehi eldar17:40
eldarpcardune, good morning17:40
eldarcrap, it's already 10:4017:40
eldarsorry about that17:40
pcardunecheck your email, I sent out a thing about curriculum vs information17:41
Lumiereeldar: you may want to look over the logs17:41
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jintyhey jinty_17:43
jintyhorah, bouncy icons17:43
* jinty used to be a terminal addict17:43
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* Lumiere is still a terminal addict17:44
*** jinty_ is now known as jinty17:44
*** jinty is now known as jinty_17:44
*** jinty_ is now known as jinty17:44
Lumieresorry about messing up the buildbot ;)17:45
Lumierehopefully I'll get it to compile right17:45
Lumiereand be able to look over ftests soon17:45
* pcardune wonders why schooltool tests are not passing on a fresh checkout?17:45
jintyLumiere: not really my problem...17:45
eldarokay, done17:46
pcarduneeldar: how does that sound to you?17:46
ignaspcardune: install libicu-dev on the cando buildbot server17:47
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eldarpcardune, makes sense17:47
Lumiereignas: I just did17:47
LumiereI need to get a decent 'setting up a development environment' page again17:48
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Lumierebuild successful17:48
pcardunecould we make a schooltool-dev package that depends on all the packages we need for development?17:48
pcarduneeldar: so I'd like to see some real progress on journal queuing today17:49
Lumiereor even schooltool-internal-dev on the repository17:49
jintypcardune, there's already an new schooltool egg built every schooltool commit17:49
jinty(as soon as we work out the bugs)17:50
Lumierejinty: that doesn't install setuptools, libicu36-dev, python-all-dev etc etc17:51
pcarduneoh that is excellent - we'll want that with cando as well17:51
jintypcardune, first get your buildbot up ;)17:51
Lumiereit is up17:51
jintywell, tests passing with the schooltool egg as well ;)17:51
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* jinty makes not to fix the egg build17:52
Lumierejinty: I just need to make coverage work17:52
eldarpcardune, real progress eh17:52
pcarduneyes :)17:52
* th1a goes to take a shower.17:56
eldarpcardune, do you have any idea why emacs didn't apply all of the options listed in your .emacs file?17:57
eldarit ignored the background and text color, along with some other things17:57
pcardunetry, M-x reload17:58
aelknereldar: i still have some cosmetic things to work on with the threaded journal entry stuff, and then there's the evolution stuff.  ETA sometime this evening.17:59
aelknerCould we work on integration of my branch tomorrow arounf noon?18:00
eldaraelkner, that's fine, i'll start working anyways18:00
aelkneri have a dentist appointment at 10, so I'l be back on-line around noon18:00
eldarpcardune, well reload works, the colors don't change though :-/18:00
pcarduneaelkner: I did some cosmetic stuff yesterday18:00
aelkneron my branch?18:01
aelknerwhat stuff?18:01
pcardunelook at the diffs18:01
Lumieremerging some trunk updates18:01
Lumiereaelkner: starts with r84118:02
aelknerpcardune: crap.  i just made my own changes to do the same thing, but differently.  i guess i'll use yours.18:09
eldarpcardune, well i'm gonna go ahead and create a branch18:09
aelknerplease email me in the future when you change my branch.18:09
pcarduneaelkner: you should be on the commit mailing list18:10
pcarduneeldar: sounds good18:10
aelknerhow do i subscribe?18:10
Lumierethe first covers cando checkins18:12
Lumierethe second covers schooltool18:12
Lumierethe buildbot also reports to them18:12
aelknerLumiere: thanks18:13
pcardunedoes anyone know if zope3.4 has dublin core fields/18:23
aelknerpcardune: to get rid of the ?s when i do an svn stat, i would need to do an svn ignore?18:39
pcardunewhat is it that you want to ignore?18:40
pcardunethere are a couple ways to do it depending on what you want to ignore18:40
aelknerI get all of the .pyc files with ?s before them18:40
pcardunethen you need to modify ~/.subversion/config18:41
aelknercool.  so I only have to do it once on my machine18:41
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Lumiere'afternoon bnguyen19:02
bnguyenhello Lumiere19:05
aelknerpcardune: looking at the ContainerDeleteView in, it looks like it wouldn't work for threaded entries.19:11
aelknerIt expects the delete.(jkey) to be a key off of the current context.19:11
pcarduneyep, so you'll have to write your own19:12
aelknersince sub-entries are off of a different context, they can't be deleted.19:12
aelknerthat could take me some time, and our plan was to get evolution scripts ready by days end.19:13
aelkneralso, i have the SIF stuff to do with the interns tomorrow.19:13
aelknercould I just make it so that the checkboz only appears in the journal view for the top-level entries?19:13
aelknerthat i could do inside the hour.19:13
aelknerthen move on to evolution19:14
pcarduneaelkner: just do evolution now19:14
*** thisfred has quit IRC19:14
pcarduneand work on delete after that in the time that you have19:14
aelknerpcardune: where are you now?  at Dave's?19:16
Lumiereeating leftover pizza19:16
Lumiereand hacking on coverage19:16
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eldaraelkner, pcardune were you going to make a different type of journal entry that can only be contained in a journal entry19:37
eldaror did you drop that idea?19:37
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*** deathO is now known as wjohnsto19:43
eldarpcardune, hey now that zpkg is dead we have no need for all the SETUP.cfg files, right?19:47
*** bnguyen has left #schooltool19:59
pcarduneth1a: LOL20:22
Lumiereth1a: so I'm supposed to be better at navigating schooltool then playing video games?20:22
*** fsufitch has joined #schooltool20:35
fsufitchLumiere, i'm not working right now, but i can still answer my e-mails20:35
Lumierehow are things going20:35
fsufitchbut yeah, that interface would be nice20:36
Lumieremaybe we should run it down the side of the dashboard ;)20:36
Lumiereso you pop the dashboard open20:36
Lumiereand the dock lets you choose actions to open in the dashboard20:37
eldari'll be back in a few hours20:37
*** eldar is now known as eldar|away20:37
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aelknerLumiere: do you have a test instance of cando that I could use its Data.fs file for my evolve script testing?21:26
aelknerpcardune: you copied my journal threading code to the trunk before I could write the evolve scripts?!21:29
pcarduneaelkner: don't worry it's not a problem21:30
aelknerbecause we haven't released it yet, right?21:30
Lumiereaelkner: I don't know that i have anything with clean enough journals to be useful21:30
Lumiereaelkner: this is why we lamented jelkner from using trunk so strongly ;)21:31
Lumiereif he were using trunk right know21:31
Lumierewe'd blow his data up21:31
aelknerso there's no customer installation that you could get to say tonight to copy their Data.fs?21:31
aelknerpcardune: where could i find a version of cando that still has the old journal entry class?21:33
pcarduneaelkner: just checkout cando200621:34
Lumierepcardune: does 06 even compile atm?21:35
pcarduneor well... maybe21:35
pcardunebut you could get some data to play with from dwelsh21:36
pcarduneif that's what you need21:36
aelknerpcardune: i'll email dwelsh for the data.  what's the url for checking out cando2006?21:38
pcardunecheck online, i don't know it off the top of my head21:38
Lumiereit's in the 2006 install area of the cando.schooltool.org21:38
aelknerLumiere: got it, thanks21:45
aelknerpcardune: what does rtfw mean?21:45
pcardunelike rtfm except replace manual with wiki21:46
aelknerha ha21:46
* Lumiere applauds marius22:16
Lumiereto bad he isn't here to hear them22:16
aelknerpcardune: i finished the evolve script if you'd like to take a look.  did you get the notification of my change?23:05
pcarduneaelkner: i'll check now23:05
pcarduneaelkner: I did not get the notification23:06
pcarduneyou are using https right?23:06
aelkneruh, how would i check that?23:07
pcardunesvn info23:07
aelknerRepository Root:
aelkneri got the email saying i was added to the list.23:08
aelknerWelcome to Cando-checkins"23:08
pcardunei think it has to do with you using https instead of svn+ssh23:08
aelknerIs it posible that there's a time-lag?23:08
pcarduneI will send an email to jinty about it23:08
pcardunebut I'm looking at the diff on trac23:09
pcarduneand I'm not sure you should do it that way23:09
pcardunebecause you are essentially replacing all journal entries so any references to existing journal entries will be broken23:09
pcarduneyou want to modify existing journal entries, not copy them23:09
pcarduneaelkner: ping23:14
aelkneri'm back23:14
aelknerhow would i modify an entry to be a container?23:14
pcardunewell, look at the __init__ method for a BTreeContainer23:15
aelkneror wait.23:15
pcarduneand for SampleContainer23:15
aelknerif i have an object in python assigned to myvar23:16
pcardune        self.__data = self._newContainerData()23:16
aelknerand i say myvar = 'something else'23:16
aelknerit changes the reference.  crap.  i was thinking it wouldn't23:17
aelkneri can see how what i did definitely would.23:17
aelknerbecuase i deleted the object and recreated it.23:17
aelknerok.  i'll look into it.23:18
*** Lumiere changes topic to "SchoolTool development | IRC logs at | Dev meetings Mon, 13:30 UTC (15:30 EET) - CanDo Dev meetings Mon, 14:30 UTC (10:30 US/Eastern) | Use for pasting"23:45
LumiereI'm building a test of coverage23:46
LumiereIf it works internally23:46
Lumiere(the server isn't visible)23:46
LumiereI'll move it to the right place and get the link set23:47

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