IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-04-06

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ignasth1a: ayt?16:48
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th1aignas:  I'm here.17:54
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Aisteth1a: ignas just left18:03
Aistehe asked me to sort some things out18:04
th1aAiste: With me?18:04
Aistenamely the qurater bonus business18:04
Aistehow is the bonus to be invoiced?18:04
th1aSo you can add up his hours for the quarter and multiply by 5.18:04
th1aAnd add that as a separate line on the invoice.18:04
Aisteah, ok so 5 additional eur per hour18:04
th1aThe invoices will go in on Monday, so you can send me a new one if you want.18:05
Aistei will add this to the april invoice, is that ok with you?18:05
Aistehm... I think i sent one for March already18:05
Aisteso i will add the bonus to the April one, it is not so urgent for us to get the money18:05
Aisteas long as  the accounting is ok18:05
Aistesorry :)18:06
Aistewrong window18:06
th1aEither way is fine with me.18:06
Aisteok, so that bit is sorted18:06
Aistehow is life in general for you and the rest of your family?18:07
Aistehow is the baby doing?18:07
LumiereI'd like to send some karma ignas's way :)18:16
LumiereI noticed he started code review on resource booking :)18:17
mgedminhe could use it :)18:17
mgedminhe left his keys at the office when he left18:17
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smalekghpaul, you there?23:27
pcardunesmalekgh: yes I am23:56
smalekghokay, I have a minor problem- err, big problem23:56
smalekghwith the bazaar repository23:57
smalekghon jama's server <_< it refuses to commit23:57
smalekghlike, the kind of refusal that says 'haha sucka! you wanna commit from an unexistent place!'23:57
pcardunewhat command are you entering, where and what does it say?23:58
smalekghokay, one sec23:58
smalekgh"bzr commit", and it responds by putting up a file that says 'added browser.txt' and then I'm stuck >_<23:59

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