IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2007-06-30

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mattva01heh cando-06 is impossible to figure out00:43
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tdoggettemake run-schooltool16:20
tdoggettewrong window16:20
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pacmanjelkner: You slept in?16:35
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jelknergood morning, pacman!16:36
gpaciArgh! Not you, too!16:36
jelkneri only learned recently that you were know as pacman ;-)16:36
gpaciThe interns pretty much refuse to interact with me as anything else.16:36
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jelknerwho are we to argue?16:36
mattva01ok,what are the issues?16:36
jelknermattva01: we need a working timeclock16:37
fsufitchi'm working on making the ftests work16:37
fsufitchi might ask an occasional question or two16:38
fsufitchmattva01, linda and me might only finish fixing timeclock later today16:39
mattva01ok eldar, will the Data.fs file from the new one work with the old one?16:39
fsufitchis there some way to get a working instance _now_ for interns to use?16:39
fsufitchyes, why wouldnt it?16:39
mattva01oh ok16:39
fsufitcheldar says yes16:40
fsufitchbut make sure to make proper backups ;)16:40
mattva01ok so where can I get a copy of the old one:)16:41
mattva01well one that works16:41
mattva01which revision16:43
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pcarduneth1a: ayt?17:07
matthew_hmm im getting same error with old as with new17:09
eldarmatthew_: do you have the Data.fs before the upgrade?17:10
matthew_but I only went to rev no 10017:11
eldardid you manage to check out a working revision of timeclock?17:11
matthew_it may be farther back17:11
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eldaruse paul's mirror17:14
matthew_latest revision?17:14
eldarit was changed 8 days ago17:14
eldarso it should be fine17:14
matthew_no this is way to old17:17
matthew_too old17:17
matthew_one sec17:18
matthew_it seems to have been changes a year ago :)17:20
eldarok ummm17:23
eldarfind the revision17:23
eldarbefore whaddon17:23
eldarstarts committing his crap17:23
matthew_how is this17:24
matthew_its up17:24
matthew_maybe a bit earlier17:24
matthew_i should have checked before hand17:24
fsufitchmatthew_, q29034hwijgpvmqw;rtd17:25
matthew_actually this one is earlier then the original one17:25
fsufitchtimeclock is retarded17:26
matthew_eh ok let me go further ahead17:26
fsufitcheldar says it should never have to set permissions for underscore attributes17:26
fsufitchlike __setitem__17:26
lhuynhand __iter__ ?17:26
fsufitchyet it wants permissions for that17:26
matthew_ah in your new revisions17:27
fsufitchForbiddenAttribute: ('__setitem__', < object at 0x989676c>)17:27
fsufitchthis is returned when an ftest wants to delete a user's worklog when logged in as a manager17:28
fsufitchany idea what to do?17:29
matthew_try now17:30
lhuynhlogin possible17:30
matthew_oh is this on your testing branch17:30
eldarmatthew_: is the old version of timeclock up?17:33
fsufitchit's the one that was broken and we'17:34
fsufitchre writing ftests for it17:34
fsufitch... wiating17:37
fsufitch*waiting ;)17:37
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fsufitchhow many logons will you have?!17:37
Lumierematthew__: having net issues?17:39
matthew__too lazy to ghost17:39
matthew__oh nvm17:40
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mattva01ok try this version17:40
eldarmatthew_: can i get the command you used to check this one out?17:42
mattva01well i did a revert17:42
mattva01but you can use this : bzr pull -r9917:42
eldarwhich source?17:42
eldardev or main?17:44
mattva01parent branch :
mattva01i dont know17:46
mattva01i have to mow the lawn in like 15 min though17:46
mattva01will this work for now17:48
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eldarmattva01: yeah this is fine, thanks17:56
jelknermattva01: can you meet me on #ubuntu-dc?18:00
eldargpaci: hey18:07
eldargpaci: do you know how to apply svn diffs? i need to patch18:07
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Lumiereth1a: ayt18:16
th1aLumiere: OK.  I'm here.18:29
th1aMy errands took a little longer than I thought.18:30
th1aGive me a minute...18:30
Lumierenow jelkner has poofed18:33
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Lumierehe's back18:34
Lumierehi ignas18:34
th1aAre we skyping?18:34
Lumierewe could18:35
Lumierejelkner says he can't atm18:35
th1aWhere's pcardune?18:36
Lumierehe's with the SIF group writing code18:36
jelknerand they seem to be making progress18:36
th1aAh... I thought he and I had scheduled a chat for 11:00.18:37
jelknerhe did18:37
jelknerhe even told me about it18:37
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Lumierehe's finishing one short piece then moving back to his laptop18:38
pcarduneth1a: howdy18:38
aelknerth1a: Hey Tom.18:39
th1aDo you want to have a voice chat?18:39
pcarduneif you don't mind hearing the sound of your own voice18:39
jelkneri can't18:39
th1aI think I can handle it.18:39
jelknerbut don't let that stop you18:39
pcarduneok, i'll give you a call then18:39
th1aI mean, if you don't have anything in particular to ask or explain, we don't need to.18:39
jelknerall i ask is that pcardune talks to you about the build-bot question?18:39
th1aOK.  Switching computers...18:40
pcarduneth1a: well, if you can get on gobby... we could *show* you what we are writing18:40
pcarduneand it could be explained verbally18:40
jelkneror... checking that changes to schooltool don't break cando18:40
Lumiereif you guys are going on skype18:40
Lumierelet me join18:40
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pcarduneignas: what is that special trick you use to start up the real schooltool server from a functional test?19:06
ignaspcardune: startServer from zope.testing.server19:09
pcarduneah, thank you19:09
ignasstartServer(http, manager.url, 'manager', 'schooltool')19:09
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wjohnstoeldar: when you have a moment could you come over?23:32
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aelkner_  >>> startServer(http, browser.url, 'manager', 'schooltool')23:54
aelkner_  >>> from import HTTPCaller23:54
aelkner_  >>> http=HTTPCaller()23:54
aelkner_  >>> from zope.testing.server import startServer23:54
aelkner_  >>> startServer(http, browser.url, 'manager', 'schooltool')23:54
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