IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2007-04-22

filip101the package-includes directory is in zope3/etc/ right?00:00
filip101there is a forum-configure.zcml there00:00
filip101'<include package="forum"/>' quoth the forum-configure.zcml00:01
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pcardunefilip101: where is your forum package located?00:01
pcarduneare you sure it is not being recognized?00:02
pcardunetry putting a print statement in forum/__init__.py00:02
pcardunethen start the zope server and if that print statement gets printed, then it is being recognized and you've got some other problem00:02
filip101not printed00:03
smalekghwhere exactly would scheduling-configure.zcml go?00:04
pcardunesmalekgh: i said sometime earlier: SchoolTool/schooltool-skel/etc/package-includes/00:05
smalekghI think I missed that00:05
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filip101what could my problem be?00:07
filip101i.e. have you ever seen something this odd before?00:07
pcardunelet me look at your setup on maddog00:08
filip101maddog works allright00:08
filip101it's my laptop that's being bad00:08
smalekghFile "/home/bazaar/schooltool/src/schooltool/backup/README.txt", line 6, in README.txt00:08
smalekghFailed example:00:08
smalekgh    from scheduling import interfaces00:08
smalekghException raised:00:08
smalekgh    Traceback (most recent call last):00:08
smalekgh      File "/home/bazaar/schooltool/Zope3/src/zope/testing/", line 1256, in __run00:08
smalekgh        compileflags, 1) in test.globs00:08
smalekgh      File "<doctest README.txt[0]>", line 1, in ?00:08
smalekgh        from scheduling import interfaces00:08
smalekgh    ImportError: No module named scheduling00:08
smalekghI don't think it's the zcml file...00:09
pcardunesmalekgh: use lisppaste00:09
smalekghforgot that00:09
filip101i already yelled at him for that00:09
pcardunefilip101: are you sure you have a zope instace versus a zope checkout?00:09
smalekghbut I forgot! The sociologists who wear white coats say that you need to do something for at least 4-weeks for the behaviour to stay <_<00:09
filip101how would i know?00:10
filip101i did bin/runzope00:10
pcardunefilip101: what steps did you take to setup zope on your laptop?00:10
filip101the ones on the website00:10
pcardunewhich website?00:10
pcarduneplease link me:)00:10
filip101i forgot, but i think jelkner knows00:10
filip101jelkner: which website were the zope instructions on?00:11
pcardunesmalekgh: can you commit all your changes to the repo00:11
pcardunesmalekgh: so that I can pull them into my computer to take a look?00:11
lisppaste5smalekgh pasted "scheduling import error" at
filip101he says that the webiste was spammed00:12
filip101the instructions are gone00:12
pcardunewell that's no good :/00:12
filip101how convenient :)00:12
smalekghcommitance has been achieved00:12
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filip101pcardune: jelkner reversed the changes on the wiki00:16
filip101it's back00:16
pcardunethank you wiki revision control :)00:16
pcardunefilip101: I think I'd have to look at your laptop to see what the problem was00:19
filip101aww :(00:19
filip101when would this be possible?00:19
filip101i would rly like to work on the forum on my bus00:20
filip101and unfortunately i don't have sattelite internet00:20
pcarduneyou could get eldar to help you :)00:22
pcardunehe has set up zope on his own laptop before I'm sure00:22
filip101true, true, true00:22
filip101why didnt i think of that <_<00:22
whaddonpcardune: Do you have a working timeclock instance?00:23
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pcardunewhaddon: i believe so00:24
jelknerpcardune: it is almost quiting time00:24
jelknerwe need the timeclock setup for you, eldar, whaddon, and rjelliso00:25
pcardunejelkner: yep00:25
whaddonHow can I access it?00:25
jelknerpcardune: do you want to run it on your box?00:25
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pcarduneok, whaddon, jelkner it is up at
whaddonThank You00:44
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jelknerpcardune: what's up with timeclock?00:46
pcardunejelkner: I'm just adding users now00:47
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pcardunebye bye everybody00:52
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filip101i'm online again muhaha02:51
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pcardunehi filip10103:04
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filip101i have a question18:33
filip101in zope, if i want a container to contain more than 1 type of thing18:33
filip101do i use multiple statements?18:33
filip101or just one and a tuple or something with all the classes that can be contained?18:34
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