IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-04-12

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lisppaste5ignas pasted "mgedmin - any idea how to improve this code?" at
lisppaste5mgedmin annotated #39616 with "how I'd write it" at
ignasmgedmin: thanks17:42
ignasforgot you can pass keyword arguments and **kwargs at the same time17:42
ignasI forgot17:42
Lumiere|Airport'morning all18:04
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Lumieresomehow I doubt it's morning for you ignas :)18:10
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Lumierehi pcardune_mac18:36
pcardune_machi Lumiere18:37
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ignashow do you call a list of items that you will want to skip19:36
ignasyou have a large list of everything19:37
ignasso you want only items that are not in the [list of items that you want to skip]19:37
ignasexceptions seem not very nice19:38
ignasmore like excepted_items19:38
ignasmaybe "except=self.getSelectedItems()"19:39
ignascan't do that, python has except reserved19:39
ignasLumiere: you are a native speaker, any ideas?19:39
ignasommited_items :D19:40
ignasplain ommit19:40
Lumiereomit would be good19:41
Lumiereor skip19:42
mgedminzope.formlib uses omit20:16
mgedminform.Fields(ISchema).omit('__name__', '__parent__')20:16
ignasouch, my poor english skillz20:26
ignasat least not in XML schema20:27
Lumiereignas: yea, omit is 1 m not 220:50
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