IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-06-29

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tappleis this project part of OLPC?04:50
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fsufitchgoooood morning!15:48
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mattva01good morning15:58
mattva01i'll be there at 1015:58
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Lumierefsufitch: you should be good now17:27
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ignaspcardune: ping17:55
pcarduneignas: pong17:56
ignashope you know that schooltool trunk is getting feature frozen on july 1st17:56
ignasat least that was the plan17:56
pcarduneI think that is fine with me17:56
smalekghfeature frozen=?17:57
ignasno more new neat stuff being commited to trunk17:57
ignasonly bugfixes17:57
ignasand no a new gradebook is not a bugfix ;)17:57
pcardunegood thing it is easy to write plugins now ;)17:58
LumiereI think we should go with jfroche's gradebook for this release if that will be easiest17:59
ignasas i haven't seen his gradebook17:59
ignasit can't get on trunk ...17:59
Lumierethen we go with no gradebook again18:02
ignason one hand - it would be nice, on the other hand - having something that had no testing before packaging in a release is not a very good idea18:03
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tappleis this project part of OLPC?18:26
Lumieretapple: no18:30
Lumierethis isn't a client application, it's a School Information System18:30
tappleseems great for the XS server, but the teachers could just install it if it isn't shipped with the XS18:31
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Lumieretapple: I don't know enough about ZS/OLPC to know whether it would be18:52
tappleLumiere: ok. thanks.18:53
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jelkneris mattva01 around?21:45
mattva01yeah im here21:45
mattva01hmm 1 sec21:45
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