IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2007-07-01

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AVN`So, I hear you didn't get my emails01:56
AVN`about being at scout camp01:56
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fsufitchAVN`, eldar asks if you have any questions04:02
AVN`no questions04:23
AVN`for now04:23
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matthew__heh i know its early but is anyone on?10:50
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* jinty_ wonders why hard rebooted twice this morning13:21
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AVN`I'm getting a divide by zero error16:24
AVN`can anyone confirm this?16:24
AVN`In the dashboard, instead of displaying the classes you are instructor of, it displays a divide by zero error16:25
AVN`I think it happened because I am instructor of 2 classes16:25
ignasAVN`: trunk? cando? schooltool?16:25
AVN`Cando, 1 week old16:26
ignastry svn up then, maybe it will help16:28
AVN`The error is still there16:54
ignasany tracebacks available?16:55
ignasor just "divide by zero!!!111"16:55
AVN`it just says An ZeroDivisionError error occurred: float division16:55
AVN`where it should say the classes that the instructor is teaching16:55
ignasmaybe it is giving more information in the console16:56
AVN`its not16:56
AVN`does it do the same for you?16:57
* ignas has not cando checkout16:57
ignasno cando checkout i mean16:57
ignasdo you have devmode switched on?16:58
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AVN`filip, can you help16:59
fsufitchAVN`, help with what?16:59
AVN`if you are instructor of 2 or more classes, do you get an error in the dashboard16:59
fsufitchi don't know, i don't have a working instance up right now17:00
AVN`OH, OK17:00
AVN`sorry, caps were accidental17:00
fsufitchi'm having trouble checking out a cando instane17:03
fsufitchi'm using the command "svn co"17:03
fsufitchand it works17:04
fsufitchbut then fails when i go into barcode/ and run make17:04
fsufitchfails when it's checking out SchoolTool17:04
fsufitchhowever, i also tried it on maddog17:04
fsufitchand it works there17:04
fsufitchdoes schooltool hate edgy?17:05
fsufitchor something?17:05
ignasfails how?17:05
fsufitchlet me get the error17:05
fsufitchsvn: In directory 'SchoolTool/src/schooltool/locales/lt/LC_MESSAGES'17:06
fsufitchsvn: Can't copy 'SchoolTool/src/schooltool/locales/lt/LC_MESSAGES/.svn/tmp/text-base/schoolbell.po.svn-base' to 'SchoolTool/src/schooltool/locales/lt/LC_MESSAGES/schoolbell.po.tmp': -817:06
fsufitchmake: *** [checkout-schooltool] Error 117:06
ignasdo you have enough space in your harddrive?17:07
fsufitchi should17:07
fsufitchi don't17:08
fsufitchoh well17:08
AVN`I deleted and reinstalled my cando instance17:20
AVN`it works now17:20
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pcarduneignas: do you know how to copy from emacs to the global paste buffer to paste into another application?17:29
ignasnormal copy works for me17:30
ignasnot middle click17:30
ignasmiddle click - works17:30
ignasnot sure how to make it "paste" able17:30
pcarduneoh, so then not M-w?17:30
ignasM-w makes it pasteable with middle mouse click17:31
pcardunehmmm, doesn't work17:34
pcarduneignas: maybe i need to use the svn checkout :/17:34
ignasmaybe it's transient mark that has to be turned17:35
ignasmy emacs is customized beyond recognition ;)17:35
pcarduneyeah, i figured as much17:36
pcarduneIntern Projects17:37
pcardune  Developer Documentation/HowTo:17:37
pcardune  ------------------------------17:37
pcardune    - How to set up functional tests in schooltool/cando17:37
pcardune        a. ftesting.zcml17:37
pcarduneb. ftests.py17:37
pcardunec. browser.txt or browser/README.txt17:37
pcardune    - How to set up unit tests in schooltool/cando17:38
pcardune        a. tests.py17:38
pcardune        b. README.txt17:38
pcardune    - How to run functional and unit tests.17:38
pcardune    - How to set your svn ignore and bzr ignore17:38
pcardunewoops, wrong window17:38
ignasdid you manage to push forward with the ajax library packaging?17:38
pcarduneignas: for the record, it is here:
pcarduneignas: which ajax library are you referring to?17:38
ignasz3c eggs17:38
pcardunelike, zrc.javascript eggs? or z3c.formjs eggs?17:39
ignasjavascript eggs17:39
pcardunenot yet17:40
ignashmm, now that i think about it hacking an ajax mixin that adds traversal to the view, and decorators that mark methods as exported for Ajax would be kind of neat ;)17:41
ignasso you have ajax calls that just traverse into the view17:41
ignasand have all the fun things together17:41
ignaswith 1 registration17:41
ignasnot like that was on topic, just so i would not forget ;)17:41
pcardunehe he he17:42
pcarduneignas: well, that is the plan for z3c.formjs17:43
pcarduneI'll probably have something to that effect by europython17:43
ignasif IAjaxMethod.providedBy(getattr(self, name)): return getattr(self, name)()17:44
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eldarignas: attaching files on trac wiki is not allowed?18:05
ignasno idea18:05
eldari guess not, it throws a python traceback, about the system not letting it do it18:05
eldaroh well18:05
pcarduneignas: so, there is a fullDate view for formatting dates, but what if you want time as well, does a view exist for that?18:26
ignaspcardune: don't think so18:27
ignaspcardune: the date/time formatting is in fluxus at the moment18:27
pcarduneok, in that case I won't touch it18:28
ignassome places are reacting to the setting in preferences18:28
ignasbut that should be replaced with the locale based views18:28
ignasand if you will add a view for time - you should pay attention to timezones18:28
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wjohnstopcardune: I feel as though we are not putting the necessary calls in our ZCML files to do anything18:29
wjohnstowhat does     raise <DivisionContainer "Divisions of Interest", 0 division>18:32
wjohnsto mean?18:32
pcardunehmmm, i have seen this before18:33
pcarduneignas: I think I will just skip the creation of javascript eggs and put jquery source into schooltool18:55
pcarduneit's only one file18:55
ignaspcardune: you can, makes it easier to package18:55
ignasjust update README18:55
pcarduneplus we will want jquery plugins, and i'm not making an egg for plugins18:55
ignasfor licences18:55
wjohnstoeldar: quick question18:57
wjohnstofor a menuItem in the zcml, what is the difference between the permission schooltool.view and schooltool.edit18:57
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eldarwjohnsto: shoot, sorry didn't see the ping19:05
eldaris if you want the person the people who have regular permissions to it to be able to view it19:05
eldarif you want it to be just for the owner of it or the manager19:06
eldaryou use schooltool.edit19:06
eldarbasically, it specifies which permission the person must have in order for the menu item appear for him19:06
tdoggettehey aelkner, look over here!19:08
cpcareytdoggette: can you see this?19:09
cpcareytdoggette: can you see this again?19:09
tdoggetteWhen's lunch?19:14
cpcareyaelkner: we are a little stuck19:32
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Lumierehi jinty21:12
jintyhey Lumiere21:13
LumiereI have a couple things for you21:13
Lumierecan we get a second build bot to run daily with coverage21:13
Lumiereand can we get our basic buildbot to run on schooltool commits21:14
Lumiereas well as cando commits21:14
jintyer, guess so, what are the commands for daily with coverage?21:15
jintymight I suggest (strange as it may seem) that cando use the nightly schooltool egg21:18
jintyrather than checking out the whole of schooltool as it does now?21:18
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Lumierejinty: interesting thought21:21
jintybecause then you will be testing the code in a more "deployment like" scenario21:22
pcardunespeaking of nightly eggs, we would like to move cando to an egg based system21:22
jintyand it'll save the the bugger for trying to mailnain subversion checkouts via a makefile21:22
jintymailnaian -> maintain21:23
jintyyeah, cando needs to do that21:23
jintythe old zpkg way of deploying cando just won't work anymore21:24
Lumierejinty: I assume the daily with coverage is the same as schooltool's21:24
jintyever since we ripped zpkg out of schooltool proper21:24
Lumierebut the coverage stuff has to be fixed to work with cando21:24
jintyschooltool's coverage does:21:24
jintymake", "coverage-reports-html"21:25
Lumierethat's the piece21:25
jinty"cp", "-r", "coverage/reports", "/home/schooltool-coverage-reports/"21:25
jintythen lots of moving/renaming21:25
Lumierethose coverage reports... would have to be setup for cando as well I guess21:25
* mgedmin waves21:26
jintyLumiere, I presume things are really different on your server, wrt layout21:26
Lumierehi mgedmin21:26
Lumierejinty: yes21:26
Lumierebut that server just went down21:26
Lumiereto be reinstalled21:26
Lumiereso we can make things work however21:26
jintyok, well then, for now i'll just set it to: make coverage-reports-html21:27
jintyyou guys can sort out what that is in the Makefile later21:27
jintyLumiere, then it's done, but not tested until theres a server on the other end of it again21:29
jintyI'm not having the postcommit trigger on schooltool commits21:30
Lumierepcardune: do you have a feisty CD out there?21:30
pcardunepersonally know21:30
Lumiereask jelkner?21:30
jintywith the expectation that you guys are going to use the schooltool nightly egg for testing in future21:30
jintyand make an egg based setup.py21:30
Lumierejinty: part of the reason we want it, is so that when a schooltool dev commits21:31
Lumiereif they break the cando test suite, we find out21:31
pcardunepersonally no*21:31
eldarLumiere: jeff definitely has a feisty CD21:31
Lumiereeldar: ask him to bring it to dwelsh's office21:31
jintyyou'll find out one day later, with the coverage reports21:31
jintyis instantaneous really necessary?21:31
LumiereI guess that works21:31
* Lumiere hands that to pcardune 21:32
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pcarduneLumiere hands what to me?21:33
Lumierejinty's last question21:33
ignasjinty: i'd say it would be nice while they are not using the egg, as that prevents problems with users unable to run fresh checkouts21:34
ignaswhen they'll switch to eggs, there should at least be some way to update the egg21:34
ignasso they'd not have to wait all day21:34
ignasto get a bugfix21:34
ignashaving commit rights and having to wait until your fixes propagate is a bit inconvenient21:35
* jinty toys with the idea of using buildbot to build releases each commit rather than each night21:35
* ignas had to release some zope3 eggs himself after fixing a bug, just to have the bugfix in schooltool21:35
ignasjinty: that would take less CPU resources than a full testrun anyway ;)21:35
jintyyeah, well, it'd be done as the last step of the test run21:36
ignascool idea21:36
ignasso CanDo will always be using the last working build of schooltool21:36
jinty(only release stuff that passes the tests)21:36
ignasand won't have to worry about broken schooltool bugs, but will be notified if the api gets broken21:37
* jinty sighs and promises to implement it tonight21:37
jintyah, fun, the tests are run on muskatas21:38
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Lumierejinty: sorry to ruin your weekend XD21:46
Lumierewelcome to the party :)21:46
ignaswhat weekend?21:47
Lumiereignas: exactly21:47
* ignas is very close to the point of making screenshots for the quarterly report21:48
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ignasyeah 2 weekends and a national holiday cool21:53
Lumiereignas: lol21:54
Lumiereignas: the feature freeze soon?21:54
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ignasnah, just wanted to get something clickable to show to the lyceum teacher for feedback21:54
Lumierewhat's the date for the schooltool feature freeze?21:55
ignasgot some feedback, so i will have a lot of small features to do after i am done with the basic ui21:55
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