IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-06-28

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fsufitchjust to put in somewhat of a little discussion... how do asp and php compare?03:04
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Lumieregood morning everyone16:19
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mlinnellI can't get into maddog16:52
mlinnellcan anyone reset my password?16:52
cpcareyi can't16:54
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fsufitchaaah the channel is filling up!!16:59
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wjohnstoit's the sprint!17:02
fsufitchtru, tru17:04
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smalekghhiiiiiii ignas17:06
smalekghI was wondering about this 'special trick' of yours that paul had described as being able to view the schooltool server being run in a functional test... how does one go about doing it?17:07
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ignas    >>> from zope.testing.server import startServer; startServer(http, manager.url, 'manager', 'schooltool')17:08
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smalekghuh, no module named server <_< I think that's my own problem personally, but is there any particular 'fix' for that? (basically, it can't find zope.testing.server <_<)17:13
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ignassmalekgh: hmm, what version of Zope3 are you using?18:05
smalekghI don't... know?18:06
ignasthe one that comes with schooltool?18:07
ignasschooltool trunk?18:07
smalekghwell, it's a slightly outdated version...18:07
smalekghI think18:07
smalekghor not18:07
smalekghhow do I check...?18:08
ignassvn info in schooltool directory18:08
ignasand tell me the revision number18:09
ignashmm, try svn up18:09
ignasrm -rf ./eggs18:09
ignasmake test ftest18:09
smalekghwell, my test works now...18:09
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jfrocheignas: is it possible to have a browser page which is a view for two different interfaces ?18:19
ignasregister it twice in zcml18:19
ignasonece for one interface18:19
ignasand once for another one18:19
jfrochebut i want this view only if i can adapt the two different interfaces18:20
jfrochefor="I1 I2" class="MyView"18:21
jfrochewhere the __init__ of MyView recieve (context of I1, context of I2, request)18:21
fsufitchhow can i process a form in Zope after the submit button on it has been pressed?18:22
fsufitchi see the page is reloaded with ?submit=Submit18:22
smalekghI'll getcha18:23
pcardunewdickers: ping18:24
pcardunewdickers: we need an answer to an xml parsing question18:24
wdickersoh, I'm sorry18:25
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mattva01hello everyone18:45
mattva01what time should i be in?18:47
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ignasjfroche: context of? could you give a more concrete example?19:05
mattva01yay for netsplits19:07
jfrocheimagine i have a group and a section , i would like to get some kind of multi adapter for these two object but as a BrowserView what should i declare in the zcml ?19:08
jfrochean adapter ?19:08
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ignasmulti adapter for those two19:19
ignasso i told you19:19
ignasyou declare the same adapter19:19
ignasfor group19:19
ignasand for section19:19
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ignasor the same view for both19:20
jfrocheignas: but in the view i want to access to group *and* to the section19:20
jfrochethe view needs to adapt the group, the section and the request19:20
ignas3 things19:20
ignasthen you need a multiadapter19:20
ignaswith 3 interfaces in "for"19:20
ignasbecause views can only be on 1 object19:20
jfrocheok, great19:21
jfrocheand i have 1 page template linked to this view19:21
jfrocheand a name19:21
jfrocheso a named multiadapter19:21
ignasnope, how do you imagine traverser will pass 2 objects to your view?19:21
ignasyou will have to perform the lookup yourself19:21
jfrocheyep i do it19:21
ignasin the traverser for some underlying object19:21
jfrochewith queryMultiAdapter19:21
ignasso you register a named multiadapter19:22
ignasfor ISection IGroup IBrowserRequest19:22
jfrocheok and to render the template linked to this view ? i just do a ViewPageTemplateFile and call it ?19:23
jfroche(in my multiadapter)19:23
jfrochegreat thanks !19:24
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mattva01im at my bus stop OMW20:12
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wjohnstopcardune: ping22:43
pcardunewjohnsto: yeah?22:44
wjohnstopcardune: we have an error22:44
wjohnstobut it's weird22:44
pcardunewjohnsto: what is the error?22:44
wjohnstothe unicode/asciii string error22:44
wjohnstopcardune: it is on line 210 of our program22:44
pcardunei'll come by and take a look22:45
wjohnstosounds good pcardune22:45
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wjohnstopcardune: when you have a second, could you come talk to us about this proxy janx?23:13
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smalekghpcardune: ping (I'm being sophisticated and pinging you when you're probably around 20 feet away <_< )23:48
smalekghCouldja help on a few questions about .pts + tals + style classes?23:48

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