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filip101pcardune: ayt?00:13
filip101i've got a q'tn again00:13
pcardunefilip101: shoot00:14
filip101in an <a> tag in a page template00:14
filip101if i want to use tal:attributes="href something"00:15
filip101and i've got this variable i that's repeating over a list of Threads00:15
filip101how do i make a reference to the object, not its printed version00:15
filip101like: tal:attributes="href i" just gives me a link to /<object 0w4r5j34tre> whatever00:16
pcarduneah yes00:16
pcarduneyou want to use repeat/i/index00:16
pcarduneor something to that effect00:17
pcardunefilip101: you can look it up in the ZPT reference on line00:17
filip101to be precise00:17
pcarduneunder repeat00:17
filip101it's not an issue of repeat00:17
filip101it's an issue of attributes00:17
filip101how do i get the object identifier?00:17
filip101so i can use it in the URL to get to the object's view00:17
pcardunei'm not sure I understand what you mean00:18
pcardunedo you mean i/__name__00:19
pcarduneor maybe i/@@absolute_url?00:19
filip101THAT ONE!00:19
filip101leme try00:19
pcarduneoh ok00:19
smalekghquoth filip, "OH GOD IT WORKS!!!"00:19
filip101i was about to say that00:20
filip101n00b -.-00:20
filip101i'm still working :)00:38
pcardunesmalekgh: hello00:38
smalekghnot working, but reading about TAL + html due to assignments from roughly 98% of people who I've seen in the past 6 hours00:38
filip101i think i need some help00:39
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filip101i'm trying to get a general StuffView working00:39
filip101in browser.py00:39
filip101the StuffView is just a variant of the old Thread view (remember it?) except without the fancy sort-by-date thing00:40
pcardunewhat do you need help with?00:40
filip101it's crashing00:40
filip101for no reason i can detect00:40
pcardunebe more specific :)00:40
filip101so in (which uses StuffView), i do this:00:40
filip101<tr tal:repeat="i view/getStuff">00:40
filip101this causes getStuff() to crash00:41
filip101TraversalError: (< from /home/filip/zope3/lib/python/forum/ object at 0xb5a7314c>, 'getStuff')00:41
filip101like that ^^00:41
pcardune<note>You should not use 'i' for a variable name... I have no idea what 'i' is supposed to be</note>00:42
pcarduneit looks like getStuff is not defined in your view class00:42
filip101i usually do "for(int i=0;i<10;i++)" in java, so i just transferred :)00:42
filip101in my view class?00:42
filip101like, in the configure.zcml?00:42
pcarduneyeah, but in java, the i is an integer so it makes sense... in everything else, i ends up being an object *not* an integer so it stops making sense00:43
filip101true, true00:43
filip101here is part of the configure.zcml00:43
filip101  <browser:page00:43
filip101      for="forum.interfaces.IForumContainer"00:43
filip101      name="index.html"00:43
filip101      permission="zope.View"00:43
filip101      template=""00:43
filip101      class="forum.browser.StuffView"00:43
filip101      menu="zmi_views" title="View"00:43
filip101  />00:43
filip101oh dear00:43
filip101i shouldve lisppasted00:43
pcardunefilip101: in your view class00:43
filip101i'm confused00:44
filip101what does a "view class" consist of?00:44
pcarduneit is not defined in StuffView00:44
filip101it is!00:45
filip101    def getStuff(self):00:45
filip101        return self.mySorted(
pcardunethen you are not looking at the page you think you are looking at :)00:46
filip101i'll just try refreshing the zope instance00:46
filip101(stupid apostrophe key right next to enter00:46
pcardune(you may have not restarted the zope server after creating the getStuff method)00:47
filip101oh wow00:47
filip101now it gives me a fixable error :)00:47
pcardunethat is good00:48
pcardunejust to let you know, I have to go in about 10 minutes00:48
pcarduneso ask questions while you still can!00:48
filip101i have to clean up...00:49
filip101and i have no more qtns00:49
pcarduneok, well I'm going to go move the other half of my future bed now00:53
filip101gl :)00:53
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filip101any update on the schooltool problem?05:26
filip101gah i can't stay online...05:27
filip101gnite ppl05:27
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