IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2007-04-18

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wjohnstopcadune: I have a question about adding what I currently have for SEPG onto my Zope site02:21
wjohnstopcardune: I don't remember how we got the Z Contacts to be an "Add" menu item when we were in a contact container, I can get it so I can add a cluster at the index.html page, but not so that I can have a link to click to add a cluster to a division of interest02:23
wjohnstoah ha, perhaps it is the containerViews browser tag02:25
wjohnstoI always solve my own problems, but it seems as though I never figure out the problem until I bother you about it.... sorry about that02:27
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erchachejfroche: are you here?12:23
erchachedo you know any about this?12:29
erchachei think separate instances for each language is better12:30
erchachebut duplicate needed resources and on first time linguaplone looked a good idea12:30
erchachenow i see i was wrong12:30
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erchachejfroche: are you here?16:43
jfrocheerchache: hello16:44
erchachei install error report on schooltool homepage16:44
erchachei touch something about languages thinking are personal preferences16:45
erchachebut i was wrong and are PORTAL preferences16:45
erchachecan you help me?16:45
jfrochei am looking16:46
erchachewhy i have these ACL assigned? :-S16:46
jfrocheerchache: you are a manager ?!16:47
erchachehehehehe a gooooood question!16:47
erchachei think im16:47
erchachei touch here
erchacheand something broke16:48
ignasouch ouch ouch ouch ouch16:49
ignasa new set of eggs got deployed16:49
ignasand new eggs depend on Zope3 eggs16:49
jfrocheignas: wow16:49
erchacheuhmmm i think i change attributes of a object and now are innaccesible16:49
erchachewho has console access to this server? jinty?16:50
jfrocheerchache: i am looking16:50
erchachewell dont worry....we can solve it sure16:51
ignasbn-bd language is not available, yes?16:51
erchachei can access to undo of language site16:52
erchacheim looking for it and undo that16:52
erchachejfroche: i see a list of commands on undo16:53
erchacheif execute we can stay on start point before crash no?16:53
jfrocheyou can try16:53
erchachedoesnt have a rsnapshot?16:57
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jfrocheplone 2.1.4 doesn't have genericsetup16:59
erchachecan you undo my actions? i logout before16:59
erchachea second17:00
jfrocheerchache: it's back17:13
erchachedo you touch something?17:15
erchachei undo a one modification but i dont know if is it17:15
erchachewell i dont know how but its solved :-D17:16
erchachewell we need to change start page17:20
erchachei quit ploneerrorreporting17:21
jfrocheproblem is that the start page isn't there anymore17:21
erchachei see you know why?17:22
erchacheim trying to find it17:22
erchachehehehe i have a copy on my untranslate document :-D17:24
jfrochepage is there
th1aPerhaps we need to figure out how to give translators their own set of permissions.17:26
erchacheyeah it is17:26
jfrocheworkflow modifications should help17:27
erchachedo it! :-D17:30
erchachestart page are recovered17:30
jfrocheerchache: i will do it17:31
erchachei think all pages must be neutral about language...if you select one you force site entirely17:31
erchachesee homepage again....its recovered17:31
jfrochei made the start page yep17:31
jfrocheerchache: linguaplone act so that if you select a language you are switching your local for the site17:32
erchacheyepa...but i change it globally because i dont know we have these privileges17:33
erchachesorry for inconvenience, if i know before i dont touch nothing17:33
jfrocheno problem i ll remove right to17:33
jfrocheaccess management screens17:34
jfrochebut is there actually content translanted in to bn-bd (Bengali) on the site ?17:35
jfrocheerchache: bn-bd was there before ?17:35
erchachechange it and include spanish please17:36
erchacheim going to translate vision and so...of about schooltool17:39
erchachejfroche: thanks for your help17:40
erchachekupu arent good configurated17:42
erchacheor on my beta firefox for mac doesnt run....17:43
erchacheno no im wrong17:43
erchachekupu runs!17:43
erchachegoogle translator is my friend :-P17:46
ignascan see that17:47
jfrocheignas: we are moving to 3.4 ?17:49
ignaswe will have to sooner or later17:50
ignasnow we just have to switch eggs to precise old versions of them17:50
ignason the other hand moving to zope3.4 eggs edition would be nice17:50
jfrochethese " >= x.y" in were dangerous ?17:51
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Lumierewow busy here18:24
th1aLumiere: It is the return of erchache.  Jejejejejeje!18:26
LumiereI don't know that I ever met erchache18:27
th1aerchache: I'm answering your email, btw.18:27
erchacheth1a: ok i was thinking you dont receiving it18:27
th1aLumiere: He was an early adopter (perhaps too early) of SchoolTool.18:27
th1aerchache: Yesterday was a busy email day for me.18:28
erchachei was think this18:29
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