IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2007-04-07

pcardunewell first try, bzr ci -m "the message for committing"00:00
pcardunethat way it won't pop up witha n editor00:00
smalekghoooo, log said it was commited. It looks like magic but tastes like oatmeal text.00:01
smalekgh:) thanks!00:01
pcarduneno problem :)00:02
Lumierepcardune: maybe you can help00:19
Lumierehow can I catch and handle a warning in python00:19
LumiereWarning: Out of range value adjusted for column 'job' at row 1 db_cursor.execute(query)00:19
th1aLumiere: Where does that come up?  A log?00:20
Lumiereit's something I am writing00:20
Lumierebut #python is empty00:21
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th1aI mean, where do you see it?  stdout?00:21
Lumieremaybe stderr00:22
Lumieredidn't check that00:22
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pcarduneLumiere: what do you need help with?00:24
LumiereI would like to do something when a warning is thrown00:25
Lumiere(like print the query I was attempting)00:25
Lumierei did a try: except Warning00:26
Lumiereand that isn't it00:26
pcardunetry: blah blah blah00:26
pcarduneexcept Exception, e: print e00:26
pcarduneor except:00:26
pcarduneimport pdb; pdb.set_trace()00:27
th1ais a warning an exception?00:28
Lumieredoesn't seem so00:30
Lumiereat least no this one00:31
pcardunea *Warning*00:33
pcardunecan't help you00:33
Lumiereit's either a Warning00:33
pcardunesearch the python source code in the lib you are using00:33
Lumiereor text thrown00:33
Lumieregot it figured00:41
Lumierethe hard way00:41
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marchI'm trying to write an article for our Wiki about schooltool. I've already installed Edubuntu in VirtualBox. Does there exist a Tutorial how this program can be used? I've already searched the www but I could only rare a few informations.15:56
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mlinnellis there class today?19:05
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smalekghnope, it's project day methought19:05
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Lumierepcardune isn't even on19:06
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CPCarey11will there be class next Saturday?19:07
smalekghHeyyy... did we ever cover adapters?19:07
smalekgh+ python view classes?19:08
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Preetamim assuming there is no class today?19:16
smalekghyou assume correctly19:16
Preetamalrite then19:16
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