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pcardunehas anyone seen jfroche around?21:21
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jfrochepcardune: hello22:04
pcardunehi jfroche22:04
pcarduneI just sent you an email22:04
jfrocheyou didnt miss it22:06
pcarduneoh ok22:06
jfrocheso you read the doc i wrote22:06
pcardunemost of it22:06
jfrocheand saw some usecase that you have too ?22:06
jfrochewhich one's ?22:06
pcarduneI think the only difference is that there is not a grade for every day22:06
pcarduneotherwise everything else is the same22:06
pcardunewith maybe very minimal modifications22:06
pcarduneand like the points for each class (50 for french 45 for sports), it would just be 100 for every class22:07
jfrocheand do you agree the same little stories that i have written ?22:08
pcardunewhat do you mean by "little stories"?22:08
jfrocheeuh the "sequence diagrams"22:08
jfrochewhich shows how the user interact with the system22:08
pcarduneoh yes22:08
pcardunethat is all fine22:09
pcarduneThe user interaction is easier to modify as well22:09
pcarduneits the data structures that I *really* want to share22:09
jfrochefor that i will maybe write documents about it that we can review together before actually program it22:09
jfrocheor as you said some kind of doctest22:10
jfrochei havent looked enough in requirements yet22:11
pcarduneI think doctests are the best kind of documents for that sort of thing22:11
pcardunerequirements has some very good doctests22:11
pcardunethere are some very advanced features which I doubt you will use22:12
pcardunebut it provides good storage methods22:12
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jfrocheand what have you done yet in your gradebook branch ?22:13
jfrocheshould i start from it ?22:13
pcarduneyes I think so22:14
pcarduneit is already using schooltool.requirements22:15
pcardunealthough I have not done a merge with trunk for a couple of weeks22:15
pcarduneso that will be the first thing to do22:15
jfrochei ll look at it tomorrow22:21
pcarduneok, well that is pretty much all I've got for now, I just wanted to point you in the direction of schooltool.requirement and the work that I have been doing22:22
jfrochegood to know22:22
jfrochei ll come back to you when had a look at that22:23
pcardunesend me an email with any questions you have and we can set up a time to start some cooperative work22:23
jfrocheyou GMT-5 ?22:24
pcardune(I thought)22:29
pcardunewest coast USA22:29
pcarduneyes, GMT-822:30
pcardunedoesn't that make 17:00 GMT = 11:00 GMT-8?22:30
pcardunejfroche: what city are you located in?22:34
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wjohnstopcardune: ayt?23:04
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