IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2007-04-11

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Lumiereignas_: ayt?20:16
ignas_Lumiere: yes20:16
Lumierein the ftest for resource booking it did look like we made it so someone in the teacher group could view/book resources20:16
Lumierebut, when I attempted it (on an updated version)20:17
Lumiereit didn't look like that had worked20:17
ignas_Lumiere: did you set the Access Control settings the same way they are set in the functional test?20:17
LumiereI believe so20:17
Lumierealthough I think those access controls got somewhat oversimplified20:18
ignas_why so ? are you missing some options?20:18
LumiereEveryone can view resource lists.20:19
LumiereEveryone can view resource information.20:19
LumiereEveryone can view resource calendars.20:19
Lumiereare all checked20:19
LumiereI think instead of everyone20:20
Lumiereaccess controls should be in a group20:20
Lumieresame set of buttons20:20
Lumiereso it's very obvious what you're granting20:20
th1aPerhaps we should get the current implementation working first.20:21
ignas_Lumiere: so the users are in Teacher group, yes?20:21
Lumiereth1a: I agree20:22
ignas_and the functional test passes on your machine20:22
Lumierewhich is a problem20:22
Lumierelemme update and rerun them20:22
Lumierejust to be sure20:22
ignas_and you are performing identical steps to those described in the security.txt?20:23
ignas_if so - which step is failing?20:23
Lumierenothing ran there... IBaseResource not defined20:24
ignas_oh, it's resource booking branch ... hmm i might have broken it then while preparing it for the merge20:26
ignas_and as we don't have buildbot on branches i haven't noticed that20:26
LumiereI updated, but I didn't recompile20:27
Lumiereit's very odd20:27
LumiereI can view a classroom20:27
Lumierethat I made later while we developed the ftest20:28
Lumierebut I cannot view the lab20:28
Lumiereor the laptop carts20:28
Lumierethat I made earlier20:28
Lumierethe classroom is a Resource|Resource20:28
ignas_Lumiere: yes, because that branch has no evolution scripts20:28
Lumierethe lab is a Location|Computer Lab20:28
Lumiereso I should just blow away everything, export info20:29
Lumiereand start over20:29
ignas_you can try doing that, though i am not sure what kind of schooltool were you using before upgrading20:30
Lumiereit's just a timetable, term, people and 3 resources20:30
Lumiereit was all the resource booking branch20:30
ignas_and the booking branch won't work at the moment20:30
ignas_wait a bit while i will fix it20:30
Lumiereit is running20:30
LumiereI also made all the teachers admins20:30
Lumierefor the time being20:30
Lumiereso they could use it20:30
Lumierethe IT people at the school understand20:31
Lumierethat it's beta20:31
Lumiereand that they're guinea pigs20:31
ignas_hmm, no need to remove anything i guess20:32
ignas_it's just a simple buglet20:33
ignas_try svn up and see if it's fixed20:33
ignas_my sandbox is not clean so i can't run a full test run20:33
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