IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2007-06-27

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smalekghpcardune: Couljda give me some lessons on what ZCMLLayer is/does and how it fits into collect_ftests?00:05
pcarduneyou'd have to ask ignas about that, he understands it more than I do00:06
smalekghWell, for a more pragmatic purpose... Could you tell me what you meant by telling me to make our look more like journal's?00:07
pcardunewell, I'd start be copying everything from journal's ftests, and then changing the word "journal" where ever it appears, to "scheduling"00:09
pcardunedoes that make senseEEEEE?00:09
smalekghYESS! problem tho00:09
smalekghit complains about authenticated users00:09
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pcarduneSpec: what brings you here?00:12
Specelkner asked me to 'meet' him here00:12
Specsomething about interns and screen00:12
pcardunesmalekgh: yeah, that means your ftests are being run, and failing00:13
fsufitchpcardune, i have an error killing my program in the face00:13
smalekghthey're running? happy days...00:13
fsufitcheldar has no idea what it is00:13
fsufitchor how to fix it00:13
pcardunefsufitch: what's the error?00:13
fsufitchtake a look for yourself :)00:13
Specjelkner: ping00:14
fsufitchKeyError: u'fsufitch'00:14
fsufitchsomewhere in an egg00:14
Lumieredeath to wheeler!00:14
eldarSpec: Nick! moo :)00:14
Specoh, hey, great to see you too Lumiere00:15
* Lumiere holds up his Ben and Jerry's Factory Tour ticket and moos00:15
Specbeen there, done that, ;)00:15
Lumieredid it last week ;)00:15
Specup in vermont?00:15
Specor is it a NH thing?00:15
pcardunefsufitch: are you using for some reason?00:16
Specdid you visit the flint?00:16
Lumieretoo close to Lex and the dreaded Flint00:16
fsufitchas far as i know, i could be using foo.pt00:16
fsufitchclass PersonSelectView(app.RelationshipViewBase):00:17
SpecLumiere: so do you development work for schooltool?00:17
Specerr, do devel*00:17
fsufitchand no, i didnt specify any template in the configure00:17
Lumiereno, I whip people into doing stuff as needed00:17
smalekghlisppaste5: url00:20
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.00:20
fsufitchpcardune, do you have any idea what could kill it like this?00:20
lisppaste5makorihi pasted "ftesting error" at
smalekgh*points at link*00:20
SpecLumiere: like to..uh..whip people....eh00:21
smalekghlawls >_<00:21
LumiereSpec: thanks <_<00:21
pcardunefsufitch: yes00:22
LumiereSpec: I shoot rubber bands at people00:22
pcardunedon't subclass from RelationshipViewBase00:22
pcardunebecause IPersonContainer does not have relationships00:22
Spec(when pcardune talks, it's as if he's pointing out the extreme obvious :p)00:22
pcardunesmalekgh: looking00:22
smalekghspec: ... that's what makes him slightly scary >_<00:23
pcarduneSpec: its not my fault that it's obvious to me00:23
pcardunesmalekgh: ah yes, that error... remove testbrowser from the package includes in ftesting.zcml00:24
fsufitchpcardune, then how would i be able to make a checklist of people whose barcodes need to be displayed?00:24
pcardunewith some difficulty00:25
pcarduneyou need to write the page template and view class from scratch00:25
fsufitchoh noes00:26
fsufitchi'm dead00:26
* Lumiere shoots fsufitch 00:28
smalekghpcardune: we got a wierd error involving time-tables and uhhhhhhh... an eggy thing. Oh, and lots and lots of lines of stuff00:29
fsufitchLumiere, nice aim00:29
smalekgh>_< it's being pasted atm00:29
lisppaste5makorihi pasted "ftesting error 2" at
eldarwhy is it even running those tests? it should only run the scheduling tests00:30
smalekghthe sky is blue?00:30
fsufitchbecause they just typed make ftest?00:30
smalekghI don't know >_<00:30
smalekghwe typed python2.4 test -fm1 scheduling00:31
smalekghfrom SchoolTool/00:31
pcarduneyou need to include other packages in your ftesting.zcml00:31
pcardunemake your ftesting.zcml look like the one in schooltool/course/browser/ftesting.zcml00:32
smalekgh... aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...00:32
smalekghthere is no such file as ftesting.zcml in course...00:37
pcardunethat is surprising00:39
pcardunesmalekgh: include schooltool.timetable00:40
fsufitchsmalekgh, try "touch schooltool/course/browser/ftesting.zcml" ;)00:40
fsufitchbtw, pcardune, where should i start on my awfully complicated to rewrite page template00:42
fsufitchis there some code somewhere to guide me?00:42
fsufitchi'm not going to start now, as i sort of have to go in 18 minutes00:42
pcardunejust start with the bottom00:42
fsufitchbut could i just have some pointers?00:42
pcardunefirst get a list of people to display00:42
pcardunethen add check boxes next the list00:43
mattva01hey paul, did my fix work/00:43
pcardunethen make a button that takes you to the barcode page00:43
pcardunemattva01: seems to have so far.  Thanks00:43
mattva01no problem00:44
fsufitchi know how to do that ;)00:44
fsufitchbut what comes after putting the checkboxes there?00:45
smalekghwe have a slightly different error this time...00:45
fsufitchi.e. how do i pass the selected checkboxes to another page via a submit button or something?00:45
pcardunejust make sure they are all in a <form> tag00:45
lisppaste5makorihi annotated #43501 with "ftesting error 3" at
pcarduneand they will be stored in the request00:45
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pcardunesmalekgh: include the schooltool.term package00:46
fsufitchoh, the request00:46
fsufitchthat's simple!00:46
fsufitchO_O at how much zope has bashed me i expected some intricate procedure involving coconuts, pythons and acrylic paint00:47
fsufitchor maybe i'm just an extremist00:48
smalekghyou are00:48
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wjohnstogoodbye pcardune!00:53
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Specheh. now where are your devs, eh Lumiere? who is there to whip?00:59
eldarSpec: he whips himself >.<01:00
pcardunehe doesn't dare whip me... i'll tell you that much01:00
pcarduneeldar really does most of the whipping anyhow01:00
aelknerwho is Spec?  i'm Jeff Elkner's brother, Alan.01:01
Specheya alan01:02
Specthis is nick01:02
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Specone of the twins01:02
Speci think you've only met my twin once, if that.01:02
aelkneroh, hi01:02
Specso you've been tricked into doing dev work for schooltool as well? :p01:03
aelknerare you in vermont or something?01:03
Specnope, in arlington01:03
Specyour handle should be: ├Žlkner01:04
aelknerSpec: are you coming to the sprint this weekend?01:04
Specah, what day?01:04
pcarduneha ha01:04
Specpaul - you're in dc now?01:05
aelkneryeh, i have a greek name.  ask my parents why01:05
aelknerpaul's coming into town, so you should get over to see us01:05
aelknerwe're at the career center Thurs to Sun01:06
Speci think i'mma go paintballing on either sat or sun, so i'll try to stop by ACC on the day i'm not going pb'n01:06
Specmmm, printed circuitboarding.01:06
pcardunei'll be in town till the following sunday01:07
Specpcardune: trying to go paintballing? :p01:07
pcardunei'm looking forward to discount starbucks...01:08
Spechey, i don't work there =P01:08
Specbut i do have partner #rs for a discount01:08
pcardunethat's what I'm looking for :)01:09
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pcarduneLumiere: ping17:36
wjohnstopcardune: I finished parsing the schools, but it's probably not what everyone wants...17:58
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