IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-04-10

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Bhaskarth1a, hello06:52
th1aHi Bhaskar.06:52
Bhaskarth1a, how are you?06:52
th1aI'm fine.  How are you?06:53
Bhaskarth1a, fine08:47
Bhaskarth1a, for report generation if we can add in menu it will better08:48
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Lumierepcardune, th1a: ayt22:39
th1aLumiere: I'm here.22:43
Lumiereyou wouldn't happen to have gobby22:44
th1aI have gobby.22:45
LumiereI've got the xsd open and I think I have competency lists done22:45
LumiereI just wanted someone to sanity check me22:45
Lumiereand help me with what's in a person22:45
Lumiereand where demographics are22:45
th1aAre you on Gobby?22:45
th1aWhat do I need, your IP?22:48
Lumieresee msg22:48
Lumiereth1a: just need the server and port22:52
Lumierewhich I sent as a pm22:52
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