IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2007-03-24

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* pcardune_climbin waits for interns17:58
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filip101I'm here17:59
pcarduneHi filip10117:59
* filip101 is Filip S.17:59
filip101hehe habit17:59
pcardunedo you know if chris is coming?18:00
filip101he's on18:00
filip101he's AVN`18:00
filip101AVN`:  you there?18:00
pcarduneoh, i didn't see him18:00
filip101I do18:00
pcardunewhy can't you youngsters choose more relevant irc nicks?18:00
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pcardunewhat is the 101 for?18:00
filip101I just always use 10118:01
filip101because filip might be in use18:01
filip101and I don't feel like using fsufitchi18:01
* tehminkeh is Stephen Drodge18:01
pcarduneand why AVN? and why with a back tick?18:01
filip101noooo idea18:01
filip101ask him18:01
pcarduneAVN`: ?18:01
pcarduneAVN`: ping18:01
filip101so why AVN`?18:02
pcardunetehminkeh: you know that I am meeting with your group at 1 right?18:02
filip101as pcardune was asking18:02
AVN`i am a birdwatcher18:02
pcarduneoh, i see18:02
tehminkehpcardune: sorry, didnt know, ive been a tad deliquent about checking my email18:02
filip101go to jail18:02
filip101pay $50 fine18:03
pcarduneno problem, you are free to stay but it might be kind of boring?18:03
pcarduneok, so let's get started18:03
tehminkehwhy would it be boring?18:03
filip101because there's no class18:03
tehminkehok well ill be back at 1 then18:03
filip101it's just groups working with pcardune on their projects18:03
pcardunedo you guys want to use irc? or some other communication tool? (skype, aim, msn?)18:03
filip101I don't mind using irc18:03
pcardunefirst thing to do is we need to all be looking at the same shell18:04
pcardunewe are going to use this program called screen to do that18:04
pcarduneto use screen we also all have to be logged in to the same account18:05
filip101so we go onto maddog to use it?18:05
filip101which account is it?18:05
pcarduneso what account are the files under?18:05
filip101account: cbeacham18:05
pcarduneyou should log in to maddog first18:05
pcardunethen change your password18:05
pcarduneto something simple18:05
pcardune(that you will change back right after this)18:06
pcardune(and never use again)18:06
pcardunein fact, it would be best if you private messaged the password to us18:06
pcardunedon't put it on these public logs :)18:06
filip101just msg me on AIM18:06
pcardunemy aim is paulinsenegal if you want to use that18:07
filip101yay it works18:08
pcardunenow type screen -x18:09
filip101there are several suitable screens18:09
filip101        4046.pts-5.maddog       (Attached)18:10
filip101        4025.pts-4.maddog       (Attached)18:10
pcardunecan you pick one?18:11
filip101I think I'm in18:12
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pcarduneAVN` and filip101, first thing to do is change your file permission18:15
filip101I think we already did that18:15
pcarduneyou don't want those files to be executable18:15
filip101oh lol18:15
pcarduneok, i'd like you to also make this a bzr branch18:16
pcardunefilip101: AVN`, do you know how to do this?18:16
pcarduneuse the bzr init command18:16
filip101I think I did it once18:16
filip101for the homework thing18:16
filip101but I don't remember very clearly how it works or what to do after that18:17
pcardunei'll give you a link to look at18:17
pcardunewhile you two read about it, i'll do some of the set up (just what it says in there)18:18
filip101not vim?18:19
pcardunethey are aliases18:19
pcarduneAVN`: you should file in your information here18:19
pcardunefilip101: you should also do these steps in your home directory (you might want to open up another shell to do that18:20
filip101in my home directory or my zope3 directory?18:20
pcardunefilip101: in your home directory18:21
filip101yep, I already did it18:22
filip101it's all there18:22
filip101running bzr init again won't kill it, right?18:22
pcarduneoh ok, great18:22
pcardunebzr init is for the location of the module, the bazaar.conf file is so that when you make "commits" it knows who you are.18:23
pcarduneAVN`: first thing to do is add these files to the repository18:23
pcarduneusing the bzr add command18:23
pcarduneonce you've done that you need to "committ" the changes18:24
pcarduneusing bzr committ -m "some message explaing the changes"18:24
AVN`does committ have 2 t's?18:26
pcarduneyou can also use ci which is an alias for commit18:26
pcardunenow i suggest that someone be the person who controls the server?18:27
pcarduneAVN`: how about you?18:27
filip101his account...18:27
AVN`uh, sure18:27
pcardunelog in with another shell and fire up your zope server18:27
pcardune(that way we will have the shell we are all in to edit files and such)18:27
filip101is there a way to sync files in my /zope3/lib/python/forum ti chris's?18:28
pcarduneok, please show me what you have so far (provide me with a login and tell me where to go?18:29
filip101just use mine18:29
filip101fsufitch and 12345618:30
filip101we only have a "post" class18:30
filip101it holds a subject and a message field as strings18:31
filip101and there's an interface.py18:31
filip101with IPost18:31
pcarduneok, so there is not yet anything in the ZMI to see?18:31
filip101except for creating a pointless Post object18:32
pcardunewell my first recommendation is to change the IPost interface to use schema fields18:32
pcarduneyou first have to import zope.schema18:32
filip101I think we both need a memory refresh on how to do that18:32
filip101*how to use schema fields18:33
pcardunethen you can do something like subject=zope.schema.TextLine(title=u'Subject', required=True)18:33
pcardunedo you remember why you want to use schemas instead of just attributes?18:34
filip101my bad, wrong window18:34
filip101to use autogenerated forums?18:34
filip101yay I'm actually learning18:35
pcarduneyou should do the same thing with the other field18:35
pcarduneexcept instead you probably want to use the zope.schema.Text field instead of TextLine18:35
AVN`so it can be longer than 1 line?18:36
pcardunethe Text field will produce a big text box, where as the TextLine field will produce just a little entry box18:36
pcardunethere are special rults in python about having things on multiple lines18:36
pcarduneusually, if a line ends with a comma, you can have another line.18:36
pcarduneso save this18:37
pcarduneand open up the Post class18:37
pcardunethe first change you need to make there is to make it persistent18:37
pcardunedo you remember how to make things persistent?18:37
filip101put Persistent instead of object in the inheritance?18:38
AVN`make it inherite from persistant?18:38
filip101but wait, why is the file readonly?18:38
filip101"" [readonly] 10L, 184C18:38
pcardunethat is strange18:39
filip101should I use my acct to changemod?18:39
AVN`its cause filip owns it18:39
AVN`yeah chown it18:39
AVN`with your account18:40
pcardunefilip101 has to chown it18:40
AVN`you are loggid in as me18:40
filip101there we go18:40
filip101I did it18:40
filip101didn't work?18:40
filip101what's a pyc?18:42
pcardunepyc is a python file compiled to byte code18:42
filip101ahh compiled python18:42
filip101sounds like an oxymoron18:42
pcardunenow on with persistents18:43
pcarduneit's not compiled in the sense that c++ is compiled18:43
filip101don't we need to import zope.persistent?18:43
pcardunejust persistent18:43
filip101that all?18:44
filip101oh I c18:44
pcardunenow that is all18:44
filip101oops indentation18:45
pcardunexml doesn't care, but it looks better this way18:46
pcarduneand is easier to read18:46
pcarduneok, restart the server AVN`18:46
pcarduneok, i just created the First Post object in the ZMI18:47
pcarduneso what do you guys want to do next with this stuff?18:48
pcardunewhat do you think would be a good next step that is...18:48
filip101actually being able to put text in the post?18:48
AVN`we need a thread eventually18:48
pcarduneand what about displaying the text in the post?18:48
AVN`so we need to think about how to store the posts18:49
filip101yeah, that would be useful too18:49
filip101well, we'll just make a container18:49
pcardunestart with the simplest thing first18:49
filip101called a threat18:49
AVN`yeah, displaying text comes first18:49
filip101then after that we can make topics et cetera18:49
AVN`well, do we want like a tree interface where you reply to posts?18:49
AVN`or you reply to the whole thread18:49
pcarduneso go ahead and create the display for this Post object18:49
filip101actually I favor replying to a whole thread18:49
pcarduneand remember kiss18:50
filip101we'll do that18:50
pcardunekeep is simple stupid18:50
pcardunekeep it* simple stupid18:50
*** smalekgh has joined #schooltool18:50
filip101so, uh we need a
pcardunewe only have 10 more minutes18:50
pcarduneyes, would be a good thing to make18:50
*** Makorihi has joined #schooltool18:51
filip101hang on18:51
filip101I'm going to go check on exactly what's in a pt file18:51
Makorihifilip: what exactly are you checking?18:52 is a page template, no?18:52
filip101we're in the middle of something18:52
AVN`we should make our own macro later18:53
AVN`to make a black background18:53
filip101yeah black backgrounds are cool18:53
filip101you don't want it to say18:55
filip101Text: this is the message body18:55
filip101you want it to say18:55
filip101This is the message body18:55
AVN`oh, br is new line?18:55
filip101<br> = break18:55
AVN`havn't done html in a while18:55
filip101that's all we can do18:56
filip101does the server need to be reset?18:56
pcarduneyou need to register this page in zcml18:56
AVN`what happened?18:58
pcardunefilip101: yep18:59
pcarduneMakorihi: are you ready to meet about your project?18:59
Makorihipcardune: i'm not sure about how tehminkeh is doing. smalekgh said he was eating food, but he should be back soon19:00
filip101did I really miss something?19:00
pcarduneMakorihi: where are you guys working on your project19:00
pcardunefilip101: yes19:01
filip101oh my19:01
filip101I think I missed some stuff bad19:01
Makorihipcardune:  i believe we are working on my server. have have 3 instances of schooltool set up on my home server19:01
pcarduneyeah, you were looking at the wrong example19:01
pcarduneMakorihi: ok great19:01
pcarduneis your home server running ubuntu i imagine?19:02
Makorihiyes it is19:02
pcarduneMakorihi: does your home server have X installed on it?19:02
pcarduneor rather, gnome?19:02
smalekghokay, I'm back from eating breakfast >_< don't comment please.19:02
pcarduneok perfect19:02
pcarduneMakorihi: in that case we will use gobby19:02
pcarduneMakorihi: have you used gobby before?19:03
pcarduneit is very quick to install: sudo apt-get install gobby19:03
Makorihii'll do that now19:03
smalekghyou were having plenty of trouble earlier >_<19:03
Makorihii have it set up on my laptop though19:03
filip101if I knew I could've set up a remote X server on my laptop19:04
pcarduneyou can get gobby for windows here:
filip101I have zope and ubuntu on here too19:04
pcardunefilip101: yeah, but all your development files are on maddog19:04
pcardunewe'll do that next time19:04
filip101hard to fetch those19:04
filip101what class do I use for the browser:page?19:04
filip101I have it set to post.interfaces.IPost19:05
pcardunefilip101: you don't have to specify one19:05
AVN`stupid gnometerm19:05
filip101get Eterm19:05
filip101or Konsole19:05
AVN`i had yukatka, but it kept crashing19:05
smalekghso, where's stephen?19:06
pcarduneMakorihi: let me know when you have gobby installed19:06
Makorihikay, i was just configuring my router19:06
filip101AVN`:  restart the server19:06
pcarduneMakorihi, smalekgh, what is your preferred method of communication (irc? aim? skype? something else?)19:06
Makorihii'm fine with all of those19:07
smalekghuh, we're both on AIM atm, irc works imo, skype doesn't because I don't exactly have a mic...19:07
AVN`and by my clock, filip, we are eating Jama & Pals time19:07
AVN`we better scram19:07
pcarduneAVN` and filip101, before you leave...19:08
pcardunedo another bzr commit19:08
pcarduneso that your changes are revision controled19:08
pcarduneI want you guys to come up with a set of steps you will complete over the next week19:08
filip101how do we add the other 3 files?19:08
pcardunethat is why i use the -m option :)19:09
pcarduneit's also usually better to have more descriptive commit messages19:10
pcardunenow I really recommend reading that bzr tutorial19:10
pcardunethen filip101, you won't have to log in to chris's account to modify the code19:10
pcarduneyou will just make your own branch19:11
pcardunefor changes19:11
pcarduneetc etc19:11
Makorihiwhen i try to connect to the gobby session onmy server, i get a 'protocol version mismatch' error19:11
pcarduneMakorihi: hmmm, that is rather strange19:11
smalekghwhat's the version of gobby on your laptop?19:12
Makorihismalekgh: the one you gave me19:12
smalekghand the one on the server?19:12
pcardunedo you have a gobby session running on your server?19:12
Makorihimy ip is and i forwarded port 3626 for the gobby session19:13
smalekghwhat's the version on theserver <_< ?19:13
Lumieremaddog is on .419:13
smalekgh3->4 doesn't work19:13
Lumieremake sure you use .4 :)19:13
Makorihii have .319:14
Makorihilemme somehow upgrade...19:14
Makorihiwhere can i get .419:14
Makorihifor linux19:14
tehminkehim here19:14
smalekghyay! it's stephen!19:14
smalekghwe're struggling with getting gobby to work on jama's server >_<19:15
pcardunejust do sudo apt-get install gobby and it will give you the latest version19:15
Makorihii forgot to add the repository19:15
Makorihijust a sec19:15
pcardunewe don't have to use gobby, it's just a little bit nicer than using a shell19:15
tehminkehshell is the yummy19:15
smalekghshell for sharing work = t3h non-awesomeness19:15
Lumierescreen for sharing work = t3h awesomeness19:16
Lumiereespecially with ssh keys19:16
pcardunein the mean time smalekgh and tehminkeh should explain what you guys have been up to and accomplished up to this point19:16
tehminkehok ill take this one19:16
tehminkehwe've accomplished precisely nothing19:16
pcardunewhat have you tried to accomplish?19:17
tehminkehwell we've been getting the actual source set up19:17
pcarduneusing bzr right?19:17
tehminkehwhich ended up being hilariously more difficult than it shouldve been19:17
tehminkehwell, i gave up, because i was missing some libraries, so jama would know19:18
tehminkehwe are going to use his server19:18
pcardunesetting up the source is very straightforward on ubuntu... and not so straight forward on any other system19:18
pcardunewell why don't we use screen in the meantime19:19
pcardunehave you guys ever used screen before?19:19
smalekgh... screen? like a monitor screen or is it like some special code-word for stabbing myself?19:19
Makorihiscreen session19:19
Makorihiit can do gobby stuff19:20
Makorihibut in the terminal19:20
pcarduneok Makorihi, can you set up a screen session then and get the rest of us some logins?19:20
smalekghis it that thinger that we did that time in the thing at the ACC thing?19:20
Makorihiokay then19:20
smalekghby the by, I couldn't ever find an online or downloadable API for schooltool <_<19:20
pcardunesmalekgh: do you mean downloadable source code for schooltool?19:21
smalekghno, I mean documentation19:21
pcardunethe documentation is the code :)19:22
pcarduneyou can look at interfaces and you can look at the *.txt files19:22
smalekghit'd be nice if the code could magically transform itself into a wondrous web-page with hyperlinks >_<19:22
pcarduneall the .txt files are documentations for the module they are in19:23
pcarduneit actually can do that...19:23
pcarduneyou just need to enable devmode in schooltool.conf19:23
pcarduneand then the API is generated on the fly19:23
pcardunewhen you log in to schooltool you will see a devmode thing at the top right19:23
pcarduneclick on it and you can get to "apidoc"19:24
pcardunewhich is the fantastical zope api documentation tool19:24
pcarduneMakorihi: how are we coming on screen sessions?19:24
tehminkehoh guys, btw19:24
tehminkehi have to leave at 219:24
smalekghthat's when it's over <_<19:25
Makorihiso there will be one screen session running as which user19:25
pcardunealthough I'll be available after that if you guys feel you are on a roll and want more of my time19:25
pcarduneMakorihi: you pick, some user that we can all log in as19:25
pcarduneand who has access to the files19:25
smalekghin a very bashish way, I think I do19:26
Makorihilets do it as fxo19:26
Makorihismalekgh, change your password to password19:26
Makorihii dont really want to do it as root19:27
smalekghwhat was the command for password change? <_<19:27
smalekghno wonder why it wasn't working...19:27
smalekghfxo        password19:27
tehminkehall this for a screen session19:27
Makorihiip is
pcarduneok, someone should start the screen server19:28
Makorihii did19:28
Makorihii think19:28
tehminkehno ssh?19:28
tehminkehwhy is port 22 closed?19:28
Makorihiit isnt...19:28
tehminkehoh ok19:29
smalekghjust got disconnected, one sec19:29
pcarduneok, i'm logged in to a screen19:29
tehminkehits definitely hanging when i attempt ssh19:29
tehminkehoh ok19:29
tehminkehthere we go19:29
Makorihiis everybody on?19:30
tehminkehim logged in19:31
smalekghI'm logged in, but un-initiated in the art of screening19:31
pcardunetype screen -x pts-419:31
Makorihii think19:32
pcarduneok, we can only let one person type at a time19:32
pcarduneMakorihi: why don't you lead for a while since this is your server19:32
pcarduneso have you been able to start the schooltool server?19:33
pcardunehave you been able to get the scheduling source code?19:33
smalekghno, the e-mail didn't work <_<19:33
Makorihii'm not sure how to create modules for schooltool19:33
Makorihii looked at the source but it greatly confused me19:33
pcarduneit is kind of like creating applications in zope19:34
pcarduneexcept that there are a bunch of other stuff we can use for integration into schooltool19:34
pcardunei will show you guys some of these things19:34
pcardunebut first we have to get the existing source code19:34
Makorihiwhere from?19:35
smalekghso, who wants to hit ctrl-c?19:35
smalekghexisting source code is right there in 'src' methinks <_<19:35
Makorihido i need to apt-get bzr?19:36
pcarduneso as you discovered the existing schooltool and cando src is in the src directory19:36
pcardunehowever, when we did scheduling last summer, we used bzr and stored the src on a completely separate branch19:36
Makorihikay, installing19:36
pcarduneso it isn't in the main cando repository19:37
pcarduneyou will continue to use bzr to work on this project19:37
Makorihii suppose its installed now19:37
pcarduneyep, it's working19:37
smalekghit's just the server that needs bzr, right?19:37
pcardunebzr is the revision control system, where ever you want to use bzr, you need to install it ...19:37
smalekghto google <_<19:38
pcarduneok, so let me tell you a bit about this code19:38
pcardunefirst of all, to get it to run, you need to put the scheduling-configure.zcml file somewhere19:38
pcardunejust like we had to do for the zcontact application19:39
pcardunein the case of schooltool, you should put it here (see terminal)19:39
pcardunenow if you start the server, the scheduling package will be loaded19:39
pcarduneI would recommended starting the server in another shell19:39
pcarduneso we can keep this one for typing19:40
Makorihiits running19:41
pcarduneMakorihi: what port?19:42
smalekghwhat were you just looking for?19:42
pcardunethe port :)19:43
smalekghthe listening port?19:43
pcarduneyou should probably turn on devmode too19:43
pcarduneas I was telling smalekgh, that is in at the bottom19:43
pcardunewrong file19:44
pcarduneand restart the server19:44
smalekghsystem error occurd trying to access the docs >_<19:45
pcardunelog in as manager first19:46
pcarduneusername: manager, password: schooltool19:46
*** filip101 has left #schooltool19:47
pcarduneok, let us take a look at the existing code19:47
pcardunei'll drive19:48
pcarduneso a lot of this you may want to rewrite19:48
pcarduneand or redesign19:48
pcardunethis was the first application folks worked on last summer so it is not as pretty as the zope lessons19:49
pcardunethe first thing you want to do as usual is right tests19:49
pcardunebut even before that you have to know what your application is going to do19:49
pcarduneso can one of you describe to me the exact goal for this application19:50
tehminkehto provide an interface for students to select courses19:50
smalekghprovide students with the ability to choose their schedules for the upcoming year19:50
tehminkehand then be able to dump that information for the administration19:50
Makorihito be able to easily chose your courses and have your counselor be able to view your choices19:50
smalekghjama's looks nice19:51
pcarduneso do you have any architectural ideas about how you might do this?19:51
smalekghschooltool is meant for teachers to log into, right? not students?19:51
Makorihiwell schedule object has course objects19:51
tehminkehi think that the interface should probably have it grouped19:51
tehminkehinto like19:52
tehminkehrequired courses19:52
pcardunestudents, teachers, administrators, etc19:52
Makorihiwe need to be able to have a main database19:52
tehminkehwhich you might have some leeway on19:52
tehminkehand then electives19:52
Makorihito see how many students take which courses19:52
tehminkehand students should have to login and can only see their own19:52
smalekghso teachers need to be able to set up which courses are available, and students should be able to choose them...19:52
Makorihiand they will be grouped according to type of course19:52
Makorihiand grade req19:53
Makorihiand credit req19:53
pcarduneat the moment, schooltool suppers some of this functionality19:53
pcardunebut not all of it19:53
smalekghsupper... you're making me hungry...19:53
pcarduneyou can already create courses19:53
pcarduneand then within courses are sections19:54
pcarduneyou might think of them as periods, but in schooltool they are called sections19:54
pcardunethen you can add students and teachers to the sections19:54
Makorihiso, we need to make a way for the students to add themselves19:54
pcardunewell no not really19:54
Makorihibut have a flag that shows if they are approved19:54
pcardunethat is a bit more like it19:55
pcarduneI usually like to think about things from the UI perspective19:55
pcardunehave you guys explored schooltool's UI that much?19:55
Makorihinot too much19:55
smalekghit looks funky at almost every turn <_<19:55
pcardunewell at the moment we mostly work with top level containers19:56
pcardunethere is a container for all the people, a container for all the courses, a container for all the sections... so on19:56
pcardunethese containers are where you will be getting lots of data about courses and people from19:56
smalekghso for scheduling, we need to access19:57
pcardunebut what steps would we want a student to take in order to register for a course19:57
Makorihiwe want a list19:57
Makorihiof possible spaces to fill19:57
pcardunepartly this requires user stories from Jeff, and I'll ask him for those, but we can think of a few things right off the bat19:57
smalekghuh, log in, go down to 'scheduling' take a deep breath, sweat a little, get a list, check a few boxes, get rejected, try again, and then have his/her courses set up19:57
Makorihisuch that they have initial limits19:58
*** jinty has joined #schooltool19:58
smalekghin terms of user stories...19:58
pcardune(these would be really good things to add to your wiki page)19:59
Makorihihow do we get the container19:59
smalekghFreddie goes to his computer, logs on to schooltool, goes to the menu list at the right and chooses 'Schedule', he then has 7 courses originally set to (NOTSIGNEDUP)19:59
smalekghor however many for that school19:59
*** lisppaste5 has quit IRC19:59
smalekghwell, not courses19:59
pcarduneI think the first thing you are going to want to start with is writing doc tests20:00
pcardunespecifically functional tests20:00
tehminkehguys. sorry i got to split20:00
tehminkehcya later!20:00
pcardunethey don't even need to work or anything, you just need to start writing them20:00
smalekghaye, but don't we need a complete user story for that?20:00
pcardunebye tehminkeh20:00
*** tehminkeh has quit IRC20:00
smalekghcya steohen20:00
pcardunesmalekgh: not necessarily20:00
pcarduneyou can always change the functional test or add to it20:00
pcarduneI would actually begin writing the functional test in the wiki itself20:00
pcardunewe have decided that new specifications should be written as functional tests20:01
pcardunedo you guys remember where the documentation was for writing functional tests?20:02
smalekghno :-(20:03
pcarduneyou have to look in the zope src code20:03
Makorihiin the functional test20:03
Makorihiwe must get the course list from schooltool20:03
Makorihihow so?20:03
pcardunewell, figure out how to do it in firefox20:04
pcardunethen write up the steps using the functional testing api20:04
*** lisppaste5 has joined #schooltool20:04
pcardune(the readme for which I have on screen020:04
smalekghoh, it looks nice... (sticks into memory)20:04
pcarduneyou might also want to look at REAME.txt from cando or schooltool source code20:04
pcardunefor example, you might go and check out cando/virinia/browser/README.txt20:05
pcarduneor cando/journal/browser/README.txt20:05
smalekghthose test out the entireties of each module?20:06
pcarduneno, those are just the functional tests20:06
pcardunethere are also unit tests20:06
pcardunecando doctests are not complete everywhere, so not *all* of cando is as thouroughly tested as it should be20:07
pcarduneanyhow, over the course of the next week I want you to get into these doctests20:08
pcardunelearn how to write them20:08
pcarduneI'll help you along the way also20:08
pcarduneand hopefully by next week we will have the first few steps that can be implemented20:08
pcarduneI want you to write the functional tests in browser.txt20:09
pcarduneand every time you make a change you should commit it to the bzr branch20:09
pcardunehow familiar are you guys with bzr?20:09
Makorihinot very20:10
smalekghon a scale of 1-1000, around a 0.120:10
pcarduneok, well that should probably be the first thing you do20:10
pcardunelook at this tutorial written by kevin cole here:
pcarduneI want you to use bzr religiously20:11
pcarduneI want to be able to checkin on your progress during the week20:11
pcarduneMakorihi: maybe you could give me an account on your server?20:11
Makorihii have20:11
Makorihipassword is password20:12
Makorihiusername is pcardune20:12
smalekghcan I have my account back yet?20:12
Makorihiif class is over, then i guess20:12
Makorihii mean, meeting*20:12
pcarduneI will email jeff so that we might all have a discussion about specific features he wants20:13
pcardunealso take a look at the existing src code and see if you can figure out how it works20:13
pcarduneok, so do you guys have enough to keep you busy for the next few days?20:17
smalekgh... yes20:17
pcarduneok, well then i'll let you get to work.  Shoot me an email if you have any questions.20:18
*** Makorihi has quit IRC20:20
smalekghpaul, you still there?20:32
*** alga has joined #SchoolTool20:32
smalekghoh, bah, to gmail... cya peoples~! (or at least whoever's here)20:33
*** smalekgh has left #schooltool20:33
*** khaleel5000 has joined #schooltool20:42
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