IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-05-24

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pcardunegpaci: hi20:51
gpacipcardune: That's all I've got, really -- unless you want to hear me complain about UDP.20:51
* pcardune wonders whether he made the wrong choice...20:52
Lumierehi pcardune20:56
Lumiereshall I get welsh to call you?20:56
pcardunecan you guys wait a bit, I think I might have to go get more furniture...20:56
LumiereI am not at ACC today20:59
pcarduneI'll let you know when I get back21:04
gpacipcardune: As in, not-TCP.21:07
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pcarduneLumiere: ok, you can tell welsh to call me now21:55
pcardunealthough I still have hiccups21:55
LumiereI'm poking him now21:57
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pcarduneLumiere: so what should I be working on first?22:00
pcardunesecurity bugs?22:00
pcarduneskill drivers?22:00
pcarduneor evidence linking?22:00
Lumiereuh finish up skill drivers22:02
Lumieregiven that you have started it22:02
pcarduneignas: ayt?22:12
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Lumiere*gives up and goes home*22:26
pcarduneLumiere: he's not there?22:27
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ignaspcardune: ayt?23:50
pcarduneignas: yes23:50
ignaspcardune: so have you managed to solve your build problems?23:51
pcarduneI've managed to ignore them23:51
pcardunethey are only build problems for interns... I don't need to build :)23:51
pcarduneI think it has to do with the fact that we branched from schooltool trunk23:51
pcarduneand schooltool trunk was following latest available eggs, and we never changed it to specific egg releases23:52
ignasso a bugfix is missing23:53
ignasbecause i thought that i have fixed that thing some time ago23:53

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