IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-04-05

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Bhaskarth1a_, hello08:16
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th1aHi Bhaskar.08:17
Bhaskarhow are you and what is going new?08:22
th1aI'm fine.08:22
th1aEveryone here is well.08:22
BhaskarI am going to implement LTSP in schools from Next week08:22
Bhaskarth1a, i have set up lab here, get success08:23
Bhaskarth1a, what is going on schooltool?08:26
th1aWell, I just sent out a link to this report:
th1aUnfortunately, Bhaskar, I've been going to bed earlier, so I'm going to head off now.08:28
th1aGood night.08:28
Lumierehi Bhaskar08:35
Bhaskarth1a, good night08:37
BhaskarLumiere, hello08:46
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pcarduneth1a: ayt?23:14
th1apcardune: yepa.23:15
pcardunesee my private message?23:15
th1aOh.  No.23:15
pcarduneth1a: do you see it now?23:17
th1aDo you see my reply?23:18
pcarduneth1a: I don't think you are identified with the nickserv23:18
th1aPerhaps I'm not authenticated properly.23:18
th1aI don't feel like fixing IRC right now...23:20
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