IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-06-21

pcarduneit should fail00:01
pcarduneif it doesn't fail then it found the link00:01
fsufitchthen i've got the test for it00:01
pcardunelet me look again00:01
fsufitchi'm just navigating using getLink and click00:01
fsufitchand if the link isnt there, then getLink should fail00:02
pcarduneoh, wrong one, i mean the "Print" link00:02
pcarduneunder the actions menu00:02
fsufitchwell, that's why i was asking about the skill driver00:02
fsufitchbecause none is created, so i can use it to navigate00:02
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pcardunewell there still shouldn't be a link from the skill driver00:07
*** fsufitch_ has joined #schooltool00:07
pcarduneonly from the skill driver's gradebook00:07
fsufitch_w00t xchat works00:08
fsufitch_but how do i get _to_ the skill driver's gradebook?00:08
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pcarduneyou don't have to write a test for that00:08
fsufitch_yeah, but i need to *be* there before i can go to the printview...00:09
pcarduneI see the confusion00:09
pcarduneyou need to get rid of the change you made to skilldriver/browser/configure.zcml00:09
pcarduneget rid of that print.html declaration, because it isn't neeed00:09
pcarduneinstead you should add title and menu attribtues to the other zcml declarations for ICompetencyGradebook00:10
pcarduneand IStudentCompetencyGradebook00:10
fsufitch_i'm confused00:10
pcardunei noticed00:10
pcardunecan I call you? it will be easier to explain00:11
fsufitch_u mean via skype or actual phone?00:11
fsufitch_cuz my skype is dead00:11
pcarduneI will skype your actual phone00:11
fsufitch_do u know my phone #?00:12
pcarduneno, you have to private message me it00:12
pcarduneoh, and what about wengophone00:12
pcarduneyou should try wengophone00:12
fsufitch_what is wengophone?00:12
fsufitch_i'll privmsg u anyway00:12
fsufitch_and, um how do i privmsg again?00:12
AVN-clockoutits /msg00:13
AVN-clockoutbut you need to be registered00:13
fsufitch_wow that was random, but thanx chris00:13
AVN-clockoutwelcome :)00:13
fsufitch_pcardune, did u get that?00:14
pcardunemaybe you should switch your nick back to fsufitch00:14
fsufitch_that's not registered either00:14
fsufitch_i'll just google IM u00:14
pcardunethat works too00:15
fsufitch_got that?00:15
fsufitch_pcardune, thx :)00:26
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fsufitch_pcardune, ping?01:14
pcardunefsufitch_: yep?01:15
fsufitch_i had to take a food break, so i'm sorry i bring this up so late01:15
fsufitch_the configure.zcml works well for the competencies by group01:15
fsufitch_and it makes the links for the skills driver page too01:15
fsufitch_but those links don't work01:16
fsufitch_to come to it, no links from that page work01:16
fsufitch_well, nothing that goes to a subpage URL-wise01:16
fsufitch_like clicking on a student for example01:16
pcardunesorry, sometimes you've got to ping me a lot01:25
pcardunefsufitch_: :)01:25
fsufitch_why is this being stupid?01:26
pcarduneyou are saying there are broken links in the gradebook?01:26
pcarduneplease submit a bug report for that01:26
fsufitch_well maybe just the gradebook in the skill driver context01:26
pcardunethat could be01:27
fsufitch_oh yeah01:27
fsufitch_since when you click on a student, it wants to add evidence for that student's grades01:27
fsufitch_and somehow there is no link to the actual students from the skill driver01:27
fsufitch_so i should submit that?01:28
pcardunethat does sound like a bug01:28
pcarduneI even vaguely remember something like that01:28
pcarduneyes, please submit it01:28
fsufitch_it gives the same error for my link01:28
pcarduneand we'll get to it as soon as we can01:28
fsufitch_how do i submit bugs again?01:28
pcardunejust go to launchpad, find cando, click on bugs01:28
pcarduneand it is pretty self explanatory from there01:28
pcardune that is the link01:29
fsufitch_cando or cando project?01:29
fsufitch_oh ok01:29
fsufitch_i think it's the same bug that's causing my stuff not to work01:33
fsufitch_but anyway, i'll wait for the fix for now01:33
fsufitch_i'm done working today :)01:33
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pcardunei'm about done as well01:37
fsufitchoh, btw01:37
fsufitcham i *supposed* to be able to delete people's worklogs in timeclock?01:38
fsufitchpcardune, ping01:38
pcarduneummm no01:38
pcarduneput that in as a bug too :)01:38
AVN-clockoutfilip, your still working?01:39
pcardunebut put that in as a timeclock bug, not a cando bg01:39
AVN-clockoutyou said you were sick of working 3 hours ago?01:39
pcardunesearch for timeclock on LP01:39
fsufitchi'm just done working01:41
fsufitchyes, i was sick of working 3 hrs ago01:41
fsufitchbut i kept going :)01:41
AVN-clockoutthats the spirit01:41
fsufitchpcardune, is this a security thing?01:42
pcardunefsufitch: ys01:42
fsufitchi'm gone...01:46
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eldargood morning/evening/afternoon15:44
pcarduneha ha15:45
eldarpcardune: do you remember where our bounty list is?15:45
eldarwe need something to give to mr wo15:45
pcardunewas not Jason supposed to give it to you?15:46
eldari was hoping there'd be an updated version >.< that one's kinda cryptic15:46
pcardunewhere is that one?15:47
eldarin an email15:47
pcardunecan you forward it to me?15:47
eldaryou should've gotten it, you're in the cc list15:47
eldaror rather the to list15:48
pcardunewhat is the subject line?15:48
eldarit's titled "bounties list"15:48
pcarduneyeah, I think all of those bounties are now superseded15:49
pcarduneI have plenty of work I can give out, but I'm not sure whether the powers that be want to spend the money on that15:50
eldarthe second part was confusing, rephrase please?15:51
eldarthe powers that be want to?15:51
pcarduneI'd like to see that get done15:53
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cpcareyis paul here?17:04
pcardunecpcarey: yep17:06
cpcareywill told me that you were reworking stAgent17:06
cpcareyand he didn't know what parts i could work on today17:06
*** alga has joined #SchoolTool17:07
cpcareyso i just wanted to ask you what i could work on today17:07
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pcardunewell, you and filip need to update the launchpad specification to show that you are ready for your work to be reviewed17:08
pcarduneand one of you needs to send me a pdf or png screen shot of the page in question17:09
pcardunecpcarey: after that, Eldar or I will give you more work17:10
pcarduneoh wait17:11
pcardunewrong chris17:11
pcardune*I am so confused*17:11
pcardunesorry about that17:11
cpcareythat's ok17:11
pcarduneI think that is going to happen a lot17:11
pcarduneyou just need to give me a virtual whack every time I do that17:11
* cpcarey slaps pcardune around a bit with a large trout17:11
cpcareyi'll remember to do that17:11
pcardunewell, first you can check out my changes to the stagent branch17:12
ignaswhat's this american obsession with large trouts?17:12
pcarduneand get a working environment set up on maddog17:12
pcarduneignas: i have no idea17:12
pcardunecpcarey: I can give you the branch url if you don't have it already17:13
eldaramericans have an obsession for big things17:13
ignasbut why trouts?17:13
cpcarey, right?17:13
ignaspcardune: any luck hooking up site.zcml to stagent?17:13
pcarduneignas: I'm just now getting stAgent to run17:14
pcardunekinda sorta17:14
pcardunecpcarey: yes17:14
pcarduneignas: I made a lot of file structure changes, you should look at my checkins17:14
pcarduneignas: it is certainly broken right now, but at least checking it out and running is a lot easier17:15
pcardunejust make, make run-sifagent17:15
pcarduneor make run-zeo17:15
* ignas has no checkout17:17
pcarduneignas: you should get a checkout, or even just look on LP17:17
pcarduneI'm now trying to get the tests to run correctly17:17
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AVN-clockouthey, those laptops we can borrow, how good are they?17:25
pcarduneAVN-clockout: you should probably ask eldar or jelkner17:25
eldarhow good? they're pretty good17:29
eldarwhat are you looking for exactly17:30
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cpcareypcardune: how do i install chesty, tlslite and schooltool on maddog so that sifagent will recognize them?17:42
pcarduneyou shouldn't have to17:43
pcardunedid you get a fresh copy of the branch?17:43
cpcareyyes i did17:43
pcarduneignore whatever is in the README.txt file17:44
pcarduneI still haven't changed that17:44
pcardunejust run make17:44
cpcareyshouldn't i be able to run or import sifagent?17:46
pcarduneit the paths are set up right, yes17:46
pcardunebut if you are trying to import sifagent from a python prompt, chances are, your paths are not set up right17:47
cpcareyhow will i have to set up the paths?17:49
*** aelkner has joined #schooltool17:53
pcardunecpcarey: well, there really isn't much you can do in the python interpreter17:55
pcardunejust make sure that you can run the different stuff in make17:55
pcarduneas in, make run-zeo17:55
pcardunemake run-schooltool17:55
pcardunemake run-zis17:55
cpcareyall three are giving me errors17:57
cpcareyno module ZEO.runzeo, and can't cd to SchoolTool or TinyZIS17:57
cpcareyother than setting up the maddog environment, will i have any other goals for today's worksession?18:00
ignaspython path is set up wrongly18:00
ignasincorrectly i mean18:00
ignaspcardune: by the way - you could use something like we do with one of our internal projects18:01
ignashave a "workspace" project18:01
ignasthat checkout all the other parts18:02
ignasand hooks them up18:02
ignaspatches schooltool.conf for example18:02
ignasand has all the machinery required to run schooltool/zis/stagent18:02
ignasjust in case you are not doing it already ;)18:03
cpcareypcardune: i have to leave, will i have any other goals for today's worksession?18:03
pcardunecpcarey: yeah, i'll be working on SIF all day, so we can work together18:03
cpcareyok, sounds good18:03
pcardunecpcarey: and for the errors, you need to install python-zodb18:04
pcarduneon maddog18:04
pcarduneI will do that18:04
cpcareyok, thanx18:04
*** cpcarey has quit IRC18:05
pcarduneignas: yeah, i'm doing that already...18:07
pcarduneignas: why are there so many print statements in this code18:27
pcardunethey are making me go crazy18:27
ignaswhich code?18:27
pcardunesifagent and chesty18:27
ignasno idea, i haven't touched them ;)18:28
ignasi'd guess because of not knowing about python logging framework ;) or mangle till it starts doing what i want coding style ;)18:28
pcardunei think it is probably a combination of those too18:29
aelknerpcardune: you mentioned I need to do an svn merge into my journal branch.  What are the commands for that?18:30
* pcardune redirects aelkner's question to eldar18:30
aelknerpcardune: eldar no esta in casa.  Could you help?18:32
pcardunein that case, yes18:32
pcardunethe command is svn merge18:32
aelknersvn update, svn merge?18:32
pcardunethe trouble isn't the command, it's the parameters, which I always manage to get wrong18:33
pcardunejust do svn help merge18:33
pcardunethat is as much as I can help you18:33
pcarduneeldar might know more though18:33
aelknerpcardune: What am I merging anyway?  You had stated that I needed to merge with the trunk to pick up some changes of yours.  What url?18:35
pcarduneyes, trunk18:35
pcardunemerge *from* trunk, not *to* trunk18:35
aelknerthe url for the trunk?18:36
aelknerpcardune: ?18:36
pcardunethe same as for the branch, except minus the branches/whatever part and with trunk on the end18:36
pcarduneoff the top of my head, maybe
aelknerpcardune: my branch is at, so I'm assuming I'd merge with  Sound right?18:39
eldarsorry was setting up the room18:40
eldarwhat's the issue?18:40
pcardunemerge command18:40
pcardunewhat options18:40
eldarmerging, trunk into branch?18:40
pcardune(I never remember)18:40
pcardune(it always takes me like 20 minutes to figure it out)18:40
pcardunei don't do merges that often18:40
eldaraelkner's branch, right?18:40
aelknereldar: Paul needs me to merge trunk into my branch as he has made changes.18:41
eldargimme a minute to get your command right18:42
eldardo you remember at what revision you branched off?18:42
pcarduneyou can check in trac18:43
eldarsvn merge -r 781:805 (depends on where you are)18:45
eldarthat should do it18:46
eldarif you're inside SchoolTool/src/cando18:46
eldarfor the top, you just remove the src/cando part18:46
eldaraelkner: did it work for you?18:47
aelknertrying now...18:47
aelknereldar: it deleted the candowiki (I'm guessing that what pcardune did) and updated the skilldriver and curriculum packages.  Then it gave and error:18:49
aelknersvn: Copyfrom-url '' has different repository root than ''18:49
pcarduneyou forgot to replace "username"18:50
aelknermuch better now.18:51
aelkneredlar: do I svn ci -m now?18:51
aelknerShouldn't I test first?18:52
eldartest what?18:52
eldartests will fail18:52
eldarnot done fixing trunk18:53
eldarso tests are a mess18:53
aelknerI noticed.18:53
eldarshould be done by next week18:53
aelknerFor instance, make ftest doesn't work from the root of the checkout.18:53
eldarwe know that18:54
pcarduneyou should just check it in18:54
aelknerI got a conflict in, so I got ridd of the >>>> stuff.  Do I svn resolve?18:56
eldarnot sure didn't have to do that often, pcardune do you know?18:57
pcardunebut only aver the conflict is in fact resolved18:57
aelknerpcardune: I edited the file as I said, so what's the svn command?  svn resolve didn't work.  It doesn't know that command.18:58
pcardunetype: svn help18:59
aelknerpcardune: svn help just gives a list of commands, not very helpful.  I've seen you do this at the sprint, so can you remember what the steps are?19:02
aelknerAren't conflicts a common occurance?19:03
pcardunethe steps are to look at the svn help list of commands and find the right one19:03
aelknerI think the problem I was having was not being in the dir where the conflict was.  I tried doing it from the parent, and it didn't work.  Changing to curriculum and doing the svn resolved finally gave me no error.19:05
aelknereldar: the commit works now.  You said that I can't run tests?  Doesn't that mean that I can't get any work done on the project?19:09
pcarduneyou can run your own tests19:10
pcardunejust don't try to run the tests for everything19:10
aelknerOk.  But I should be able to do python2.4 -1um cando.journal, right?19:11
aelknerUnit tests ran, no prob.  Functional tests yield:19:12
aelknerzope.configuration.config.ConfigurationConflictError: Conflicting configuration actions19:12
aelknerIt's security policy stuff.19:12
aelknereldar: Have you seen this lately?19:13
pcarduneaelkner: that's me19:13
aelknerHow so?19:13
pcardunei changed some security stuff around in the journals19:13
pcarduneto fix a bug19:14
pcarduneit should give you more info right?19:14
pcarduneit should spit out the offending zcml registrations19:14
aelknerDidn't want to clutter the chat.19:14
aelknerI could paste it if you'd like to see, but I'm guessing you know what I need to do already.19:15
pcardunewell, you just need to figure out which one is the right one, and delete the other one19:15
*** Newfie2007 has joined #schooltool19:16
aelknerpcardune: that's a bit over my head, I'm afraid.  Could you lend a hand?19:18
pcarduneyeah, paste the error19:18
lisppaste5aelkner pasted "config conflict" at
pcarduneyou may want to run make clean19:21
pcarduneand then make again19:21
pcardunewe had to fix build issues19:21
pcarduneI'm checking out your branch right now to have a closer look19:21
aelknerpcadune: jfyi, I ran make clean and make but still get the same error.19:24
aelknerpcardune, I mean.19:24
aelknerIt looks like an eggs issue, but I don't know what that means.19:31
ignasno it's not an egg issue19:32
ignasi have fixed this before19:32
ignasyou must find the place in schooltool ftesting zcml's19:32
ignasand remove the inclusion of testbrowser ftesting zcml19:32
ignasor reapply the patch that did that19:32
ignasi'll try to look the patch up19:32
pcarduneignas: is that patch in schooltool trunk?19:33
pcardunedoes schooltool trunk even ftest?19:33
ignasyes, yes19:33
pcardunebuildbot doesn't think schooltool compiles19:34
ignasyes buildbot doesn't19:34
ignasthe slave hasn't got docutils installed19:34
ignasand the egg download is broken19:34
pcardunefun :)19:34
pcardunethe change must not be in trunk though...19:35
ignasit is, the trunk would not work without it19:35
ignasmaybe some cando package is including testbrowser ftesting?19:35
ignasin ftesting.zcml of it's layer19:36
pcarduneah, yes19:36
pcardunethis is the case19:36
pcarduneaelkner: remove the last include line from cando/journal/browser/ftesting.zcml19:37
*** bnguyen has joined #schooltool19:37
bnguyenpcardune: ayt?19:38
pcardunebnguyen: yes i am19:38
pcardunehow's it going?19:39
bnguyenare you familiar with the cuecat project?19:39
pcardunei know that someone is doing it, but that's about it19:39
aelknerpcardune: that did the trick.  Thanks.,19:39
bnguyenwell elkner just assigned me to it and i'm wondering what exactly I should be doing with it19:39
pcardunebnguyen: what did he tell you about it?19:40
pcarduneI believe there was someone else working on it before19:40
bnguyenyes, i'm working with bao now19:40
pcardunewho had figured out how to make barcodes19:40
bnguyenyes that's correct19:40
pcarduneand bao is there as well?19:40
bnguyenso he wants it to be able to scan an id and then a barcode and assign that person to the object19:40
bnguyenand it should connect to schooltool even though it will not be a web app19:41
bnguyenyes bao is here19:41
pcardunewhich part are you on? the barcode generation part? or the barcode scanning part?19:41
bnguyenwell apparently both the barcode generation and scanning are complete...19:42
aelknerjelkner: do you use XCHAT-GNOME?19:42
pcarduneis there a branch with this code?19:42
pcardunethat is probably the first step out of anything19:43
bnguyenno there isn't, i'll work on that now19:43
pcardunethe branch should be published to launchpad19:44
ignasif you want to integrate it with schooltool (barcodes)19:44
bnguyenhow do I do that?19:44
pcardunebnguyen: robbie had written up instructions19:44
ignasi would suggest adding a separate module with some REST views specifically designed for this kind of booking19:44
pcarduneif he is there, you should ask him19:44
ignaspcardune: can you post a link to the instructions?19:44
pcardunei'm not sure where those instructions are19:45
pcardunethey are in the #schooltool logs though19:45
pcardunefrom last saturday19:45
ignasso the booking functionality can work as an independent plugin for schooltool19:45
bnguyenok thank you19:45
*** AVN-clockout has quit IRC19:46
pcarduneignas: yes, that would be the best way I think19:46
ignaspcardune: are you getting checkin emails from launchpad?19:46
pcarduneignas: but I don't think we are looking for something that involved19:46
pcarduneignas: sort of, they seem to come in batches19:46
ignaspcardune: hmm, how can you do that with less code19:46
pcarduneevery once in a while :)19:46
pcarduneignas: well, just let the scanning program launch a web browser that points to the page for booking the item scanned19:47
ignasyeah, that's easier19:47
aelknereldar: are you in physical proximity of jelkner?19:50
eldarwithout a meter19:51
aelknercould you ask him to private chat me?19:51
bnguyenaelkner: jelkner says that this is not a good time19:52
bnguyen but he will talk with you as soon as he can19:52
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*** fsufitch_ has joined #schooltool20:07
*** wdickers has joined #schooltool20:07
*** fsufitch_ has left #schooltool20:08
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*** AVN` has joined #schooltool20:10
pcarduneoh, hi wdickers20:10
pcarduneI already know that $ZONE gets replaced in the Client object20:10
pcardunebut it gets tzString from vars, which comes form conf... which presumably comes form agent.conf20:11
pcardunebut, I don't see where the timezone is set20:11
wdickersIt gets set in chesty's Agent's __init__20:11
wdickersself.conf is a dictionary which includes the variables from the .conf files, but also other stuff20:12
pcardunei found it20:12
*** th1a has joined #schooltool20:13
pcardunehi th1a20:13
pcarduneI'm making lots of headway into this SIF stuff20:13
wdickersright now I'm trying to get the tests to pass again, it's mostly importation problems. I'm using the files to import what I need20:13
pcarduneyou probably should not do that20:13
wdickerswhat do you recommend?20:14
pcardunewell, I'm pretty sure I fixed most of the import problems20:14
pcardunetry pulling from the branch agian20:14
pcardunein case you don't have the latest stuff20:14
th1apcardune: I'm glad you're making progress.20:14
th1a(it is basically pretty simple).20:14
pcardunethere are just a lot of different pieces20:15
pcarduneand I haven't totally figured out how they all stack up20:15
pcarduneit might be nice to have a UML diagram... in case you've already made one20:15
pcardunewdickers: you should also use make to run everything20:16
th1aUm... no.20:16
pcarduneok, well that's fine too.20:16
th1a(no uml diagram)20:16
pcarduneat the moment im just trying to get tests to pass20:16
pcarduneI've got an error with the timezone code20:16
pcarduneThe value 'UTC+0-7:00' is not accepted by the pattern 'UTC[+\-]([0-1][0-9]|[2][0-3]):[0-5][0-9]'.20:17
th1aIn the XML Schema?20:17
pcarduneprobably something to do with chesty.agent.Agent, line 6020:17
pcarduneth1a: well not in the schema, but in the xml produced for the message20:18
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pcarduneth1a: thisTimeZone is negative20:20
*** AVN` has joined #schooltool20:21
th1aAh.  Right.20:21
pcardunei hate timezone stuff more than anything20:23
wdickersth1a: I would like to add you to stagent-developers, what is your username on launchpad?20:24
wdickersah, okay20:25
pcarduneth1a: you wanted: self.cong['tzString'] = "UTC%+03i:00" % (thisTimeZone/3600)20:31
lisppaste5wdickers pasted "sifagent error" at
wdickersI get an error when I try to run tests.py20:32
pcardunedon't try to run any direct python20:33
pcarduneuse make test20:33
wdickersoh, okay20:33
pcardunewdickers: I moved a lot of things around :)20:33
wdickersheh, yeah it's really make happy now20:33
pcarduneah yes, that worked20:34
th1aLet me know when I can check this out and from where.20:34
*** Makorihi has joined #schooltool20:36
pcarduneth1a: so there currently is no bzr branch owned by the chesty-dev team?20:36
fsufitchpcardune, did you check out the bug i reported yesterday?20:37
pcardunefsufitch: haven't had the chance yet20:37
th1aI just made the team a few minutes ago.20:37
th1apcardune: So no.20:37
fsufitchoh ok20:37
pcarduneok, and otherwise the vcs-imports branch called "trunk" is your most recent code yes?20:37
pcardunefsufitch: I'm still waiting on that screen shot ;)20:38
fsufitchoh shoot20:38
fsufitchi'll do that now20:38
fsufitchbut i can't get a view of the printable form for the skill driver as it does the same weird thing as in the bug20:38
fsufitchi'll give you one for the competency group20:38
pcardune(they will look the same anways)20:39
fsufitchwow, this takes a while to start schooltool20:40
fsufitchoh, it's done :)20:40
pcarduneth1a: i'm attempting to do a push now20:41
th1apcardune: That is not the most recent code.20:42
th1aIn theory it should be, but it doesn't appear to have updated from the svn, which is the most recent.20:42
fsufitchpcardune, i sent the screenshot20:43
th1apcardune: I spent a while running in circles and finally just punted back to svn.20:43
wdickerspcardune: I changed the doctest.txt to pass the tests, can I push?20:43
pcarduneumm... can you pastebin the diff?20:44
pcarduneI want to see what you did first20:44
th1apcardune: The most current chesty code should be in svn.20:44
pcarduneth1a: ok, well I wonder when launchpad will remirror it20:44
pcardunethen I should be able to do a merge and everything will be ok :)20:45
*** pcardune has left #schooltool20:45
*** pcardune has joined #schooltool20:45
*** mlinnell has joined #schooltool20:48
mlinnellwdickers: hello20:49
wdickersmlinnell: yo. I'm not sure what you guys can do with stagent at the moment, it's kind of in a state of flux20:49
lisppaste5wdickers pasted "doctest.txt" at
pcardunewdickers: could you resend the link to the diff?20:49
pcardunewdickers: I want the diff, not the file20:50
pcarduneas in bzr diff20:50
wdickersohh, you mean output from bzr diff?20:50
lisppaste5wdickers pasted "bzr diff" at
wdickersbasically I deleted the stuff in the doctest that failed and removed the print statement in personTools20:51
pcardunefsufitch: ok, that is a good start, but I have more requests20:51
pcardunehow is "deleting the stuff that failed" making the test pass?20:51
pcardunethat kind of sounds like cheating no?20:51
pcardunefsufitch: There should be no colors20:52
wdickerswell I mean when I print the self.personDb, it used to be a list, now it is a personContainer object, that won't tell us if a person's been removed20:52
th1apcardune: So what's the strategy for stAgent now?20:52
wdickersalthough I suppose I could use self.personsDb.keys()20:52
pcardunewdickers: right, so you need to use the personContainer API to find out about that stuff20:52
pcarduneor [person.title for person in self.personDb.values()]20:53
pcardunewhichever you like20:53
pcarduneth1a: the strategy is getting it into a functioning state with a simpler setup20:53
pcarduneth1a: I've gotten it down to just running make commands20:53
pcarduneafter I get these tests to pass, I'm going to try and figure out what is actually going on in there20:53
*** cpcarey has joined #schooltool20:54
wdickersdo you guys have any ideas for what the interns should do? I don't want to waste their time with stagent being in a state of flux. Maybe a schooltool/zope3 assignment?20:55
pcarduneth1a: then I'll see about threading, site.zcml inclusion, and REST20:55
pcardunewdickers: you should explain to them everything you know about SIF20:55
pcarduneand how the whole thing works20:55
pcarduneeven if the current code is in a state of flux, the basic premise of how it's supposed to work is still the same20:56
wdickerspcardune: okay. Also, for your example of person.title for ..., wouldn't the order of titles be unpredictable like in dictionaries?20:56
pcarduneBTrees sort them by alphabetical order20:56
wdickersah, excellent20:56
cpcareyhi, i'm still getting set up, but i'm here20:57
fsufitchpcardune, i didnt see your remark. I'll make it uncolored.20:58
*** jfroche has joined #schooltool20:58
*** fsufitch has quit IRC20:58
*** fsufitch has joined #schooltool20:59
*** bri3380 has joined #schooltool20:59
cpcareywdickers: are the XSD schemas still in the new sifagent branch?21:01
*** th1a has quit IRC21:01
*** th1a has joined #schooltool21:01
wdickerscpcarey: no, just in chesty. You should checkout a new branch, a lot have changed21:01
cpcareyhave you added the XML templates that i sent to you?21:02
wdickersno, not yet21:03
fsufitchpcardune, is it all right to leave the light gray-ish background for the whole table?21:04
pcardunefsufitch: no21:04
pcarduneit needs to be as white as paper21:04
cpcareywdickers: so what do we have to work on today?21:04
*** tdoggette has joined #schooltool21:05
lisppaste5wdickers annotated #43201 with "diff 2" at
wdickersthe tests fail right now because the database isn't changing (ie 'aelkner' isn't deleted)21:06
wdickersyeah, it was the catalyst for all of this change21:08
tdoggetteDickerson, check #stagent.21:08
*** bri3380 has left #schooltool21:08
*** bri3380 has joined #schooltool21:09
cpcareyi'll be on #stAgent now21:10
wdickersI'm there21:10
*** wdickers has quit IRC21:11
*** wdickers has joined #schooltool21:11
*** bnguyen has quit IRC21:12
bri3380Change nickname: bvuong21:12
*** bri3380 has left #schooltool21:12
AVN`uh, the command is  /nick21:13
*** bnguyen has joined #schooltool21:16
wdickerspcardune: did you get my new diff?21:19
pcardunewdickers: ummm no21:20
pcarduneoh wait21:20
pcardunei see it now21:20
pcardunewdickers: the "most likely this is part of a test" scares me21:21
wdickersyeah, that is a default behavior so I could run the function without initializing a person object21:23
wdickersIt shouldn't be necessary anymore, let me check21:23
pcarduneif it isn't necessary it should be yanked21:23
wdickersI agree. Basically, if you have {'jelkner': 'add'} in your queue, there must be a person object with username jelkner. If not, should we raise an error?21:24
fsufitchpcardune, i removed the colors21:25
fsufitchi'll send you a new screenshot21:25
pcarduneok, thanks21:25
fsufitchpcardune, i'll brb i need to make the ID card thing21:30
pcardunewdickers: yes, you should raise an error21:31
pcardunewait a second...21:31
pcarduneif it is 'jelkner':'add' doesn't that mean you want to add a user called jelkner?21:31
wdickersno, that means 'jelkner' has already been added and a message for adding him should be sent to other applications. It's an 'outgoing' queue21:32
pcardunethen yes, that sounds like a problem and an error should be raised21:33
pcardunebut the message should still be sent to other applications21:33
pcarduneso maybe you should just stick it in the error log and otherwise pass silently21:33
pcardunewe can work out these issues later as we have a better understanding of the scenarios21:33
wdickersokay, but then the message would simply send an empty message, the object will only have a username and nothing else21:34
wdickersall the information we'd have about that person would be their username21:34
pcardunei think i am misunderstanding then21:34
wdickersWell if the queue is telling us to send an add message for jelkner, that means jelkner was just added to this application. stAgent would then try and find that object so it can copy its attributes to send in the message21:36
aelknerpcardune: it looks like they changed Batch's constructor to accept a formatter instead of sizes.  Have you changed any code to use that yet?  If so, could you point me to it?21:39
pcarduneeldar has been working on that stuff, you should ask him21:39
aelknereldar: ?21:40
pcardunewdickers: ok, then raise an error21:40
pcardunebecause that mean the factory for a person got messed up21:40
wdickersHmm, how should I raise it, AttributeError?21:41
pcardunewe can always change it later21:42
pcarduneprobably you'll want to make your own error classes at some point21:42
eldaraelkner: i am not done with that yet21:42
wdickersyeah, Tom has a lot of custom errors21:42
eldarjust adjusting the batching to the new one leads to traversal errors21:42
eldarhaven't sorted that out yet21:42
pcarduneth1a: that is the branch i just put up21:43
*** gpaci has joined #schooltool21:44
aelknereldar: let me know when that's resolved?21:44
eldaraelkner: sure21:45
pcardunefsufitch: ayt?21:45
pcardunefor the form, it should should show the course title21:46
pcarduneand the instructor21:46
pcarduneand everything should be centered on the page21:46
pcarduneand all the fields should be of a uniform width21:46
pcardunefsufitch: and the schooltool logo should be on there21:47
fsufitchpcardune, i'm back21:49
fsufitchshouldve pinged me ;)21:50
pcarduneI did21:50
fsufitch>_> ssh21:50
pcardunethat was the "fsufitch: ayt?" part21:50
*** pcardune is now known as the21:50
fsufitchwell i was getting my picture taken21:50
thethis should be interesting...21:50
theas far as pinging is concerned21:50
fsufitchyou're the?21:50
bnguyenhey, this is Bao21:51
eldarwell the man reason21:51
theeldar: that didn't make any sense21:51
bnguyenpcardune: here is the link to my bzr repository
eldarthe main reason it is going to be annoying is that the pinging trouble21:52
*** bnguyen is now known as bvuong21:52
eldaryea, i'm done21:52
theha ha ah21:52
*** the is now known as pcardune21:52
wdickersoh wow, what was that all about?21:52
bvuongpcardune: What should I do now?21:52
pcardunebvuong: how does your program work right now?21:53
bvuongpcardune: The person using the program will type the word, and the program will generate the barcode, printing out the word.21:54
pcardunedo you have it working the other way around?21:55
pcarduneas in, person scans the barcode, and the program prints out the word?21:55
bvuongyeah, it works21:55
bvuongit's actually built in the cuecat scanner21:55
pcarduneoh, cool21:55
pcardunethat makes that easy21:55
pcardunethe next step is integrating it into schooltool21:56
bvuonghow will I do that?21:56
aelknereldar: you done with Batch?21:56
pcardunewell, I think that your current barcode scanner should exist as a totally separate python package21:56
pcarduneand you should probably modify bar.txt to have an explanation of the usage21:57
pcardunewith tests if they are applicable21:57
pcarduneand maybe change bar.txt to README.txt21:57
bvuongyeah, I was using bar.txt to test the scanner21:57
pcardunethrow in a GPL license21:57
pcarduneadd GPL license headers to all your files21:57
pcardunecome with a nice name for it21:58
pcardunecome up*21:58
pcardunethen talk to Matt Ghallager about packaging it21:58
pcardunebecause I think this little thing has very wide applications and should be available to the rest of the python community21:59
pcarduneonce you've done that, come back and we'll talk about integration21:59
bvuongwhat's a gpl license?22:01
eldaraelkner: right now i don't have time to code, so i can't fix the batching issue22:02
*** gpaci has quit IRC22:03
fsufitchpcardune, in CSS, how can i center the whole table?22:03
fsufitchor do i not need to?22:03
pcardunein css you use margin: auto;22:04
bvuongpcardune: ok, so how do I put my program on the gpl license?22:04
pcarduneyou just need to copy that text and put it into a file in your source code22:04
aelknereldar: that makes me unable to do my work.  When do you think you will be able to resolve this?22:05
bvuongoh, ok, thanks.22:05
aelknereldar: or could I fake it for now?22:05
aelknerlike create a dummy formatter class for the shot term?22:05
bvuongpcardune: so should I just put the whole thing inside my code as a comment?22:06
pcardunethen at the top of each of your files, put a big comment like the one shown here:
aelknereldar: and could you point me to the branch you were working on in the mean time?22:06
pcardunebvuong: don't forget to modify the copyright info22:06
fsufitchpcardune, margin: auto killed it22:07
fsufitchis it all right if the table is left aligned?22:07
eldaraelkner: i was working on trunk22:07
bvuongok, should I use the example in the link you showed me, or should I use the whole thing from
pcardunefsufitch: as long as it looks good printed out and dave welsh thinks it's ok, then yes it can be left aligned22:07
pcardunebvuong: both22:08
pcardunethe example I showed you is for the in code comment22:08
pcardunethe big long one should just go in a separate file by itself22:08
bvuongoh, thank god22:09
pcardunebvuong: and you want a little README.txt like
fsufitchanybody know how i can access the instructor name for a class from the gradebook?22:09
fsufitchi got so far as context/__parent__/22:10
fsufitchwait, i can ask eldar22:10
pcardunefsufitch: there can be multiple instructors22:10
pcarduneso you'll have to do something like, <div tal:repeat="instructor context/__parent__/instructors" tal:content="instructor/title" />22:10
pcardunewdickers: so what is the status on the changes you are making?22:11
wdickersI believe I have finished for now22:11
pcarduneok, then go ahead and push22:11
eldaraelkner: you can try to fix it yourself if you need it urgently22:13
eldari can't promise you anything today22:13
aelknereldar: I could try.  Could you just quickly tell me what files you worked on with regards to Batch?  You said it's incomplete, so if I could look at what you have so far...22:14
wdickersokay, revisions pushed22:14
pcarduneaelkner: just look at the diffs22:15
aelknerpcardune: where do I find the diffs?22:15
pcarduneon trac22:15
pcardunelook at the timeline22:15
eldari did not commit anything, what you need to do first22:16
eldaris look at table/batch.py22:17
wdickersIs there a reason SchoolTool is using schooltool.person.person.Person objects instead of schooltool.demographics.person.Person ones? The add view no longer has contact information, etc.
eldaruse IterableBatch instead of regular batch now22:17
eldarthat is more suitable22:17
pcardunewdickers: interesting22:18
pcarduneI would ask ignas22:18
pcarduneexcept he's not here22:18
wdickersWell except for a small change to personTools, it shouldn't cause a problem for stagent22:19
pcardunewdickers: yeah, I wouldn't worry about it for now22:19
aelknereldar: looking at the diff you submitted for batching, I see you removed stuff and fix the imports, but you didn't code anything for using formatter, right?22:20
pcardunebvuong: and you should publish your branch to launchpad22:20
aelknerI could take a whack at it.22:20
eldarno, because just fixing the formatter breaks something else, so i figured i fixed it wrong22:20
eldarin other words, didn't fix it22:21
eldaryeah, have a stab at it22:21
bvuongpcardune: I just finished my README.txt file22:26
*** smalekgh has joined #schooltool22:27
smalekghHi paul... I have a question about traversers and the _traverse method they have... what is use of the object returns? Is it a string?22:28
smalekghlike, a path kind of a thing to point to a page to return to the browser?22:29
smalekghpcardune: ping22:30
fsufitchpcardune, i'm done with the suggestions you made22:31
fsufitchshould i send you a new screenshot?22:31
fsufitchpcardune, ping ping pinnnnng22:33
pcardunesorry, i was out for a minute22:33
fsufitchppl were missing u over here22:33
pcardunei see that22:33
fsufitchmr welsh is busy for now, he doesn't have time to look at my form22:33
pcardunefsufitch: yes, send me a new screen shot22:33
pcarduneand check it in22:33
pcardunewhat about elkner?22:33
pcardunedoes he have time to look at it, show it to him22:34
jelkneri looked at it22:34
jelknerit is pretty22:34
jelknerbut i'm not the customer22:34
smalekghEr, welcome back, could you answer my question?22:34
pcarduneyeah, in a second22:34
jelknerso i can't say any more than that22:34
pcarduneok, well in that case I guess you are off the hook for now fsufitch22:34
pcardunego talk to Eldar about what to do next22:34
pcardunesmalekgh: per your question...22:34
pcardunethe _traverse method returns an actual object22:35
pcardunenot a string22:35
pcarduneit is the object that the path is pointing to22:35
pcarduneit turns a string, or rather, a set of strings representing a path, and finds the object the strings are supposed to be pointing to22:36
smalekgh*sigh* okay, that I knew, but I guess my questions are kinda unclear... uhhhhh...22:36
smalekghWhen you give a url, like, "yaddayadda/person/schedule"22:36
smalekghthe traverser takes that22:36
smalekghand returns an object22:36
smalekghHow does that return a viewable page to the browser?22:37
pcardunethat is an entirely different sort of question22:37
smalekghyeah, kind of...22:37
pcardunewell, first of all, it will look for a default page22:37
pcarduneI think by default, it looks for index.html22:37
pcarduneso it will turn that path into yaddayadda/person/schedule/index.html22:38
pcardunefor that last part it does a multiadapter lookup22:38
pcardunerather, a muti-named-adapter look up22:38
pcardunesmalekgh: you don't have to worry about that part22:38
smalekghcool, thanks22:39
pcardunejust register a page named index.html22:39
fsufitchpcardune, i sent you the screenshot22:39
pcardunefsufitch: *looking*22:39
pcardunefsufitch: looks great22:39
bvuongpcardune: ok, I just made a branch for the barcode program22:40
fsufitchso i'll commit22:40
pcardunebvuong: and it's in launchpad?22:40
pcardunebvuong: can you send me the link?22:40
bvuongok, the link is, but the mirror link won't work for some reason22:42
bvuongthat was a barcode test22:44
pcardunebvuong: so how does the cuecat tell the program what it picked up?22:45
bvuongwhat do you mean?22:45
smalekghcould someone give me the lisppaste url for this chat?22:45
pcardunelisppaste5: url22:46
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.22:46
bvuongwell, when the cuecat scans a barcode, the computer will print the text from the barcode, on to a text editor22:47
pcardunecan you get it to go right into a variable in a program?22:47
pcardunejust like raw_input22:47
bvuongkind of22:48
pcarduneexcept it would be like quecat_input("Please scan a barcode")22:48
bvuongnot really22:48
lisppaste5smalekgh pasted "partial configure for scheduling" at
bvuongthe cuecat works like a keyboard, when the barcode is scanned, the text will be printed, and the enter button is executed22:49
smalekghokay, uh, paul, is my paste correct for a page index.html within the scheduling directory?22:49
pcardunebvuong: oh, that is handy22:49
Lumiere'afternoon campers22:49
pcardunesmalekgh: *looking*22:49
LumiereLive from Vermont! it's Lumiere22:49
pcardunesmalekgh: yeah that looks right22:50
bvuongpcardune: should I make a program that works for the cuecat then? Like what you thought it would do?22:50
pcardunebvuong: no, i guess just raw_input will work22:51
bvuongok then, we should try to make the text hidden though, or else the person would just type it in22:51
pcardunewell the person should be able to type it in also22:52
pcarduneif hte bar code scanner isn't working for some other reason22:52
lisppaste5smalekgh pasted "Traverser part of scheduling" at
bvuongah, never mind then22:52
smalekghOkay then, paul, does this look correct for a traverser subscribed to a person?22:52
pcarduneeldar: it looks like we won't have to write some other standalone app to use the barcode scanner22:52
eldarpcardune: hmmm?22:53
bvuongpcardune: what should I do now though?22:53
pcardunebvuong: start integrating into schooltool, you should talk to eldar about it22:53
pcardunesmalekgh: that looks about right, although I would do it in a much simpler way22:54
smalekghI'd be very happy to know :-)22:54
pcardunesmalekgh: ScheduleTraverserPlugin = traverser.AdapterTraverserPlugin('schedule', interfaces.ISchedule)22:54
bvuongeldar: how should I intergrate my barcode program to schooltool?22:54
pcarduneor something to that effect22:54
pcarduneeldar: the barcode scanner works like another keyboard22:55
smalekghWe did that before <_< then eldar told us to do it in a different manner22:55
pcardunehe did?22:55
pcardunehow come?22:55
Makorihipcardune: because at first, the schedule does not exist for a person22:55
pcardunethat is okay, it gets created22:56
Makorihipcardune: and this should add one if it does not exist22:56
pcarduneby the zope.annotation.factory part22:56
eldarcuz the way the had didn't work and i didn't know what was wrong with it22:56
pcardunewhat was the error?22:56
Makorihino error22:56
smalekghThere was no error. There was no page <_<22:56
Makorihijust wouldnt work22:56
pcardunedid you write tests to see if the adapter worked?22:57
pcarduneas in ISchedule(someperson)22:57
*** dwoo has joined #schooltool22:57
pcarduneand it worked?22:57
*** Newfie2007 has quit IRC22:57
smalekghit passed22:57
pcardunewhy don't you guys push to the branch on launchpad and I'll take a look at it22:58
smalekgher wait, we used Schedule(person), not ISchedule(person) <_<22:58
smalekghbecause Schedule adapts, not ISchedule22:59
pcarduneSchedule is the adapter22:59
pcardunebut it gets looked up using ISchedule22:59
*** gpaci has joined #schooltool22:59
pcarduneISchedule performs an adapter lookup, which is the same thing that the traverser will do22:59
pcarduneI suspect that you forgot to register the getSchedule adapter23:00
pcarduneas in <adapter factory="schedule.schedule.getSchedule" trusted="true" />23:00
pcardunein the configure.zcml23:01
lisppaste5smalekgh pasted "The OTHER part of the configure.zcml" at
smalekghyou mean this?23:03
pcardunesmalekgh: yes23:04
smalekghThat was already in there >_<23:04
pcardunealthough you shouldn't need "for" or "provides"23:04
pcardunebecause that should be implied by the zope.component.adapts line in Schedule23:04
pcarduneand by the implements line as well23:05
smalekghokay... so that leaves us more puzzled at what it is we're doing wrong then before... hmm23:05
* pcardune wonders why radio DJs say that they have bad music taste...?23:06
pcardunesmalekgh: all the more reason for you to push your branch up so I can have a look at everything23:06
pcardunewithout you having to make lots of pastes23:06
smalekghuhhh, for some reason, it isn't letting us push23:07
MakorihiUnlockableTransport: Cannot lock: transport is read only: <bzrlib.transport.http._urllib.HttpTransport_urllib url=>23:09
pcarduneMakorihi: make sure you are pushing to the right url23:10
pcarduneit should be an ftps url23:10
Makorihibzr push ftps://
Makorihithat doesnt work23:14
pcarduneMakorihi: what is the error? same thing?23:18
pcarduneMakorihi: did you upload your ssh keys and all that?23:18
smalekghhe got it to work... somewhat...23:20
smalekghbut right now it's hanging...23:20
pcarduneit might take a while23:21
smalekghdefine 'while' ?23:21
pcardunemaybe a minute23:23
Makorihistill hanging23:24
Makorihitimed out23:24
*** gpaci has quit IRC23:25
*** gpaci has joined #schooltool23:25
Makorihii have something different now23:25
Makorihipermission denied23:25
Makorihiits actually doing something23:25
pcarduneare you on the same computer?23:25
pcarduneas when you first uploaded the branch?23:25
Makorihii added the key23:26
Makorihinow it says it pushed23:26
pcarduneMakorihi: yep, that worked23:30
pcarduneI'm taking a look at it now23:30
pcardunesmalekgh: ah yes23:33
pcardunei see one problem23:33
pcarduneyour __init__ method should locate itself23:33
pcarduneactually, nvm23:35
pcarduneI don't think you actually have to do that23:35
pcardunethe traverser should do that23:35
fsufitchpcardune, as i was done with printable forms, i went and beautified the competency gradebook23:38
fsufitchi.e. i fixed the row misalignment23:38
pcardunefsufitch: good, I think we needed that23:38
fsufitch:) np23:38
fsufitchhow come it was never filed as a bug?23:39
eldarit was a new bug23:39
eldari guess23:39
fsufitchnot on launchpad it wasn't23:39
eldarno one complained, we had a different alignment issue23:39
smalekghSo then, paul... We're EXTREMELY confused as to what it is we are or aren't doing right/wrong?23:39
eldarand that one was fixed, this is another one23:39
fsufitchi c23:39
smalekghuhhhhh, do you have a suggestion or direction you could point us in?23:39
pcardunesmalekgh: i'm going to try to run your code23:40
* pcardune running code23:43
pcardunesmalekgh: well, i get an unbound prefix error23:44
pcardunefrom your configure.zcml23:44
smalekghwhat would an unbound prefix error be?23:45
fsufitchit would be useful to paste the error for them ;)23:45
smalekgh;) yourself23:45
pcarduneyou had mlns:zope=blah blah instead of xmlns:zope=blah blah23:45
smalekgh>_< thanken23:45
pcarduneand now i'm getting invalid syntax errors in scheduleviews.py23:46
pcarduneline 3623:46
pcarduneforgot a colon23:46
smalekgh*wonders why we never got these errors when we ran our thinger*23:46
pcarduneyou guys have missing colons everywhere23:47
fsufitchsmalekgh: gj23:47
Makorihifsufitch: ty23:48
smalekghself.gj = True23:48
fsufitchno, self.gj()23:48
fsufitchself.gj is a method23:48
smalekgh... right23:48
pcardunemaybe your schedule code isn't being loaded23:49
Makorihiwhy arent we getting errors?23:49
pcardunetry putting a raw_input() in the file23:49
pcarduneand the run schooltool23:49
pcarduneif schooltool starts up without prompting you, your schedule code isn't being loaded23:49
AVN`isn't raw_input a security risk?23:50
smalekghhooray debug code :-)23:50
smalekghnote, debug code <_<23:50
fsufitchyes, AVN` , pcardune wants to make security loopholes23:50
pcarduneif you really wanted it to be debug code, you would do , import pdb; pdb.set_trace()23:50
wdickerspcardune: Can you think of a good coding assignment for the interns? I'd hate to give them only repetitive code while I'm available23:50
pcardunebut that is less understandable than raw_input()23:50
fsufitchthat's the way you told me to do it when i was failing23:50
fsufitchpdb, i mean23:50
pcardunewdickers: what do you mean repetitive code?23:51
smalekghno prompt23:51
pcardunesmalekgh: yeah, i'm just getting lots of really simple errors all over the place23:51
smalekgh>_< I think the problem has a been a' founded23:51
wdickersI mean implementing all the different data type functions (Add/Delete/Change). Until they look under schooltool's hood they'll all be almost exactly the same23:51
fsufitch*sigh* i'm tired of wasting time...23:51
fsufitchpcardune, is there another bug or blueprint i could work on?23:52
AVN`ah, input() is the security flaw, raw_input() is the safe one23:52
smalekghwdickers: point me to something about 'under the hood' and I'll read it :-)23:52
pcardunedid you put schedule-configure.zcml in schooltool-skel/etc/package-includes?23:52
pcardunefsufitch: yes23:52
pcardunethey are hard though...23:52
fsufitchwell, what's the easiest one?23:53
smalekghIf our module thinger works after the simple errors + the whole loading thing... I'm going to have to kick myself... like, 10 times >_<23:53
wdickerssmalekgh: I mean checking out the objects corresponding to courses, competencies, etc. and writing functions to translate them to/from dictionaries23:53
pcardunefsufitch: if dave welsh or Lumiere are around, ask them about virginia SOL import23:53
fsufitchneither of them are visible23:53
smalekghkinda like in the style of accessing annotations from dictionaries?23:54
fsufitchotherwise i would have gotten by printable forms approved23:54
pcardunefsufitch: can you look into writing help files?23:55
wdickerssmalekgh: hmm, sounds like something similiar. Not too familiar though23:55
pcarduneas in, if you do something special, there is a little help button that shows up23:55
pcarduneand you can click on it and it opens up a window with contextual help23:55
fsufitchi see23:55
pcarduneI'll look for some example code to show you23:55
smalekghoh!!! IT GAVE ERRORS23:56
smalekgh*Starts dancing like a maniac*23:56
smalekgh*in joy*23:56
pcardunefsufitch: alternatively, you could help bvuong and brittney with barcode integration23:56
fsufitchi have no idea what that is :)23:57
fsufitchso i'll go with help stuff23:57
*** th1a has quit IRC23:57
MakorihiConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'package', 'ImportError: Module schooltool has no global scheduling')23:57
Makorihiwe recieved that error23:57
pcardunelooks like somewhere you did schooltool.scheduling23:57
pcarduneinstead of just scheduling23:57
fsufitchactually, let me go check of welsh is available23:57
pcardunemaybe in the scheduling-configure.zcml?23:58
pcardunefsufitch: actually, what they need help with is integrating this program for generating barcodes into schooltool23:58
pcarduneI think you should work on that with them23:59

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