IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-04-19

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jintyhi all, nice to be back00:46
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th1apcardune: Are you sure you can't just book this flight to Vilnius yourself?  My wife is refusing to do it, and I'm kind of a scary travel agent.06:01
pcarduneth1a: well, if I book it, then I'll have to go to a travel agent and pay with a check... which i suppose is doable06:02
th1aI screw up my own arrangements on a regular basis, so I'm kind of afraid to do it for anyone else.06:03
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Bhaskar1th1a, hello]06:43
th1aBhaskar1: Hi.06:43
Bhaskar1can i install Schooltool in Kubuntu and edubuntu/06:44
th1aWell, the packaged versions aren't of much use right now, as I believe we've discussed.06:46
Bhaskar1th1a, i want to test in kubuntu 6.10  and edubuntu , i think it works from development servet ??06:47
th1aThe development version of SchoolTool works as far as I know.06:48
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Bhaskar1jinty, hello10:21
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ACSpike[Work]good morning17:03
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