IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-04-17

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wjohnstopcardune: hello00:39
pcardunehi wjohnsto00:39
wjohnstoI seem to have run into a problem00:39
wjohnstoyesterday I got all of my functional testing to work (which was very gratifying)00:39
wjohnstobasically I defined the Divisions and IDivision, along with Cluster and ICluster00:40
wjohnstoso today brittney and I ran the test again, and it worked00:41
wjohnstoso we began to add Middle Schools and High Schools as containers (of courses)00:41
wjohnstobut now the testing isn't working at all, even the divisions screwed up00:41
wjohnstoand the errors are like "sepg.Division() ->> global name sepg isn't defined"00:42
wjohnstoand other things of that sort that I thought I defined already00:42
wjohnstoit's almost as if the readme.txt is ignoring my imports00:44
wjohnstoI seem to have cleared up all the errors00:50
wjohnstoit looks like when I assumed that I was going to have an interface called "ICourse" I was actually supposed to write it00:51
wjohnstoor else nothing would work00:51
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pcardunewjohnsto: sorry, i minimized the window and didn't look back at it until now01:15
pcardunebut I guess you are on your way so no problem01:16
pcardunejust put my name in a message you send to me to ensure that I get a little notification pop up thing.01:16
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erchacheth1a: hi!13:42
erchachei see you going to sevilla next may, really? :-D13:43
erchachei will send a mail better13:46
erchacheth1a: see your gmail account....i send you a mail13:55
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erchacheim triying to translate again webpage throught linguaplone without sucess :-S15:59
erchacheany tips since i did for last time?16:00
ignasno idea16:00
ignashaven't done anything related with the website16:00
erchacheim looking for that16:01
erchacheuhmm same problem i think16:06
erchachei remember i was similar problem before16:06
erchacheim going to read linguaplone to solve it16:07
erchacheignas: who is website sysadmin? jinty?16:16
ignaswell - yes :) we don't have an Org chart16:17
ignasso i don't know for sure16:17
erchacheplone is a shit!16:17
erchachevery powerfull but uncontrollable16:17
erchacheplone doesnt has a standar structure16:17
ignasthese should be directed at #plone, not #schooltool16:18
erchachejejejeje yes16:18
erchachefor this reason16:19
erchachewe pass from plone/zope/python to php/mysql16:19
erchacheis on state of the art yet16:19
ignasgood luck16:19
erchachejfroche: are you here?16:27
jfrocheshould i speak with people insulting Plone ;) ?16:27
erchachehow do you organize plone content?16:28
jfrocheerchache: what do you mean ?16:28
erchacheim trying to translate pages via linguaplone but doesnt looks good16:28
jfrochewhat happen ?16:29
erchachesee that16:29
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ACSpike[Work]good morning16:30
jfrocheerchache: you went there ?16:33
jfrocheerchache: did you change the default homepage ?16:40
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ACSpike[Work]is the Zope 3 developer's handbook pdf available online more current than the purple paperback version I have (printed in 2005)?16:47
ignas#zope3-dev is the channel that can help you with that16:48
ACSpike[Work]oh, awesome! thanks16:48
ignasi haven't read zope3 books since 200516:48
ACSpike[Work]which channel do I ask about the zope2 book in? :-)16:50
ignaszope2 - no idea16:50
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ignasth1a: ayt?18:35
ignasth1a: - apparently sprint area will be available only after the conference18:36
ignasth1a: any plans/ideas18:37
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th1aignas: I thought we'd decided we were sprinting after.18:50
ignasok, just warned you18:50
th1aYes.  We're sprinting after.18:52
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