IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2007-04-23

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* jinty wonders if he has time to go and swim before the meeting15:15
jintyyep, seems there is...15:22
jfrocheignas: hello, there isn't a group factory actually, would it make sense to create one ?15:25
ignasit probably makes sense15:26
ignasyou can try that15:26
jfrochedoing this on my branch anyway15:27
ignasor you could just store extra attributes in annotations for a group15:27
ignasand just adding different views for your school15:27
ignaswhich ever way you prefer15:27
ignasyou should have evolution scripts for your school first though15:27
jfrocheuhm i can restart from scratch15:28
ignasi see15:30
jfrocheignas: long ago i did the ISchoolToolInitSubscriber & some utility (eg for groups) for initialization, you added something like that in trunk ?15:31
ignasno, i have started doing some changes for lyceum in that direction15:32
ignasbut had no time to merge it to trunk yet15:32
jfrochei could merge mine, but not sure it's generic enough15:32
ignasno it isn't15:36
ignasit would conflict with my lyceum changes15:37
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Lumierehi kjcole, ignas, jfroche15:46
jfrochehello Lumiere15:46
kjcoleHi.  Gallaudet (or my unprintable name for the place) cut the power over the weekend without telling anyone.  So, now my boxes are all slowly recovering.16:08
Lumiereyea i heard about that16:08
kjcoleSomewhere along the way, I set Konversation (KDE's IRC client) to auto-log me in on a reboot.  Hence my presence here.16:08
Lumierewell... at least you came to the coolest place on earth16:09
kjcoleDon't you mean schoolest?16:10
Lumieresomething like that16:10
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* th1a shuffles some papers around.16:30
Lumieregood morning th1a16:30
th1aGood morning Lumiere.16:30
ignashello ;)16:30
th1aHi ignas.16:31
th1aIs jinty back from swimming?16:31
th1aHi jfroche.16:32
th1aSo far this morning I've learned the number of the National Passport Information Center, which I can call to figure out how to get my overdue passport before I have to leave for Spain.16:35
th1aThey're a little backed up.16:35
th1aI feel like our entire government is falling apart.16:35
Lumiereth1a: there are also 13 regional passport centers16:35
Lumierethere is one in boston iirc16:35
th1aYes, I figure I'll have to drive up there.16:35
Lumierethey are where you go to start a 2 week passport app16:36
Lumiereth1a: I assume you saw it, but jelkner would like to have ignas available at least some during our sprints16:36
th1aI actually worked processing passport applications for a while.16:36
ignasi will try to appear in there16:36
th1aI've discussed it with ignas, although I don't think I got a "final answer" out of him.16:36
ignasthough pcardune should read checkin messages time to time as well ;)16:36
LumiereI think he does16:37
th1aI think we need a little more of a commitment, ignas.16:37
ignasI will be present, the problem with eggs was fixed in resource booking branch16:37
ignasas i am currently working on merging it into the trunk16:37
th1aignas: thanks.16:38
ignasand i didn't merge it to trunk16:38
Lumiereignas: even if all you do is log into IRC and check it every 30 minutes or so16:38
jintyth1a: yep16:38
th1aHi jinty.16:39
ignasLumiere: ok16:39
ignaswon't be too difficult16:39
th1aOK, let's go around the horn with updates...16:39
ignasi am still fixing the resource booking branch, which was not helped by the latest Zope3 to eggs migration16:40
ignasthough now the new style navigation got fixed16:41
th1aWhat exactly is going on with Zope3 and eggs?16:41
ignaswell - there will be 2 3.4 releases16:41
ignaseggs one and zpkg one16:41
ignasso i looked a bit into possible migration to zope3.416:41
jintyyes, I htink the zpkg one will be the official one16:42
ignasjinty: which one you would like to use for schooltool packaging ?16:42
ignasi have added one more feature for lyceum as well during the week16:42
jintyWhichever one is going to appear in the ubuntu release we're packaging for16:42
ignasmakes sense :)16:43
th1aZope 3.4 will probably be the one in Gutsy, right?16:43
ignasyes, but the question is - eggs or no eggs16:43
* th1a forgot the new nickname.16:43
jintyI think no eggs16:43
th1aOK... let's come back to this.16:43
ignasi mean should i try switching to Zope3.4 eggs or should we keep on using a checkout16:43
th1aLet's table this for a minute and come back to it.16:44
ignasas for the merge - i should be done this week unless some unpredicted bugs crop up16:44
th1aAnything else?16:45
ignashmm, REST for resources?16:45
ignaswhat should we do with it?16:45
ignasdo we need it, if not - should we remove it or just keep it half functioning16:45
th1aHow much time to keep it half functioning compared to removing it.16:46
ignasremoving would take longer i guess16:47
ignasat the moments, tests are stopping to work one by one16:47
ignasand making them pass would take time, removing views altogether would take time as well16:48
th1aI'll defer to your judgement.  We may revive REST eventually in a systematic way, but that would be over a year from now, probably.16:48
ignasi see16:49
th1aIn other words, it is in the "something we'd like to do someday when we've got some free time" category.16:49
th1aWhich means, "probably never."16:49
Lumiereshouldn't that be a feature spec then?16:50
jfrochesomeone using this functionality right now ?16:50
ignasand no one will for quite a long time16:50
LumiereI thought the devtools used it16:50
ignasour problem at the moment is getting things into schooltool16:51
ignaswhen we will accomplish that - we can start taking care of the "other direction"16:51
th1aLumiere: Sample data just generates things directly.16:52
th1aIt isn't that there aren't plenty of use cases.  It just is a drag on development for something that we don't NEED now.16:52
th1aOK... jfroche.  What have you been up to?16:53
jfrocheworking on gradebook16:53
jfrocheand updated the setupdata16:53
jfrocheto import with new csv file16:53
jfrocheas the school don't stop changing their export files16:53
jfroche(order of exported columns)16:54
th1aSo you've got scripts to rebuild the whole school?16:54
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Lumierehi ACSpike[Work]16:54
ACSpike[Work]good morning16:54
jfrocheyup, import script is a bit bigger16:54
jfrochei am about to commit them16:55
th1ajfroche: Cool.16:56
th1ajfroche: Have you looked more at the existing gradebook code?16:57
th1aMake any sense to you?16:57
LumiereI'll update for pcardune16:57
th1aThanks Lumiere.16:58
jfrocheyep but as i said i ll have to add different views & adapters16:58
Lumierepaul is also working on a gradebook: jfroche, ignas, and pcardune need to sit down and have a chat16:58
Lumierethe thing paul is doing right now is extracting the cando competency gradebook and turning it into a extendable gradebook interface16:58
Lumierethat he's going to be writing jelkner's new gradebook and a new cando competency gradebook in16:59
th1aOK.  We definitely need a meeting then.16:59
th1aNeed to cross two more timezones...16:59
ignaswhat time pcardune is available on IRC ?17:00
th1aLumiere: Has he started actively working on this?17:00
ignasi haven's seen him lately17:00
Lumiereth1a: see branch17:00
Lumiereignas: he was on saturday17:00
ignaswhat about non-weekends17:00
Lumiereafternoon evening my time17:00
Lumiereso probably about the time you go home17:00
LumiereI think he has morning classes17:01
ignasi see17:01
th1aOK, I see.17:01
th1aI don't think I got emails about these checkins.17:01
Lumieremay be on cando side17:01
Lumierelemme look17:01
th1aIt seems to be in http://source/
th1aWell, if you don't mangle the URL...17:02
Lumiereto rev 6879+688117:03
Lumierehe's also adding student side views for grades17:03
th1aOK.  I've started a email.17:04
th1aWe just need to find a time.17:04
th1aWe should be able to avoid having three mutually incompatible gradebooks in SchoolTool ;-)17:05
th1ajinty:  Are your plans set for Sevilla?17:05
Lumiereth1a: yes, and I think pcardune's gradebook work might be the place to start... but I'll let you set a time17:07
Lumiereand follow the meeting that occurs17:07
ignasthe slight problem is that pcardunes gradebook is something 180 degrees from what lyceum needs at the moment ...17:08
th1aignas: Yes, you might be the outlier.17:09
Lumiereignas: but can the basic gradebook functionality that's being written by pcardune17:09
th1aBut why do you say 180 degrees different?  I'd think, say, 45 degrees off?17:09
Lumierebe adapted?17:09
jfrochei haven't seen Paul's branch but I guess that it will be different from my usecasses17:09
th1aThis is what we need to sort out.17:10
* Lumiere is hoping that Paul can write a generic gradebook that is subclassed just like demographics17:10
th1aI mean, if we have three different UI's, that's not surprising, but I'd like to have just one underlying data model.17:10
ignasLumiere: have you seen how much work it is to subclass demographics?17:11
Lumiereignas: <_< yes I am hoping it will be less for this17:11
th1aWell, maybe some nice gradebook widgets and viewlets, even.17:12
ignasth1a: that's the problem - the data model is different, i mean it is possible to cover it up with different UI but that adds work, and i am not sure what is the benefit17:12
th1aIf nothing else, we should chat with Paul to confirm that there's not so much opportunity to share.17:13
ignaswhen ? :)17:13
th1aI just sent you an email.17:14
th1aDid we lose jinty?17:14
Lumiereth1a: I also think it may be getting to time to collapse the schooltool/cando lists (but I haven't asked dwelsh about it)17:15
th1aLumiere: It makes sense.17:15
th1aOK... so jinty and I are going to the Ubuntu Education Summit.17:17
LumiereBoris Yeltsin died today at 7617:17
th1aIt seems like it is a much broader meeting than the Canonical conferences I've been to.17:17
Lumierethat's good17:17
LumiereI almost hope you see some commercial groups there17:18
th1aThere will be lots of people who work on other educationally oriented distros in Spain (there are many of those).17:18
Lumierejinty: expect a cando package request this week17:18
Lumierewith the shortest patch you've ever seen likely17:18
th1aAlthough I guess there are two tracks.17:19
th1aWe'll be focused on the "Below the Desktop" track.17:19
LumiereI fast tracked a 1 char change over the sprint17:19
Lumiereand I have a second journals permission bug17:19
Lumierethat got needs info'd back to welsh17:19
Lumierewe'll see if they can reproduce it for us17:19
th1aIt also is more of a regular conference with presentations, though.17:19
th1aSo I think a lot of what we have to do will take place in the hallway, etc.17:20
th1aHammering out what we need to do with the Edubuntu team to get a Gutsy release running.17:20
th1aWhich basically is about getting more things that are now eggs into debs, right?17:20
th1aAnd finding out how they're going to handle Zope 3 in general in Gutsy.17:21
Lumierewe have someone locally that is starting to look at packaging17:21
th1aLumiere: That helps.17:21
th1aLumiere: Were you at the meeting on Saturday?17:21
Lumiereone of the tasks I threw at him is attempting to find a egg->deb method17:21
Lumiereth1a: what meeting?17:21
th1aWasn't there a meeting of jelkner's legion of developers?17:22
LumiereI run those17:22
Lumiereat least from the sprint driver's seat17:22
th1aHow did it go overall?17:22
Lumierebut they are still on a lot of individual projects17:23
th1aGetting up to speed.17:23
Lumiereaelkner has started learning permissions17:24
Lumiereand trying to get stuff like gasp and py-gtk-cairo packaged17:24
Lumierefor olpc17:24
Lumiereand that packaging guy's goal for the end of summer17:25
Lumiereis to be a mu17:25
Lumiereor whatever it is17:25
th1aI have to remember that every idea I give jelkner is a potential distraction from SchoolTool ;-)17:25
Lumieregive me ideas17:25
LumiereI filter ideas to jelkner XD17:25
th1aLumiere: Where ideas go to die.17:25
* jinty seemed to lose himself17:26
Lumierejinty: read scrollback17:26
th1aHi jinty.17:26
th1aIn the last minutes here, what are your goals for Sevilla?17:26
* jinty really needs to figure out how to get sound when people talk to hom17:26
jintydefine the framework of a realease17:26
jintyit'll be the prefect opprotunity17:27
jintyby framework, I mean dependencies, dates and method17:27
jintythen spend some time whacking the many problems that are sure to come up17:28
jintyso that I don't have to play "whack a mole" on release day17:28
jintyLumiere, shouldn't be a problem to do a cando release17:28
Lumiereright now I am not going to push one17:29
Lumierebut that second bug17:29
Lumierewould require it17:29
Lumiere(the first one is a < to <=)17:29
Lumiereit's a true corner case... the person has to have exactly 80% of competencies for it to trigger17:30
th1aOK.  I'm not leaving until next Tuesday, so I'll be here for another meeting before this confernece.17:30
th1aAny last words?17:30
LumiereI am so late to work17:30
jintyyeah, th1a, I need to upgrade the testing server soon17:31
jintyis there still a FHS instnce of schooltool there?.17:31
ignasnope, no words ;)17:31
LumiereI am planning to setup a buildbot of some sort at ACC for cando17:31
LumiereI'm not sure what it will look like for now17:31
th1ajinty: I've got nothing I'm using on it.17:31
jintyor is it just (which I will update)17:31
th1aYou can kill the FHS instance.17:32
th1aIf there is one there.17:32
jintyshould demo be updated to latest svn? or isn't it important?17:32
th1aIt might be nice to update it.17:32
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:32
jintyalso we might get some downtime, because the ubuntu people want to test new kernel drivers and such17:33
th1aHave a great week folks!17:33
th1ajinty: You mean something announced?17:33
Lumiereth1a dropped the gravel too soon17:34
Lumiereback in an hour17:34
jintyth1a: nope, but remember the schooltool upgrade that didn't restart because of some issue in the kernel17:34
jintyanyway, my contact at cannonical wants us to test out a few things to fix that17:35
jintywhich will probably result in significant downtime17:35
jintybut that's just demo, so my guess it that it's acceptable17:36
th1ajinty: Yes, that's fine.17:49
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Lumieredoes anyone use demo?18:43
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jintyhi th1a: seems like the test server didn't come back up again19:38
jintycould you ask for a reboot (let them know that if they choose a .10 or .12 kernel from the grub list, it'll probably work)19:39
jintymost likely the server is up, but networking disabled19:40
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lisppaste5calvinhp pasted "Issue installing from svn" at
calvinhpanyone have this problem installing from source,  it can't find ThreadedAsync23:38
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