IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2007-04-08

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jfrocheignas: don't worry, i didn't forget you ;)18:50
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ignaspcardune: ayt?23:09
pcarduneignas: yes23:09
ignaspcardune: do you have the resource booking branch deployed in production?23:10
ignasi see23:10
pcardunethe only thing we have deployed in production is cando2006 release branch23:10
ignaswanted to know whether i should keep db compatibility with trunk only, or should i take the resource booking branch into account23:11
pcarduneyes, trunk only23:11
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smalekghWoah! It's Paul! And he's on all day!23:25
pcardunehi smalekgh23:26
smalekghwhat's the zope:adapter 'trusted' field do?23:30
smalekghin the zcml thinger23:30
pcarduneumm, do you already know about adapters?23:36
smalekghread up a bit on it, it takes a thing as part of its constructor, and provides a different interface for that thing with it's own methods23:37
smalekgh'factory' = constructor23:37
pcardunethe "Trusted" part means that the "thing" passed to the instructer is not security proxied23:37
pcardunewhich means that the adapter can access and modify any part of what is passed to it23:38
smalekgh<_< So I can safely ignore it for now (security proxied = ? in my mind)?23:38
smalekghyay! Something less to think about >_<23:38
smalekgh'browser:page' has a field, 'class'. I don't think we went over it >.< Uhh... How does that work? And also: <div tal:condition="python: u'Yes' in request.form"> python within page templates? In this case, would the division in the page template not exist in the final html sent if the condition was false?23:49
pcardunewe did go over the class field in browser:page directives23:50
smalekghwe did?23:51
pcardunethe class is an object that gets instantiated and is passed a context and request23:51
pcardunethe page template can then access that class23:51
pcardunei think lesson 223:51
pcarduneand yes you can have python in page templates23:51
pcarduneand you are right about how the condition bit works23:52
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