IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-03-29

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dwelshth1a:  you there?20:05
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Lumierehi pcardune20:18
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dwelshhey lumiere20:39
dwelsh:)... (lumiere is sitting next to me)20:39
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pcardunehi Lumiere21:11
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dwelshhey pcardune21:18
pcardunehi dwelsh21:19
dwelshsome great CanDo news21:19
dwelshNSF grant around NOVA and CanDo moving forward21:19
dwelshlooks very good21:19
pcarduneoh yeah?21:20
pcardunewhat are the details?21:20
dwelshwatershed mtg. yesterday with NOVA21:20
dwelshthey're totally committed21:20
dwelshand they were the missing piece21:20
dwelshwhat it means for us...21:20
dwelsh2008 development dollars21:20
dwelshplus NOVA and George Mason as partners using CanDo, etc.21:21
pcardunethat would be great21:21
dwelshit's big21:21
pcardunethat would be really great21:21
pcardunethose are *really* big schools21:21
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Lumierepcardune: I'm writing the xml schema22:12
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pcardunehi wjohnsto23:07
pcardunehi bnguyen23:07
Lumierepcardune: I'm starting to write the import xsd23:08
Lumiere(xml schema)23:08
pcarduneLumiere: ok, good23:08
LumiereI have the comp list done23:08
pcardunebnguyen, wjohnsto where should I go to see what you are working on?23:08
Lumiereit may need more added23:08
wjohnstothat is the description23:11
pcarduneok, so i see some poll stuff there23:11
wjohnstothat's the current project23:11
pcarduneso from the wiki I see that you two want to start working on the SEPG project starting today?23:12
wjohnstoI don't know if we know enough about Zope to start that23:13
wjohnstoI think Mr. Elkner told us that it would probably be a good idea to do the poll thing before starting on SEPG23:13
wjohnstobecause SEPG is what we'll be working on come June23:13
pcardunewell, I think you could start working on SEPG right now23:14
pcarduneat least the back end part of it23:14
wjohnstook, sounds good23:15
pcarduneI mean, i have seen the VB app before and it seems like it will mostly concist of a form which gets reloaded to show more data based on what you have entered into the form23:15
wjohnstoneither Brittney nor I are particularly familiar with VB, but it does not seem hard to follow23:16
pcardunewell, I don't think you should look at the VB at all23:16
pcardunehere is what I want you to do for next week (not right now)23:16
wjohnstoThat's exactly what I want to hear!23:16
pcarduneI want you to look at the application, and figure out everything that it does23:17
pcarduneand write down exactly what it does23:17
pcarduneand I want you to turn that into user stories for you zope version23:17
pcarduneso, the VB app might work like this:23:17
pcarduneclick on an icon to open the application23:18
pcardunethen choose a grade level23:18
pcardunethen choose a course23:18
pcardunethen click on "xyz" button to do whatever23:18
pcardunethat would be translated to zope user stories like this:23:18
pcarduneclick on a *link* to open up a *page* that has the buttons and selectors you see in the VB application23:19
pcarduneSo, I want you two to write a really good description of what the app does so that someone would be able to write the entire application without having ever seen it23:19
pcardunethat is step one - having a decent specification of the job that needs to be accomplished23:20
pcarduneyou should put this description on the wiki23:20
pcarduneand try to make it in simple bullet form, I don't want to read an essay about the application... just an outline23:20
pcarduneThen we will pick out specific parts of those user stories to implement first, second, third and so on23:20
pcarduneby their order of difficulty and need23:21
wjohnstodo the user-stories have to be in any particular order?23:22
pcarduneAlso put a link to where the VB application can be downloaded on the wiki23:22
pcardunewell, just in the order that would make sense if you were using the application23:22
wjohnstowe debated about doing that since the application can only be run on windows/ only runs on some windows OS23:22
pcarduneor actually what would be really great, is to take screen shots23:23
pcarduneso people like me who stay away from windows can see what it looks like :)23:23
wjohnstoand then explain the ss's23:23
pcarduneonce the user stories are in place, we can start to talk about the architectural requirements23:23
pcardunelike what kind of data do we have to store about courses in order for the logic to make any sense23:24
pcarduneSo, write up the user stories, and start thinking about data structures23:24
pcarduneToday, we can work on your polling application23:24
pcarduneso you can get up to speed on zope stuff which will obviously come in handy for this app23:25
pcardunemy first recommendation is to totally separate the polling application and the z contact application23:26
wjohnstoand eventually we could turn the poll function into "What pizza do we want at the next sprint at the Career Center?"23:26
pcarduneright now all the code is mixed together even though they are (or should be) unrelated23:26
pcarduneso why don't you go ahead and do that now23:27
pcardunewjohnsto: if you change your password and private message the new one to me, i can log in to your account and we can look at the same terminal at the same time23:28
pcardunewjohnsto: now in your terminal type: screen23:29
pcarduneok, good23:30
pcardunenow you can get to work on moving the poll code to its own directory23:30
pcardunebnguyen: ayt?23:30
bnguyensounds good23:31
pcarduneare you two at the same computer? or at different computers?23:31
pcarduneif you are at different computer, bnguyen, you can log in to wjohnsto's account and then type: screen -x23:31
pcardunethen you will be able to see his terminal as well23:32
wjohnstoI'm going to have to make a poll.zcml23:33
wjohnstoor a configure.zcml for the polls directory?23:34
pcardunenot a poll.zcml though23:35
pcardunebut you will have to make a poll-configure.zcml23:35
wjohnstooh wait23:36
wjohnstowe need to put it in the lib directory :-O23:36
pcarduneI would also change the name of your directory to just poll instead of polls23:39
wjohnstois there a simple way to do that?23:39
pcardunemv polls poll23:40
wjohnstook thanks23:40
pcarduneyou should put a symbolic link to the poll folder in your public_html folder too23:40
pcarduneafter you add the package-includes part23:41
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wjohnstooh shoot23:43
wjohnstoI forget how to link23:43
wjohnsto-s something23:43
pcardunenow there is still a bunch of zcontact stuff on the configure.zcml file which should be removed23:44
wjohnstonow I don't need everything23:44
wjohnsto.... yea23:44
pcarduneand you should keep a copy of poll-configure.zcml in the poll directory too23:45
wjohnstoI'm not sure how that's going to work, I'd have to think on it23:46
pcardunethere is nothing special about it, just just keep a copy of the file23:48
wjohnstobut I'm going to have to get rid of the zcontacts eventually?23:49
wjohnstoor... change them23:49
pcardunejust get rid of them23:50
pcardune(keep them in the zcontact directory)23:50

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