IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-05-25

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wjohnstopcardune: ayt?00:28
pcardunewjohnsto: yes00:28
wjohnstoBrittney and I have made a great deal of progress lately00:29
pcardunethat's great00:29
wjohnstowe were successfully able to parse all the schools into their corresponding School Containers today00:30
pcardunewhat have you accomplished?00:30
wjohnstoso it seems as though it is just a matter of parsing the rest of the xml document00:30
wjohnstowhich, we have to learn a little more about how that works before we can do it00:30
wjohnstopcardune: I did have one question though00:32
wjohnstoWill Dickerson was able to guide us a little in parsing the schools00:32
wjohnstowhich were the first branch in the xml document00:32
wjohnstohowever, I am unsure of how I can get/read the other branches00:33
wjohnstothe first branch was relatively easy, it had a label00:34
wjohnsto"education centers" around it00:34
pcarduneUnfortunately, I myself have never done XML parsing in python (only javascript) so I'm not sure how much I can help00:34
pcarduneis there a place where I can look at the xml file in question?00:34
wjohnstoit's in my BZR repository00:34
wjohnstoI think00:35
wjohnstothere, that's the direct link00:35
pcardunewjohnsto: don't the other branches just have "division" tags?00:36
wjohnstoI was thinking that perhaps to make things easier, right now there is a large "education_centers" branch, and 3 more "division" branches00:36
wjohnstobut if I edited the xml to have a branch called "divisions" around the "division" branches00:37
wjohnstowould it make things at all easier?00:37
pcarduneI don't think so00:37
pcarduneis there no way to get all the division tags?00:38
wjohnstothere probably is... I have to read up on it00:38
wjohnstothe division branches are a whole lot more complex than the school branches00:38
wjohnsto**education_centers branch00:39
wjohnstoI was thinking it might make my program more readable if I added the "divisions" branch00:40
wjohnstobecause then it would looke almost exactly like the way I parsed the education_centers00:41
wjohnstowhat do you think pcardune00:41
pcarduneI think you should just read up on the lxml documentation00:42
wjohnstook ;)00:42
pcardunewjohnsto: you want tree.findall('division')00:44
wjohnstoI got this site
wjohnstothat has a few links, I'm searching around in there00:45
wjohnstoI'll give that a try and see if it works00:46
pcardunewjohnsto: this should get you started:
wjohnstook, thanks pcardune00:50
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eldarLumiere, hey are you there?01:27
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eldarignas, hey, how are you?01:36
ignasquite well, thank you :)01:37
eldari'm having some issues with trying to build cando/schooltool on feisty, 32-bit01:38
eldar RuntimeWarning: Python C API version mismatch for module _zope_i18nmessageid_message: This Python has API version 1012, module _zope_i18nmessageid_message has version 1013.01:38
eldardoes that mean anything to you, from what I'm guessing I have the wrong C compiler?01:38
ignasis it a clean install?01:39
ignasand is your python custom build on edgy?01:39
eldaryeah, clean install, the compiler came with build-essential, i put python2.4 option into the make files01:39
ignaswhile your gcc now is a feisty one01:39
eldarno, this is a fresh feisty install from cd, it builds fine but when i run it dies01:40
eldardo you have any ideas?01:42
ignasdo "ls | grep i18nmessageid" in eggs directory01:42
eldargrep finds nothing01:43
eldarall i have in eggs are:01:44
eldareasy-install.pth  schooltool.egg-link  site.pyc01:44
ignasyou should talk to jinty to set up a cando buildbot ;)01:45
eldarhaha, alright, thanks01:46
ignascando/schooltool - isn't it trunk?01:46
ignascould you01:46
ignas lisppaste5: url01:46
ignaslisppaste5: url01:46
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.01:46
ignasthe output of your "make run"?01:47
lisppaste5eldar pasted "feisty madness" at
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ignassvn info please ;)01:50
eldarPath: .01:51
eldarRepository Root:
eldarRepository UUID: dad8973a-47c6-0310-98b4-a7a43f19105001:51
eldarRevision: 695901:51
eldarNode Kind: directory01:51
eldarSchedule: normal01:51
eldarLast Changed Author: ignas01:51
eldarLast Changed Rev: 688501:51
eldarLast Changed Date: 2007-04-23 11:42:04 -0400 (Mon, 23 Apr 2007)01:51
ignasresource-booking branch01:51
ignasyou should switch to trunk01:51
ignasthat branch is not being used anymore, and anything that was on it was merged to trunk01:52
eldarhmm so cando trunk makefile is broken01:53
ignasreally? how?01:54
eldarwell, i checked out cando trunk01:55
eldarand ran make01:55
eldarand it checked out that01:55
eldarinstead of schooltool trunk01:55
ignaswell - now that you know the problem is ...01:55
ignasby the way - Congratulations with SC2 :D01:56
eldarHahaha, thank you, same to you01:56
eldarwhen do you think it's gonne come out01:56
ignasas always - late ;)01:58
eldarvery true, they put the same estimated release date as for startcraft ghost01:59
ignasok, g2g sleep, it's a bit late in here ;)02:01
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Lumierehi all18:22
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gpaciRead your email.  Good plan.21:23
gpaciHow do you pronounce "Stephan"?21:23
jelkneri think like steven21:23
gpaciDoes he IRC?21:23
jelknerwhen he is here, he calls himself "theminky"21:24
jelkneror something to that effect21:25
jelkneri'm still sharpening my wet noodle to use on them21:26
jelknerand we can only spare 2 lore folks for the duration of the summer21:26
jelknerso 1 of them will need to move21:26
* gpaci understands.21:26
jelknerbut we can figure that out in late july21:27
jelkneroops, june!21:27
jelkneror *early* july ;-)21:27
gpaci033 614 625 03521:27
gpaciIt's a puzzle.  Want the answer?21:28
jelknerhold on...21:28
jelkneri'm asking robbie if he can figure it out?21:28
gpaciThe spaces don't mean anything.21:28
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jelknergpaci: check out this:
gpaciThe previous one is 622 503 514 62421:30
jelkneryou've shown me this before, and i *still* don't get it :-(21:32
jelknerpuzzles puzzle me21:32
gpaciNeat!  But Search turns up everyone for "paci".21:32
jelknerhe just got started21:33
jelknerhe is doing a summer of code21:33
jelkneradding more ajax support to zope 321:33
jelknerso he was just showing off the ui stuff at this point21:33
jelknermore will come soon21:33
gpaciI figured Zope was involved somehow.21:35
jelknerbut of course!21:35
gpaciCheck our chat window for the answer.21:35
gpaciAs in "Google Summer of Code"?21:35
jelkneri *still* don't get it (sad, elkner, sad)21:36
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* rjelliso heard promise of a puzzle.21:37
jelknerok, george, give it to robbie21:37
jelknergeorge: i gotta run22:09
jelknergpaci: i mean, george, i gotta run22:10
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