IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-05-22

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gpaciSalutations, jelkner and pcardune.18:52
pcardunehi gpaci18:52
gpaciAre you in Thailand yet?18:52
jelknerpcardune: did you see my email to stephan?18:53
jelkneri need to ask gpaci about all this  too18:53
pcardunegpaci: nope, that starts in June18:53
jelknergpaci: do you think you will be able to make the june sprint?18:53
gpacijelkner: Give me a date.18:53
gpaciAlso, how did Saturday go?18:54
jelknerjune 1618:54
jelkner*much* gasp progress18:54
jelknermuffley came in18:54
jelknerand the 3 of them made a lot of progress18:54
jelknerthey are getting to know the pygame folks18:54
jelknerand getting the help they need to put the finishing touches on gasp18:55
gpaciJune 16 looks free.  I'll check wtih Molly.18:55
gpacijelkner: Shouldn't that be *gasp* much progress?  :)18:55
gpacijelkner: What news of lore?18:55
jelknergpaci: lol, can you meet me in the one-on-one chat?18:55
gpacijelkner: You mean, using /msg ?18:56
jelknerhmm... you typed "hi"18:57
pcardunejelkner: so is welsh around?19:02
pcarduneI've got a dentist appointment in an hour that I can't miss19:02
jelknerpcardune: i'll call19:03
jelkneri need to leave in 30 min myself19:03
jelknerLumiere: what's up?19:03
jelkneri'm not going to chase them19:03
jelknerthey know we have a meeting19:03
jelknerand u and i r here19:03
pcardunejelkner: well do we have anything to discuss?19:07
jelknernot really19:08
jelknerthis is the dave welsh show19:08
jelknerdid you see my email to stephan?19:08
pcardunei'm here now19:10
pcarduneI did see your email19:10
jelknerso i'll call him tonight to follow up19:11
jelknerthe other big thing i have is the grade book19:11
jelkneri really like what jfroche did19:11
jelknerhe is asking for the same thing i need19:11
jelknerso when can you get working on that?19:12
pcarduneWe should let him know about that19:12
pcarduneand find a way that we can collaborate19:12
jelknertalk to th1a19:12
jelknerhe is supposed to coordinate such things19:12
pcarduneI can send him an email19:12
pcardunejfroche that is19:12
jelkneri'm just here to provide testing once you get something implemented19:12
jelkneremail them both19:13
jelknerand cc me of course19:13
* pcardune just sent you his mailing address19:13
jelknerdoes pcardune have paypal?19:14
jelknertoo bad19:14
jelknerthat would be easier and faster19:14
pcarduneI don't mind if it is slower19:14
pcardunepaypal creeps me out19:14
jelknerperhaps he should consider getting it19:14
pcardunebecause I always get phishing scams with paypal headers19:14
jelknerbut i just delete them19:15
pcarduneit's easier to detect the scam when I don't even have an account :)19:15
mgedminthat's one reason for not having an account :)19:15
jelknerok, i'm going to call dwelsh19:16
jelknerpcardune: i already had that address19:18
jelkneri thought you just moved?19:18
pcarduneyeah, but that is the school address, which stays the same19:18
pcarduneI will have a mailbox at the school until I graduate19:18
jelknerok, so i didn't need it then19:18
jelknerwelsh is not answering19:19
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jelknercan you start on the gradebook?19:19
jelknerwe need to get moving19:19
pcarduneWell I have started on the gradebook19:19
pcardunebased on what you have seen so far19:19
pcardunebut before I do much more, I want to get on the same page with jfroche_19:19
pcarduneso that we aren't duplicating any work19:20
jelknerso that is your mission then19:20
jelknergood plan, just implement it! ;-)19:20
* pcardune just sent email to jfroche_19:24
jelknerok, neither dwelsh nor Lumiere are answering phones (cell or work)19:24
jelknerour business is done here19:24
jelkneri told them they should contact you directly19:25
pcardunethen I'm going to go brush my teeth extra good and go to the dentist19:25
jelknerhave fun ;-)19:25
jelknergpaci: i'll talk to you later19:25
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gpacijelkner: OK.19:26
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aelknerAren't we supposed to be meeting here at 1:00?20:02
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Lumierehi pcardune_dentist22:03
*** Lumiere changes topic to "SchoolTool development | IRC logs at | Dev meetings Mon, 13:30 UTC (15:30 EET) | Use for pasting | CanDo Dev meeting delayed due to meeting runover and internet failure <_< | CanDo Developer Meeting Tues, 16:00 UTC (12:00 US/East)"22:05
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Lumierehi ignas22:12
Lumieresorry about the dev meeting stuff22:12
Lumieredwelsh and I were stuck in a meeting22:12
ignasoh :)22:14
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