IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-03-23

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ignasanyone good with CSS and with some free time?17:16
pcardune_awayhe he he17:16
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ignaspcardune: maybe you already have css for printing for schooltool?17:17
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ignasbecause i need one ;)17:17
pcardunenope :/17:17
ignasdo you need one ? :)17:18
pcardunenot at this time...17:19
ignasso i'll have to do it myself then17:20
wdickerspcardune: is it normal for the manager person not to have any demographics? That threw me off17:24
pcardunewdickers: what demographics would the manager have?17:24
wdickerswell, none, but it doesn't even have the demographics object attribute17:24
wdickersanyway, I'm well on my way to using actual schooltool objects. After I finish that, what should I do?17:25
ignaswdickers: seems weird17:26
ignaswdickers: i'd say that it might be a problem with database initialization and custom person factorieds17:26
ignasi mean i had fixed it some time ago but there was a moment when the default person factory was not being used to create the manager user17:27
ignaswhich meant that manager object was a different class from other person objects17:27
pcardunewdickers: after that, house cleaning17:27
ignasyou might want to try out the devmode inspect functionality to see if the class is the same as for other persons17:28
pcardunewdickers: i want documentation, tests, launchpad site, bzr repository17:28
ignasand a pony17:28
pcardunethat too17:28
wdickerslol. Yeah, I've been stingy with documentation and tests. How can we put it on launchpad? It only accepts bzr branches.17:28
wdickersApparently Tailor doesn't work with a bzr destination and svn2bzr require a dump file17:29
ignaswdickers: i have a script that imports whole ST repository to bzr17:29
ignasbut we are not migrating because launchpad is not sending checkin emails yet17:29
ignasand this one will not get deployed until they are done with the new UI for launchpad17:30
pcarduneignas: what about merging rource booking into trunk?17:30
wdickersignas: Ooo, fancy17:30
ignaspcardune: 1. why do you need that?17:30
ignaspcardune: as i have said - first or second week of april, not sooner17:31
pcarduneoh ok17:31
pcardunewhen did you say that?17:31
ignasschooltool irc meeting17:31
pcardunethe ones that are 5am my time17:31
pcarduneor something like that17:31
ignasemm, not sure about it, but Lumiere sometimes makes to them17:31
ignasso it must be something around 9-10 am17:32
pcarduneeast coast time...17:32
ignasor 7-8 maybe17:32
pcardunei'm another 3 hours behind17:32
ignasoh :)17:32
ignasuse the irc logs ;)17:32
ignasand once more - why do you need it in trunk?17:32
ignasoh, and you can always speed up the process ;) so if you have time i can tell you what things you could do, so i wouldn't have to :)17:33
pcardunetell me what things I can do17:33
pcardunewe need it in trunk so we can use it in cando trunk without making cando trunk use to branch17:34
ignasand why would that be a problem?17:34
ignasi mean i am not going to do anything on trunk17:34
ignasuntil i get the branch merged17:34
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ignasi am up to my neck with lyceum tasks at the moment17:35
LumiereI don't want them to get started on a path to using the branch17:35
ignasand why?17:35
pcarduneignas: are you in the same time zone as athens?17:35
ignaspcardune: probably17:35
Lumiereis it 17:35?17:35
Lumierethen you are17:36
Lumiere(my girlfriend is in athens)17:36
pcardunenow i have lithuania clock :)17:36
Lumiereanyways, my goal is to keep the cando trunk connected to the end goal, so we don't produce a bug in the long run by forgetting to change something back17:37
ignasin that case you will have to wait for 2 weeks, sorry17:38
Lumierealso, I don't find any truely compelling reason to merge resource scheduling until you're ready anyways17:38
Lumierewelsh bugs about it17:38
wdickersUmm, I think that there's a circular import in schooltool. When I try to import schooltool.demographics.person I get an error. schooltool.person.person import from, and import schooltool.person.person.PersonContainer.17:38
Lumierebut I don't see what the reason for it is17:38
pcarduneignas: what can I do to help you?17:39
pcarduneLumiere: it is the dropdowns he's after...17:39
ignaswdickers: yes there is a circular import, put import before the import that causes it17:39
ignaspcardune: looking17:40
wdickersignas: okay, thanks17:40
Lumierepcardune: I know it is... and I don't see a compelling reason for them in trunk until ignas can check the code17:41
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ignaspcardune: CalendarEventBooking view was updated, but unit tests were left unchanged, so filtering functionality has no unit tests17:47
ignasmethods: hasBookedItems, bookingStatus, columns, getBookedItems, updateBatch, renderBookedTable, renderAvailableTable, getAvailableItemsContainer, getAvailableItems and filter17:48
ignasare new17:48
ignasand I am not even 100% sure all of them are used ...17:49
ignasthere is some commented out code left in that view as well17:49
pcardunealright, i will make that my next task17:49
ignasavailableResources - has this reference to "sb" (schoolbell), and is using getSchoolTool application instead of ISchoolToolApplication(None) as well17:50
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