IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-04-24

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calvinhphas anyone tried a clean setup of a svn check out lately?17:17
calvinhpit seems to be borked by Zope 3.4 eggs and the code looking for stuff that has changed in the API17:17
ignascalvinhp: svn up and try it again17:22
calvinhpok,  thanks,17:23
calvinhpI'll have to wait until I can get to my ubuntu box17:23
calvinhpmy mac won't even compile the stuff at the moment17:23
calvinhpI think I have 2.4 packages installed in my python that it doesn't like17:23
calvinhphave you guys thought about using workingenv?17:23
ignashmm, no idea, we are not actively supporting macs for quite a while ...17:23
calvinhpby Ian Bicking17:24
calvinhpallows you to make a python sandbox so you can install fresh eggs etc17:24
calvinhpkeeps the environment reproducable17:24
ignashmm, not much use for schooltool as it is17:25
calvinhpI think it would17:25
ignas(schooltool is not an egg by itself)17:25
calvinhpsince I've tried for hours now to get it working17:25
ignason ubuntu machine or a mac?17:25
ignasand - the trunk was broken for a few days17:25
calvinhpI guess I choose the wrong moment to try it out  ;)17:26
ignasi was preparing a branch for a HUGE merge17:26
calvinhpit is stable now?17:26
ignasit runs, a couple of functional tests might fail17:26
ignasbecause of a bug in Zope3.3 branch17:26
calvinhpwe have a school that we'd like to use this with and if so we'd contribute back to the project17:26
ignasand it is not stable enough to keep mission critical data (the trunk)17:27
th1acalvinhp:  Running SchoolTool on a Mac will test your sanity.17:27
calvinhpseems odd th1a17:27
calvinhppython is python right17:27
calvinhpI have the needed devel packages17:27
calvinhplike libicu17:27
ignasyou might be able to run it17:28
calvinhpth1a: we met at PyCon this year17:28
calvinhpyou were at the table with Chris Mcavoy and Ian Bicking at the hotel bar17:29
calvinhpignas: nice!  today it builds and runs on my mac just fine17:38
Lumiere'morning th1a, 'evening ignas17:40
ignasLumiere: hi17:41
Lumierehi calvinhp, ACSpike[Work]17:41
Lumiereth1a: this last day or so of messages about the gradebook meeting has given me even more reason to merge cando's mailing lists into schooltools17:41
LumiereI've been getting 2 copies of every message on the gradebook stuff17:42
calvinhphi Lumiere17:42
* Lumiere was supposed to be at PyCon... then he got sick17:44
ACSpike[Work]morning Lumiere17:53
th1aLumiere: I'm ok with it.17:55
th1aBut since it would mean merging CanDo's into ours rather than vice versa, the main decision is on CanDo's side.17:55
ignaswon't that confuse future CanDo users?17:55
th1acalvinhp: Hi!17:56
ignasyou find a bug in CanDo, and write an email to SchoolTool ...17:56
th1aignas: You find a bug you file it on LaunchPad, which supposedly knows the two are connected.17:56
th1acalvinhp: The thing that was funny about that conversation was that I hadn't met Ian before, and I wanted to say "Are you Ian BICKING?" but I thought it would be awkward if he wasn't.17:57
calvinhpLOL,  events are fun that way since you finally get to meet all of those folks17:58
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th1acalvinhp: Also, let me know if you notice unusually bad performance on the Mac.17:58
calvinhpok,  I'm just checking it out now...  there was an issue loading the sample data17:59
calvinhpI tried all the plugins at first17:59
th1aThere's that, too.17:59
calvinhpnow I'm loading them selectivly17:59
th1aI never figured that one out.17:59
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calvinhpwow,  from what I've seen so far this is going to be amazing for schools18:26
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calvinhpwhat is the relationship with the ST calendaring and CalCore?18:30
calvinhpI see mention that CalCore uses some of the recurance code from ST, but why doesn't ST leverage CalCore?18:30
calvinhpby the Nuxeo folks18:38
ignashow old/new the recurrence code used in there is18:40
calvinhpbeen there a while18:40
ignaswe had some serious performance problems with our old recurrence code18:40
calvinhpthat might explain some issues we are seeing then in a project we are using it for18:41
* calvinhp makes a mental note18:41
ignasno proper timezone support either18:42
ignasand only basics of ical18:42
calvinhpinteresting thread with Martijn18:42
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calvinhpare there any graphing packages out there that the project is considering for things like gradebook?21:01
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calvinhpis reportlab still used?21:48
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th1acalvinhp: Yes.23:46
th1aReportLab is still used, and will be used much more when we have more reports.23:46
calvinhpth1a: we have a client who is looking for charts of student performance that can be split up by demographics23:47
calvinhpseems like a nice extenstion to gradebook23:47
calvinhpright now the stats seem to be assignment based23:47
calvinhpbut it would be nice to see across multiple assignmens trends and filter them based on demographics23:48
calvinhpis this something that has ben spec'd out already?23:48
calvinhpare you using reportlab 2.0 yet?23:49

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