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th1acalvinhp: We're using whatever ReportLab is in Ubuntu.00:27
th1acalvinhp: We're still working out the basic gradebook functionality.00:27
calvinhpare there documents of the spec someplace?00:28
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Bhaskar1th1a_, hello08:22
Bhaskar1th1a_, what is going new?08:22
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jfrocheignas: do you think have a new relation between group and level would make sense ?13:49
ignasno idea, haven't thought about it that much13:49
ignasif connecting it with level would work well enough - you can try doing that13:50
ignasthough i was thinking of separate group types13:50
jfrochenew container with classes ?13:50
ignason one hand - at the moment lyceum has these 1a, 2a grade classes13:51
jfrochesame for me13:51
ignason the other hand - some time in the future they might disappear13:51
ignasso the approach that would work in both cases is having13:51
ignas"level" on a person13:51
ignasand "class id" as a "a", "b", "c" on a person as well13:52
ignasand adding these to the group view just to make it more accessible13:52
ignasnot having any actual groups at all13:52
jfrocheuhm that's quite a big work13:53
jfrochehow would you get all student in group 2a ?13:54
ignasslowly at first13:54
ignaswith an index some time later13:54
jfrochei c13:55
ignasor make the relation between level and student a "relationship"13:55
ignasso you can get all the students in level 2 pretty fast13:55
ignasand after that - you filter13:55
ignas100-200 students would be fast enough ;) if not - add an interface and index13:55
jfrocheok :)13:58
* ignas is migrating to Zope3.4 (need the updated test runner so all the tests would pass )14:05
ignasnot very easy to migrate14:06
ignashad to package 3 Zope eggs, mgedmin reported 1 bug on launchpad, i fixed one bug in Zope314:07
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ignasjinty: ayt?14:39
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ignasjinty: switched schooltool to Zope3.4 eggs16:14
Lumiereignas: I think buildbot hates you16:29
ignasi know16:29
calvinhpwould it be possible to get permission to see the blueprints for schooltool on launchpad?16:30
calvinhpI get a not allowed here while trying to view the gradebook16:30
calvinhpoh,  that is a link to set the URL16:31
calvinhpnot an actual link,  sorry for the noise16:31
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Lumieregradebook stuff is being worked on16:36
Lumierethere will be a meeting this week16:36
Lumierebetween ignas, pcardune, and jfroche about it16:36
Lumiere*poofs to work*16:36
calvinhpLumiere: do you know when?16:36
ignasprobably monday16:37
ignasmost probably we will have 3 gradebooks16:37
Lumiereignas: jfroche posted friday evening...16:37
ACSpike[Work]good morning16:48
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* ignas just managed to persuade buildbot that schooltool works16:50
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wdickersth1a: you there?18:01
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