IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-03-30

pcardunewjohnsto: let me know when you think you're finished00:03
wjohnstoI'll get rid of the macros for now00:04
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wjohnstoI'll implement it later00:05
pcardunegood idea00:06
wjohnstoat least the site is working now00:10
wjohnstoif you want to check it out00:10
pcardunenow make your poll directory into a bzr branch so that I can get a versioned copy of it00:13
wjohnstoexcept for the editing and stuff00:13
wjohnstoI think I already did it00:15
pcarduneok, looks good00:19
pcardunewhat is pyfiles for?00:19
wjohnstoI like to make the pyfiles into txt files so I can just look at them00:19
wjohnstoinstead of downloading them00:19
pcardunethere is a way to change that in apache config00:20
pcarduneyou should ask elkner to set that up, or ask elkner to ask someone else to set that up00:20
wjohnstowe asked him today00:20
wjohnstoand he said some mumbo jumbo00:20
wjohnstobut never got around to telling us how to do it00:20
pcardunewell just make sure pyfiles is not in the repositroy00:21
pcarduneyou might even want to tell bzr to ignore it00:21
pcarduneby typing bzr ignore pyfiles00:21
wjohnstowhen I type ignore00:22
wjohnstodoes that mean that if someone downloads them00:22
wjohnstothose files won't be downloded?00:22
pcardunewell, not exactly00:23
pcarduneit means bzr will ignore them... any file that you don't add with bzr add won't be downloaaaaaded00:23
pcardunebtw, did you add all the other files?00:23
wjohnstoyou have to do bzr add * ?00:24
wjohnstoinstead of just bzr init?00:24
wjohnsto....sorry we just got a chance to work on bzr today00:25
pcardunethen you have to "commit" them00:25
pcardunewith bzr commit -m "some message explaining the changes"00:26
pcarduneif you don't use -m, it throws you into nano... which is no fun00:26
pcarduneso every time you make a change you have to commit it00:28
pcarduneand every time you add a file, you have to *add* it then *commit* it00:28
wjohnstoand add a comment?00:28
pcarduneexplaining what you did00:28
pcarduneor what the changes are about00:28
wjohnstoI have to be at school for a band performance at 600:29
wjohnstoso I'm going to need to leave soon00:29
pcardunewell this was an important step00:29
pcarduneand a good learning experience00:30
pcardunejust finish up by writing about what you did today on the wiki00:30
wjohnstoand I can finished working out the kinks this week00:30
pcarduneand adding a link to your bzr repository00:30
pcarduneand also write up what you are planning to do for the next week (user stories for SEPG)00:30
wjohnstoshould I put the "what I did today" in my profile?00:31
wjohnstolike a 'Current Project" type thing00:31
wjohnstothank you very much for your time00:31
wjohnstobut I really need to get ready now00:32
wjohnstobrittney is still here00:32
wjohnstobut she's leaving too I assume00:32
bnguyenthanks pcardune00:33
wjohnstothank you!00:33
pcardunewell, good work, and i'll talk to you later00:33
wjohnstoc ya00:33
bnguyenok bye00:33
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