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wjohnstopcardune: ayt?03:30
wjohnstoI don't want to bother you if you have to study for finals... :-\03:30
pcardunewjohnsto: I'm here03:31
pcardunewhat's up?03:31
wjohnstoI am having trouble with my Page Templates, once again03:31
wjohnstopcardune: when I automatically setup my containers, they don't seem to follow what I have set in my page templates03:33
wjohnstoit seems to be a problem with the TAL commands03:33
wjohnstobut I cannot seem to figure out why03:33
pcardunewhat error message are you getting wjohnsto?03:33
wjohnstothere is no error message03:33
wjohnstothe page template works03:34
wjohnstobut the TAL references do not03:34
pcardunecan you give me an example?03:34
pcarduneor maybe paste the code?03:34
wjohnstoif you look at the "SEPG" or "My Courses" containers03:35
wjohnstoyou'll see what I'm talking about03:35
wjohnstothe containers that I have set to automatically appear with the SEPG package do not appear in the zope.View03:35
pcarduneit should be pretty straightforaward03:36
wjohnstohowever, if you add a random container (go ahead and try it yourself) it works03:36
wjohnstothat's what I thought until it didn't work03:36
pcardunejust <div tal:repeat="value context/values" tal:content="value" />03:36
pcarduneI've got to run to dinner before everyone leaves without me...03:37
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pcardunebut I'll probably be back in a bit if you are still around03:37
wjohnsto    <div tal:repeat="divisioncontainer context/values">03:37
wjohnsto        <a tal:attributes="href divisioncontainer/@@absolute_url"03:37
wjohnsto              tal:content="divisioncontainer/title"03:37
wjohnsto        >03:37
wjohnsto           Division Container Title03:37
wjohnsto       </a>03:38
wjohnsto    </div>03:38
wjohnstooh ok03:38
wjohnstothat's what I have03:38
wjohnstoI'll just shoot you an email03:38
wjohnstoso you can get to it on your own time03:38
wjohnstothanks for the help03:38
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herpezhi, well i try to do make test it gives   ImportError: No module named libxml205:12
herpezhow can i solve this?05:16
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* jinty wonders where he can find the schema for the REST interface11:22
jintyahhh, of course its very sensibly embedded in python code...11:28
jinty /end sarcasim11:29
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gpacipcardune: Hey, Paul!18:28
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pcardunegpaci: hi george20:38
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ACSpike[Work]one of the teachers I know who is looking for a SIS just hit me with the topic of "hot lunch management"21:06
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th1apcardune: ayt?21:19
pcarduneth1a: yep21:19
th1aI'm trying a new checkout of pcardune-gradebook-improvements on a basically clean feisty install.21:20
th1aWhen I do 'make' I get "No module named ZConfig.cfgparser."21:20
pcardunethat is odd21:20
th1aIt isn't trying to download zope first.21:20
pcarduneI haven't seen that error before21:20
th1aWhich is probably the problem.21:21
pcardunedid you have a problem making it the first time where zope svn timed out or something?21:21
pcardune'cause that would do it21:21
th1aIt never worked.21:21
pcarduneis there a Zope3 directory in the checkout?21:22
pcarduneif there is, it will skip trying to check zope out21:22
th1aIs this using the new build system?21:22
pcarduneI have not merged those modifications into that branch21:22
th1ajinty: ayt?21:30
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wjohnstopcardune: hello23:15
wjohnstoI sent you another email/ I am writing another one just now because I forgot to include something23:15
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pcarduneHi wjohnsto23:22
pcarduneI'm surprised that what you have in your pt file even compiled as it it not valid xhtml23:22
pcarduneyou are missing quotes for the tal:content attribtue23:22
wjohnstooh yes23:23
wjohnstowell I was rushed at the end of class23:23
wjohnstoit was "string:${group/title}"23:23
wjohnstoand I think I was in the middle of editing it when class ended23:23
pcarduneand you don't need to use string... you can just put "group/title"23:23
wjohnstobut when I did that as I recall the containers did not show up23:24
pcardunealso, it seems that none of your pt files were added to your branch23:25
pcarduneyou might have forgotten to add the explicitly23:25
gpacipcardune: Hello.23:26
wjohnstooh, ok I just did that23:26
pcardunehi gpaci23:27
gpacipcardune: Still schooltooling along?  What country are you in this week?23:27
wjohnstoit's finals ;)23:27
pcardunewjohnsto: did you commit after adding?23:28
pcardunegpaci: I'm in the states23:28
pcarduneWalla Walla WA to be specific23:28
pcardunebut in a few week I'll be in Thailand...23:28
gpacipcardune: That always sounds like someone got interrupted...23:28
gpaciFor the whole summer?23:28
pcarduneno, just for a couple weeks to visit my parents23:29
gpaciOh.  Do you have a summer job or internship or anything?23:29
gpaci(Plus I thought they were in Senegal or Gambia or somewhere.)23:29
pcardunethey were in senegal, but just recently moved to Thailand23:31
pcarduneI'll be working for arlington on CanDo stuff as well as a bit of work on SchoolTool23:31
gpaciFrom where?23:31
pcarduneI also got a google summer of code internship to do cool stuff with ajax in zope23:31
pcardunefrom... walla walla23:31
gpaci(Coincidentally, perhaps, "Goin' Mobile" is currently playing on iTunes....)23:32
pcarduneha ha23:32
gpaciThey don't kick you out of the dorm for the summer?23:32
pcardunethey do, but I'm renting an apartment next school year, so I'm living there during the summer23:32
gpaciThus avoiding the tedious process of finding a summer sublettor.23:33
wjohnstoWhat year are you in College?23:33
gpaciI'm in my 17th.23:33
pcardunewjohnsto: just finishing up sophomore year23:33
pcardunegpaci: precisely23:33
wjohnstoah, my sister's age23:33
pcardunegpaci: are you still doing fun things with opengl?23:34
gpaciOh, yeah.  I just recently got it to read Alice 1.0 .vfb (vertex and face) files.23:34
gpaciI thought my kids would love the pterodactyl (really more of a ramphorhincus).23:35
gpaciInstead, their favorite 3D model is....23:35
gpaci(Any guesses?)23:35
pcardunebuzz lighyear?23:35
gpaciUm, these models are probably all older than that.23:36
pcardunethe bunny?23:36
gpaciTHE TOASTER!23:36
gpaciIt dissolves them into helpless giggles every time I say "our friend the Toaster."23:36
pcarduneha ha23:36
gpaciI'd suspect it's some kind of drug humor, except they're 3 and 5.23:37
gpaciOf course, stupid Alice 2.0 uses some crappy-ass XML format.23:37
gpaciAnd, to be honest, I had to manually tweak the [flying reptile]'s wings so they weren't coming out of his back ridge.23:37
pcardunethe words "manually tweak" in this context sound quite frightening23:38
gpaciBut it's nice being able to benefit from hundreds of pre-made models of all kinds of stuff (including vehicles!).23:38
gpaciWell, I did do a scalef(0.01, 0.01, 0.01) on him first.23:38
gpaciI also did a little thing where I make a cloud of random points, give them an arbitrary order,23:39
gpacithen have each one move a little closer to the one just before it in the order.23:39
gpaciThe emeregent behavior surprised me: they basically whirl around in a knot,23:40
pcardunei need something that takes a point cloud and makes faces out of them23:40
gpacislowly simplifying the knot by eliminating kinks and loops over time.23:40
pcarduneI just haven't figured out how to order them23:40
pcardune(although I haven't thought about it that much)23:40
pcardunegpaci: I'm going to have to try that23:40
gpaciThat's easy: start with faces, then make a point cloud out of them.  Then reverse it.23:40
gpaciI can put the code up if you want it.23:40
pcardunebut I dont have faces to start out with23:41
gpaciTake a digital photograph of your face.23:41
gpaciPull it into python (we're way OT here) with pygame.23:41
gpaciTurn each pixel into a point.23:41
pcardunewith PIL would be faster23:42
gpaciHow big a face do you have?23:42
pcarduneI think we are talking about different kind of faces23:43
gpaciAh.  You mean face as in, what a cube has six of.23:43
gpaciWhereas I've been thinking about a photo-blowing-away-like-sand effect.23:43
pcarduneoh... i've already done that one :)23:43
gpaciSo you have a GEOMETRY problem.23:44
gpaciDid you give different weights to different colors?23:44
gpaciDo you just want the convex hull of a point cloud?23:44
pcardunegpaci: actually yes i did23:44
gpaciThe 2-D algorithm is simple.  I don't know a 3-D one off the top of my head.23:46
gpaciI did put myself to sleep once by trying to think one up.23:47
pcardunelol, yeah23:48
gpaciI just thought another one up: start with the point closest to the origin;23:48
pcarduneI suppose I could use the 2-D one... because the point clouds are level sets23:49
gpacikeep examining points that are the greatest angle away from that point...23:49
gpaciNeeds more thought.23:49
gpaciWhat's a level set?23:49
pcardunelike, take z=x^2+y^223:50
pcardunethe curve where z=2 is a level set23:50
pcardune(and happens to be a circle)23:50
gpaciSo it's all coplanar.23:50
pcarduneof radius sqrt(2)23:50
pcardunegpaci: right23:50
gpaciYeah, you could just transform the points into u,v coordinates on your intersecting plane.23:50
gpaci(Which, if it's always z=c, would be very easy.)23:51
pcarduneand they all have the same number of points23:51
pcarduneI'll revisit the problem some time this summer23:51
gpaciOh, I get it: you find the convex hull at each z value, then use those across z values as a mesh.23:52
pcarduneI was trying to get a 3d picture of all the different julia for a given real value23:52
gpaciBut I wouldn't call that a point "cloud".23:52
pcardunejulia sets*23:52
pcardunegpaci: yeah, it's not as complicated as a point "cloud"23:52
gpaciSo you deliberately misled me  :x23:59

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