IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-04-26

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ignashi jinty13:38
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ignasjfroche: ayt?13:46
jfroche_ignas: yup13:47
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ignasjfroche: the patch that fixes egg dependencies was commited to schooltool resource booking branch some time ago13:47
ignasjust look at resource-booking setup.eggs.py13:47
jfroche_ok ok13:47
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jintyhey ignas15:26
ignaswhat do you think about the omlet ?15:26
jintyyou mean the fun time you're having with eggs15:28
* jinty goes to read his checkins mail a moment15:28
ignasdo your scripts still work with all the Zope3 in the eggs folder15:30
ignasand no Zope3 checkout15:30
ignasand the idea of using eggs instead of a branch15:30
jintyignas: I'm pretty far out of schooltool devel at the moment, I'll have to see15:32
ignasi see15:33
ignasjust wanted to warn you15:33
jintyI know that the schooltool nightly build has been failing for a looong time15:33
ignasso you wouldn't be too surprised15:33
jintythat's the first thing to fix15:33
jintyreally, it's zpkg that I think we should worry about15:33
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jintylike: how we're gonna make a tarball15:34
* jinty wants dearly to throw zpkg totally out of the window.15:34
ignaswhat does it do?15:35
ignasand yes - i want to get rid of it as well15:35
ignasit made me have Zope3 in my pythonpath (zpkg depends on zope3 package)15:36
ignaswhich adds trouble15:36
jintythe thing is, that we're also going to have to eggify schooltool15:36
jintydo you think our components are stable enoug to release separately?15:37
ignaswhat do you mean components?15:37
jintybecause there are some schooltool.* packages that we don't want to release15:38
jintysorry componenet = schooltool.* package for me right now15:38
ignaswe can cut out some extra packages15:38
ignaswe could make a schooltool.egg15:38
ignaswe would have to do some shuffling with binaries though15:39
ignasfor example15:39
jintyyeah, we'd basically have to mirror what's been happening to zope over the past few months15:39
jintybut then, for example, we could gradually release the eggs till we had a stable schooltool stack15:40
jintyrather than one big release all at once15:40
ignashmm, not sure we can pull off the zope3 model at the moment15:41
ignastoo many relationships between components15:41
jintyok, then, perhaps: one schooltool egg, and we manually set the packages argument to leave out certain packages15:42
ignashmm, no idea, you would be more lucky to talk to j1m or someone who made zope.ucol15:42
ignasjinty: yes, that would be the idea15:42
ignasbecause releasing timetables independently from attendance or calendar not just requires refactoring (the easy but takes time part)15:43
ignasbut also needs some way for attendance to have it's own generation scripts15:43
ignasand how do you synchronize n+1 evolution scripts?15:44
ignasas in - make timetable evolve to 5  before calendar gets to 315:44
jintyha, no idea :) we normally do database upgrades by hand...15:44
jintybecause we normally only have one...15:45
jintyare you going to spain?15:45
jintyfor UES15:45
ignashaven't heard about it15:45
jintyit's in Sevilla next week or so15:48
jintybut, basically, I think we need to make a decision soon about this15:48
jintyso that we have the time to work out all the bogs15:48
jintyyou can confirm that your "schooltool with zope 3.4 eggs" works for you from the software side?15:49
jintyI mean that you go easy_install schooltool15:49 -s schooltool15:49
jintyand they all run fine>/15:49
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ignassorry, got distracted by RMS song15:56
ignasschooltool is not an egg by itself15:57
ignasso easy_installing it won't work15:57
ignasbut it should be testable15:58
jintyignas: do you think it's time for a branch?16:05
jintyI mean why not just rip out all of zpkg and the Zope3 checkout16:06
jintythen we see if we can release it16:06
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ignasi might need a couple of days16:06
ignasmigration scripts and all16:06
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ignasfor resource-booking merge16:06
ignasand then we can do that16:06
jintyah, you want to merge resource-booking before we make a branch like that?16:07
* jinty feels cando's pain...16:08
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ignasi have just merged it16:09
ignasneed an evolution script16:09
jintyah, so then why don't I just make a branch now, start ripping stuff out16:10
jintyand you have a look when you have time?16:10
ignasthat won't affect evolution16:10
ignasso yes16:10
ignaswe can do that now16:10
Lumierejinty: my pain how?16:13
ignastables, indexing, resource booking, eggs16:14
ignasand all of these in such a short time16:14
Lumierewe'll live I think16:15
Lumierehave we set a datetime with pcardune for gradebook?16:15
Lumierebb in 1 hr16:17
CrippsFXhm ... if I follow the IRC logs for all the classes pcardune has taught in here, will I learn everything there is to know about using Zope3 ?16:32
ignasyes at least you will have some question asked16:33
ignasand will have more questions16:33
CrippsFXawesome. We're doing a Zope3 project at work, and as you can tell, good Zope3 documentation is sparse at best.16:34
ignasyou can find a lot of good examples of Zope3 programming in schooltool codebase (you just have to dig deep within all the bad examples of Zope3 programming)16:47
CrippsFXhahaha. Sounds like a good Idea, I just downloaded the alpha tarball, so I'll be looking through it. Thank you :)16:50
CrippsFXwhen did pcardune start doing the Zope3 lessons in here?16:51
ignasi would suggest svn trunk16:53
ignasnot a tarball16:54
ignasno idea when he started that ...16:54
ignasyou can use search for "pcardune"16:54
ignasor maybe for one of his students16:54
ignasthey haven't been around for so long16:54
CrippsFXah. Okay, I'll check out the svn source.16:55
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CrippsFXhey Greg.16:58
xbeanxHey Aaron16:58
xbeanxfigure'd I'd sit in here and eavesdrop.  Maybe I'll pick up some tips16:58
CrippsFXhmm ... You *should* be able to get that if you do something like http://zopetest:8080/++skin++CustomSkin/shipv2.html16:59
ACSpike[Work]good morning16:59
CrippsFXxbeanx: hahaha.16:59
CrippsFXalthough, somebody here will correct me if I'm wrong on that skinning thing.16:59
CrippsFXxbeanx: I'm checking out the svn code right now to read through17:00
xbeanxHi Spike17:00
ACSpike[Work]is there somebody else named Spike? or is that me? :-)17:00
CrippsFXmethinks it's you 'guvnor17:01
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ACSpike[Work]xbeanx: have we met before and I forgot?17:04
CrippsFXhow does the DEPENDENCIES.cfg work? is it called somewhere to import the packages located within itself?17:05
algavaikų darželis!17:06
mgedminDEPENDENCIES.cfg, is that a zpkg thing?17:08
CrippsFXit's located in every component directory in schooltool17:08
CrippsFXthere's also the PACKAGE.cfg17:09
ignaszpkg thing17:22
CrippsFXah. okay.17:23
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LumiereCrippsFX: you might not want to start with zpkg17:56
Lumierejinty is starting the process of removing zpkg from schooltool17:57
CrippsFXLumiere: I'm working with xbeanx, we're doing a straight-up zope3 project, so we're just looking through the schooltool code as a guide on zope3.18:28
CrippsFXwould you still advise not using zpkg though?18:29
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LumiereCrippsFX: ask jinty :)20:18
mgedminthe zope 3 folks are trying to move away from zpkg, I've heard20:19
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CrippsFXsounds good to me :D21:02
CrippsFXI never started using zpkg anyways ;)21:02
Lumierehi ignas21:27
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Lumierejeff wasn't there long21:52
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Lumierehi jelkner22:12
Lumierehow's hb doing?22:12
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