IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2007-05-21

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ACSpikeg'morning ignas14:28
ACSpikeignas: do you work on schooltool fulltime?14:28
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Lumieremorning all16:28
* th1a_ shuffles some papers around.16:30
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th1aGood morning Lumiere, jfroche, ignas.16:30
th1aI was detained by a brief coffee disaster.16:31
th1aNo sugar!16:31
th1aIn Rhode Island we're known for drinking our coffee with absurd amounts of milk and sugar.16:32
th1aWant to start us off, ignas?  How's the journal coming?16:32
ignasgot it mostly tested now, and now i am trying to arange a meeting with Lyceum to discuss what should go next, and whether i should deploy it now, or a bit later16:33
th1aAre they using the calendar in production now?16:33
ignasnot much16:34
ignaslack of publicity ...16:34
ignasi will talk to them about that too16:34
th1aThat is understandable.16:34
th1aIt is hard to introduce things mid-year.16:34
th1aOf course, there are always lots of other things to introduce at the beginning of the year, so that's hard too.16:35
th1aBut it is running at the school now?16:35
ignasno it is still running on our servers, because well - it's more convenient16:36
ignasthey know the url though, and don16:36
ignasdon't have any problems with data being on our servers16:36
th1aSo the big checkin today is the current journal code?16:37
th1aOK.  Cool.16:37
ignasso that pcardune and jfroche could start looking at it16:37
ignasand see if there is anything that would be useful to them as well16:37
jfrocheok but dont think it will be the same here16:38
LumiereI'll check with paul.16:38
th1ajfroche: I think the overlap is that ultimately schools will want the journal results to end up in the reports you're working on.16:39
th1aignas: Anything else?16:39
ignasth1a: no not really, it was a slow week, as i spent some time catching up with what's going in PoV16:40
ignasth1a: but i am catching up with schooltool now16:40
th1ajfroche: What's up on your end?16:40
jfrochei begin with the first story16:40
jfrochewhich is the configuration of the daily work periods16:41
jfrochethis will define the layout of the report16:41
jfrochei will meet the school this week to get more info about the calendar stuff16:42
jfrocheand how do they handle the numerical version of their calendars in the year16:42
jfrocheeuh i mean the software which generate the timetable of the school16:43
jfrochewhich looks like a dark proprietary software16:43
jfrocheanyway i will speak with the guy in charge of this16:43
th1ajfroche: Anything else?16:45
jfrocheeuh no nothing else16:45
th1aLumiere: Anything to add from CanDo-land?16:46
Lumieresprint saturday16:46
Lumierewe're working out a bounty system for bugs and features16:46
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th1aLumiere: Using LaunchPad?16:47
Lumieredoes LP have an actual bounty system16:47
Lumiereor just the mentoring16:47
LumiereI think we're going to use it in our timeclock system16:47
th1aThere are bounties in there somewhere, or there were.16:47
th1aI don't know if the bounties are really integrated at this point.16:48
th1aI'll have to look.16:48
Lumierepcardune has 90% of our timeclock app done16:48
Lumiereit will include bounties16:48
th1aWe may have some SchoolTool bounties next year.16:48
Lumierethat's good16:48
th1aIs timeclock SchoolTool or just Zope 3?16:48
th1aLumiere: So the sprint ran into lots of build problems.16:49
Lumierehopefully pcardune can talk with the zope3 developers and ignas and get our trunk working again16:50
Lumierewithout having to work around to figure out what is up16:51
th1aHm... the logbot seems to have not captured the conversation.16:51
LumiereI have it then16:51
LumiereI log everything from my days as freenode staff16:51
Lumieremy big thing for this week is to get dwelsh16:51
th1aI didn't come away with a sense of what the key problems are.16:51
Lumierenor did I really16:52
th1aThere was the one with a missing Zope config file.16:52
Lumieredwelsh needs to complete the writing of user stories16:52
Lumierepcardune couldn't give bounties or much of anything16:52
Lumierebecause they weren't complete to him16:53
Lumiereso I am gonna take the baseball bat to work today16:53
Lumiereand keep him from leaving his office16:53
Lumieretill he does it16:53
th1aGetting back to the build problems...16:53
th1aIs there anything we should be doing on the SchoolTool end.16:53
Lumiereignas and pcardune16:54
Lumiereneed to have a chat and figure out what is up16:54
th1aIf developers can't get SchoolTool to build, it is a problem.16:54
th1aHowever, it works for me, so it is hard to sort out what is going on -- people seem to be running into different bugs.16:55
th1aI'm not sure if it is because of running on edgy, or running multiple versions of Python, or what.16:55
ACSpike[Work]is the build problem recent? I built it last week fine.16:55
Lumiereit may be16:55
th1aI did a clean checkout on Saturday that worked.16:55
LumiereACSpike[Work]: not sure16:55
th1a(that is, in the middle of the conversation about its broken-ness)16:56
th1aThe interns probably need a very boring explanation about what happens when you've got multiple Pythons installed, and multiple versions of the same package installed in different ways.16:57
ignasi can't really help in any way unless i see the log16:57
Lumiereignas: I will pull the log out16:58
th1aLumiere: If you could send some excerpts to the dev list so jinty can see them as well.16:58
th1aThat would be helpful.16:58
ACSpike[Work]multiple pythons isn't a big problem is it? just have to know which python runs which code16:58
Lumierebigger then you think16:58
ACSpike[Work]luckily I've never had a problem with it16:59
th1aIf you don't understand you need to say "python2.4" instead of just "python" it is a problem.16:59
th1aAnd you might have to change the Makefile, etc.16:59
ACSpike[Work]oh, I guess I usually install them in different prefixes16:59
th1aAnd SchoolTool doesn't work with Python 2.5 yet, right?17:00
Lumiereon most debians17:00
Lumierecan use 2.4/2.5 at the same time17:00
th1aignas: Can you run SchoolTool on 2.5?17:02
th1aOK... perhaps we need to make that more prominent.17:02
th1aIn the documentation.17:02
th1aDoes ST require 2.4?  Will it run on 2.3?17:03
ignaswon't run on 2.317:03
Lumierewe may need to think about a configure script of sorts17:04
Lumiereso on make it checks this stuff17:04
th1aProbably just tighten up the Makefile to catch problems?17:04
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Lumierea make check that make forces to be called on make all17:05
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Lumierejust the man I was looking for... mattva0117:05
mattva01in the flesh :)17:06
Lumiereth1a: mattva01 is working on CanDo packaging17:06
th1aHi mattva01.17:06
mattva01yep, but I need a plan17:07
ACSpike[Work]ignas: what are the sorts of things that make schooltool incompatible with 2.5?17:07
Lumiereth1a: I wanted him to come on so we could walk through the schooltool/cand release plan17:08
ignasACSpike[Work]: Zope3 does not support python 2.517:08
th1aOK.  That's fine with me.17:08
th1aWe've got 20 minutes left and nothing pressing.17:08
ACSpike[Work]ignas: the tight coupling between zope versions and python versions is a bit disconcerting sometimes :-/17:09
ignasACSpike[Work]: it's not tight coupling, any project of such magnitude will have things that do not play nicely with a different python17:09
Lumiereand the final things are, I've set a developers meeting tomorrow at noon est in here17:09
th1aACSpike[Work]: It seems inevitable if Python is going to continue releasing at a steady rate.17:09
Lumiereit will move to 10:15 am mondays once school lets out17:10
ACSpike[Work]yeah, but they deprecate functionality rather than removing usually, I would expect forward compatibilty17:10
th1aLumiere: OK.  So where do we start with mattva01?17:10
LumiereI am purposefully setting it to overlap with the schooltool meetings17:10
Lumierecovering the how/when of the gutsy release17:10
th1aLumiere: OK, we'll see how that works.17:10
th1a(the meeting overlap, that is)17:11
th1aShould we work backwards from the CanDo 07 deployment?17:11
th1aOK, what's the date and the goal?17:12
Lumierethe cando 07 deployment date is August 15, in a single package that is meant to get someone up easily17:12
Lumierewith an upgrade path to a gutsy release of schooltool and cando17:13
mattva01sounds ok to me17:13
th1aWe're aiming for a feature freeze on July 1 and a release on August 1, with EuroPython between the two.17:14
Lumierewe're planning to feature freeze about the same17:14
Lumiereand to release just after you17:14
th1aNow, by "release on August 1" I don't really mean "release."17:15
th1aThat's more like, "release to Debian."17:15
th1aRelease to public will be in October when Gutsy comes out.17:15
Lumiereto give us a chance to clean up the bugs17:15
th1aI'll actually write some new documentation in that time, too.17:16
Lumierewe need to get a cando release to Debian in the same period17:16
mattva01gonna need some MOTU help :)17:16
Lumierecause we would like to have schooltool-cando in gutsy as well17:16
th1aWe have connections.17:17
LumiereI can always as ogra if I have to17:17
th1aIs there anything is particular mattva01 needs to know?17:18
Lumierehe just needs to start a conversation with jinty about it17:18
Lumiereand I forgot when I asked him to be here17:18
Lumierethat jinty was out this week17:18
th1aAnyone have anything else to add?17:18
Lumierejust that your bag of gravel17:19
Lumiereseems to be getting heavy17:19
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:19
th1aHave a good week, folks!17:19
mattva01so I am assuming I should come again next week ?17:20
mattva01fine with me, but again it will only be last part of meeting17:20
Lumierejust make a standard practice of it17:20
jfrochehave a good week17:21
Lumierezzz someone wake up17:21
Lumiereaka me17:22
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