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gpaciGiven how jagged Julia sets are, you might be better off just starting at the set of points.00:00
pcarduneah, i'm back00:09
pcarduneblasted wireless00:09
pcardunegpaci: I wanted to prove that the space of all julia sets are continuous... but I haven't gotten into topology quite yet00:10
gpacipcardune: And I kind of hope I'm *never* that into topology....00:11
pcarduneyeah... no kidding00:11
gpaciDo they still start with topology in introductory courses to real analysis?00:13
gpaciOpen sets, closed sets, that kind of thing?00:13
pcardunei'm going to find out... i'm doing real analysis next semester00:13
gpaciHave you done complex analysis already?00:14
gpaciThe only thing I know about it is that *everything* has roots.00:15
pcardunei just got done with "intro to higher math" which is just a proof class with topics in number and set theory00:16
gpaciI never did a whole real analysis class; they just seemed to think it was important00:16
pcarduneand an independent study in fractal stuff00:16
gpacito cover the basics at the beginning of multivariable calculus.00:16
gpaci(They = the Princeton math department.)00:16
pcarduneit is required for math majors here... either real or abstract algebra00:16
pcarduneI thought you went to cornell00:17
gpaciI did.  This was before that.00:17
gpaciI used to be a genius, you know.00:18
gpaciPrinceton lets you take a free course if you're in a local high school that's00:19
gpacirun out of courses in the subject.00:19
gpaciMy high school went through Linear Algebra, but a couple of us wanted00:19
gpacito go further.00:19
pcardunewow... nice high school00:19
gpaciMaybe.  I attended with the Menendez brothers.00:19
pcardunethe who?00:19
gpaciThey shotgunned their parents to death.  You were probably 2 at the time.00:20
gpaciLess parricidal alumni include Christopher Reeve, Mary Chapin Carpenter,00:20
gpaciBen Mezrich, and Andrew Blechman.00:20
th1apcardune:  I need a phone # for you to book this flight.00:22
pcardunegpaci: didn't john glen go to yorktown or something like that?00:25
gpaciMaybe.  I think one of the guys who died in the second shuttle disaster did.00:25
gpacipcardune: Dr. David M. Brown, '7400:27
th1apcardune: You have a regular US passport, right?00:27
pcarduneth1a: yes00:27
pcardunegpaci: oh00:27
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th1apcardune: Hm... I assume that Seattle is the international airport nearest Walla Walla?00:38
pcarduneth1a: yes00:39
th1apcardune: OK... you'll have to figure out how to get from Seattle to Walla Walla & invoice me for that.00:45
th1aI'll forward the itinerary in a minute.00:45
gpacipcardune: See ya.00:47
pcarduneth1a: that I can do...00:47
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th1apcardune: Mailing address for the tickets?00:48
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pcarduneth1a: wow, there is a direct washington d.c. to vilnius?00:54
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th1apcardune: It is not direct.01:58
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jintyignas: could you try installing the python-tz package from the schooltool archive and see if that solves your issue?11:45
ignasthe line i should put in my apt sources?11:46
jintyhere's the deb
jintyyou probably don't want to have that repository around11:47
jintythough the pt line was in the e-mails I've been sending to the list11:48
ignastar: ./postinst: time stamp 2007-05-09 13:43:19 is 6866.018665499 s in the future11:49
ignastar: ./control: time stamp 2007-05-09 13:43:20 is 6867.005464859 s in the future11:49
ignastar: ./md5sums: time stamp 2007-05-09 13:43:20 is 6867.005407309 s in the future11:49
ignastar: ./prerm: time stamp 2007-05-09 13:43:20 is 6867.00535758 s in the future11:49
ignastar: .: time stamp 2007-05-09 13:43:20 is 6867.005308411 s in the future11:49
ignasbut i guess it will fix itself in 2 hours ;)11:49
jintymy virtual machine lives in a virtual future :)11:49
ignasyep, pytz now works11:52
jintycool bananas, I'll get it uploaded then11:52
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ignasjinty: ayt?14:14
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jintyignas: now I am16:04
ignasjinty: i was going to ask you to test for a firefox bug16:04
ignasbut now I got it more or less reproduced16:04
ignasouch it was painful ;)16:05
ignasi had a GET form with a lot of fields with long names16:05
ignasand firefox does not cope with long urls properly16:06
* jinty thinks firefox is very painful on os x16:06
jintyand this little colored spinning ball that once was cute is now just very irritating16:06
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