IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-06-26

aelknerpcadune: for some reason, the actions menu is not coming up unless i'm in the manager's blog.00:00
aelkneri didn't change any of the registration in that area, so I'm confused.00:00
aelknerpcardune: i'm typing challenged, so it didn't ping you :)00:00
pcarduneaelkner: when you merged from trunk...00:01
aelkneronly eldar's changes came in00:01
aelknerthose were to the page template and view class00:01
aelknerno reg00:01
eldari'm getting the same thing as aelkner, no action menu unless i'm a manager00:02
eldaris it something i did, i only changed batching and the template batch listing00:02
aelknerpcardune: i saw your discussion about security with ignas00:02
aelknerdid you make any changes as a result.00:02
aelknerto the trunk i mean.00:03
pcardunethey were security changes...00:03
pcardunestrange, because functional tests pass00:03
aelknerif you try just testing journal ftests...00:04
aelknermaybe they aren't boing included in the global ftests.00:04
aelknereldar, could you try journal ftests?00:04
eldari'm getting pytz thing which i gotta fix00:05
eldaron my system, so right now i can't help you00:05
aelkneri'm assuming python2.4 -1fm cando.journal from the Schooltool dir in case you had another way00:05
aelknerI had a pytz problem once00:06
aelknerthen I blew away the dir00:06
eldaralright, i install pytz system wide00:06
aelknerand rechecked out the proj00:06
eldarit's not complaining about that anymore00:06
aelknereldar: i don't think you needed to do that.00:07
aelknerbecause the eggs are supposed to.00:07
eldarjinty said i did00:07
aelkneri think00:07
aelknerok, i could be wrong00:07
eldaror i could've misinterpreted what he said00:08
aelkneranyway, are you running the journal ftests the same way i did above?00:08
aelkneri wouldn't know if there was another way00:08
aelknerjust checking to be sure we aren't comparing apples and oranges00:08
eldarmodule object has no attribute 'interfaces'00:08
aelknerthis is the trunk?00:09
eldaryeh ...00:09
aelknerthat sounds familiar00:09
aelknercould you paste details?00:10
pcarduneeldar: which module object?00:10
eldar  File "/home/eldar/cando/SchoolTool/src/cando/virginia/", line 34, in ?00:10
eldar    class IScoreSystemRequirement(requirement.interfaces.IRequirement):00:10
eldarzope.configuration.xmlconfig.ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/eldar/cando/SchoolTool/src/cando/journal/browser/ftesting.zcml", line 10.2-10.3800:10
eldar    ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/eldar/cando/SchoolTool/src/cando/virginia/configure.zcml", line 7.2-12.600:10
eldar    AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'interfaces'00:10
aelknercarn that looks familiar, and i think i fixed it, but i can't remember how (:00:11
pcarduneaelkner: is that a smiley face?00:12
aelknerthat's a frown00:12
aelknerfor not being able to come up with the solution00:12
eldari think he misplaced the paranthesis00:12
pcardune:( or (:?00:12
aelknerdyslexia :)00:12
aelkner(: is not a frown :)00:12
pcardune(:)    ):(    (:(   ):)    ???00:13
aelknerin other words, a poker face00:13
pcardunei see00:13
aelknereldar: btw if you get that failure just running journal ftests, you should check to see if global ftests work.00:14
aelknerif so that would be a serious problem00:14
aelkneri'll try it first on my branch00:15
aelknersince they take forever...00:16
aelknereldar: what's you testing.zcml look like for journals so I can compare with mine?00:19
aelknerpcardune: make ftest worked even though journal ftests don't.  Could we have been hiding failed tests for some time now without knowing it?00:21
pcarduneyes, we could have00:23
* pcardune runs ftests00:23
eldarit didn't run any cando tests >.<00:24
aelknerthat could be a simple include of the cando package in the global ftesting.zcml.00:25
*** th1a has quit IRC00:25
pcarduneaelkner: ok, it's fixed in trunk now00:25
pcardunethe journal ftest that is00:25
aelknerlooking for your diff...00:26
eldarit's just one line, needed to include the requirement package apparently00:26
eldaruh, do you see this message? the internet is being jumpy00:27
aelknerfunny that I don't have that line, yet i only fail much later in the tests00:27
aelknereldar: i see it00:28
eldarcool, thanks00:28
aelknereldar: if you add the line:in Paul's changeset, can you get to the failure that i get, namely, the lack of menu?00:29
eldaruh, my branch is being annoying, because of the internet, it won't update00:31
aelknerpcardune: could you start up your trunk's server to see if you can get the menu items to come up in the browser?00:32
eldarbrb gonna reset00:35
*** eldar has quit IRC00:35
pcarduneapparently it does not come up00:35
*** th1a has joined #schooltool00:35
pcarduneaelkner: but the functional tests pass...00:36
pcardunethat is odd00:36
aelknercould be that the ftest for journal weren;t as picky as they are for me now that I've added the threaded tests.00:37
pcardunethis is probably the case00:38
aelkneri only fail when it reaches my first test.00:38
aelknerbut then i looked at you tests and saw that there was one for section journals00:38
aelknerand that wasn't the manager only case.00:38
pcarduneI'll look into this now00:39
aelknerhowever, when i looked in the browser, there was no menu for section journals00:39
pcardunewell, section journals are now only accessible to teachers and admin00:39
aelkneri made sure to log in as a jelkner who was the teach of my section00:40
aelkneris there something i left out, like making jelkner belong to the teacher group?00:40
aelkneri'm not sure what i'm tlaking about, but it sounded familiar.00:40
pcardunetry doing that first00:41
aelknerdoing that made the nemu appear for.00:42
aelknerjelkner's blog works, too00:43
aelknerbut aelkner's doesn't00:43
aelkneraelkner is not a member of any group00:43
aelknercould that be it?00:44
aelkneri added aelkner to the student group and logged in as aelkner.  no luck00:45
aelknerso it looks like students are not allowed to see their own blogs :)00:45
pcarduneremind me next time to not make such hasty fixes00:47
pcarduneaelkner: I'm beginning to think we should work on this together00:47
pcardunebecause the modifications will not be fun to merge00:48
pcarduneaelkner: let's use your branch00:48
aelknerwhat do i need to do?  checkout the trunk for starters?00:48
pcarduneand we'll try to get threaded journal stuff working before we do other bigger journal related things00:49
pcarduneor at least to a point where we could merge it into the trunk00:49
aelknerthen should we work on my branch to fix it?00:49
pcardunei've already got a copy of your branch checked out00:50
pcarduneI just need to update it00:50
aelknerso this will be my first time working on the same branch as someone at the same time.00:51
aelknerwhen you make a change, you will tell me, and then I do an svn up?00:51
aelknerand visaversa00:51
pcardunebut we'll use gobby!00:53
pcardunebasically, just do an svn up before you commit00:53
aelknerthat part confused me when i saw you at pycon because I'm not used to doing it in that order.  perforce was different.00:54
*** th1a has quit IRC00:54
aelknerin perforce, one would the the update, make changes and then commit.00:54
pcardunewell, you should: update, make changes, update, commit00:55
pcarduneor: update, make changes, update, fix conflicts, update, commit00:55
aelkneri'm used the fixing conflicts part already working on ny branch00:55
aelknerlucjily my perforce experience came in handy00:56
aelknersorry for the typos.  i don't touch type, so i fat-finger a lot00:56
aelknerso who's going to start sobby?00:57
aelknerpcardune: ping00:58
pcarduneok, i got sobby up on madog, 652200:58
pcarduneaelkner: pong00:58
aelknerthat's table tennis to those who really play :)00:59
aelknerthis is my first gobby session with this machine, so i have to install...00:59
pcarduneoh ok00:59
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*** smalekgh has joined #schooltool04:38
smalekghquestion about the dictionary class used by schooltool: The return value of ISchoolToolApplication()['courses'] is a python dictionary, no? So, isn't it supposed to have support for all standard methods like .values()?05:34
smalekghpcardune: ping06:20
pcardunesmalekgh: yes06:21
pcarduneit's not a python dictionary, but it acts like one06:21
smalekghand it doesn't have the .values06:21
pcarduneit does06:21
* smalekgh ponders errors and walks around in circles06:22
pcardunewhat error are you getting?06:22
smalekghWell, not getting it anymore, because I went in an entirely less appetizing direction, but it was complaining about traversing from the dictionary to .values()06:23
smalekghI'll try it again and get the actual error06:23
smalekghby the way, please note that I went back to using .values() after finding it to work from a different place, and the error, by the by, is from an entirely different method of doing what I'm doing >_<06:33
smalekghlisppaste5: url06:33
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.06:33
lisppaste5smalekgh pasted "Traversal error" at
lisppaste5smalekgh pasted "Annndddd the .pt" at
smalekghThe error stems from me trying to repeat through ISchoolToolApplication()['courses'] in a .pt06:35
smalekghby getting it and then tacking on a /values06:35
* pcardune looking06:35
smalekghjust a reminder, we're not actually doing it that way >_<06:35
pcardunesmalekgh: if you do view/someMethod/values, then in python that would be: view.someMethod.values06:37
pcarduneif you want view.someMethod().values, then you have to do it a bit differently06:37
smalekghwhich is exactly what I put in the view class06:37
smalekghand it worked perfectly06:37
smalekghthe placement doesn't interchange >_<06:37
pcardunei would be surpised if that worked06:39
smalekgh... then be surprised >_<06:39
pcardunetry <tr tal:define="courses view/deprecatedGetAllCourses" tal:repeat="course courses">06:41
pcarduneat least to humor me :)06:41
smalekghactualllyyyy... I'm pretty sure I had tried that already06:41
smalekghoh, and I can't try that, because jama's working on some .py files >_<06:41
smalekghand that repeats the names, no?06:42
pcarduneO.o  <--- that is the only flat face one I like06:42
smalekghnot the actual courses06:42
pcarduneoh woops, you should do courses/values06:42
pcardunealternatively, why not just make GetAllCourses return the values?06:43
smalekghbecause that's what we're already doing06:43
smalekghthe deprecated tack on means that we aren't doing that >_<06:43
smalekghthe way it's actually working right now is getAllCourses is returning app['courses06:44
pcarduneso, why do you need to get the values from what it returns?06:44
smalekghto display em'06:44
pcarduneit gives you a list of courses, and a course does not have a value attribute06:44
smalekghit gives me a dictionary06:44
smalekghand I say .values()06:45
smalekghand I get a list >_<06:45
pcarduneapp['courses'] gives you a dictionary like object - yes.  then app['courses'].values() gives you a list06:45
aelknersmalekgh: what does >_< mean?06:45
pcarduneso if getAllCourses() returns app['courses'].values(), then you don't need to call values() on what it returns06:46
smalekghit's like O.o except with a greater connotation for slapping one's self in the face06:46
smalekghand a greater lol connotation06:46
smalekghso it's like lolling while slapping yourself in the face06:46
aelknerwhat does O.o mean?06:46
smalekghthat's kind of the odd thing06:46
smalekghI really don't know06:46
smalekghpcardune: I'm not!06:46
smalekghI'm talking about deprecatedGetAllCourses06:47
pcarduneoh, so I'm looking at the wrong thing then06:47
aelknerSo your saying things that you really don;t know06:47
smalekghwhich is the one that's having the errors06:47
smalekghI removed it already ><06:47
smalekgher, I removed deprecatedGetAllCourses already06:47
pcarduneso what should I be looking at?06:47
smalekghaelkner: smiley's tend to have wierd meanings that depend on the situation, so its kinda hard...06:47
smalekghpcardune: I don't know >_< I'll sitck it back in there, it's basically just like getAllCourses() minus the .values() part in the return value06:48
pcarduneI can already feel the generation gap... gappening06:48
smalekghactually, wait, it is06:48
pcarduneno no no, don't put it back, just keep you funciton that returns whatever.values(), and iterate over whatever it returns06:48
pcarduneand come back to me if you still have problems06:48
aelknerI guess I have one of those outdated face versions, but I tend to either smile or frown, wink maybe, but that's about it...06:49
pcardunewhat about :/06:50
smalekghproblems have been gone, actually, for a while now >_< I was just showing you something old that happened to pop up around an hour ago06:50
pcarduneI find that pretty effective06:50
smalekgh> :/06:50
smalekgherrr, wait a minute06:50
smalekghthe greater sign is in the wrong place06:50
pcardunei don't like things that require 3 characters06:50
smalekghthen what is O.o ?06:50
pcarduneit is too long06:50
pcardunethat is a newage thing, it's different06:50
pcardunemy liking 0.o is an exception to the new age rule, which supersedes the three character rule06:52
smalekghwhat other new age smileys, then, do you officially recognize?06:52
pcarduneanything that is eye mouth eye06:53
pcardunerather than eyes mouth06:53
smalekghT_T I just broke my module07:02
pcarduneWhat is T_T?07:02
smalekghby the way... alan, O.o == *raised eyebrow*07:03
aelkneri see.07:03
pcardunelooks like Frankenstein to me07:03
pcarduneor maybe a frog07:03
*** wjohnsto has joined #schooltool07:04
wjohnstopcardune: ayt?07:04
wjohnstoI have a question about dictionaries...07:04
wjohnstowell I mean07:05
wjohnstoI am considering it's midnight here, but that means it's normal time where you are07:05
wjohnstofor a dictionary07:05
wjohnstoif I want to assign a variable to the dictionary's key, how would I do that07:05
smalekghyou mean like, change a key to an item?07:06
wjohnstowell here07:06
wjohnstoI'll give you a direct example07:06
wjohnstoI say something like dict[school]='name'07:07
wjohnstoand later, I want to assign a variable to "school"07:08
wjohnstonot an item07:08
wjohnstolike, if there was a "getkey()" function or something07:08
smalekghyou want to make a key be a variable07:08
smalekghin the sense that you change the variable07:08
pcardunewjohnsto: why do you want to be able to do this?07:09
wjohnstoI was thinking about it07:10
wjohnstoand pcardune, I thought if I had a dictionary with the keys being the school name, and the items being the school id's07:10
wjohnstothen I could later use those id's to add electives to the schools07:10
pcarduneyou have it the other way around, you want the id's to be the keys, as they are presumably unique07:11
pcardunewhy not have the keys be the school ids, and the items being the school objects themselves?07:11
smalekgherrr, many to one dict?07:12
wjohnstolet me try that07:12
wjohnstoit's annoying though because I am just now learning dictionaries, haha07:12
wjohnstoor, moreso than before07:13
pcardunedictionaries are pretty much the air you breath in python/zope/programming in general07:14
*** povbot has joined #schooltool07:59
pcardunepovbot: help07:59
povbotpcardune: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.07:59
pcardunepovbot: help help08:02
povbotpcardune: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.08:02
pcardunepovbot: help report08:02
povbotpcardune: Error: There is no command "report".08:02
pcardunejust testing :L08:05
smalekgh:L == ?08:06
*** E-nnovative1 has joined #schooltool08:09
smalekghpcardune: is there any way to add a link to an annotation of an object on that object's index page?08:11
pcardunesure, use the schooltool_actions menu08:12
smalekgh... couldja please explain to my newbish mind?08:13
pcarduneuse a menuItem directive08:18
pcarduneyou can see examples in just about any cando/somepackage/browser/configure.zcml file08:18
smalekghI know about the menuItem directive, but doesn't that just add to the Action menu?08:19
smalekghof the object it-08:19
smalekghdarnit... why didn't I figure that out on my own <_<08:19
smalekghoh wait... shoot. Uh, what are all of the attributes one can attach to a menuItem directive?08:20
pcarduneI dont know... look it up..!08:22
pcarduneis your friend08:23
smalekgh... I'm going to jump the gun and say you were thinking- DARNIT08:23
smalekghI was wrong08:23
smalekghuhh, how do you access ++apidoc++ again?08:26
smalekgh<_< ... it... isn't... working... wait, should there be any http: stuff before it08:28
smalekghno >_<08:28
pcarduneoh, small detail, you'll want to use a plain zope isntance08:29
pcarduneotherwise you have to enable devmode in schooltool08:29
pcardunewhich can be enabled from schooltool.conf08:30
pcardunealthough I'm not sure if that works08:30
smalekghah well, I'ma try to make the menu items work tomorrow then...08:31
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eldarmorning to all16:02
wjohnsto`awayeldar: goodmorning16:08
*** wjohnsto`away is now known as wjohnsto16:08
fsufitchgood morning16:11
*** mgedmin has joined #schooltool16:37
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fsufitchalright, i'm moving location to ACC18:30
eldarsee yo usoon18:31
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pcarduneeldar: did you see that document that welsh sent us again with the permissions layed out?18:54
pcarduneeldar: I want to assign one intern to writing a security.txt doctest that just tests all those out18:54
* eldar is checking his mail18:57
eldarpcardune: what is it titled?18:57
pcarduneeldar: oh, I guess it doesn't say much about what permissions should be18:59
pcardunethe title is CanDo Permissions, Security, IE Compatibility...18:59
pcarduneeldar: but there is a nice big google doc spreadsheet with all the specifications19:01
eldareldar: can you share it with me please?19:02
pcarduneeldar: it is shared with you19:03
*** wjohnsto has joined #schooltool19:03
pcarduneand, were you talking to yourself?19:04
eldaroops >.<19:04
eldari guess i was :-[19:05
eldari'm reading over welsh's email right now19:05
eldaruh it's really vague19:10
pcarduneyeah, I thought it had the spreadsheet19:12
eldaralright, how do i read this spreadsheet?19:12
eldaroh it's a permission list19:13
eldarpcardune: who do you want to put on this?19:13
pcardunewhoever isn't already working on something else19:13
eldarwe haven't found anything for chris beacham, right?19:14
eldaror is he already working on something?19:14
pcarduneyes, I think he finished printable forms19:15
pcarduneso yeah, you could give it to him19:15
eldarso where is  this security.txt gonna be shoved?19:16
*** th1a has quit IRC19:20
*** wjohnsto` has quit IRC19:21
pcarduneeldar: in cando/19:24
eldardoes he know how to write browser tests?19:27
pcardunehe will soon19:31
pcarduneif he doesn't already19:31
pcardunethey aren't that hard19:31
eldaryeah, all he needs to do is just look at the already existing browser tests19:31
*** wjohnsto is now known as wjohnsto`away19:33
*** wjohnsto`away has left #schooltool19:33
dwelshpcardune:  welsh/elkner calling19:36
pcardunehi dwelsh19:36
dwelshpcarduen: on skype19:36
*** dwelsh has quit IRC19:39
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*** aelkner has joined #schooltool19:56
*** mlinnell has joined #schooltool19:57
*** tdoggette has joined #schooltool19:59
pcardunewell, it's 1pm at ACC20:00
pcarduneeveryone there yet eldar?20:01
eldarpcardune: ya lot of people are here20:01
eldarchris and filip aren't here yet, masood, jama, and a whole bunch are here20:02
eldarwe're getting them on irc right now20:02
*** jelkner has joined #schooltool20:02
pcardunehi jelkner20:03
Lumierehi all20:03
pcarduneLumiere: is it possible to get coverage reports for cando tests?20:03
*** smalekgh has joined #schooltool20:03
pcardunebreakfast cereals should be made illegal... too much sugar20:04
pcardunesmalekgh: did you solve your problems from yesterday?20:04
smalekghwelllll, define 'problems' >_< Yes, but we still haven't added some menuItems to allow access from person to schedule20:05
smalekghor course to coursereqs20:05
smalekghAnd I had cornbread too. My cereal had too little sugar...20:06
Lumierepcardune: we can work on it with jinty20:06
pcarduneLumiere: awesome20:06
jelknerpcardune: is there anyone with whom we need to check-in?20:09
jelknereveryone seems to  be busy working already! ;-)20:09
*** fsufitch has joined #schooltool20:09
fsufitchhello, all20:09
pcarduneWell, most folks checked in yesterday or the day before with me20:10
smalekghpcardune/someoneelsewhohasenoughpowertosay'dothis'andmakeusdothat: so, after we make our .pts pretty now with css stuff, what do we do?20:10
pcardunewe need to check in with Chris Beachem20:10
pcarduneWe have an assignment for him20:10
smalekghsounds ominous20:10
pcardunesmalekgh: well, does it work?20:10
jelknerpcardune: and he isn't here :-(20:10
pcardunesmalekgh: and are there tests (both unit and functional tests)20:11
pcardunesmalekgh: can you give me a demo?20:11
smalekghoooooo, sounds even more ominous [for us]20:13
fsufitchpcardune, chris doesnt seem to be coming to the ACC today20:13
fsufitchoh nvm, jelkner already said that20:13
pcardunefsufitch: oh well, I guess he won't get his assignment then20:13
pcardunefsufitch: I told dave welsh you wanted to show him the printable forms20:14
fsufitchyes, he's around and said he will look at them ASAP20:14
cpcareypcardune: we were told that you came up with a new plan for sifagent20:16
pcarduneyes, I did20:17
*** wjohnsto has joined #schooltool20:17
smalekghwhere are all of the schooltool zcml directives defined?20:17
cpcareydo tell20:17
pcardunesmalekgh: all over the schooltool directory :)20:17
*** Makorihi has joined #schooltool20:17
cpcareywe're all in #stagent btw20:17
cpcareyif you want to meet there20:18
pcarduneok, i'll join you there20:18
Lumierepcardune: ftests running on cando20:20
Lumierepcardune: there is another problem20:32
Lumiereit isn't pytz itself20:33
pcarduneLumiere: it is?20:33
Lumierethere's someone importing pytz a second time20:33
LumiereI *removed* the package20:33
pcardunepytz does get imported in schooltool testrunner20:34
pcardunewhere the second time is after that I don't know20:34
pcardunepossibly in calendaring code20:34
ignaswouldn't it make more sense to talk about stagent in here? i mean this channel has logs, and is kind of schooltool related anyway ...20:35
pcarduneignas: yes, I suppose this is the case20:36
tdoggettepcardune: we're all here20:38
pcardunetdoggette: so, first step is.... do you all have a working checkout of stagent?20:38
cpcareymy bzr up isn't working20:38
*** mgedmin has quit IRC20:38
pcarduneignas: I'll post the log from the other room to schooltool/cando mailing lists20:38
cpcareyit's only updating to revision 14520:38
tdoggetteI'm good at revision 147.20:39
mlinnellI have 14720:39
cpcareydon't rub it in20:39
pcardunecpcarey: you should compare the output from bzr info20:39
pcardunecpcarey: you might be on a different branch20:39
tdoggettecheckout of branch:
cpcarey  branch root: file:///home/ccarey/stagent-dev/20:40
cpcareyRelated branches:20:40
cpcarey  parent branch:
cpcarey       control: Meta directory format 120:40
cpcarey  working tree: Working tree format 420:40
cpcarey        branch: Branch format 520:41
cpcarey    repository: Knit repository format 120:41
cpcareyIn the working tree:20:41
cpcarey        65 unchanged20:41
cpcarey         0 modified20:41
cpcarey         0 added20:41
cpcarey         0 removed20:41
cpcarey         0 renamed20:41
cpcarey         3 unknown20:41
cpcarey         9 ignored20:41
cpcarey        21 versioned subdirectories20:41
cpcareyBranch history:20:41
cpcarey       146 revisions20:41
cpcarey       202 days old20:41
cpcarey   first revision: Wed 2006-12-06 17:07:34 +000020:41
cpcarey  latest revision: Tue 2007-06-26 12:38:14 -040020:41
cpcareyRevision store:20:41
cpcarey       147 revisions20:41
cpcarey       454 KiB20:41
cpcareyit's different from theirs20:41
eldarnext time please use the paste20:43
pcardunewhat is different? that looks right to me20:43
tdoggetteeldar: speaking only for myself, I've got no idea how to use lisppaste20:44
pcardunelisppaste5: url20:44
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.20:44
lisppaste5tdoggette pasted "tdoggette's bzr info" at
cpcareyoh that's how that works20:45
fsufitchpcardune, dwelsh approved my printable forms20:45
fsufitchwhat now?20:45
pcardunefsufitch: barcodes!20:45
fsufitchi got the barcode.gif working...20:45
pcardunebut first, talk to eldar about merging it into trunk20:45
cpcareyi should paste mine too then20:45
eldarwell, commit into the branch first20:46
fsufitchcommit to where?20:46
eldaryour branch20:46
pcarduneeldar: i believe it is already committed no?20:46
eldari don't know, is it, filip?20:46
fsufitchi made a few fixes to conform with mr welsh's specs20:46
lisppaste5cpcarey pasted "Chris Carey's bzr info" at
pcardunecpcarey: mlinnell, tdoggette: you should all do another pull, because I just pushed up some changes20:47
fsufitcheldar, how do i specify where to commit to?20:47
cpcareymine says the tree is up to date at revision 146 :(20:47
eldarfsufitch: do you have a fresh cando trunk check out?20:47
fsufitchbecause it's trying to commit to svn.schooltool.org20:47
mlinnellok, updated to 14820:47
eldarwell, first you commit to the branch, then i'll help you merge it in to the trunk20:48
fsufitchshould i do svn co before committing20:48
eldarno no, what you should be working on right now is the branch20:48
eldarit's different from trunk20:48
eldaralright, i'll come ove rand help20:48
*** bvuong has joined #schooltool20:49
pcardunecpcarey: you'll have to live with using their branch for now then20:49
cpcareydoggette had this problem before and someone fixed it20:50
bvuonghey all. I'm tryin to learn zope right now. I'm kinda confused on how you restart the zope server though.20:50
mlinnellthat someone being wdickers20:50
cpcareyshould i delete my whole stagent-dev folder and redo the branch?20:51
pcardunecpcarey: that might be a good idea20:51
mlinnellhe's removing it20:53
mlinnellbut it's taking a while20:53
smalekghWhen one adds an annotation to another object, does that annotation recieve a reference to that object? And if it does, what's its name >_< ?20:54
tdoggetteHe wedged a mouse on the enter key to say yes for him on write-protected files.20:54
pcardunesmalekgh: nope20:55
pcarduneit does not20:55
smalekgh... darnit20:55
pcardunebut you can make it locatable20:55
pcarduneand set the __parent__ attribute to the object whose annotation it's on20:55
pcardunetdoggette: cpcarey: use rm -rf stagent-dev, and it won't prompt you20:56
pcardunesmalekgh: are you using emacs?  you should use exuberant ctags to find the locate function... I believe eldar knows how to set that up20:57
mlinnellcool, it worked for cpcarey20:57
pcardunemlinnell: cpcarey, tdoggette, I've set up a sobby server on maddog running on port 652320:59
pcarduneplease join me there20:59
*** th1a has joined #schooltool20:59
bvuongI kinda need help on zope. How do you restart the zope server?20:59
pcardunehi th1a20:59
pcardunebvuong: ping eldar21:00
smalekgheldar is busy >_<21:00
smalekghhe's helping filip21:00
tdoggetteI'm the only one with gobby installed, give us a sec.21:00
*** gpaci is now known as pacman21:01
th1apcardune: Hi.21:01
pcarduneLumiere: do you know what port ranges are open on maddog?21:02
pcarduneth1a: I think I came up with a simpler solution than REST.  check the schooltool mailing list about that.21:02
mlinnellpcardune: can't get past "setting up connection encryption" in gobby21:02
pcardunemlinnell: yeah, I think that port is blocked21:03
mlinnellhmm one sec21:03
pcardunemlinnell: try port 611321:04
mlinnellthat port worked21:04
Lumiereit is all on the cando wiki21:07
fsufitchpcardune, it's committed and happy :)21:08
fsufitchwhat's next in line for barcodes?21:08
fsufitchi mean, since barcode.gif is working21:08
pcardunewe need a way to print out a list of barcodes21:09
bvuongdoesn't sound too hard. What do you mean by that though?21:09
pcarduneso you need to make a page that shows all the barcodes for all people21:09
pcarduneand another one that shows all barcodes for all resources21:09
pcarduneand in fact, it would be best if you could select a subset of these to print out21:10
th1aIf the agent is built directly into schooltool, it would just send events directly when they are triggered -- there would be no need for the cron style batching.21:10
th1apcardune ^21:10
pcarduneth1a: ah, that makes it even better then21:11
th1ath1a: Yes.21:11
pcarduneth1a: but what about recieving data from another agent?21:11
Lumierepdf would be nice21:11
Lumierefor barcodes21:11
pcardunefsufitch: talk to Lumiere for barcode user stories21:11
fsufitchi can do pdf21:11
th1aI guess GetMessage happens periodically.21:11
th1aBut you could just have that run in a separate thread forever.21:11
fsufitchLumiere, what about barcode user storied :)21:12
th1aGetMessage and then sleep(15000)21:12
th1aOr whatever.21:12
fsufitchLumiere, so for now should i go with the printable bar code list?21:12
pcarduneth1a: and we won't have to worry about spawning that thread for a while21:12
pcardunewe can get plenty of results without it21:13
pcarduneignas: what is your recommendation for creating third party plugins for schooltool?21:13
Lumierego with making a pdf barcode list (hand it a list of barcodes to make and it returns a pdf)21:13
pcarduneignas: we need a plugins folder :)21:13
fsufitchuhh, i dont know how to do a pdf with all the bar codes21:13
bvuongthere's a problem about making barcodes into a pdf format21:13
fsufitchi can make a webpage with all the barcodes on it in GIF formats21:14
fsufitchgif works...21:14
pcarduneLumiere: print to pdf :)21:14
bvuonggif would work21:14
bvuongnot sure about pdf21:14
pcarduneI'd say do it in gif for now, and we can come back to pdf if we really need to21:14
pcarduneignas: ?21:14
Lumierethat works then21:14
ignaspcardune: at the moment - will do i guess, just add plugins folder, put slugs of plugins in there, and add <include *> thingie (the one that was in old site.zcml) in there21:14
eldarpcardune: so umm apparently, the annotated object is a parent of the annotation o.O21:15
ignaseldar: yes, standard procedure is to do that21:15
pcardunereally? i guess that annotation factory does that for you21:15
ignaseldar: parent of SchoolToolCalendar is person for example21:15
eldarwell that came in handy :)21:15
pcardunebut there is nothing that says when you put something in an annotation, the location gets set up21:15
ignaseven though SchoolToolCalendar is in person.__annotations__['schooltool_calendar']21:16
fsufitchpcardune, also, i need my own branch21:16
fsufitcha branch called filipbranch or something21:16
ignaspcardune: not automatically, we do that ourselves21:16
eldaroh i'll ste that up for you21:16
fsufitchbecause right now i'm still working on printable-forms21:16
pcarduneignas: I think that is what I meant21:17
eldarpcardune: you think we should remove the printable forms branch? or just leave it there and create a fsufitch branch?21:17
pcardunehave a separate branch for barcode stuff21:17
pcarduneleave printable forms around21:18
pcardunewe may use it again later21:18
eldarwait, should i call it barcode? or fsufitch?21:18
pcardunecall it barcode, as there will be multiple people working on it21:18
eldaroh ok21:18
pcarduneignas: should slugs be automatically picked up from plugin folders? or should plugins have a "setup" to install them?21:20
ignaspcardune: no autoinstall of plugins21:21
th1a pcardune:  Can you see now why I wanted to figure out which method of interaction between the agent and SchoolTool made most sense before we wrote a pile of specifications?21:21
ignasand if they are a part of standard setup - you might want to add them directly to site.zcml21:21
pcarduneth1a: the pile of specificaitons still isn't a bad idea.  thinking of an easier way doesn't make the specification pile less necessary - in my mind at least.  It just puts it off for a bit21:22
pcarduneignas: ok, sounds good21:22
th1apcardune: I'm just saying, it is a rather different pile of specifications today than it would have been last week.21:23
pcarduneth1a: I think we are thinking of different specification piles :)21:23
pcarduneignas: so, how does the path to plugins get added to the python path on schooltool startup?21:24
th1apcardune: It wouldn't be the first time.21:24
eldarit should be done through site.zcml21:24
eldarthat's how package-includes is included21:24
eldarschooltool's site.zcml needs to be changed21:24
pcarduneeldar: but that is for things that are already on the python path21:24
eldarso it thinks about a plugin directory21:24
eldaris it?21:24
eldarit looked like a rather hardcoded directory inclusion to me21:25
ignaseldar: the idea is to allow people to easily have small things like barcodes enabled, without modifying the main site.zcml21:25
ignasat least i think21:25
pcarduneyes :)21:25
ignaswhile keeping the core setup of the application, hand picked21:26
Lumierepcardune: on skype if you need me21:27
eldaryeah i get that21:27
eldari was just suggesting, having the site.zcml include whatever is in the plugins directory21:27
pcarduneignas: what about for bigger plugins where the plugin project doesn't consist of only src code?21:27
ignaspcardune: for example?21:27
pcarduneignas: like, schooltool.sifagent has a src/schooltool/sifagent directory structure21:28
pcardunewe want to develop it while it is in that directory structure without copying sifagent to SchoolTool/src/schooltool/21:28
ignaspcardune: for our internal projects (zope components) we symlink21:29
pcarduneok, so symlinking is only problematic for zpkg, but not for zcml includes21:29
Lumierethat's good21:29
ignasif you feel adventurous - convert sifagent into an egg21:29
eldarzpkg is dead!21:29
pcardunethat is good to know21:29
ignashave it's development version in eggs21:29
Lumierepcardune: can you clean up cando trunk21:29
ignasor something like that21:29
Lumiereto not copy cando into the schooltool tree ;)21:30
pcarduneignas: yes, eventually21:30
ignasi think zope corp does it that way21:30
pcarduneLumiere: we can now that zpkg is dead21:30
ignasso you can have all the namespace package magic21:30
pcarduneignas: yes, that is precisely what I was looking for21:30
pcardunenamespace package magic21:30
* ignas has no idea about how development eggs work21:31
ignasso i can't really help you21:31
ignasask J1m21:31
tdoggettepcardune: we all lost our connections.21:34
pcarduneme 221:34
pcardunei'll open it up again21:34
pcarduneok it's up21:35
*** pacman is now known as pacman_21:45
*** th1a has quit IRC21:48
smalekghpcardune: ping21:49
*** pacman_ has quit IRC21:49
*** pacman has joined #schooltool21:49
pcardunesmalekgh: pong21:49
smalekghuhhhh, how does one go about running a functional test?21:50
smalekghbesides make ftest21:50
pcardune./ -f -m some.module21:50
eldarwell paul got to you first21:50
eldarif you want it to stop on the first failure21:50
eldaryou do -1f21:51
pcardunei'm the second fastst answerer in the west21:51
eldargo to Schooltool directory21:51
smalekghTypeError("The test to add must be callable")21:51
eldarand do python2.4 -1fm cando.schedule21:51
eldaror scheduling, i forgot what you guys called the module21:51
eldarhmm myabe you didn't set up your tests properly21:52
eldarin the configuration21:52
Lumierepcardune: look at the ftests on the buildbot21:52
Lumiereschooltool is trying to use both and failing21:52
pcarduneignas: should plugins directory be in schooltool-skel/etc/package-includes/plugins, or just schooltool-skel/etc/plugins21:52
Lumierecando is NOT seeing the the egg21:53
Lumiereand not finding the now uninstalled package21:53
Lumiereignas: any ideas21:53
smalekghhow does one go about correctly configuring the functional tests?21:55
*** th1a has joined #schooltool21:56
*** jfroche_ has quit IRC22:01
*** pacman is now known as pacman_22:02
*** ignas has quit IRC22:03
*** wjohnsto is now known as wjohnsto`ACC22:03
wjohnsto`ACC*cricket* *cricket*22:18
*** th1a has quit IRC22:20
wjohnsto`ACCpcardune: is there some way to easily bypass duplicate errors?22:21
pcardunewjohnsto`ACC, if name not in container: container[name] = whateverObject22:22
pcarduneinstead of just container[name] = whateverObject22:22
wjohnsto`ACCelse: pass22:22
eldaryou don't need else22:23
eldarif you're gonna put pass in it :)22:23
Lumiereif you don't need to do anything with else22:23
Lumieredon't put it in there22:23
Lumiereit just looks ugly22:23
Lumiereand drives me up the wall22:23
*** Aiste has joined #schooltool22:33
*** whaddon has joined #schooltool22:42
whaddonpcardune: How do I access the security policy for timeclock in python22:43
pcardunewhaddon: what aspect of the security policy?22:43
whaddonthe ISecurityPolicy object22:44
pcardunewhat is your usecase?22:45
pcarduneor what are you trying to do with it?22:45
whaddonUse the checkPermission method22:46
pcarduneyou shouldn't need to get the SecurityPolicy to use the checkPermission method22:46
whaddonWhat should I use?22:47
*** bvuong has left #schooltool22:47
pcardunejust say checkPermission('timclock.somepermission', self.request.principal)22:47
whaddonWhere do I import a checkPermission method that is not part of a class22:48
pcardunewhaddon: from import checkPermission22:50
whaddonThank you22:50
*** mattva01 has joined #schooltool22:54
smalekghpcardune: ping22:57
*** smalekgh has left #schooltool22:57
*** smalekgh has joined #schooltool22:58
smalekghpcardune: ping22:58
pcardunesmalekgh: pong eldar ping22:58
smalekghlol >_<  Uh, what does 'inconsistent whitespace' mean to you?22:58
MakorihiValueError: line 11 of the docstring for browser.txt has inconsistent leading whitespace: '\r' is the error we aquired22:59
fsufitchpcardune, if i want to attach the page for selecting which people to appear on the barcode printout to the persons/ thing so it looks like persons/barcodeselect.html, what do i put in the for= attribute in the zcml definition of the tag?23:00
fsufitcheldar suggested IPersonContainer23:00
fsufitchwhere might I be able to find this class?23:00
pcardunefsufitch: schooltool.person.interfaces23:01
pcarduneMakorihi: that looks like a windows thing23:01
fsufitchhaha pwned by windoze!!23:02
pcarduneMakorihi: make sure you are using just spaces, and just editing files in linux23:02
smalekghwe're doing this ON maddog! >_<23:02
pcarduneLumiere might be able to help you23:02
pcardunesomething to do with the default carriage return being used?23:03
pcardunewindows puts in \c\r or something like that, and unix is just \n?23:03
Lumiereunix2dos and dos2unix23:03
Lumiereon maddog23:03
LumiereI think23:03
smalekghdos2unix sounds good23:03
smalekghit isn't installed...23:04
smalekghthe command I mean23:04
smalekghdid you get it installed?23:05
Lumiereit is installed now23:07
wjohnsto`ACCjelkner: ping23:22
smalekghpcardune: ping ping ping >_<23:23
smalekghI scored on you twice23:23
smalekghanyways... we happen to have failing functional tests because they don't import properly23:23
smalekghapparently, it wants our ftesting.zcml file to be in the SchoolTool directory23:24
smalekghis there any way to make it recognize we have it in SchoolTool/src/scheduling/ftesting.zcml?23:24
*** Aiste has quit IRC23:25
wjohnsto`ACCjelkner: ping! come on now23:27
wjohnsto`ACCbrittney didn't think we had class!23:27
wjohnsto`ACCsince it's June 2623:28
*** wjohnsto`ACC is now known as wjohnsto23:29
smalekghQuick clarification please: Pinging is meant to be an attention getter. However, is its usage meant to be after or before the question/comment/statement/response?23:34
smalekghpcardune: ping23:37
smalekgh(you're probably getting pretty exhasperated by my incessant pinging)23:38
pcardunesmalekgh: let me look at how you have it on maddog23:39
pcardunesmalekgh: where should I look?23:39
smalekghjust try running python2.4 test -fm1 scheduling23:40
smalekghand it wants ftesting.zcml in Schooltool/23:40
pcardunesmalekgh: yes, but what user directory are you working in?23:40
pcardunesmalekgh: make your look more like the one in cando/journal/browser23:42
*** bnguyen has joined #schooltool23:53
wjohnstobnguyen: join #cool23:53

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