IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2007-03-31

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AVN`maddog is freezeing up17:47
AVN`is maddog down?18:02
wjohnstoIt is working18:02
wjohnstobut it is very slow18:02
ignasyippie got public timetables for students working :)18:04
AVN`its basically stopped responding18:10
wjohnstohow unfortunate :(18:23
wjohnstoit's back up now18:24
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AVN`not really18:28
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AVN`heym are IContainers made by Apple?18:53
wjohnstoApple makes IRacks18:54
AVN`Does everyone want me to take things out of the IRack?18:54
pcardune_hi AVN`18:54
pcardune_AVN`: did you get my email?18:55
AVN`the one about meating at the original time?18:58
AVN`and the one inviting me to work from 9 today to  tomorrow at 9?  I thought that was an error18:58
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pcardune_yeah... that must have been an error18:59
pcardune_AVN`: do you know where Filip is?19:00
pcardune_is he coming?19:00
AVN`his away message said he went to get a cherry tree19:03
AVN`don't know what that means19:03
AVN`no, I don't know where he is19:03
pcardune_well maybe he won't be able to make it19:03
pcardune_how much farther did the two of you get over last week?19:04
AVN`I don't know what he has done, but I added a IPostContainer class19:04
AVN`I don't think he has done anything, cause I can account for the whole BZK revision count19:05
AVN`maddog is going super slow right now19:06
AVN`or it was a half hour ago19:06
pcardune_seems to be working well right now19:06
wjohnstoit's working fine now19:06
mlinnellpcardune_: is there class today?19:14
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pcardune_mlinnell: no, i'm meeting with individual groups like last week19:15
mlinnellhmm, ok, nobody told me lol19:15
Preetamoh, guess I will leave then19:15
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wjohnstopcardune: I have a question about the Zcontact skin19:18
wjohnstoearlier this week bnguyen and I met with you to talk about our Poll function... and we moved everything into a Poll directory.19:19
pcardune_wjohnsto: yep, ask away19:20
wjohnstobut the ++skin++ still works with the Poll.  Should it be that way?19:20
pcardune_When you register a skin, it's a skin for *anything*19:21
wjohnstoso is there a way to put the skin in our python directory so that it doesn't have 'ZContact' in the URL?19:22
wjohnstobecause it's a little misleading19:22
pcardune_the Zcontact part comes from the zcml registration for the skin19:22
pcardune_you can register it as whatever you want19:22
pcardune_for zcontact, you want to leave it registered as ZContact, so that people know that skin is *intended* for the zcontact application19:23
pcardune_you want to create a *new* skin for the poll19:23
wjohnstojust copy the files into the poll directory and change the directory inheritance?19:24
pcardune_or make it from scratch19:26
pcardune_whichever way is easier for you19:26
wjohnstoI made it from scratch19:27
wjohnstoit's only a couple lines ;)19:27
wjohnstoI added my TeamSpeak tutorial to the wiki in case anyone wants it, but it doesn't seem like people took me up on the idea19:29
pcardune_yeah, not everyone has a mic19:32
pcardune_are you two going to be taking screenshots of the VB SEPG program sometime soon?19:33
bnguyenyeah we'll get right on that19:34
AVN`see ya guys, leaving now19:34
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wjohnstoabout that, though19:35
wjohnstocould you clarify what you meant by "creating user stories in zope"19:35
wjohnstoMr. Elkner said that it would be more effective if we put the user stories on the wiki19:35
pcardune_i don't remember saying zope, but if I did, i meant the wiki19:36
wjohnsto[04:18] <pcardune> that would be translated to zope user stories like this:19:38
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wjohnstobut the wiki sounds good... apparently we do not have permission to put screen shots directly onto the wiki, but we can do it with imageshack or something19:39
pcardune_i mean, that those would be translated to user stories *for* zope (i.e. from those user stories you would know how to program zope)19:39
pcardune_you could just put them in your maddog account public_html folder19:39
wjohnstothat's true19:40
wjohnstook well we'll get on that19:40
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pcardune_hi tehminkeh20:04
pcardune_were you guys able to work on your project over the last week?20:06
tehminkehi unfortunately wasn't able to20:06
tehminkehit was the last week of this marking period20:06
tehminkehand my teachers realized we didnt have enough grades20:06
pcardune_oh yeah... i know how that is20:06
tehminkehi dont know about my colleagues however20:07
Lumiere'noon all20:21
pcardune_hi Lumiere20:22
Lumierepcardune_: would it be better to go with schooltool trunk with cando trunk, and resource scheduling with experimental?20:22
pcardune_I started doing some crazy ajax stuff but then came up against needing to abstract everything out to make it sane... blargh20:22
Lumiereyea I saw20:22
pcardune_experimental is *crazy* stuff20:22
pcardune_experimental is *highly unstable*20:22
Lumiereaka 'you gotta be nuts to run this' unstable?20:23
Lumieresounds like it's perfect for elkner to run in production XD20:23
LumiereI'll help him get setup on it tuesday (j/k)20:23
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wjohnstopcardune: are you there?22:30
pcardune_wjohnsto: yep22:32
wjohnstoI am having trouble getting a new directory into my bzr22:33
wjohnstoI made an SEPG directory22:33
wjohnstobut when I type "bzr init" nothing happens, it makes it appear like it has become a bzr, but in truth, it hasn't22:33
pcardune_nothing should happen22:34
pcardune_try typing bzr status22:34
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pcarduneremember you have to do bzr add to actually add things to the bzr repository22:34
wjohnstoI've done all that22:35
wjohnstowjohnsto@maddog:~/zope3/lib/python/sepg$ bzr status22:35
wjohnsto  SEPG.exe22:35
wjohnsto  __init__.py22:35
wjohnsto  roster.xml22:35
wjohnsto  startscreen.png22:35
pcarduneand then you have to use bzr commit to actually commit the changes22:35
wjohnstoI've done that now22:36
wjohnstoI'm not sure what's going on22:38
wjohnstoif you want to login to my account and check it out I'll change the password22:38
pcardunewell what are you expecting to happen that is not happening?22:38
wjohnstoI am expecting a repository to appear in my public_html directory22:39
wjohnstojust like with zcontact and poll22:39
pcardunethe repository won't automatically appear there22:40
pcardunebzr doesn't do that22:40
pcarduneyou have to do that yourself by creating a symbolic link22:40
wjohnstoI always forget that step :-O22:45
wjohnstoI think it might be because kjcole left the symbolic linking out of his bzr tutorial22:45
pcardunewell symbolic linking isn't essential to how bzr works, it is just a handy thing we use on maddog so that people have access to our branches over the internet22:49
wjohnsto ln -s /home/wjohnsto/zope3/lib/python/sepg/22:49
wjohnstothat's the command right?22:49
wjohnstothen I put sepg as the link name22:49
Lumieredon't need a link name if it is the same as the folder being linked22:50
wjohnstoI now have the SEPG application on my bzr, so I'll put that link on the wiki22:51
wjohnstoand I uploaded a screenshot, so I'll add my first user-story to the wiki as well22:52
wjohnstowould you rather I link to the screen shots, or just have them appear on the wiki page?22:54
pcardunelinks would be best22:54
pcardunewjohnsto: I'm heading out for a bit, but I'll be back later if you have any more questions23:22
wjohnstoc ya23:25
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